the Transhumanist Church

The Transhumanist Curch is aimed at turning human beings into cyborgs, as part of a Luciferian agenda, because transhumanists believe they can become gods through technology. The Transhumanist Church controls Silicon Valley (Apple, Google, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn). The main prophets are Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk, with David Icke as controlled opposition.

Silicon Valley grew out of the Tavistock and the Stanford Research Institute research in the 60's (Hollywood High School alumni William Shockley, Stewart Brand, Peter Schwartz CFR). 

Military technology was gradually rolled out from the 70's, to move towards digital slavery step by step, with PR actors in the media industry like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and young jewish students like Mark Zuckerberg as genius, innovative entrepreneurs.

Through group pressure, Instagram is made mandatory for children, stealing all the data of their text messages, promoting the digital narcism of mind controlled sex slaves like Kardashian-Jenner as role model. FB=FBI, the secret service of queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the Saturn cult. The previous Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century employed the occultist John Dee, who played for her secret service, gathered all the information from British spies. His nickname 007 is a symbol for Tubalcain (two balls and a caine, a phallus symbol). Tubalcain is a password in freemasonry, just like Cain, it stands for a descendant of Lucifer. The FB logo is therefore a copy of the Tubalcain (two balls and a cane) logo from freemasonry. Smith is another name for Tubalcain (Goo-gle also refers to that 007, led by Eric Schmidt).

 After 'health', the next gold mine will be 'mental health', where social media as an AI therapist/coach who knows more about you than you, measure your emotions, 'guide' you through your life and of course also corrects if you have wrong thoughts.

Facebook's Peter Thiel works for data analytics company Palantir. The end goal of their facial recognition, eugenics and transhumanism is a kind of perverse resurrection of the dead, where real people sit and stare into their coffins in such a way that through all the collected data, supplemented with DNA, digital avatars come to life, controlled by the elite.

The transhumanists of Silicon Valley celebrate this process of death-rebirth as a cyborg, in a mass called Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Stanford Research Institute developed AI assistent Siri for Apple.

Regina Dugan switching careers between Darpa, Apple and Facebook shows Silicon Valley toys are all military technology, used as weapons of mass surveillance to reach one global hive mind. Nick Bostrom, trained at the LSE of the Fabian Society wrote Superintelligence, promoted by Google, Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

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