the War Industry

The war industry is a branch of the Saturn death cult, an industry with annual 1822 billion $ revenue, in alliance with the political Left Wing and Right Wing political puppets, secret services CIA and MI6 and propaganda outlets of the media. It is a religion of authority and blind obedience (might is right), a cult of Mars (planet of war=Ra inverted) and Saturn (death), with intent to destroy the natural environment, corrupt and takeover of the human soul through trauma and poisoning.

Jesuits in the war industry: David Wherley, John Loh, Ron Kadish, Charles Dunlap, Barry Costello, George Casey, John Allen, Robert Murret, Dadid Petraeus, William Sullivan, Eldon Regua, Les Aspin, Jack Keane, Gration Scott, Chuck Hagel, Robert Gates,..

The goal of the Saturn cult (under influence of the God matrix) is to contaminate human beings and the earth with heavy metals.

4000 bc use of bronze (molten copper with tin). Metallurgy was associated with the Fallen Angels (Lucifer, Cain). 

2500 bc The Sumerians used iron from meteorites as 'the metal from heaven' and discover the process of making iron by smelting. The Egyptians make use of horses and chariots. Alchemists experiment with mercury and lead poisoning.

1000 bc use of iron, the Assyrians employ large scale deportations of conquered populace, sold as slaves.

549 bc conquests of Cyrus the Great. Sun Tzu Art of War.

480 bc Spartan king Leonidas is defeated by Persian Empire.

430 bc Sparta wins the Peloponnesian war.

334 bc Alexander the Great invades the Achaemenid Empire (first Persian Empire) and India to transform it into the Macedonian Empire.

246 Punic Wars, Roman Empire (eagle symbol) vs Carthago. Fabius Maximus invents the scorched earth tactic against Hannibal (cult of Baal).

100 bc Gallic Wars of Julius Caesar, 1 million casualties. use of cryptographic cyphers to send secret messages.

100 jewish-Roman wars, 1 million casualties.

755 An Lushan Rebellion in China (Tang dynasty), 11 million casualties.

900 Tang dynasty uses gun powder. Urine (used in alchemy) is used as source of nitrogen in the manufacture of gunpowder.

1000 religious wars, Christian crusades of military order Knights Templar to fight muslims (concept of Jihad), both under influence of the God program.

1125 war between Guelphs and Ghibelines. Wars are financed by the banks of the financial system (Templars hq City of London).

1206 conquests of the Mongolian Empire (Djenghis Khan, Ming dynasty), 60 million casualties.

1208 Albigensian crusade against the Cathars, 1 million casualties.

1267 Franciscan alchemist Roger Bacon investigates gunpowder in Britain.

1337 Hundred Years War between France and Britain, introduction of the Longbow.

1455 War of the Roses (Lancaster-York).

1494 Italian Wars (Habsburgs and pope Julius II vs french Valois dynasty), use of the arquebus handgun.

1519 conquest of Aztec Empire, 24 million casualties (also through smallpox).

1533 conquest of Inca Empire, 8 million casualties.

1534 founding of the military Jesuit Order with Superior-General as army of the Holy Roman Empire of Habsburgs.

1562 religious wars in France between Catholics and Huguenots.

1568 Eighty Years' War Netherlands, France, UK and Spain.

1592 Japan invades Korea.

1600 King of France Henry IV Bourbon marries Marie de Medici, related to Emperor Ferdinand and the Orsini's, out of war debts with the Medici's.

1616 Ming-Qing transition in China (jesuit Johann von Bell).

1618-1648 Thirty Years' War (Endtimes prophecies) with Cardinal Richilieu (Bourbon-Medici), 5 million casualties, start of modern era (wars in the name of patriotism instead of religion).

1661 the Royal Society of the Stuarts (Scottish Rite) develops modern chemistry (and modern chemical warfare) as a continuation of alchemy to develop chemical weapons.

