the Meaning of Life

Why so much mysery and suffering? Why is life so hard? Life as a human being on earth is a school. Humans are creators who chose to experience the current time period, to learn and grow. The Saturn cult (planet of duality) creates extreme duality on earth, extreme black white, republican-democrat, pro-anti, left wing-right wing, in the formula thesis-antithesis-synthesis, problem-reaction-solution, to distract us from who we really are. Saturn is the planet of death and limitation, light dark. Human beings are a slave race in a multidimensional control system, whose mind was hacked. Students are taught in the Saturnian education system there is no purpose or meaning, only the material world exists (with escapism of the naive New Age church, for anyone who cant handle that or feels there is more).

Earth is now a farm of energy cows, of batteries that will be harvested, to harvest soul energy, millions will go and live in artificial worlds. The majority of humanity is completely under control, it's useless to forcefully try to 'save' them.

Everything in your life happens for a reason, it is useless to blame circumstances. Every person has all the answers within himself (the higher/deeper self).