The WW1 and WW2 ritual

The WW1 and WW2 ritual was a mass sacrifice ritual of the Knights of Malta, Skull and Bones, Sabbatean jews and jesuits (the war industry) with approximately 20 million casualties as a sequel of the previous Thirty Years' War, to create the state Israel and move towards one world empire (United Nations).

- Preparation
- World War 1
- World War 2
- Aftermath of the World Wars
- Misleading books on WW2


The industrial revolution left Europeans alienated from their past and culture, a longing satisfied by their slave masters with Romanticism (Coppet group of Germaine Staël, Friedrich Schlegel). Johann Herder and Johann Gotllieb Fichte, influenced by jewish Kabbalism popularize German nationalism and the concept of an Aryan race.

They spread atheism and 'scientific' social Darwinism and racism (Ernst Haeckel). Jesuits like Du Lac, Pachtner and Muckmann spread antisemitism in France and Germany. Richard Wagner helps to create an antisemitic, nationalistic Holy Grail mythology, Friedrich Nietzsche plays the role of prophet of the Uebermensch, the end of the Christian slave religion.

1887 The Theosophical Society is founded by British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky (linked to Okhrana or Third Section, the Russian secret service, who creates false flags with Russian anarchists and dissidents). These agents use spiritualism as a cover to study cultures and legends to figure out how to manipulate certain groups and nationalities, to eventually abolish all borders and countries and found a one world state with New age world religion. British agent Theodor Herzl introduces the idea of a Zionist jewish state, introduces the concept of a jewish race and jews leaving Europe (David Nutt, Sylvie Goldsmith).

They use Baron de Hirsch and Jacob Schiff (daughter married to Warburg) to let Russian jews immigrate through their Jewish Colonization Association, plan the Holocaust to get rid of the jews that refuse to leave.
1888 in Vienna Eckstein, Franz Hartmann and Rudolf Steiner study and romanticize legends of Aryan homelands Hyperborea and Atlantis (the same year the British found the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Georg von Schonerer and catholic mayor of Vienna Karl Lueger spread the doctrine of Pan-Germanism.
1896 Hartmann founds the German Theosophical Society (popularization of yoga), supports Guido von Liszt society. Guido von Liszt popularizes rune-magic and the swastika symbol.
The agents of the Cecil family (the Balfours, admiral Hall) found the Society for Psychical Research with Everard Fielding (boss of Aleister Crowley) and jesuit AC Doyle, using spiritualism as cover for research on mind control.

1904 start of the Aeon of Horus with Cecil agent Aleister Crowley as its prophet.

Josef Stalin enters the world stage, trained by jesuits in Tifilis, Georgia. He meets Vladimir Lenin and Mikhail Borodin (Chase Manhattan bank) at the first Bolshevik conference.

Many jews from Spain emigrate to Vienna and eventually constitute 8% of population. Theosophic ideas are combined with antisemitism and legends about Aryan culture: the ariosophy of Guido von List (Wotanism, runes), Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels (magazine Ostara), the Germanenorder of Theodor Fritsch, the New Templars, the Edda society of Gorsleben,..

Stefan George creates the Cosmic Circle in Munich with Alfred Schuler, Ludwig Klages, Karl Wolfskehl, based on Nietzschean philosophy.

The British empire stages false flag attacks like the Houndsditch murders (British agents Casimir Palmer), Black Tom attack, the sinking of the Lusitania (agent Aleister Crowley, Alfred Vanderbilt) and keeps blaming them on Germany. The Bolsheviks publish the newspaper Pravda.

1911 Houston Chamberlain publishes The Foundations of the 19th Century, describing the Aryan race as superior to the jewish race, praised by Fabian GB Shaw.

1913 the Federal Reserve is created by banksters like Thomas Lamont (JP Morgan, Guaranty Trust) and Paul Warburg.
The Saxe-Coburgs already control all European states so there is no need for war but Welligton House, the British ministry of propaganda, led by Charles Masterman, villifies Kaiser Wilhelm, the cousin of the British Queen, to evoke hatred for Germany and willingness to fight a war (AC Doyle, Fabian Society agents HG Wells, Emmeline Plankhurst).

