the Orlando shooting ritual

The Orlando shooting ritual was a hoax of the media industry in 2016, to push the Luciferian gay-transgender agenda. The date of the Orlando shooting ritual was 6/12, the date of release Roman Polanski's antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby. The movie announced Diana giving birth to William on 6/21, as a modern Isis giving birth to Horus. The name of the nightclub Pulse refers to Roman Polanski's movie Repulsion.

The name of the 'victim' Paul Henry is a pun on Diana's driver Henri Paul.

Wizard of Oz mind control symbolism was used: red shoes (Dorothy's ruby slippers), lines from the 'Over the rainbow' song.

The role of dangerous islamic terrorist Omar Mateen was played by an actor, who also played in 'the Big Fix' about the BP oil spill, produced by Tim Robbins and Peter Fonda, edited by Tina Imahara (editor of Thrive).

All the actors wear pink and purple, the color of dissociation used in Alice in Wonderland mind control.

The actors were shown, carrying the 'victims' towards the club instead of away from the club. Like the Las Vegas shooting ritual, amateuristic crisis actors (example Andy Moss) were used to mock the ignorant audience.

Omar Mateen supposedly made 911 calls and the ritual was called 'the deadliest terrorist attack since 911', to tie it in with the other Revelation 911 media stunts, to stir up racial tension and to impose the Luciferian world religion (blood donations were organized as OneBlood).

The name Omar shows up in the initiation ritual of the Royal Order of Jesters, centered in Tampa, Florida. Orlando is a character in Shakespeare's 'As you like it' with the famous line 'All the world's a stage' and a gay character in the Wire. Orange Avenue refers to masonic orange=33=sodomy code and Jack Parsons and his Orange Grove Avenue. Orlando is the home of Disney World.

Adele, Elliot Page (Gaycation on Vice of Hearst), Evan Rachel Wood and Milo Yiannopoulos participated in the ritual, mimiced emotion and moral outrage.


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