the Right Wing Church

The Right Wing Church is a branch of the Political Church, a mirror image of the Left Wing Church.

Slave masters of the Saturn Cult all have a superiority complex wether they are white, jewish or islamic. All their regimes (fascism, communism, capitalism) are dictatorships, based on propaganda and censorship.

From the moment a person becomes a member of the Right Wing Church, he will live for the rest of his life in opposition to their enemy, the Left Wing Church, blind to the fact they are identical and tricks of the same puppet master. Both sides are triggered in trauma, fears, insecurity, to think dogmatic and eventually disguise and vent their fear with arrogant supremacism, militant, violent behaviour and hate towards other groups. They will never reconcile, they can not live without each other, as they define themselves as opposition to the other group. This duality trap is also used in the Alternative Media Church.

1861 American Civil War, racial tension is created between pro- and anti-abolitionists.

1865 The Klu Klux Klan is founded in as a masonic order of white supremacists of the Draco-Orion bloodline, where grandmasters are called Dragon.

1911 Houston Stewart Chamberlain The Foundations of the 19th Century.

1915 Benito Mussolini develops the ideology of fascism.

1920 To start the WW2 ritual the Saxe-Coburgs spread the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the idea of a jewish masonic Illuminati conspiracy, create antisemitism in Germany with groups like the Thule society. The Zionist 'jews' become the favorite villain of the Right Wing Church.

1933 Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler is put in power, William Dudley Pelley creates the Silver Shirts in the US, associated with KKK and Christian Identity.

1935 Methodist Abraham Vereide founds Christian cult The Family.

1937 Wickliffe Draper founds the Pioneer Fund.

1945 Fascist ideology lives on with characters like Oswald Mosley (Liberty Lobby), Willis Carto, jesuit Francis Parker Yockey and Julius Evola, an agent of the German SicherheitsDienst, author of 'Ride the Tiger', 'the Doctrine of Awakening', 'the Myth of the Blood the Genesis of Racialism', 'Eros and the Mysteries of Love'. In Evola's philosophy the white Aryans of Atlantis were a superior race, corrupted by inferior feminine cultures.

1947 Henry Regnery founds Regnery Publishing, publishes books of William F Buckley and Robert Welch.

1952 Chinese nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek founds the Asian People's Anti-Communist League. Jean Violet founds Le Cercle (Robert Cecil).

1958 Robert Welch founds the John Birch Society (Archibald Roosevelt, Fred Koch) based on the battle of the birch, the Thirty Years' War between protestants and jesuits, Lucifer and Christ. Roger Pearson and Peter Huxley-Bigley found the Northern League.

1960 William F Buckley Jr (S&B, National Review) founds the Young Americans for Freedom.

1966 CIA founds the World Anti-Communist League (Knight of Malta Otto Skorzeny, eugenics advocate Knight of Malta Roger Pearson, Willis Carto, anti-communist scare of jesuit McCarthy). Willis Carto founds the Liberty Lobby. Neonazi David Duke writes the antisemitic 'The Secret behind Communism'.

1969 The media turns Charles Manson into an Antichrist superstar with a swastika on his forehead, tied to prison gang Aryan brotherhood, the classic example of a mind controlled stooge, controlled by Aryan nazi's Disney and jewish Zionists in alliance.

George Wallace (Carto as speechwriter, backed by the JBS) plays a white racist devil-character in the Martin Luther King Jr Selma March as villain for the Black Church.

Richard Nixon and jesuit Gordon Liddy played conservative characters in contrast with the CIA counterculture heroes Jim Morrison and Timothy Leary.

1973 The Heritage Foundation is founded by jesuit Edwin Feulner (ties to Unification Church).

1974 David Duke as Grand Wizard of the KKK. William Luther Pierce founds the National Alliance.

1981 During the 80's, Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush (Skull and Bones, endorsed by televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr) pretend to be 'conservative' moral guides on topics as health, safety, while killing millions in unnecessary wars. Jesuit William Bennett invents the War on Drugs, helped by Nancy Reagan, in a narrative where right wing politicians will protect whites from drug dealing blacks, if they just have enough weapons and law enforcers. The war leads to a war against blacks and the rise of the prison industry. George W Bush and his neocons Paul Wolfowitz and Cheney of PNAC and American Enterprise Institute play the same role of protectors. Tim LeHaye founds the Council for National Policy.

1982 Mises Institute with Herbert Marcuse's student Paul Gottfried, Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano (Fox News), Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola University Maryland of the jesuits), Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans) and Murray Rothbard (Cato Institute with Charles Koch, promoted Harry Barnes and David Duke).

1985 trial of Ernst Zündel (Kirk Lyons of National Alliance as lawyer).

1996 Rupert Murdoch founds Fox News.


2000 When politicians organize mass immigration from islamic countries, the Left-Right game turns into Left (open minded to islam, tolerant, the Multiculti Church) versus Right (white, conservative, racist, sexist, climate-deniers). This paradox is a symptom of the pathology of the Left Wing Church as islamic belief system is completely in opposition with leftist ideals of feminism, gay culture. This confusion and schizophrenia leads to nihilism, branded as 'pragmatism', meaning have no belief or making something up on the spot, also very prevalent in the New Age Church.

