the astrological 'news'-script

The so-called elite has been using astrology since the times of Egyptian and Babylonian civilisation to plan events and keep people in a social engineering staged reality-script.The 3 'slow' planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are the most important to shape a specific era or generation. All celebrities (politicians, movie stars) are mere actors on the world stage.

1762 Pluto in Capricorn: seven years war, American Revolution, dark secrets about secret society Illuminati, US independance,..
1778 Pluto (transformation) in Aquarius (technology): industrial revolution, mechanical loom, French revolution,..
1797 Pluto in Pisces: birth Wagner, jesuits restored, defeat Napoleon at Waterloo,.
1809 Neptune (stage illusion) in Sagittarius: birth Lincoln.
1822 Pluto in Aries: 9th symphony, end of house of Bourbon, transformation of Roman empire.

1846 'discovery of Neptune', marxism
1848 Neptune in Pisces: communist manifesto, first global financial panic, Neptune=evolutionary destiny omniscience, Darwins evolution theory.
1853 Pluto in Taurus: Eliphas Levi Baphomet, Darwin evolution theory transforming religion, assassination Lincoln, Alice in Wonderland (Persephone abducted in the underworld), birth Crowley, Nietzsche announces God is dead,,..
1861 Neptune (theatre, stage illusion) in Aries: civil war, emperor Lincoln shot in theatre, kkk, fake letter Pike about wars,..

1882 Pluto in Gemini: birth Hitler, Holmes and Watson, marriage Crowley, birth Howard Hughes, brothers Warburg, brothers Lumière,..

1888 Nept in Gemini
1902 Neptune (sea) in Cancer (the chariot): Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis, Titanic,..

1904 the Aeon of Horus. start of docosade 0 the Fool.

1914 Pluto (darkest fear) in Cancer (the chariot): Franz Ferdinand shot in a car (the chariot), WW1, protection of home and nation.
1915 Neptune (idealism) in Leo (power): birth 'idealistic leader' JFK, roaring twenties, celebrities, jazz extroversion, movie studio MGM with lion symbol, Sherlock jr lost in world of movie screen,..

1926 start of docosade 1 the Magician.
1928 Neptune in Virgo: Great Depression, John Dillinger shot after visiting cinema, betrayed by a woman, increase of the world population, WW2,..
1929 Pluto (purging, crash) in Cancer: Wall Str crash, Stalin's Great Purge.
1930 Neptune (cinema) in Leo (Lust): Jean Harlow as the harlot in cinema.

1937 Pluto (transformation, purging, underworld, darkest fear, oil) in Leo (power, Lust): dictators Mussolini and Hitler, Plutocrats and oil magnats Rockefeller, Vivian Leigh as the Scarlett woman Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the wind, the Holocaust, Hitler hiding in underground bunker..
1942 Neptune in Libra: Hitler plot, atom bomb, Howard Hughes trial, Rosa Parks (Libra ruled by Venus, the rose) civil rights,..

1945 Pluto (nuclear power, underworld, communism) in Leo: atom bomb, meeting underworld figures in communist Cuba, start of Cold war, threat of darkest fear communism and nuclear power,..

1948 Uranus (technology) in Cancer (home): introduction of tv-sets in every middle class family.
1956 Neptune (dreams, idealism, spirituality) in Scorpio (dark secrets, death): idealistic leaders MLK 'I have a dream' and JFK, New Age hippie spirituality, illusionary/staged death JFK, dark twist Martin Luther King murdered, death actress Jayne Mansfield, death daughter writer Hans Habe, Brian Jones drowns in a pool, Manson murders in house of movie director Polanski, rumors about death Paul McCartney, ..

1956 Pluto in Virgo: transforming view on minorities, Marilyn Monroe, woman confronted with darkest fear in Psycho, Lolita,

1961 Uranus in Virgo: women protesting for right to have abortion, feminism,..

1963 Pluto in Virgo: 'conspiracy theories' and dark secrets around JFK and Jackie, marriage Jackie with underworld Plutocrat Aristotle Onassis.

1968 Uranus in Libra: trial of unpredictable outsider Charles Manson.
1970 Neptune in Sagittarius : gurus Osho, Jim Jones, yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, disco, arena rock,new wave, twin towers trident symbol, Polanski lookalikes of wife Sharon,

1971 Saturn (materialism) in Gemini: opening of the Twin Towers, World Trade Center 1 and 2.

1971 Pluto in Libra: Charles Manson trial, the Zimbardo experiment, Watergate, Roman Polanski trial,..

1983 Pluto in Scorpio (dance of death): John Travolta dance with Diana, glorification of underworld figures (Scarface, maffia themes in hip hop).
1984 Neptune in Capricorn: materialism, yuppie culture, hip hop. d David Kennedy, Nightmare on Elm str, Labyrinth, Blue velvet, the Usual suspects, satanic panic, death of actor Brandon Lee on movie set, death of actor River Phoenix in nightclub of actor Johnny Depp.
1998 Neptune in Aquarius (world closer through internet, also trapped in escapism, illusionary world) unconditional Love in the sign of the most detached, aloof and distant sign of Aquarius: movies the Truman show, the Matrix, a Beautiful Mind,..

1999 Saturn (black, duality) in Taurus (teacher, hierophant): black Morpheus in the Matrix as the teacher of Neo, giving the choice between the blue and red pill.

2001 Saturn in Gemini: collapse of the Twin Towers, causing over 3000 deaths.

2008 Pluto in Capricorn: climate change, Joker, Barack Obama, anti-establishment arab spring, fukoshima, birth George, Occupy Wall Street, Harvey Weinstein scandal, letting go of materialism, tiny houses,

2010 Uranus in Aries: fiery revolts Arab spring, London riots,..
2011 Neptune in Pisces (home): operation Neptune and Neptune Spear, holmes aurora theater

2014 start of docosade 4 the Hierophant

2019 Uranus in Taurus

2020 Pluto (darkest fear, dark people) in Capricorn (government, restriction): Corona=Chronos, Saturn causing death and restriction, Black lives matter,..Saturn (death) in Aquarius (technology): watching deaths through technology. Neptune (evolutionary destiny) in Pisces (the Moon, to look beyond's one face, mask of personality): everybody forced to wear a mask, hide their face and use Facetime and Facebook in the Brave New World of transhumanism.

2024 Pluto in Aquarius: fall, automation, everybody equal voice, emotionally detached, control of the masses, opp of leo the heart)
2025 Neptune in Aries