Jesuit Joseph Tumulty controls president Woodrow Wilson, the Federal Reserve is run by Skull & Bones (Pierre Jay, George Leslie Harrison). The Spanish flu pandemic (most victims in British India) kills millions of people.

World War 1

1914 false flag attack on Franz Ferdinand by Black hand (masonic, ties to Young Bosnia movement) to start the war.

1915 Armenian genocide (Young Turks, jesuit Agagianian) as a practice for the Holocaust.

1916 The Saturn cult creates Bolshevik socialism in Russia, New Deal socialism in the United States, and National socialism in Germany (the Left Wing Church). These cults are all variations of the cult of Baal, all worshiping Venus the Lightbringer Lucifer, the Torchbearer on 1 may (German paganism, but clearly in alliance with the Catholic Church). Madison Grant, friend of Theodore Roosevelt, writes the Passing of the Great Race.

1917 the fake Russian Revolution, as end of the Great Game, the power struggle between Britain, US (opium trading families of S&B) and Russia over control of Central Asia and world dominance. The Romanovs are replaced by the Bolsjevik regime (financed by Koehn Loeb & co, with Jacob Schiff, and British agent William Wiseman). Communism is the Neptune influence of the fading Pisces age, it was perfected during the jesuit experiments in Paraguay. The Bolsjevik inquisition is overseen by jesuit Edmund Walsh (present at Treaty of Versailles).

A civil war is instigated between Bolsheviks and White Russians, so the White Russians (Kirill Vladimirovich, Anton Turkul, Spiridovich, Markov, Boris Brasol) emigrate to Munich to stir up anti-jewish anti-communist sentiment there. The US recognizes the new Russian state on 3/22, the number of Skull and Bones.
1918 Occultist Rudolf Glauer-von Sebottendorrf (Rite of Memphis, visited the Egyptian pyramids like Crowley), in contact with Germanenorder, founds the Thule society in Munich, Bavaria (Arya).
It consists of members like Karl Harrer, Gustav of Thurn and Taxis (connected to Order of Malta), Alfred Rosenberg (rosicrucian descendants of the Orsini family), Anton Drexler, Hans Frank. They develop a mythology around the Holy Grail bloodline, descendants of the Hyperborea civilisation at the northpole, connected to the celestial pole with Draco as northpole (the reocurring theme of Nordics in the myths of Apollo and the Argonauts).

During the German revolution, mercenary right wing armies of the Freikorps fight the Soviet-backed German communists, attempting to overthrow the Weimar Republic. The members of the Freikorps use the Saturnian Skull and Bones symbol, already used by the Black Brunswicks of Frederick the Great (Skull and Bones is controlled by the House of Schwarzenberg, which originated in Bavaria).

The British create the Sisson document to let the American public think the Bolsheviks were funded by Germans and justify their war against Germany (in alliance with Wilson's propaganda institute with George Creel, who worked for William Hearst, and Edward Bernays). In British war hospitals like Maudsley, doctors experiment with insuline shock therapy on traumatized soldiers who refuse to fight (trauma based mind control).

Batlle of Megiddo (Armageddon of biblical prophecies) British Empire (Edmund Allenby, commander of TE Lawrence, Legion of Honour, Order of the Bath, Order of St John, Order of St Michael and St George, Order of Leopold, met with Chaim Weizmann) vs Ottomans and Germans

1919 Britain imposes a Carthaginian peace through the Treaty of Versailles at the Paris Peace Conference (Robert Cecil's agent Alfred Milner, Colonel MD House, Woodrow Wilson, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Lamont, Edward Bernays). The British Empire of the Cecils is now the world empire of the League of Nations (United Nations, 'gathering of nations' for Armageddon in Rev 16). The absurd sanctions humiliate the Germans, create hyperinflation, chaos and unrest as a preparation for the next world war.

