Who runs the world?


A Saturnian cult that rules a wide range of cults and religions who, sometimes unknowingly, worship the black sun Saturn. It governs monotheïstic religions, the entire political and financial system, the entire entertainment industry. The jesuits have always infiltrated and trained their puppets through their education system (all big names in politics, in every country are educated at jesuit schools).

They own the American colony, its secret services CIA, NSA, FBI, the World Bank, United Nations, Knights of Malta, freemasonry, basically almost nation states, all the big media, news and food corporations. They also run the illegal drug and weapon trade, maffia, islamic leaders, fake terror organisations like Isis and have perfected the art of creating controlled opposition.

They have an obsession with fulfilling biblical prophecies and Jerusalem so Zionist jews are a part of their agenda, but they use their jewish puppets as a front. Texts like Protocol of Elders of Zion (f.i. during nazism), which perfectly describe the jesuit philosophy, were used to deceive people to think this is a purely masonic or jewish agenda, so it can easily be brushed off as anti-semitism.


Through their education system, the Jesuits have manufactured every news event, rule every country. Unlike the Illuminati hoax spread by jesuits, jesuit education of the most important players in politics is undeniable fact, verifiable for anyone with common sense, internet access and 5 minutes of time.

They designed the French revolution (Robespierre), American Revolution (John Carrol), WW1 and WW2 (Stalin, Goebbels, De Gaule), false flag attack on Hitler (Von Boeselager).
JFK administration (rival Fidel Castro, Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Pierre Salinger, Anthony Celebrezze)
Nixon administration (Tricia Nixon, John Mitchell, Henry Kissinger, Bryce Harlow, Donald Rumsfeld)
Carter administration (Tim Kraft, Joseph Califano, Moon Landrieu, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Donald McHenry, Philip Klutznick, Charles Schultze)
Reagan administration (Alexander Haig, Frank Gafney, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, William Bennett, Ann McLaughlin, Gary Bauer, Edwin Feulner)
Clinton administration (Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Edward Montgomery, Ernest Moniz, Madeleine Albright, Alice Rivlin, Leon Panetta, Christine Varney, Les Aspin, Christine Varney, Clinton Foundation Bill Lindsey, lawyer Robert Bennett)
Bush administration (Donald Rumsfeld, Panetta, Robert Gates, Peter Pacer, Doug Feith, Meghan Sullivan, Joseph Schmitz, Mitchell Daniels, son of Colin Powell, Michael Peter Jackson), 9/11 commission (John Lehman, Viet Dinh)
Obama administration (Jon Favreau, Joe Biden, John Podesta, Janet Napolitano, Avril Haines, Scott Gration, Chuck Hagel, John Allen, James Jones, Broderick Johnson, Robert Cardillo, William Daley, Dan Pfeiffer, John Kerry, Jack Lew, Brennan, Clapper, Denis McDonaugh, Ernest Moniz, Hilary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine,..)
Trump administration (Donald Trump, Paul Manofort, Steve Bannon, John Kelly, Mick Mulvany, Don McGahn,..)
Biden administration (John Kerry, Marty Walsh, Avril Haines, Denis McDonaugh, Alejandro Mayorkas, Shanda Young, Neera Tanden of the 'American Center for Progress' controlled by jesuit Elisa Massimino)

European Empire (Van Rompuy, Barroso, Joaquin Almunia, Enrique Baron,..)
France: Emannuel Macron (Brigitte Trogneux) and other presidents and prime ministers of France (Debré, Poincaré, Pompidou, Giscard, Chirac), politicians in Taiwan (Lin Chuan), Brazil (Pedro Mala), Guatemala (Oscar Berger), Jordan (Abdullah), Australia (Tony Abott), Canada (Trudeau), Mexico (Vicente Fox), United Nations (Boutros boutros Ghali, John Ashe, Shashi Tharoor), CIA (Allen Dulles brother of jesuit Avery Dulles, Walters, Casey, Gates, Tenet, Panetta, Morell, Petraues, Brennan,..),..


The Saturn cult worldwide

European Union

- Austria: House of Habsburg-Schwarzenberg, House of Furstenberg (Diane Furstenberg, married to Barry Diller), jesuit 'prince' Amedeo of Belgium (house of Este), René Binko (Sigma), Peter Löscher (Siemens, Merck, Hoechst), Wolfgang Schüssel (ECFR), ..(in the past ruled by Habsburg, Orsini-Rosenbeg, jesuit Kurt von Schuschnigg, Hitler,..)

