the Porn Industry

The porn industry is a propaganda machine and weapon of mass distraction of the Saturn cult, mainly centered in the US and Europe and linked to the Hollywood film industry, that uses actors and actress under heavy mind control (kitten programming to decrease moral inhibitions with leopard prints as hypnotic trigger). Actors are selected and trained according to their bloodline and astrological chart to play archetypes, dark Masculine and dark Feminine (whore of Babylon) and to push the gay-transgender, transhumanist and pedophilia agenda.

The industry uses them to control millions of people by seducing them with dreams of being rich, famous, successfull and admired (aspirational programming) and through VR and total immersive entertainment, to surrender to demonic energy vampires.

It is centered in San Fernando Valley ('Porn Valley', Cup of Babalon, close to Mojave Desert of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings), also known for Warner Bros and Disney studios, and Las Vegas and uses the same mind control methods. The biggest players are Vivid Entertainment (sex tape of mind controlled slave Kim Kardashian), Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, Czech company WGCZ (Bang Bros, Penthouse, Private Media Group) with their revenue mainly from China (28%), South Korea (27%), Japan and US.

25% of all search engine requests (68 million a day) are pornographic. 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic. Most pornographic websites are made in the US (89%), Germany (4%), UK, Australia.. The number of child pornography files increases annually.

Mind controlled sex slaves: Sasha Grey, Jenna Jameson, Carmilla Bing, Jada Fire, Traci Lords (Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute), Stormy Daniels, Madison Chandler (butterfly tattoo), Tricia Oaks (butterfly tattoo), Lea Lexus, Natasha Nice, Saha Cane, Hannah Hunter, Crissy Moran, Faye Runaway, Mercedes Ashley, Amanda Blue, Diana Doll (doll programming), Diamond Foxxx, Maya Gates, Sara Jay, Tera Patrick,..

Jews in porn industry: Ron Jeremy (treated at mental hospital of Bettie Page), Al Goldstein, Bill Asher and Steven Hirsch (Vivid), Tracy Lords (Nora Louise Kuzma), Jacob Frankel, Randy West (Andy Abrams), Eric Jover (Ultima), Mal Warub, Seth Warshavsky,  Glasser family, Reuben Sturman (bestiality), Mark Spiegler,..

Examples of kitten programming

Pamela Anderson, Joanna Krupa, Sunny Leone, Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy and were used in propaganda of PETA (white rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming).

History of the porn industry

The jesuits trained pornographic writer Marquis de Sade.

1951 Smart Alec Candy Barr (age 16, sexual abuse as child) is associated with mafiosi like Mickey Cohen in Las Vegas.

1953 (year of MK Ultra) first issue of Hugh Hefner's Playboy (bunny Alice in Wonderland mind control symbolism) with mind controlled sex slave Marilyn Monroe.

1955 Playboy issue Bettie Page (Bettie like Elizabeth Short-the Black Dahlia) as archetypal pinup girl, abused by her father, trained at Vanderbilt University and programmed by Southern Baptist Billy Graham (frienfd of MLK). Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe are used on USO tours during the Vietnam War.

1957 The Twilight Girls (gay-lesbian agenda) Georgina Spelvin.

1960 fake 'sexual revolution' with Wilhelm Reich, jesuit Margaret Mead, Crowley-follower Alfred Kinsey, pornography as weapon.

1965 Bob Guccione (Blair Academy like John Cassavetes and Vanguard founder John Bogle) founds Penthouse magazine. He employs Seymour Hirsch (Watergate ritual of The NY Times). Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Russ Meyer.

1967 Japanese pink films with Naomi Tani and Noriko Tatsumi.

1968 Al Goldstein founds Screw.

1969 Blue Movie (promoted by Timothy Leary) Andy Warhol Viva.

1970's Golden Age of Porn: Mona of Bill Osco, Al Goldstein, VCA Pictures, John Holmes (normalisation of cocain addiction), Comcast and Nescorp (Rupert Murdoch), movies of Playboy photographer Russ Meyer, Blaxploitation movies with Pam Grier, produced by MK Ultra related Samuel Arkoff.

1971 George Lucas' THX1138 announces the Orwellian society of Covid19.

Boys in the Sand (gay agenda, named after play of Mart Crowley=Aleister Crowley) Casey Donavan (Phi Sigma Epsilon like Chris Sarandon, Dean Torrence, Martin Milner and Cheech Marin, Wilhelmina Models) in relationship with Disney actor Tom Tryon. Gay movies of Fred Halsted (friend of Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger) like L.A. Plays Itself, promoted by pedophile William Burroughs.