The Church, the British and the Theosophical Society of Vienna spread the idea of a jewish conspiracy.

1920 William Melville's Scotland Yard and Masterman's Ministry of Propaganda lets Wickham Steed, editor of The Times (owned by lord Northcliffe, married to Mary Milner, Order of st John) publish the Protocol of Elders of Zion. Their agents Boris Brasol and Casimir Palmer create the US version, distributed by Henry Ford, promoted by Nesta Webster and Winston Churchill.

The hodge podge of antisemitic occultists like Erich Ludendorff (friends with Karl Haushofer of the so-called Vril society and Rudolf Hess) is rebranded as the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler, who is promoted as a Christ-like political superstar in the beer halls of Munich (mentor Dietrich Eckhart), full of White Russians, yearning for an antisemitic, anticommunist saviour. They use the Uebermensch concept of Friedrich Nietzsche.

1922 After Giovanni Colonna di Cesare (descendant of Julius Caesar) gave rise to Italian fascism, Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini is made pm of Italy, as the new Roman Emperor (Horus of the Aeon of Horus). 

Irving Fisher (S&B), Madison Grant and Henry Fairfield Osborn (American Museum of National History of the Roosevelts) found the American Eugenics Society, supported by Mary Williamson Harriman, mother of Averell Harriman (S&B) who meets with Fritz Thyssen.

1923 Adolf Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch of 11/9 (like Napoleon's coup, dates are chosen for their numerological references to bible verse Book of Revelation 9:11, about Apollyon) with Hermann Göring, Erich Ludendorff, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and Ernst Röhm. Time magazine (founded that year by Knight of Malta Henry Luce S&B, funded WA Harriman & Co) puts Ludendorff on its cover.
Writer Julius Evola works for the German Sicherheitsdienst (SD). Julius Streicher (Thule Society) publishes Der Sturmer. Another false flag assassination attack is staged, on Mussolini by Theosophist Violet Gibson. Mikhael Borodin goes to China, helping the Chinese communists.

1925 Agents like Crowley and Ludendorff all use their occultism as cover for secret intelligence. At the Ordo Templi Orientis conference in Germany, Crowley meets Eugen Grosche. He founds the Brotherhood of Saturn, influenced by the theories of Hans Hörbiger about two principal forces contending in the universe: cosmic fire and cosmic ice. In the Brotherhood of Saturn, Lucifer is the embodiment of enlightenment and reason, the pre-christian God of early gnostics, the fallen angels who helped mankind (Saturn the ruler of the coming Age of Aquarius, Lucifer-Saturn as Apollyon from verse 9:11). They practice sex magic to create a magic child or 'Moonchild', similar to Crowley's OTO.

Forming of industrial conglomerate IG Farben.

1927 founding of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics, headed by Ernst Rudin and funded by the US.

1932 Oswald Mosley (the Other Club of Winston Churchill) turns his communist New Party into the British Union of Fascists with JCF Fuller (Crowley's A.A.), John Philby, Edward and Hastings Russell (=S&B), Robert Blakeney (friend of Edith Starr Miller, married to ex-husband of Pauline Payne Whitney=S&B), supported by Alfred Harmsworth (Wellington House, Daily Mail).

1933 (33 most important nr in Scottish rite freemasonry) Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany to play an Antichrist figure. He blames the Reichstag fire on communists. Hitler and Mosley meet at a Nuremberg rally.

In may (period of fire sacrifice to Baal) Joseph Goebbels organizes a publicity stunt of burning books of jewish intellectuals Herman Hesse (connected to OTO), Albert Einstein, Heinrich and Thomas Mann, Walter Rathenau, HG Wells, George Grosz, Walter Benjamin, Felix Mendelssohn, Magnus Hirschfeld, Franz Boas, Ernst Bloch, Sigmund Freud, Upton Sinclair, Victor Hugo, Ernest Hemingway, Karl Marx, Robert Musil, Heinrich Heine,..