- Belgium: de Ligne (related to Rothschilds), de Mérode, House of Wettin (Saxe-Coburg, Orsini-Pallavicini), Lippens, Boël, Frère, Van Thillo, Thomas Leysen, Etienne Davignon,..

- Britain: Cecil family (linked to the Cavendish, Vanderbilt, Kennedy, Payne families), Saxe-Coburgs, Grosvenor (Grosvenor Square, National Geographic), Goldsmith family, Russell family, David and Simon Reuben (connected to Roman Abramovich)..

- Czech Republic: Karel Schwarzenberg (TC, ECFR, descendants of the Habsburg, Roman Empire), Vaclav Klaus (Le Cercle), Vaclav Havel (VOC),..

- Denmark: Helle Thorning-Schmidt (European CFR, Save the Children, Gates Foundation, Friends of Europe),..

- France: jesuit Emmanuel Macron (worked at a Rothschild bank), Francoise Bettencourt, Bernard Arnault, Francois Pinault, Serge Dassault, Alain Mérieux, Gérard Mulliez, Patrick Drahi, jesuit Henri Beaufour (Ibsen pharmaceutics), Pascal Lamy (WTO, ECFR), Stephane Bancel (Moderna, the Covid19-ritual), Le Siècle,..(in the past ruled by Capetian and Valois dynasty, de Medici, de Guise-Lorraine, House of Bourbon-Farnese, jesuit Napoleon, jesuit Chirac,..)

- Germany: House of Hanover and Hohenzollern (connected to the Saxe-Coburg), House of Wittelsbach and Wurttemberg, Angela Merkel, Dieter Schwartz (Lidl), Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten (BMW, nazi party), Georg Schaffler, Michael Otto (e-commerce), Karl Albrecht (Aldi), von Siemens, Gerhard Cromme (ERT), Miele, Reimann family, von Finck, Merck family (Merck group), Meister, Friede Springer (Axel Springer Group), House of Furstenberg (Barry Diller), Liz Mohn (Bertelsmann, Club of Rome, AB)..(in the past ruled by Habsburgs- after Hitler, Knights of Malta Adenauer and Herman Abs still in charge, politicians of the European Empire - Kohl, Schroder, Merkel, Atlantik-Brücke)

- Greece: jesuit Pavlos Glücksburg, married to daughter of Robert Miller

- Hungary: Thomas Peterffy (Interactive Brokers), Sandor Csanyi (OTP Bank with 624 billion revenue, Mol Group), Gyorgy Gattyan (LiveJasmin), Gyorgy Schwartz/George Soros (CFR, ECFR, Soros Fund Management, Open Society), Viktor Orban (TC, dictatorship through the Covid-scam) and Lorinc Meszaros (Matra Power Plant, Echo), Thun-Hohenstein, Rosenberg and Rosenthal family, ..

- Italy: House of Savoy, italian nobility like the Massimo's (the descendants of Fabius Maximus, owners of the jesuit Istituto Massimo, Fabian Society, American Center of Progress,..), Orsini-Rosenberg (Ndragheta maffia), Aldobrandini (intermarried with the Rothschilds), Colonna (Dupont, NY maffia Columbo, Columbia, Knights of Columbus, Order of Jesters,..), Farnese-Bourbon, de Medici, Pallavicini (NY maffia Luccese), Chigi, Sforza, Ruspoli, Borghese, Odeschalchi, della Rovere, Albani, Agnelli (married into Furstenberg), Michele Ferero, Ndragheta maffia Calabria, Camorra Naples,..(in the past ruled by the Roman Empire, papal bloodlines, Knight of Malta Mussolini, House of Savoy)

- Ireland: jesuit Denis O'Brien (Digicel), jesuit Michael O'Leary (Ryanair, both assistents of billionaire Tony Ryan), Guiness (Furstenberg, Rothschild), jesuit Terry Wogan, jesuit Paul McGuinnes (manager U2), Pat Cox (European Parliament)..(in the past ruled by Tuatha de Danan, Church of England, William of Orange, jesuit Thomas Meager, jesuit Kevin Barry, jesuit Mary McAleese)

- Monaco: House of Grimaldi.

