the Left Wing Church

The Left Wing Church is a branch of the Political Church, a mirror image of the Right Wing Church.

The eternal fight between blue and red is symbolic of water and fire, masculine and feminine, (in kabbalism Mars and Jupiter) in the thesis-antithesis-synthesis or problem-reaction-solution formula. The Left Wing Church is mainly an attack on the Divine Masculine energy of earth, as its mirror image is an attack on the Divine Feminine. Its endgoal is a raceless, genderless cyborg slave race under control one World Government (United Nations) with a Luciferian world religion.

History of the Left Wing Church

1700's Anne Stuart introduces the two-party political puppet show with Tories and Wigs. Emperors of the (Holy) Roman Empire change propaganda tactics and present themselves as open minded and tolerant (Enlightenment trend, controlled by the House of Hanover and Sabbatean court jews Daniel Itzig and Moses Mendelssohn).

1804 Mayer Rothschild works with the Illuminati controlled Jewish Reform movement.

1848 jesuit trained jew Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto, as a bible for the new slave religion, designed to replace Christianity.

1884 the Massimo's (who control the jesuits) create the Fabian Society and invent leftism, the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic of Fabius Maximus, with members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of Aleister Crowley.

In the US, King's College of rosicrucian George II becomes Columbia University, controlled by the Colonna's, who also give rise to Italian fascism of Benito Mussolini (Giovanni Colonna of the Theosophical Society).

1904 Walter Lippman (jewish), student of William James (Theosophical Society) and Graham Wallas (Fabian Society) at Harvard, founds the Intercollegiate Socialist Society with Clarence Darrow (American Civil Liberties Union), Upton Sinclair and Jack London (Bohemian Club, worked for Hearst). Bertrand Russell and Fabian CEM Joad play the role of anti-war activists.

1912 Theodore Roosevelt founds the Progressive Party and plays the role of rival of former vice-president William Howard Taft (S&B).

1914 Lippmann founds leftist magazine The New Republic, funded by the Whitney family (S&B).

1917 alternative lifestyle community at Monte Verità, used as OTO center.

1919 The New School is founded by puppets of Colonna-Columbia University: Alvin Johnson, Charles Beard (New Deal socialism of Roosevelt, married to feminist Mary Ritter), James Harvey Robinson (New History, revisionist) and John Dewey (invented the euphemism 'pragmatism', University of Chicago of John Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundation, Steven Clark Rockefeller as biographer).

The New School trained marxist André Beton, who creates surrealism (based on Freud's theories of the subconscious) and Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of FDR who introduces New Deal socialism in US, while Adolf Hitler introduces national socialism in Germany.

1923 Frankfurt School. The Colonna's deliberately chose jewish intellectuals, to play the left-and-right divide-and-conquer game of the Roman Empire. The puppets of the Frankfurt School found the Left Wing Church, invent Cultural Marxism (Critical Theory). They start writing books 'criticizing' and deconstructing every pillar of western culture, spreading the herd mentality of moral relativism and hypocritical political correctness (control through language). Erich Fromm developed a theory of alienation. He worked in alliance with the Aryan nazi's but played the role of innocent jew, that had to flee to the open minded and tolerant US. He worked at Columbia University from 1934, and at leftist institute The New School.

Herbert Marcuse: worked for OSS (CIA), was teacher of Angela Davis who created the fake Black Power movement (the Black Church), and of Andrew Feenberg who created the fake leftist may 1968 'protests'.

Karl Krosch (Fabian Society), Jürgen Habermas, Max Horkheimer (American Jewish Committee), Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin,..

Their project University in Exile is funded by Hiram Halle (Gulf Oil) and Rockefeller Foundation scholars who were 'exiled' from Nazi Germany (while at the same time RF was funding nazi company IG Farben): Hannah Arendt, Erich Fromm,...

1924 agents of the Fabian Society (wife of Harold Laski, wife of Bertrand Russell), Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) push the birth control agenda to fulfill their dream of eugenics.

After WW2

Clement Atlee (LSE of Fabian Society) introduces the welfare state in the UK. In 1955 Marcuse writes 'Eros and Civilization: A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud'.

Cultural marxist program Pop culture: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The Beatles,.. Founding of Playboy magazine as symbol of the fake sexual revolution.

The New School drama workshops train Marlon Brando (Civil Rights Movement-the Black Church), Tony Curtis, Beat poet Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg (promoter of pedophilia and drug abuse), Mario Puzo (The Godfather trilogy glorification of the Colonna mafia with Marlon Brando), Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, jesuit William F Buckley Jr (conservative movement, National Review), Lenore Kandel (hippie movement Haight-Ashbury), sex therapist Ruth Westheimer, Richard Avedon (photoshoots with underage girls Natassja Kinski and Brooke Shields), pedophile Woody Allen, Shelley Winters (Kubrick's pedophile movie Lolita), economist Franklin Roosevelt III, marxist Slavoj Zizek, Heather Boushey (economic advisor of jesuit Biden, Center for American Progress),..

In 50's and 60's the priests of the Left Wing Church create the Civil Rights Movement, invent a new cult with false hope narrative, the Black Church. The 2 pillars of freemasonry are the left pillar (black, darkness, 'evil') and the right pillar (white, light, right). The slavemasters try to trigger trauma with trauma based mind control to lure them in the Black Church, the black pillar of the Left Hand Path.

1962 Jesuit Michael Harrington turns the Intercollegiate Socialist Society of Walter Lippmann into the Students for a Democratic Society.