Thomas Mann and Karl Wolfskehl move to Switzerland. Grosz moves to the US to teach in NY. Arnold Schoenberg moves to LA. Siegfried Krakauer and Kurt Weill move to Paris and NY.  Max Oppenheimer moves to Paris and Hollywood. staged purging of 'jewish' scientists at University of Göttingen, Einstein's colleague Herman Weyl is transferred to IAS in Princeton New Jersey. Paul Tillich starts teaching at Harvard and University of Chicago.

The Catholic Church gives Hitler his papal blessing in pope Pacelli's Reichskonkordat, installs their other catholic fascist puppet regimes: Franco in Spain, Josef Tiso in Slovakia, Degrelle and his Rexists in Belgium, nazi Edward III, Union of Fascists of Oswald Mosley in England, Mussolini in Italy (jesuit Pietro Tacci),..

Hitler is promoted in the British and American press (Knight of Malta William Randolph Hearst).

1934 Night of the Long Knives, execution of Ernst Röhm. The British press switches to an anti-fascist narrative.

1935 Ahnenerbe institute of Hermann Wirth, missions to Tibet, to document the spread of Aryan culture. Italy invades Ethiopia.

1936 Diana Mitford and Oswald Mosley marry at the home of Goebbels with Adolf Hitler, Robert Gordon-Canning and MI5 agent Bill Allen as guest. 3 years later Robert Gordon-Canning marries Hollywood actress Mary Maguire, a friend of John Farrow, the father of Mia Farrow, who played the mother of the Antichrist in Rosemary's Baby. The wedding symbolized the alchemical marriage like the wedding of Charles and Diana.

1937 Otto Rahn 'The Court of Lucifer', compares Hitler and his Nazi party with the gnostic Cathars as Holy Grail bloodline descendants of Lucifer, fighting the Roman Empire. bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Japan invades China.

Entartete Kunst exhibition in Munich with modernist works of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Beckmann, Erich Heckel, Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, George Grosz, Piet Mondrian, Raoul Hausmann, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoshka, Rudolf Bauer, James Ensor, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso. Peggy Guggenheim helps Max Ernst emigrate to the US.

Hitler is funded by: Skull and Bones (Prescott Bush and Percy Rockefeller, working for Brown Brothers Harriman), Hialmar Schacht, JP Morgan's Guaranty Trust -Martin Shea, Thomas Lamont (Federal Reserve), Mussolini, IG Farben in cartel with Rockefeller's Standard Oil, DuPont, Alcoa, Dow Chemical, Chase Manhattan (Joe Larkin), Victoria Saxe-Coburg (granddaughter queen Victoria of England, wife of Kyrill Vladimirovich), Paul Warburg, the director of the American division of IG Farben, Max Warburg German IG Farben (both working for Koehn und Loeb, Jacob Schiff, controlled by William Wiseman SIS, present at the Paris conference), Henri Deterding (Royal Dutch Shell), Henry Ford (son later fired by Knight of Malta Lee Iacocca), John Ridgely Carter (Alice Morgan), Schroder bank (with OSS executives Allen Dulles and Valerian Lada-Mocarski on its executive board), Kirdorf, media mogul Alfred Hugenberg, Fritz Thyssen (United Steel works), ..

Banker Thomas Lamont, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, who funded the fascists, while his son Corliss Lamont was a communist, friend of Julian Huxley of the League of nations is just one example how Darwinism-> atheism-> communism-> nazism-> multiculturalism are all stepping stones to a one world government.


To 'solve' their self created problem of inflation, Thomas Lamont designs the Dawes plan (Henry Stimson Skull and Bones), appoints banker Hjalmar Schacht as president of Germany's national bank (origin in New York, worked for JP Morgan's Equitable Trust) cooperating with Montagu Norman, Franz von Papen (Order of Malta), and later the Young plan, named after Owen Young (Rockefeller Foundation).

The German economy revives as a war industry, boosted by free labor from jews in labor camps, tanks made by Opel (General Motors of JP Morgan) and Ford.