1972 Behind the Green Door Marilyn Chambers (also in David Cronenberg's Rabid) Gerard Damiano. Deep Throat (promoted by Bob Hope) Linda Lovelace. Last Tango in Paris Marlon Brando Maria Schneider.

1973 The Devil in Miss Jones (Lust) Georgina Spelvin Harry Reems (trial with Alan Dershowitz).

porn is promoted in The NY Times as 'porn chic'.

1974 Larry Flynt founds Hustler (normalization of pedophilia with Barely Legal and Chester the Molester). Flynt played the antagonist of Jerry Falwell Jr. Emmanuelle movies (French softcore pornography) Alain Cuny Sylvia Kristel Columbia Pictures.

1975 Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS (Canadian nazisploitation, based on Holocaust commandant Ilsa Koch) Dyanne Thomas.

1976 Bob Guccione of Penthouse finances Chinatown of pedophile Roman Polanski and Caligula with Malcolm McDowell Alice in Wonderland sex comedy Kristine De Bell (Playboy, Ford Models) as Alice Terri Hall (Playboy, model for Robert Mapplethorpe) Bill Osco. The Opening of Misty Beethoven Terri Hall.

1977 The Jade Pussycat (kitten programming) John Holmes.

1978 Debbie Does Dallas Bambi Woods. fake shooting of Larry Flynt (jesuit Charles Keating and jesuit Simon Leis as antagonist).

1981 Wonderland murders ritual in Laurel Canyon with John Holmes. Jerry Butler movies.

1984 AVN Awards. Kinky Business. Steven Hirsch founds Vivid Entertainment.

1985 New Wave Hookers Traci Lords Gregory Dark (NYU, worked for WWE films of McMahons).

1989 John Stagliano founds Evil Angel (Buttman movies with anal sex). Stagliano is the mentor of Tristan Taormino (gay-transgender agenda, the Feminist Church, Village Voice).

1990s transition to the internet age.

1991 porn actress Ilona Staller, used on Italian tv channel RAI, marries Jeff Koons (program Postmodernism in the art scene).

increase of pornography in cultural marxist programs like Hip Hop: N.W.A, 2 Live Crew, Big Daddy Kane, Snoop Dogg,.. Rise of webcam sex trend.

1995 Wicked Pictures signs Jenna Jameson.

1997 Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg as John Holmes Burt Reynolds Julianne Moore Heather Graham. Nudevista (666 logo). Venus Awards in Berlin.

1998 founding of the GayVN Awards. First Jules Jordan movie with Chastity (WCW wrestling federation of Ted Turner).

2001 Gyorgy Gattyan founds LiveJasmin. Porn Star: the Legend of Ron Jeremy. gay movies of Michael Lucas (cameo's of RuPaul and Graham Norton). Vivid sign Briana Banks. founding of Red Light District Video.

2003 Mark Spiegler (jewish, Hollywood High School) founds Spiegler Girls.

2004 Red Light District Video releases sex tapes of Paris Hilton and Rick Salamon (marriage with Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson), Chyna and Sean Waltman (WWE of McMahons), Lindsay Lohan, Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell), Kim Kardashian (Instagram programming). HBO show Pornucopia.

Feras Antoon, Stephane Manos, David Marmorstein-Tassillio (all 3 trained by jesuits at Canadian Concordia University) found Manwin.

2005 Manwin founds Brazzers (introduction of the MILF concept, normalization of incest)

2006 launching of YouPorn (concept of Youtube of Google).

2007 Sasha Grey (gay agenda) in Penthouse, photographed by Terry Richardson. Manwin launches PornHub.

2011 Multi Media LLC founds webcam site Chaturbate (57th most popular website) as continuation of LiveJasmin, pushing of the transhumanist agenda with AI models like Project Melody.

Manwin receives funding of JP Morgan, Fortess Investment Group (castle programming) and S&B affiliated Cornell University as investor and acquires Youporn, GayTube, TrannyTube, Twistys (hypnotic swirl Twister of Wizard of Oz symbolism, Bret Rossi who dated Charlie Sheen), X-Videos (Saturnian xxx/666 symbolism).

2013 Lovelace James Franco as Hugh Hefner. Manwin is rebranded as Mindgeek and buys Redtube.

2015 Gannett Company changes its digital branch name to Tegna, owned by Rothschild Investment Corporation, with 75 million adults reach.

2018 media ritual with Stormy Daniels and jesuit Donald Trump. Belle Delphine Instagram/TikTok religion of fame. webcam sites with block chain technology like Live Stars. Rise of fake robot profiles, realistic looking sex dolls (doll programming). PornHub uses AI and cryptocurrency Verge.

2019 New Media Investment buys Gannett Company, funded by Apollo Global Company.

2020 the fascist Covid19-ritual with forced incarceration and prohibition of social contact.  


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