Marcus Raskin founds the Institute for Policy Studies with Noam Chomsky, funded by James Warburg. Robert Kennedy promotes the Immigration Bill (the Multiculti Church) of jesuit Lyndon Johnson.

In Greenwich Village NY, the New York Intellectuals become the main priests of the Left Wing doctrine (Susan Sontag's white guilt doctrine, white race as cancer). Abbie Hoffman, student of Herbert Marcuse, founds the Youth International Party, with activism to legalize marijuana. He participates in the Chicago 7 media ritual with members of the Students for Democratic Society.

1964 Los Angeles Free Press.

1966 founding of fake anti-Vietnam War movement RESIST with William Sloane (S&B, cousin of Bob Dylan's producer), Norman Mailer, Dwight Macdonald (ACCF, Philips Exeter), Ashley Montagu (LSE), Grace Paley, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky (IPS) and Robert Lowell.

1968 Like the pagan cult of Baal, the fascists and communists, the leftists of the Left Wing Church worship Venus-Lucifer, the rose on 1 may (Belthane, families Rosenblatt, Rosenberg, Rosenthal). Fake protests were organized at Columbia University (provocateur agents of Weather Underground, concert of Grateful Dead), in alliance with French universities, the famous may 68 movement (jesuits Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Michel Foucault, staged riots in Paris with jesuit de Gaulle as antagonist).

Lenore Kandel (The New School, fake hippie movement with jesuit CIA agent Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg) plays in 'Invocation of My Demon Brother' by Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger with Anton Lavey (Church of Satan), Mick Jagger and Bobby Beausoleil (cult of Charles Manson, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual).

Agents of the Feminist Church are used to push the birth control agenda to create a decline of the indigenous population of Europe and US (replacement of whites).

Cultural marxists of Tavistock use theories of Freud to invent the 'sexual revolution': increase of pornography Hugh Hefner's Playboy (with Playboy bunnies, sex slaves mind controlled with Alice in Wonderland), Larry Flynt's Hustler, cultural relativism of Margaret Mead, ..JP Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir introduce 'existentialism' and 'feminism'.

fake anti-draft trial Boston Five with Marcus Raskin, William Sloane Coffin (S&B), Benjamin Spock, Michael Ferber and Mitchell Goodman (Greenwich Village, friend of Noam Chomsky and Norman Mailer). Jessica Mitford wrote a book about the trial. She was the sister of Diana Mitford (married to fascist Oswald Mosley) and worked with Martin Luther King Jr who promoted the Boston Five in the media.

1970's  Studio 54 as a temple of decadence where mind controlled slaves promote the use of cocain and sell the fantasy of a glamorous carefree lifestyle, make Columbia Pictures movies with Robert de Niro and Harvey Keitel.

After years of religious puritanism, the population enjoys its illusionary freedom and Luciferian entertainment and thinks they have overthrown the old establishment.

Julian Huxley, Knights of Malta Bernhard Lippe and, Philip Mountbatten found the Green Church, disguise their imperialist agenda as environmentalism.

1972 Friedrichshof Commune in Vienna with Viennese Actionists, aimed at breakdown of society, based on idea's of Wilhelm Reich.

1980s Black slaves are used in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop, start of the Multiculti Church.

1981 Tony Podesta, Norman Lear (jewish) and Stanley Sheinbaum (jewish) found People for the American Way.

1993  Open Society Foundations. Sony uses Rage Against the Machine for leftist propaganda.

1997 Fabian Society puppet Tony Blair is made PM of the UK, the new style of Roman Empire, the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic of the Massimo's, where politicians and the Royal Family present themselves as friends of 'the people'.

State propaganda of the Left Wing Church is disguised as critique and rebellious. Members of the Left Wing Church like the idea that they are being critical while slowly surrendering to an extreme, dogmatic leftist and Luciferian cult of slavemasters. They don't mind censorship because any dissent is right wing and evil so deserves to be censored.

2000 senator Bob Kerrey becomes president of The New School, and a year later is part of the 911 Commission psyop, with George Mitchell (later Disney). The Left Wing Church presents puppets like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

2004 David Brock founds Media Matters for America.

2015 start of decline of European population, mass immigration, the Isis ritual to create a clash of civilisations.

the 'Alt right' monster

2017 Jesuit Donald Trump is promoted as leader of the Right Wing Church, and portrayed as an antichrist villain in the Left Wing Church (Vanessa Wruble of The New School organizes a Women's March on Washington). For four years leftist media focused on Donald Trump, every day, triggering reactions of disgust, while at the same time right wing followers of Trump were spoon fed false hope he would drain the swamp. Jesuit Gloria Allred used mind controlled Monarch slaves to accuse Trump of sexual abuse, branding him as a sexist, causing fake moral outrage.

Cultural marxist Paul Gotfried, student of Herbert Marcuse, invented the term 'alt right', used by Wikipedia and all western leftist media, as a slur to everybody who is not a member of the Left Wing Church.

2020 During the Covid19 prison experiment, controlled opposition like Mike Higgins, Judy Moskovitz, JP Sears (playing right wing character) is used to censor all criticism as 'alt right' and 'conspiracy theory'. The fake Qanon movement is brought to the attention of the Left Wing Church and an 'attack' is staged in the Capitol, to brand all resisstance to left fascism as 'alt right', 'dangerous', 'crazy' 'conspiracy theorist'. Jesuit puppet Joe Biden takes over as a good guy, imposes more Corona-fascism.

 After the George Floyd hoax the Black Church (Woke trend in internet culture) introduces the term 'cultural appropriation' to instigate racial tension and creates online lynchings as intimidation.

the Right Wing Church

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