The Order of Malta controls the secret service of Germany (SD Reinhardt Gehlen, Julius Evola), US (William Donavan, Allen Dulles, Edgar Hoover), Italy (Umberto Ortolani), Britain (SOE Camp X with agents Roald Dahl, Paul Dehn, Christopher Lee, Hugh Dalton jesuit controlled Fabian Society, William Stephenson sent to NY to manipulate public opinion) while pretending to be at war, all cooperating with each other (jesuit trained Foley, Aleister Crowley in contact with German spies, the German nazi eagle being identical to the CIA eagle logo=falcon Horus).

They control the propaganda-outlets in Germany (jesuit trained Joseph Goebbels, UFA, glorifying Hitler as solar god, as Christ figure of the Aeon of Horus -the eagle, connected to Mars, the planet of war and male force), US (Paramount, sister company of UFA) and Britain (Charles Masterman controlling media mogul Alfred Harmsworth). Himmler uses Wewelsburg castle, that also played a role in the previous Thirty Years' War and is linked to the legendary Battle of the Birch.

George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn are used in the Spanish Civil War. Karl Popper moves to New Zealand.

The Germans build concentration camps in Oranienburg (cc=33= orange=death/sodomy), with help from American companies like IBM, run by jesuit modeled SS (pentagram of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Lodz, Sobibor, Janoaska) burning victims in ovens as ancient Baal fire worship.

1938 Germany annexes Austria. Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud move to the UK. Henry Kissinger moves to the US. Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein move to US to create the atom bomb. production of the Volkswagen Beetle (Khepri symbolism, Hitler as solar deity), designed by Ferdinand Porsche.

Kristallnacht on 11/9, the symbolic start of the Holocaust, reported in The Times of Alfred Harmsworth.

World War 2

1939 Ruth Westheimer moves to Switzerland through the Kindertransport. Michael Balint moves to the UK. The Sicherheitsdienst stages a false flag attack to invade Poland. Hitler closes Rothschild banks in his battle against the 'jewish world conspiracy' but the money is transferred to the Finck family (Constantin Wertheim Rosenberg). Germany invades Czech Republic.

Neville Chamberlain declares war on Germany. The British assemble a team of cryptographers like Alan Turing at Bletchely Park to develop Colossus, the first digital electronic computer. Stalin and Hitler work together to murder jews (similar to the Pale of Settlements of Frederick the Great), Skull and Bones (Harriman) gives billions to Stalin (the Lend-lease program).

1940 Hitler invades Denmark and Norway, conquers Paris. Unoccupied France is led by the Vichy regime. Varian Fry transfers jewish agents to the US through Emergency Rescue Committee (André Breton, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Hannah Arendt, Hans Namuth,..).

Jesuits De Gaule and mass murderer Stalin are presented as good guys, defeating evil. Henry Stimson (S&B) becomes US Secretary of War (start of Manhattan Project). Winston Churchill replaces Neville Chamberlain as pm of Britain. Battle of Britain, bombing of London. The BBC broadcasts propaganda with Thomas Mann in Germany.

Italy attacks Greece. counteroffensive of communists in China. North African Campaign with Erwin Rommel.

1941 Operation Barbarossa, Adolf Hitler invades Russia, an exact copy of Napoleon's attempt to invade Russia, 129 years earlier, defeating him with the scorched earth tactic of Maximus/Massimo's (Stalin as the new Hannibal). Battle of Kiev. Rudolf Hess is arrested in Scotland.

1942 Pearl Harbor ritual, Japan attacks the US. Battle of Midway. Hitler rebuilds the Atlantic Wall of Napoleon. Wahnsee conference with Adolf Eichmann. opening of Treblinka.

1943 Alfred Rosenberg creates the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) in Ukraine, with Yaroslav Stetsko as leader.

Casablanca conference with Churchill and Rosevelt. Battle of Stalingrad. Battle of Kursk. bombing of Hamburg. Rescuing of Benito Mussolini with Otto Skorzeny. Nuclear weapons are developed by Columbia University (Colonna) scientists in the IAS (Alexander Sachs OSS).

