the New Age church

The New Age Church is a branch of the Saturn cult, like Christianity, Islam and Judaism, a religion centered around the pineal gland. In contrast with the rigid skepticism of the cult of scientism (left brain imbalance), the New Age is another cult, based on naive, blind belief (right brain imbalance). Where the intellectuals of scientism will deny the existance of a spirit world no matter what, followers of the New Age Church will believe anything that sounds spiritual. Their belief is a form of escapism, running away from the dark, by constantly focusing on Light.

Through the ages the Saturn cult disguised itself through hermeticism, rosicrucianism and freemasonry, through worship of the false light. The Theosophical Society was started by British-Russian intelligence agent Helena Blavatsky. The book attributed to her, the Secret doctrine was released in 1888, the era of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (WB Yeats was also member of Theosophical Society) and the Fabian Society of the jesuits. In Victorian England spiritualism became the new trend with the Society for Psychical Research as driving force.

In 1862 the Ghost Club was founded (members AC Doyle, WB Yeats) and the Society for Psychical Research with agents of the Cecil family like Arthur Balfour, who supposedly investigate spiritual phenomena with occultism as cover for propaganda and secret service work. Stephen Paul Andrews introduced the term 'scientology'. Sri Yukteswar Giri wrote The Holy Science about the new Golden Age, jesuit Teilhard de Chardin introduced New Age concepts and in 1930 Guy Ballard created the i Am movement. Ron Hubbard created the Church of Scientology cult.

The American jesuits (CIA, fi the Mellon family) created the counterculture of the 60's through radio hits about the coming Age of Aquarius and puppets like Jim Morrison, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, James Hurtak, Stanislav Grof, Ralph Metzner, Richard Alpert,..

The Human Be-in in San Francisco was organised by Michael Bowen, connected to the OTO and the Theosophical Society. At the Esalen Institute (Stanford) and California Institute for Integral Studies they created new trends like yoga, meditation, shamanism,..Mia Farrow, Mick Jagger and The Beatles promoted meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who also worked with Deepak Chopra.

In the 70's and 80's new characters are introduced: David Spangler (Findhorn Foundation, educated at elite school Deerfield), Robert Temple (the Sirius mystery 1976), Louise Hay, Edgar Mitchell (Institute Noetic Sciences, Carnegie Mellon), Oprah Winfrey (the Secret= a watered down version of the Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky), Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Gaia, David Wilcock, promoting trends like yoga, reiki and ayuahasca (Aiwass entity in helema) ceremonies.

The New Age cult of 'Ascended Masters' is intertwined with the UFO religion, where humans are considered less evolved than their higher, spiritually more evolved alien gods, and the Luciferian rainbow gay-transgender religion, that uses purple and rainbows as dissociation method, used in mind control.

Uranus energy is the creating of an utopian society, environmentalism, so in the 70's eco villages pop up like Findhorn. After the 2000s, this trend continues (Anastasia villages, etc), mostly based on the climate change scam.

Crowley supposedly wrote the Book of the Law, channeling an entity called Aiwass. In the New Age the practice of channeling is sold as a shortcut to gaining knowledge, and offering your mind and body as a telephone for an unknown entity is considered healthy and hip: Edgar Cayce ARE Virginia (Zahi Hawass), JZ Knight, the Ra material, Andrija Puhrahich (channeling of the Nine), the Seth material, Drunvalo Malchisidek channeling Toth (Spirit Science), Bashar,..

New Age dogma's:

- never focus on the negative or you will feed it. This is repeated over and over again, for instance in the 'channelings' of Bashar (Darryl Anka 10/12 like bald Aleister Crowley).

- mumbo jumbo about frequency and vibrations, usually linked to quotes from Nikola Tesla (Gregg Baden, Nassim Haramein, Deepak Chopra). The stories about Tesla being a visionary genius who communicated with aliens, invented free energy devices but was boycotted by a cabal of bankers, and whose inventions were studied by the grandfather of Donald Trump are all deliberately created mythology. Tesla worked for Thomas Edison (Theosophical Society).

New Agers believe in duality between high and low vibration, that starseeds have incarnated on earth (the Indigo program) to 'raise the vibration'. In simple meme's 3D is labeled Service to Self and 4D Service to Others. Everything non-material and spiritual, everything alien is considered better and angelic. The hermetic proverb 'as above so below' indicates 3D and 4D are mirrors of each other, if 4D would be all light and love, life on earth in the material realm would be a paradise. There is as much deception and darkness in 4D as you would encounter in the material world.

- never get angry. Indignation can be used as motivation. In modern type of slavery this 'never get angry' attitude is used to suppress the divine Masculine, for compliance to passive-agressive fascism (f.i. the Left Wing Church and Corona-fascism).

- believing 'everything is good'. From a cosmological, metaphysical perspective there is no difference between good and bad. Using that concept to live a life of moral relativism in 3D, is allowing evil to rule.

- accept everything, don't resist.

- a watered down version of the Law of Attraction ('you are able to attract what we focus on'). The idea that we create our own reality and attract the energy we emit, sometimes leads to New Agers claiming their reality is the only thing that exists (there is no truth, 'nothing is real' so nothing matters, no action is required). This 'secret' is sold as Oprah Winfrey's the Secret, in methods like NLP, self help guru's like Tony Robbins. Understanding how to manifest reality is than used, only to improve their own health and wealth, only to gain material success like a better job, a more attractive partner, a bigger house and not to benefit others.

- never judge. noone is to blame (no one has responsability).

- love is all you need (the motto spread by The Beatles), no knowledge, critical thinking and no action is required.

- spirituality equates 'feeling good'. Trends like yoga and meditation lead to a more calm, harmonious mindstate but New Agers get addicted to this feelgood vibration, and live their life in escaping from the negative. They talk about light and love as if they talk about coke and heroin.

- a saviour is coming. To New Agers, there is no need to act, because an Alliance, the Ashtar command, the Blue Sphere Alliance, the World Freedom Alliance is coming to save them. Sometimes the saviour is expected from a specific Event as Disclosure, the increasing of the Schumann resonance, or moving into a specific zone of higher vibration as the Solar belt, etc..


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