the Mental Health Industry

The Mental Health Industry is an industry of corrupt psychologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists, in alliance with corporations of the pharmaceutical industry, controlled by a group of psychopathic elite families who practice pedophilia and trauma based mind control

 It invents labels promoted in the media and popular psychology, to sell drugs in the name of 'raising awareness'.

The alchemists invented the mercury poisoning (split mind, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive behaviour), sold as cure for diseases like syphilis.

Drugs like metamphetamine and cocain are used to cause obsessive compulsive behaviour. Johann Goethe's Suffering of Young Werther as experiment in social engineering caused a wave of suicides. The Romanticism trend in literature and classical music celebrated depression and extreme emotions.

1751 Benjamin Franklin (Hellfire Club, APS, Nine Sisters) founds Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Benjamin Rush (APS) starts with the classification of mental diseases and experiments with sensory deprivation.

1844 American Psychiatric Association (APA) with serpent logo. Psychology becomes a branch from the materialistic Science Church with focus on the brain. Modernism celebrates decadence and madness (cult of Dionysus).

1910 Emile Kraepelin and Alois Alzheimer describe the symptoms of mercury poisoning as Alzheimer's Disease. Kraepelin introduces the term bipolar disorder, as separated from schizophrenia.

1920s modern psychosurgery with jesuit trained Antonio Egas Moniz, Walter Rudolf Hess (brain stimulation with electrodes).

1927 Payne Whitney (S&B) Psychiatric Clinic in Manhattan NY (employs Benjamin Spock and Jolyon West).

1928 Aubrey Lewis (Eugenics Society, APS) starts working at Maudsley.

1930s Howard Hughes as Mercurian archetype to introduce the concept of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

1944 Catholic Nazi Hans Asperger describes Asperger Syndrome.

1946 Harry Truman signs the Mental Health Act. founding of National Health Service and National Health Association (Mind) in UK.

Bellevue Hospital uses electroshocks.

Souris Valley Mental Health hospital Canada Alfred Hubbard Humpfrey Osmond.

1947 founding of Tavistock Institute. US Army Chemical Corps performs (al)chemical experiments on humans at Edgewood Arsenal (EA) Aberdeen Maryland (drugs LSD, PCP, cannabis, alcohol, mustard gas, organophosphorus, testing of vaccines, nerve gases developed by the nazi's like tabun, soman and sarin). Project Chatter at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland with nazi Theodor Benzinger.

1948 John Rawlings Reese (Tavistock) as president of World Federation of Mental Health. Cyril Burt helps founding Mensa (eugenics agenda).

1949 founding of the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda Maryland. Aubrey Lewis trains David Clark (Hitler Youth, WHO) at Maudsley.

1950 Project Bluebird in Bethesda Maryland, research on hypnosis, LSD, dissociation to create Multiple Personality Disorder. José Delgado and John Fulton experiment with brain electrodes to evoke emotional responses.

1952 the DSM as new bible of the psychiatric industry. Ron Hubbard publishes Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.

1953 Project MK Ultra.

1955 Novartis sells methylphenidate as Ritalin. Playboy slave Bettie Page is treated at Patton State Hospital San Bernardino California (Ron Jeremy, Roderic Scribner of Warner Bros- Looney Tunes).

1957 Margaret Mead (AAAS) and Brock Chisholm (WHO) as president of the World Federation of Mental Health.

1961 World Psychiatric Association with Ewen Cameron (MK Ultra) as first president. Marilyn Monroe is hospitalized at Payne Whitney Psychiatry Clinic. Michel Foucault History of Madness.

increase of autism, bipolar disorder.

1964 Stanley Yolles (Federal Medical Center Kentucky where Nelson Algren was treated) as head of NIMH.

1968 Morris Carstairs (Maudsley Hospital) as president of WFOMH.

1970 Julius Axelrod of NIMH is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

1972 Eli Lilly and Company discovers fluoxetine. The APA introduces the term Major Depressive Disorder.

1977 President's Commission on Mental Health of Jimmy Carter.

1979 National Alliance on Mental Illness, in alliance with Alpha Kappa Alpha, Instagram, Northrop Grumman (war industry), Pfizer, Bank of America, Novo Nordisk, Boeing, promoted by celebrities Master P, Taraji Henson,  Carly Chaikin (Mr Robot),...

1983 Mental Health Act in UK. Mental Health Foundation promoted by Alexandra Saxe-Coburg, Graham Norton (gay agenda), David Harewood,..

1986 mental health charity SANE with BBC actors Ruby Wax, Michael Palin, Joanna Lumley, James Arthur (The X-Factor). Eli Lilly and Company marks fluoxetine as Prozac, promoted by WHO as essential medicine. Goth and New Wave subculture (romanticizing depression and suffering).

coining of term neurodiversity. Norman Rosenthal works for the NIMH and jesuit university Georgetown.

1992 World Federation for Mental Health creates World Mental Health Day, supported by the WHO.

1993 Kay Redfield Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament.

1996 Steven Hyman (AAAS) as head of NIMH.

mind controlled media actors of music industry normalize mental disorders as drug addiction, violence, gender confusion, suicidal tendencies (Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain)..

Stephen Fry (Mensa, president of National Association of Mental Health), Chris Brown, Lilly Allen, Russell Brand, Francis Ford Coppola, Patty Duke, Carrie Fisher, Larry Flynt, Robert Downey Jr, Kanye West, Mel Gibson and Robbie Williams are used popularize the label bipolar disorder.

2001 Alan Leshner (National Institute of Mental Health, appointed by George W Bush to the National Science Board, honorary degree of jesuit university Georgetown) is CEO of AAAS.

2002 escitalopram as medicine for depression.

2005 Bob Wright (NBC Universal) founds Autism Speaks. Simon Baron Cohen (brother of Sacha Baron Cohen) is used as expert on autism.

Greta Thurnberg as public face of autism and OCD.

William V and mind controlled sex slave Lady Gaga (Born This Way Foundation, interview about mental health with pink hair on the Oprah Winfrey Show) as 'spreaders of awareness about mental health', term neurodiversity, linked to diversity dogma of the Multiculti Church and gender diversity dogma of the Gay-Transgender Church. Facebook suicide prevention.

Instagram religion of online fame leading to low self esteem. K-pop propaganda in Korea with mind controlled singers, treated with plastic surgery.

2013 DSM-5 developed by Allen Frances (Payne Whitney Psychiatry Clinic).

2015 transfer of Thomas Insel to Life Sciences division of Google X. Touched with Fire Katie Holmes as bipolar poet, based on book of Kay Redfield.

2016 Saima Wazed (trained by the Dominicans) as Expert Advisory Panel on mental health of WHO.

2018 Theresa May appoints Jackie Doyle-Pryce as suicide prevention minister.

celebrities Meghan Markle, Kristen Bell, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez as advocates of mental health issues.

2020 the global Covid19-ritual fear propaganda to cause obsessive, compulsive behavior (irrational fear of viruses), forced incarceration and isolation with WHO as Ministry of Truth, leading to record suicide rates. The National Alliance for Mental Health launches the Covid19 Mental Health Fund, funded by Hearst Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Thrive Global of Arianna Huffington.

2021 Ed Sheeran and prince Harry promote World Mental Health Day.


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