1944 At the Bretton Woods conference (Dean Acheson, John Keynes) the IMF and the World Bank is created. US invades the coast of Normandy on 6/6 (Operation Overlord) and south of France as Operation Dragoon (Draco Empire), 'Liberation' of Paris ritual with de Gaule. 7/20 assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler ritual with Claus von Stauffenberg (homoerotic Cosmic Circle of Stefan George).

The first article about concentration camps, written by Jan Karski (jesuit university Georgetown) about his visit to Belzec, appears in Collier's magazine of S&B (Harry Payne Whitney, Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingsway's wife as contributor). Walter Rosenberg's 33 page document Vrba-Wetzler Report is used in British and American propaganda of Roosevelt' War Refugee Board (jesuit John Pehle as director).

1945 Dirk Bogarde (Rank Organisation) is used in British propaganda about the concentration camps.

Like the previous Thirty Years' War was about the Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding, creating the Moonchild George 1, Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have a wedding on april 29 (st Catherine Day, day of wedding William and Catherine wedding to create Moonchild prince George), after which Winston Churchill uses the V-symbol (5th kingdom with William V as Christ figure).

The scientists of Los Alamos (Manhattan Project of Vannevar Bush) explode a nuclear bomb on july 16, on the 33d parallel in the Trinity Test ritual to create a dimensional portal for the fallen angels. 33d degree mason and shriner Harry Truman orders the dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on the 33d parallel.

The same day The Chicago Times, The Time and The NY Times claim Hitler is still alive and escaped to Argentina.   

The nazi's are allowed to escape through the ratlines (jesuit Krunoslav Draganovic, Austrian bishop Alois Hudal, Knights of Malta Juan Peron and Otto Skorzeny -the Order of Malta can issue its own passports). The best nazi scientists are transferred to the US through Operation Paperclip (Reinhard Gehlen cooperating with Allen Dulles and Luigi Parrelli) and the same people stay in power, in Germany (Konrad Adenauer) and the US (Dwight Eisenhower, Allen Dulles CIA).

Surrender of Japan ritual on battle ship USS Missouri.

Frank Wisner's Georgetown Set (later CIA) controls the US media, exactly the same way as nazis, with the US and Britain as moral victors and leaders of the free world, who bravely defeated the evil Antichrist Hitler. They continue to build their world empire through the United Nations (Hirohito, leader of axis power Japan, already a member of the League of Nations, not prosecuted), and banks like Bank of America (Knight of Malta Peter Giannini).

1946 birth of the Moonchild George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Jesuits like Edmund Walsh and Skull and Bones members like Henry Stimson and Thomas Dodd orchestrate the Nuremberg trial farce, with a Hollywood propaganda film the Nazi plan, ordered by jesuit James Donavan, Eisenhower and Knight of Malta Spyros Skouras (20th Century Fox). The role of bankers and industrialists is widely documented to create the monster 'the military industrial complex'.

IG Farben's Hermann Schmitz is trialed, while the CIA moves into the IG Farben building in Frankfurt with Eisenhower as governor and the Order of Malta (Herman Abs and Adenauer) stays in power. Jews are evacuated to the British state of Palestina to create the state of Israel, as promised by the Cecil agents to the Rothschilds, before the war in the Balfour declaration.

The trauma of the Holocaust is used in Hollywood movies, to evoke white guilt and enforce multiculturalism, while continuing to spread racism and eugenic ideas in the Right Wing Church.

1948 Adolf Eichmann moves to Argentina.

Aftermath of the world wars

The distraction of occultism is used in myths and conspiracy theories: Louis Pauwels in the Morning of the magicians (claims Karl Haushofer was a member of the Vril Society, Nazi UFO distractions), Nicolas Goodrick-Clarke, Savitri Devi (Hitler as avatar of Vishnu=Apollyon, leading humanity out if the Kali Yuga), CIA asset Franklin Schaffner 'The Boys from Brazil' about Mengele,..