- Netherlands: Saxe-Coburg/Orange-Nassau (Royal Dutch Shell, Order of Malta, Open Society, Bilderberg group, ECFR), 'princess' Irene (child of jesuit 'prince' Bernhard, married to Carlos Farnese-Bourbon, the bloodline that created the jesuits), Michel and Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken (Rothschild, Citigroup, Heineken), Frits Goldschmeding (Randstad), Endemol (venture with Disney and Apollo Global Managent of jesuit Tony Ressler, announced the 1984 totalitarian society through Big Brother and Black Mirror), jesuit Karin Van Gennep, Brenninkmeijer (C&A), Schimmelpenninck, LSV Minerva, ..

- Norway: Erna Solberg (ECFR),..

- Portugal: House of Bragaza, jesuit Barrosso (Goldman Sachs),..(in the past ruled by House of Burgundy, Habsburg)

- Russia: Putin and his oil and gas oligarchs, Anatoly Chubais (CFR), Leonard Blavatnik (CFR, Apollo Management) and Viktor Vekselberg (Renova oil), Leonid Mikelsen (Novatek gas), Gennado Timchenko, Mikhail Fridman and German Kahn (Alfa-bank), Boris Rotenberg (Gazprom), jesuit billionaire Eugen Shvidler, Mikhail Prokhorov (Brooklyn Nets), Russian maffia -Aleksandr Torshin (Bank of Russia), Sergei Mikhaeliov, Vyachoslov Ivankov, Semion Mogilevich (RusEkrEnergo),..(in the past ruled by the Romanovs, the communist party, Yeltsin)

- Spain: 'king' Carlos (Order of Malta), jesuit Gabriel Escarrer (Melia hotels), Amancio Ortega, jesuit Emilio Botin (Banco Santander), jesuit Fatima Banez (socialist), jesuit Joaquin Almunia, Juan Luis Cebriàn (Bilderberg, Prisa media group, Club of Rome), Javier Solano (NATO, ECFR, CFR, TC),..

- Sweden: House of Bernadotte (Habsburg), Wallenberg (Ericsson, Electrolux, Investor AB, Jacob Wallenberg (TC, ERT), Guy Dardel part of CERN, Nina Lagergren sister-in-law of UN leader Kofi Annan), House of Oldenburg-Glucksburg, Kamprad (Ikea), Persson (H&M), Carl Bildt (ECFR), Pierre Schori (ECFR), Leif Johansson (Ericsson), Annie Lööf (TC), Anna Eckström (TC),..

- Switzerland: Hayek (Swatch group), Dreyfus family, Ruth Dreifuss (OSF), ..



- United States: jesuit Joe Biden, jesuit Trump, Colonna (Collins, Dupont), Hearst (Hearst Communications, CFR through president Bruce Paisner), Hilfiger, Koch (John Birch Society, Guardian Glass, Cato institute, influence on Trump administration), Michael Bloomberg, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Mars family (cult of Horus), Duncan (oil pipeline company Enterprise Products, Texas Monthly), Getty (oil, Pia, John Paul, Gordon all jesuit), Bechtel (CFR), Cargill-macMillan, Cox, Johnson (SC Johnson), Johnson (Fidelity), Mellon, Pritzker (CFR), Russell, Schwarzenberg from Bohemia through Skull and Bones (Karel Schwarzenberg and George Soros-Schwartz, Stephen Schwarzmann of the Blackstone Group), Walton (Walmart, fund the jesuit run Center for American Progress), Phil Knight (Nike), Michael Dell, jesuit Tony Rezzler (Apollo Global Management), Robert Warren Miller and Miller sisters, jesuit William Doyle, jesuit Ted Leonsis (AOL), jesuit James Zenni (ZCapital), jesuit Mario Gabelli (Gamco), jesuit Vincent Viola, jesuit Fanjul brothers, Larry Ellison (Oracle),..

- Canada: Bronfman (Seagram, MGM, Universal, WarnerMusic, Mega Group with Les Wexner), jesuit Trudeau, Thompson (Reuters), West End Gang, Rizzuto family..

