Traps in 'waking up'

From the moment we are born, open our eyes and identify with our body, we are trapped in this false reality. We identify with the characteristics that make us different than others: age, gender, color, intelligence, talents,.. From young age we are selfish, want instant gratification. The ego learns to adapt its wishes to cultural expectations but finds sneaky ways to get what it wants by manipulating the mind. We are programmed with a set of false beliefs, and most of our thoughts, patterns of repetitive nonsense are also programs, not really ours. The frequencies of the heart are distorted so a twisted concept of love is developed.

Saturn, the so-called ruler of this matrix is the planet of materialism. Billions of people are focused on physical matter everyday, working to amass more matter, as the only thing that matters -accepting their restrictions, giving away their power, distracted from who they are.

The easiest path is doing nothing, or chasing ego desires. The ego holds on to its matrix programs as the most precious posession, to feel unique and different but is never satisfied, the egotistic entity ruling earth will never be satisfied so the basic condition of humans is suffering. Mediocrity is applauded and outside slavery, no real effort is required. They suffer because they ignore their core essence and potential.

Saturn is also the planet of duality, containing highest and lowest frequencies of this spectrum. Systems of duality lock people up in left wing-right wing belief systems, causing left-right brain imbalance. People locked up in rigid, skeptical scientism vs naïve religious people, materialist, western vs dogmatic islam,.. They can't stand each other but are part of the same Saturn cult of false reality that manipulates them.

Most people live in constant stress and struggle and will make the judgement they are not fit to face their enemy, their opposite, will find an excuse to think they have more important things to do. Our imagination is the first thing to they try to eliminate so we can not even picture a future where people live without leaders telling them what to do. They represent our deepest internal fear, our biggest enemy- defeating and integrating that force can become our biggest accomplishment and fulfillment thus far.

The entire system of lies and control is a prison for the mind, a way to distract humans from remembering who they are. Everybody chose to be present here to learn lessons at this time. Almost always the ones who are bound to wake up, go through a difficult process of feeling alienated. In alchemy this is the blackening process of letting go of illusions. This painful process is ruled by Saturn itself. It is not a bad planet but a teacher who gives humans their wake up-call as father time, reminding them that time is ticking, that their time on earth is limited, forcing them to change. The Saturn return at age 29 (symbolicly Jesus started his ministry at age 30) can be a trigger. The process of start asking questions and not finding satisfying answers can lead to extreme negativativity, self hate or hate towards others, to depression, to a spiritual death and eventually spiritual rebirth.

After an experience of feeling connection to something higher, the process of starting to ask questions and remembering who we are - in Gnosticism, the call of Sophia (Wisdom) like Who am i, why am i here, questions explored in philo-sophia. This can lead to a set of synchronicities, coincidences that feel very familiar and part of something bigger, un-coincidential. In Egyptian mystery schools this remembering process was told through the myth of Isis literally gathering the lost members of Osiris.

This leads to the beginning of the so-called Great Work, the beginning of the Fool's journey in Tarot, leaving the old to gradually explore the inner, the spirit world and undergo spiritual death/rebirth like the yearly death/rebirth cycle of the sun. This is not a religious ritual but happens out of understanding that the sun is soul energy, reviving the soul -darkness leads to rebirth of light and so on. The task is to overcome the ego and shadow (self generated and perpetuated) time and time again, out of free will, towards positive self change, and change in the outside world.

Traps in general

- trying to wake up others, without their permission (projecting your fear on others, blaming your state of mind on other people's ignorance).

- acting out a need of the ego to feel important, smart or more enlightened.

- using knowledge as a nerd, riding his hobbyhorse.

- thinking it's going to be an easy task, underestimating the odds you're up against.

- staying naïve, get caught up in all the safety nets of controlled opposition.

The first step is developing thought and willpower, the idea of wanting to know truth and developing potential. Most important in searching for the truth is learning to be honest to yourself. This alone can take a lifetime for some people. Learn to discriminate, right from wrong, truth from all the lies, to seperate your ego from your true calling and intuition (connect with the heart where the soul resides, become more passionate about being a creator instead of a passive follower). It's essential to read (Liber- book in Latin=>Liberation) but it leads to nothing but useless intellectual knowledge, when it's not combined with wisdom of life experience and honest self investigation- the goal is to know thyself. Another step is exploring the subconscious, the imagination, to understand drives, fears, frustrations and archetypes in your subconscious to work with them and integrate them.

Dark side traps

- getting disgusted and depressed by all the negative, shocking information.

- becoming paranoid, staying locked up in the mind, becoming gluttonous with information and ignoring emotions or the body.

- feeling lonely, misunderstood and helpless towards a seemingly omnipresent control system, blaming the big bad deepstate/cabal of evil satanists for everything, developing a martyr complex, wallowing in self-pity. getting triggered by negative emotions of people who are not ready for this.

Light side traps

- demonising the ego, ignoring and running away from all the negative, all the people who don't agree with you and trying to stay positive no matter what. practising a religion of laziness and cowardness by believing the New Age dogma :'don't give attention to the negative or you will feed it'.

- becoming an arrogant hippie, constantly using the word 'Namaste', feeling special, superior and more 'enlightened' than the ignorant sheep.

- escapism, getting lazy and trapped in love-light fantasy, in another New Age cult of Oprah Winfrey bullshit, another dream world of apparent clock synchronicity, delusions without making moral judgements, without confronting the dark or taking action.

- giving away your authority to charlatans, to another cult, to entities that present themselves as gods, angels, aliens, 'ascended masters' ,..


Master of thoughts and emotions

While everybody's path is unique, the matrix programs work the same in everybody's mind and will even convince you of your uniqueness to hold on to certain programs.

The mainstream media and false prophets of fake opposition are the perfect teachers and tests to see if you have become immune to their tricks or not as they will use every possible trick to get you back in the herd.

The process of learning to avoid these traps must lead to self mastery, to become a master of your thoughts and emotions, of all the different planetary, masculine and femine energies. That way your will can manifest reality. This power can be used negatively (to harm others) and positively (in service to others). White magic is nothing more than trying to be a good person, trying to help others. Black magic is nothing more than evoking evil outside and inside yourself and trying to manipulate other people's energy through fear, division and lies.

The endgoal in spiritual work is to 'unite with creation', become One again. Practices like yoga ('union') and meditation can help the process of self mastery through control of breath and movement. This concept is distorted though in most pineal gland religions and human potential movement (Esalen, CIIS, Tony Robbins,..) where the concept of a creative, female force is distorted into worship of this dominant, egotistic energy that presents itself as all seeing 'God'. The ladder to climb up out of darkness towards light and self fulfillment, is interpreted as the ladder of Jacob, climbing the spine to reach pineal activation.


Once the journey is started, there is no way out, no way to unsee the truth. You can fall back into the same patterns but the endgoal is to complete the journey, to become whole again. One has to go through a dark night of the soul where everything might seem to fall apart, to unite with your counterpart. The symbolic death of the old self is necessary to liberate one's self but in the Saturn cult this process of nullification of self is distorted into disappearing in the collective self, in the group mind, to create the perfect mind controlled slave without will. One of the biggest traps is convincing people in their mind that they have 'woken up' but are still ruled through their mind and ego, militant towards black sheep and non conformists.

One person cannot break free from these oppressive systems, it is the task of liberating the mind first. The personality has to be built up, instead of devalued, in honor of the true self and its true potential.

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