1949 forming of NATO.

1950 The Landig group (ex-SS) in Austria revives Evola's idea about Thule and the mythical Black Sun, an obsession of the jesuits, visible in their Saturn logo.

1954 Korean CIA creates the Unification Church in Seoul Korea.

1958 Robert Welsh founds the John Birch Society.

1959 Knight of Malta Dwight Eisenhower founds the National Captive Nations Committee with jesuit Lev Dobriansky and ABN leader Yaroslav Stetsko.

1961 Hitler's Chief of Staff Adolf Heuserman as chairman of NATO. staged Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.

1966 John Singlaub founds the World Anti-Communist League.

1967 Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier (Mensa) publish Morning of the Magicians, start of the Vril Society hoax.

1968 Operation Condor: CIA installs fascist dictators in South America.

1971 Dirk Bogarde is used in gay-pedophilia propaganda Death in Venice of Luchino Visconti.

The jesuits (marrano jews) control both the Left Wing Church (Fabian Society) and the Right Wing Church (Ariosophy) using neo-nazism as distraction and perversion of resistance against the multiculturalism agenda and eventually brand 'conspiracy theorists' as slightly dangerous and right-wing, using puppets like Trump, while diverting the Leftists to a Luciferian New Age world religion. The people behind Hoechst/IG Farben (jesuit trained Wilhelm von Meister) become the early pioneers of the internet through their company America Online (jesuit Jim Kimsey as CEO).

1985 Claude Lanzmann's Shoah with Walter Rosenberg, Jan Karski, Raul Hilberg,..

2000s US propaganda Pearl Harbour, Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.

Misleading books on WW2

All the thousands of books about Hitler are mainly propaganda who turn history into a religion where Britain-US was the good guy, Hitler was the Antichrist, not even mentioning the role of the Order of Malta.

1933 'Hitler's secret backers' by Sidney Warburg, promoted by Knight of Malta Franz Von Papen
1967 'Morning of the Magicians' Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier
1972 'Spear of destiny' by British soldier Trevor Ravensford, fake rumors (the spear is the Paris meridian, the nazi's were called axis power, the pole of the Draco Empire)
1974 'Wall street and the Bolshevik revolution' by Anthony Sutton (research follow at the Hoover Institution so part of the elite)
1975 'the 0ccult and Third Reich' by Jean-Michel Angebert, focus on Rahn and Skorzeny's mission to retrieve the grail in Montsegur, published by McGraw Hill (bought in 2013 by Apollo management -jesuit Tony Ressler).
1976 'Wall street and the rise of Hitler' by Anthony Sutton
1978 'Who financed Hitler?' by James Poole
The nazi occultism of Otto Rahn is mytholigized in fiction as 1981 Raiders of the lost ark (Steven Spielberg), 1988 Indiana Jones and the last Crusade with Jones as an explorer, similar to Otto Rahn.
1985 'the Occult roots of Nazism' by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
secret nazi projects in video game Wolfenstein, movie Hellboy
Invisible Eagle- nazi occult history by Alan Baker
Fire and ice: Brotherhood of Saturn by Stephen Flowers
Lucifer rising British Intelligence and the Occult by Nicolas Booth
1991 'Unholy trinity' by jesuit trained John Loftus (Coast to Coast)
1994 'Unholy alliance: a history of the Nazi involment with the occult' by Peter Levenda
2001 'Black Sun Aryan Cults' by Goodrick-Clarke
2005 'Russian Roots of National Socialism' by Michael Kellog
2008 'Secret agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British intelligence and the occult' by Richard Spense.
The Scottish-Irish (Aryan) Hearst family, specialised in mind control, spreads disinfo and propaganda through their History channel ('Hitler and the occult', in which Hanussen is portrayed as black magician who used techniques of mind control)
2010 Ancient Aliens and books of Jim Marrs on the Fourth Reich through HarperCollins.
2018 Lawrence Rees (BBC) The Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler

the JFK ritual