Latin-America (conquered by the Spanish and jesuit missionaries, under control of CIA since Operation Condor in 1967:
- Argentinia: Jorge Rafael Videla (WACL), pope Francis, Zorreguieta (Maxima Saxe-Coburg)
- Bolivia: Hugo Banser (WACL), La Corporacion, Santa Cruz cartel
- Brazil: jesuit Pedro Mala, jesuit Alex Behring and his mentor Jorge Lemann (Garantia bank, AB Inbev beer, 3G Capital, Burger King), Marinho family (mass media), jesuit Joao Moreira Salles (banking)
- Columbia: jesuit Ernesto Pizano, jesuit Alvaro Uribe, jesuit Ivan Marquez, Juan Santos (LSE), Alejandro Gaviria (OSF)
- Costa Rica: jesuit Laura Chinchilla, Oscar Arias (LSE), Jose Figueres Ferrer (WACL), Bernal Urbina Pinto (WACL)
- Cuba: jesuit Castro
- El Salvador: jesuit Alfredo Cristiani, death squads of Roberto d'Aubusson (WACL),..
- Guatemala: jesuit Oscar Berger
- Haiti: Michèle Pierre-Louis (Open Society Foundations)
- Mexico: jesuit Vicente Fox, Sinaloa cartel (opium and marihuana, 90% of cocain and heroin market, money laundering through HSBC, DEA controlled by jesuits- Timothy Shea), jesuit Emilio Jean (Televisa), Carlos Slim, Raimundo Guerrero (WACL), Jorge Prieto Laurens (WACL),..
- Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega
- Paraguay: Alfredo Stroessner (WACL)
- Venezuela: jesuit Julio Borges (Borghese)


Middle east

- Afghanistan: Taliban replaced by Hamid Karzai, jesuit controlled opium trade, president Ashraf Ghani (World Bank).
- Bahrain: house of Khalifa
- Egypt: Muslim brotherhood, Sawiris family (Orascom).
- Georgia: Giorgi Margvelashvili (Central European University of OSF)
- Iran: Mozaffar ad-Din Sha Qajar connected to the Pahlavi (Pallavicini) dynasty made a deal with Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC, later BP), Mohammed Mossadegh overthrown by CIA, Aga Khan (Kendra Spears, connected to the Furstenberg family), jesuit Noor Pahlavi. The Pahlavi-Pallavicini are educated at Le Rosey like Rothschild, Furstenberg and Saxe-Coburgs. Reza Pahlavi is the son of Fahra Pahlavi, stepcousin to Mercedes Bass (Disney). Jesuit Noor Pahlavi appeared in Harper's Bazaar of Hearst.
- Iraq: the marxist Baath movement, Al bakr, Saddam Hussein was replaced by jesuit Ayid Allawi, Paul Bremer (Yale, linked to Kissinger), jesuit billionaire Nemir Kirdar CEO of Investcorp, from 2018 led by pm jesuit Adil Mahdi.
- Israel: jesuit Shimon Peres, Reuven Rivlin, Roman Abramovich (Chelsea, Sibneft oil, BrainQ, close to Yeltsin and Putin), Eyal and Idan Ofer (CFR, Bloomberg New Economy Forum with David Rubenstein, Gary Cohn and Mukesh Ambani), Shari Arison (Bank Hapoalim), film producers Haim Saban and Arnon Milchan (work with Disney), Dan Gertler (diamond mining Congo, through the Saxe-Coburg/Rothschild connection), Lev Leviev (diamond mining Angola), Israel maffia Abergil, Mulner, Rosenstein.
- Jordan: jesuit King Abdullah, jesuit Ghida Talal.
- Lebanon: jesuit Saad Hariri.
- Pakistan: jesuit Alif Ali Zardari, since 2018 pm Imran Kahn (relationship with Hannah Rothschild and Jemima Goldsmith), Saba Qamar (CFR).
- Qatar: house of Al Thani (Quintet bank Merck Finck & co, Al Jazeera, Glencore,..), jesuit Mohammed al Thani.
- Saudi Arabia: Ibn Saud under control of the British, jesuit Turki Bin Faisal, jesuit Adel al-Jubeir (Foreign Affairs), Al Waleed bin Talal (Citigroup, 20th Century Fox, gave 20 million to jesuit Georgetown University), Bin Laden connected to Bush family, Golden Crescent drug trade, Kashoggi family (related to Dodi Fayed, James Cox).
- Turkey: Sabanci family (UN), Koç family, Erdogan,..
- United Arab Emirates: Mohamed Alabbar (Emar Properties -Burj Kalifa in Dubai, Eagle Hills Properties, Dubai Mall), Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber (Masdar, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ADNOC, UN climate scam),..