Immigrants are manipulated with mind controlled bad role models of the movie and music industry, to live a nihilistic violent, criminal lifestyle like their slavemasters. As the replacement of whites by other cultures becomes more obvious, the jesuits use all frustration to lure them in the Right Wing Church, with priests in every European country:

France (jesuit Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marion and Marine Le Pen, Brigitte Bardot), Belgium (Vlaams Belang), Netherlands (Jan Maat, Pim Fortuyn, Geert Wilders PVV, Thierry Baudet, Ayaan Hirsi Ali of AEI and Hoover Institution), Austria (Haider), UK (Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson), Italy (Matteo Salvini of Lega Nord), ..

The small clique of right wing demagogues keeps performing the same routine of blaming immigrants and occasionally will say something antisemitic to trigger the Hitler trauma of the Left Wing Church, while they cooperate with the jewish Zionists of Israel (Geert Wilders). This leads to fake moral outrage of the leftists and is the perfect excuse to distract and demonise all criticism of islamization and give false hope they will end the Multiculti agenda and impose more left wing fascism.

Right wing opposition frames the replacement policy in the US and EU as a conspiracy of jews like Richard von Coudenhoven-Kalergi of the pan-European Union, a friend of Louis Rothschild, who announced the mixed race in his 'Praktischer Idealismus'. Left fascist politicians like Herman Van Rompuy and Angela Merkel are given the von Coudenhoven prize for executing the replacement policy as racism against whites, but the people behind it are white Italian families (Massimo, Colonna) that rule since the Roman Empire.

Andrew Breitbart (The Huffington Post with Arianna Huffington) founds Breitbart News.

The Islamic scare

2008 Zionist Nina Rosenwald (CFR) founds the Gatestone Institute (Zionist Geert Wilders, Alan Dershowitz,..). She works with David Horowitz and jesuit Douglas Feith, who all pretend the false flag attacks are real and use pro Israel and anti-islam rethoric.

2015 While programming the masses with politicians pretending to be tolerant, open minded and moral superior, the jesuits fund more Islamic terrorists to cause fear and chaos with trauma based mind control. This reaches a climax with the Isis ritual, and the fake Charlie Hebdo attack. The western value of freedom of speech is hollowed out by CIA actors Pamela Geller (Breitbart, Rebel News) and Richard Spencer (David Horowitz Freedom Center) with racist rethoric, as political correct leftists shy away from anything that might be offensive or controversial and the only ones defending it are right wing demagogues (this trick is also used during the Covid19 prison experiment). In Canada Rebel News is founded as counterpart of Breitbart News.


The 'Alt Right' monster

Cultural marxist Paul Gottfried invents the slur 'alt right', copied by all leftist mainstream media who program that right wing is 'alt right' so deserves to be censored. Newspeak is invented using terms 'divisive', 'hatespeech' and 'not conform with community guidelines'. Followers of the Left Wing Church stay passive while their freedom of speech is taken away.

Leftist mainstream media has only a few tricks: causing fear with external boogeymen (Isis, Covid19), villifying everybody who questions their fear porn as 'alt right' and 'conspiracy theorist'. With the Pizzagate hoax, orchestrated by controlled opposition as Wikileaks of Julian Assange, David Seaman and David Wilcock, they invent the term 'fake news', to label all non-conformism as crazy and dangerous.

The jesuits introduce actor Donald Trump, jesuit Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon, promoted by Alex Jones as the Big Saviour that will save the white patriots from the bad Illuminati. The Right Wing Church offers new priests: Bitchute, Gab, Rumble, Nigel Farage and Ukip, the Bow Group, the Hoover Institution, The Heritage Foundation (jesuit Ed Feulner), Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (jesuit William Casey), Peter Thiel, Jordan Peterson (promoted by Joe Rogan on Sirius Xm of Martine Rothblatt)..

Matthew Mellon (Resort International) is a good example of right wing priests who are actually also left wing priest: he plays a right wing character, endorsed Trump but the CIA family Mellon also funded the hippie leftists and their LSD experiments (CIA agent jesuit Timothy Leary).

2017 Unite the Right rally with David Duke, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska (2021 Capitol attack farce), Henrik Palmgren (Red Ice Radio), Faith Goldy (Rebel News), August Sol Invictus (Thelemite, OTO) with BLM as counter-protestors.

2020 During the Covid19 24 hour fear porn show all criticism of their imperalist agenda and DNA manipulation is labeled as 'alt right' and 'antivaxxer' (a stereotype played by Robert Kennedy Jr and Robert the Niro with docu 'Vaxxed'), enhanced by actor Jair Bolsonaro,

2021 the Capitol attack media farce with actors of the Alex Jones/Donald Trump/Rebel News clique.

Replacement of whites

the Green Church