1701 War of Spanish Succession (end of Habsburg dynasty).

1756 Seven Years' War  global conflict between the United Kingdom (House of Hanover), Prussia (Frederick the Great, Hohenzollern-Hanover), Spain and France (Bourbon), financed by the City of London and their British East Indian Company

1760 Industrial Revolution, increase of lead poisoning (also used in bullets as symbol of Saturn).

1775 American Revolutionary War, soldiers rented by Frederick II.

1800 Edward Charles Howard (Royal Society of House of Hanover) discovers mercury fulminate, to be used in bullets, bombs,..

1801 Thomas Jefferson establishes US Military Academy in NY.

1802 Eleuthère Dupont, mentored by Antoine Lavoisier, founds gunpowder company Dupont.

1803 Napoleonic wars with Russian general Kutuzov, Spanish guerilla war, Battle of Waterloo with mason Arthur Wellington, 6,5 million casualties, resulting in the restoration of the Bourbons and jesuits. The Black Brunswicks use the Skull and Bones symbol. Frederick II works with the Rothschilds as bankers.

1814-1815 Congress of Vienna.

1830 France conquers Algeria.

1832 secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University.

1839 the British Empire (East India Company) and jesuits start the Opium Wars in China to keep their monopoly on the drug trade.

1840 hunting of buffalo's to starve Native Americans.

1846 Mexican-American War, jesuit Charles Boarman.

1849 wars of Japanese Empire, 7 million casualties.

1861 American Civil War. masons, jesuits Martin McMahon, Stephen Russell Mallory, more than 800.000 casualties. The North has more advanced weapons, access to railroads, ironclad warships like USS Monitor, developed by John Ericsson),..

1863 Henri Dunant founds the International Committee of the Red Cross (red cross of the Knights Templar, rosicrucians) in Geneva Switzerland.

1867 Alfred Nobel, who worked for John Ericsson, invents dynamite, which soon replaces gunpowder.

1884 the Massimo family (descendants of Roman Emperor Fabius Maximus) found the Fabian Society is founded in Britain to use the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic on the population to enslave them with a new breed of populist freedom fighters: the founding of the Left Wing Church, very closely associated with the occultists of the Society for Psychical Research and the Luciferian Theosophical Society, the New Age Church.

1899 Second Boer War after discovery of oil in South Africa with Cecil Rhodes, introduction of the machine gun.

1901 The Nobel Prize award ceremony, named after Alfred Nobel is created in to promote agents of the Science Church, propaganda writers of program Modernism and political puppets of the UN world empire in the name of 'peacekeeping'.

1910 Mexican civil war.

1914 start of the WW1 and WW2 ritual to eventually create the UN world state. WW1, use of tanks and chemical weapons, based on research of Fritz Haber and Victor Grignard (Legion of Honour). more than 50 million casualties, study of traumatized soldiers in trauma based mind control research. Wellington House (AC Doyle, Edward Bernays) makes war propaganda while Fabians like GB Shaw play the role of anti-war pacifists.

1917 Russian Civil War, 7 million casualties. War Industry Board with Robert Lovett (Union Pacific Railroad), Clarence Dillon (Dillon, Read & Co), Palmer Pierce (Standard Oil) and Edward Stettinius (JP Morgan) and Samuel Bush (S&B family, grandfather of George HW Bush).

rise of fascism (eagle of Roman Empire) and modernism (futurists who glorify war). William Boeing founds The Boeing Company.

1919 Paris Peace Conference with Alfred Milner.

1922 Vannevar Bush founds Raytheon Company, specialized in microwaves.

1927 Chinese civil war, 10 million casualties.

1935 Italy invades Ethiopia. Germany transforms into a war industry.

1936 Spanish Civil War (George Orwell and Emma Goldman as British agents). Unit 731 in Japan, experiments on humans with chemical weapons.

1938 Otto Ambros discovers Sarin at IG Farben.

1940 University of California Berkeley isolates plutonium to bomb Nagasaki. start of Holocaust (gas produced by IG Farben). WW2 with 70 million casualties, Adolf Hitler as Antichrist figure.

Germans use chlorine (developed by Fritz Haber, awarded with Nobel Prize), RAF Air Force, cryptography projects with Alan Turing, research on population control during London bombings. North African campaign of Erwin Rommel. US Navy captain Ron Hubbard works with Jack Parsons and founds Scientology cult.