gradually under jesuit control during the Ming and Qing dynasties, completely under control of the jesuits and British Empire since the opium wars (Golden Triangle, Chinese Triads 14K, Sun Yee On), through universities and Fabian Society.
- China: Chinese Communist Party (part of the Saturn cult, logo with Saturnian sickle), C9 universities (Fudan founded by jesuit Ma Xiangbo), Xi Jinping, Jack Ma (Alibaba Group with Joe Tsai -Yale, chairman of Barclays Center), Wang Jianglin (Wanda Group), Ma Huateng (Tencent), Kwok brothers, Nout Wellink (Bank of China, TC)..
- India: richest person jesuit Mukesh Ambani, net worth 76 billion and his Relilance Foundation that works together with the London School of Economics (Fabian Society), jesuit Lakshmi Mittal (steel), KR Narayanan (LSE), Gandhi Nehru family (LSE, Fabian Society), Manmohan Singh (Le Cercle).
- Indonesia: jesuit Menkeu Chatib, jesuit Anthony Winza,..
- Japan: controlled through the CFR and TC, Yakuza maffia (Yoshio Kodoma WACL) and jesuit trained politicians (Koichiro Genba, Morihiro Hosaka, Taro Kono), billionaire Li Ka-Shing.
- Korea: jesuit president Park Geun-hye, jesuit Park Young-sun, jesuit Kwon Hyuk-bin (Smilegate online games), jesuit Kim Suk-won (Ssangyong), Lee Jae-yong (Samsung), Kim Jung-Ju (Nexon online gaming), Chung Mong-joon (Hyundai), Unification Church (ties to JBS, WACL, THF), K-pop industry using Disney mind control. North-Korea mason Kim Jong-Un.
- Nepal: Sher Bahadur Deuba (LSE)
- Philipines: Ferdinand Marcos (WACL), jesuit Gloria Macapal
- Taiwan: jesuit Lin Chuan
- Thailand: Tsai Ing-Wen (LSE), Tanom Kittikachon (WACL)
- Vietnam: Nguyen Van Thieu (WACL)

- Australia: Packer family, Pratt family, Blair Parry-Odeken (Cox Enterprises), Harry Triguboff (Meritron), Michael Hintze (Goldman Sachs), jesuit Tony Abbot, Frank Lowy (Lowy Institute), Kevin Rudd (Chatham House, Atlantic Council, CSIS)..

- New Zealand: Richard Chandler (Gates and Rockefeller Foundation), Peter Thiel, Julian Robertson, John Key (Federal Reserve),..


- Congo: enslaved by the Saxe-Coburgs, Félix Tshisekedi (African Union, son of jesuit Etienne Tshisekedi), jesuit Sylvestre Ilunga, jesuit Ilingu Kalenga, mining companies with Saxe-Coburg connection. Corporate Council on Africa, Maurice Tempelsman (CFR), De Beers, Oppenheimer/Lazar.
- Ethiopia: Sahle-Work Zewde (UN Office of African Union)
- Ghana: Hilla Liman (LSE)
- Namibia: jesuit Hage Geingob (The New School).
- Nigeria: Aliko Dangote (Gates Foundation), jesuit Aubrey Hruby (CFR), Akinwumi Adesina (Rockefeller Foundation, African Development Bank, UN), Mohammed Indimi (Jaiz Bank), Yemi Osinbajo (LSE, vice president).
- Senegal: jesuit Léopold Sédar Sénghor.
- South Africa: in the 70's John Vorster (Le Cercle), Nicky Oppenheimer (De Beers, related to Rothschild), Johan Rupert (father was member of Le Cercle, founded WWF with Bernhard Lippe), Patrick Soon-Shiong (Berggruen Institute, LA Times), Cyril Ramaphosa (Lonmin, married to Motsepe family African Rainbow Minerals), Knights of Malta Mandela and Desmond Tutu, jesuit Farid Esack,..
- Sudan: Mo Ibrahim
- Zimbabwe: Emmerson Mnangagwa (vice-president of jesuit Robert Mugabe)


Left Wing Church puppets: Fabian Society, Frankfurt School, Civil Rights Movement, Open Society Foundations, Greta Thurnberg, Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter, the New Age movement, jesuit Joe Biden (American Center for Progress),..

Right Wing Church puppets: Thule Society, Oswald Mosley, Julius Evola, Aryan brotherhood, George Wallace, John Birch Society (Archibald Roosevelt, Fred Koch), William F Buckley Jr, World Anti-Communist League, Le Cercle, P2, Reagan, George HW Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Matthew Mellon, Liberty Lobby, Le Pen, Nigel Farage Ukip, the Bow Group, the Hoover Institution, The Heritage Foundation (jesuit Ed Feulner), Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (jesuit William Casey), Peter Thiel, Trump, Bannon, Infowars (Alex Jones), Bitchute, Gatestone Institute (Zionist Nina Rosenwald CFR, Zionist Geert Wilders)..


Foundations and think tanks