the Saturn cult

The Saturn cult is a group of elite families, under influence of the God program, that worships Saturn (and its female counterpart, the moon) in all kinds of forms. It governs monotheïstic religions, Christianity (the Catholic Church, the jesuits), Islam, Judaism, freemasonry, the Science Church (Darwinism), and controls the media industry, education system of the jesuits, the entire political and financial system, war industry and the Hollywood film industry.

Through the Dialectic method (problem-reaction-solution), creating friction between puppets that represent opposite forces, they control the Left Wing and Right Wing Church.

They are 3D representatives of 4D conquerors, the God program and the Lucifer (false light) program (the God matrix), given the 'Divine Right to rule' humans on earth, installed as a priest class of elite families to keep the multidimensional control system, known as the matrix, in place. Because of their DNA, they have a hive mind (famous bee symbol of elite bloodlines, Saturnian hexagon).

They worship their overlords through Saturn symbolism (666, black box) and worship of the pineal gland (one eye and one eye pyramid symbolism).

As the Draco-Orion Empire, they created the Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman and western civilization.


Elite families