1941 Franklin Roosevelt founds the National Defense Research Committee for research on radar technology at MIT Radiation Laboratory (Leland Hayworth of National Science Foundation) and the Office of Scientific Research and Development with Vannevar Bush, start of Manhattan Project. The NDRC also works with BF Skinner.

1942 military base Naval Air Weapons at China Lake (Mojave desert), in collaboration with Caltech (Jack Parsons head of OTO).

1943 completion of the Pentagon (inverted pentagram of satanism), shaped in the form of a pentagram like Villa Farnese.

1944 Normandy landings (D-Day, Ernest Hemingway as propaganda writer). air planes of Glen Martin.

1945 the Royal Air Force (eagle symbol like nazi's) drops 3900 tons of bombs on Dresden, Trinity Test in New Mexico. United Nations world empire. Plutonium and uranium bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Operation Paperclip transfer of nazi scientist Friedrich Hoffmann (assassination by poison program), Otto Ambros (IG Farben, discovered Sarin gas, trialed at Nuremberg but pardoned by John McCloy), Erich Traub (virologist, weaponized cattle plague) to CIA (also eagle symbol) Fort Detrick and Fort Bliss.

1946 NATO (cult of Aton).

1948 Italian weapon company Leonardo. RAND Corporation.

1949 first use of AK-47 in Russia. Allen Hynek of US Air Force is used to spread disinfo about extraterrestials (Kenneth Grant's influence on Thelema).

Cold War ritual with US and Russia.

1950 Korean War (soldiers used in Project Bluebird at Walter Reed Military Hospital, Valley Forge Hospital in Pennsylvania and Naval Air Facility in Atsugi Japan), 5 million casualties.

1955 Vietnam War (cardinal Spellman, Order of Malta), phosphor bombs,  4 million casualties, alliance with capitalist companies like Coca Cola.

1958 Dwight Eisenhower (Jehova's Witness cult who use the Enochian system) creates Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Defense Nuclear Agency starts Operation Argus.

1961 forest fires and use of Agent Orange as attack on the Vietnamese, tested at Fort Detrick for DARPA project AGILE, produced by Dow Chemical, Monsanto,..

1962 Starfish Prime nuclear test of the Atomic.

CIA controlled hippie counterculture in Laurel Canyon with musicians from military families (Jim Morrison) as fake opposition against the Vietnam War. Michael Aquino works at the Presidio in San Francisco.

1967 Raytheon introduces the microwave oven (manipulation of water in food).

1969 Grumman Airspace builds the Apollo Lunar Module (moon landing ritual of NASA).

1974 Ethiopian civil war.

1979 Soviet war in Afghanistan (million casualties), US funds Al Quaeda.

1990 Gulf war in Iraq (non stop propaganda of CNN) with Norman Schwarzkopf.

1991 Bosnian War (UN blue helmets).

1994 founding of Northrop Grumman (Business Roundtable, jesuit Michael Petters) and Lockheed Martin (hq in Bethesda).

1996 Navy Seal Erik Prince founds Blackwater.

1998 Second Congo War, 5 million casualties.

2001 the 911 Twin Towers ritual and fake attack on the Pentagon to start a war in Afghanistan in alliance with the Taliban.

2004 war in Iraq with jesuit George Casey (hanging of Saddam Hussein). Abu Ghraib media ritual.

2005 Joseph E Schmitz starts working for Blackwater.

2009 Raytheon buys BBN Technologies.

2011 staged death of Osama bin Laden, Job Pryce as hero (jesuit Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, Obama awarded with Nobel Prize). Lockheed Martin buys quantum computers from Dwave Systems. use of drones.

2013 the Isis ritual in Iraq and Syria with jesuit John Allen.

2017 Trump administration with Betsy DeVos, sister of Erik Prince.

2020 the global Corona ritual psychological (isolation, intimidation) and chemical warfare against population to inject people with Moderna vaccines, developed by DARPA.

Raytheon merges with United Technologies.

2022 Russian-Ukranian War.

2023 Israel-Palestina war.

the WW1 and WW2 ritual

the Saturn cult