the Jesuits

The Jesuits are a military order of the Vatican, a Saturn cult that was banned from 83 countries and states, for infiltration and manipulation, and now mainly through their education system and a hypocritical image, has conquered the whole world. The order works in alliance with the British Empire (Cecils), Skull and Bones, Order of Malta and United Nations.

History of the Jesuits

- 16th century
- 17th century
- 18th century
- 19th century
- 20th century
- 21st century

16th century

After the Reformation (controlled opposition Martin Luther), the Church starts a counter reformation movement, comparable to the old internal conflicts between Italian Guelph and Ghibeline factions or the modern Left Wing - Right Wing game. In 1527 Rome is sacked by imperialists. 
1533 Henry VIII declares himself Head of the Church of England.
1534 The Sirius (John the Baptist) worshipping Knights Templar are revived by the Borgia family (court of Charles the Fifth-Habsburg), Ferdinand 2 of Aragon and pope Paul III Farnese, employer of Michelangelo, the bloodline later becomes the Bourbons.

On August 15, 7 men in the crypt of st Denis church Montmartre, where the last Templar was sentenced, take an oath,  Ignatius Lopez as their leader (lopez=of the wolf, the Massimo family has a wolf symbol on their coat of arms, the Orion Nordics worshipped the wolf god Apollo). Loyala is from Basque Country (Rhesus - bloodline, Cromagnon), member of the Alumbrados the Enlightened, the 6 others are Castillians. Their aim is to fight the protestant reformation of Luther, as an apocalyptic war between Lucifer and Christ, to eventually establish a Saturnian Draco-Orion world empire, a universal monarchy.
1540 on september 27, the Jesuits are recognized as a religious order.

A lot of jesuits are crypto-Jews. Their doctrine is based on the works of Thomas Aquinas (Aristotle's 3-part soul). Pope Paul III Farnese holds a Counter-Reformation Council of Trent, with jesuit cardinal Bellarmino, to limit freedom of speech.  

They worship Saturn, the black planet of limitation, death, fear, social order, poverty. Their logo is a Black Sun symbol, the pineal gland with Saturn masculine energy straight rays, and feminine Luciferian energy with spiral rays, pines and cones like the third eye, the crown of Chronos. IHS stands for the trinity Isis- Horus Set, with the H as Saturn symbol and symbol of star gate. The 3 arrows = alchemical symbol of silver (vav = nail, 3 nails = 666).

Soon the jesuit cult has 15.000 in Rome. Like the Knights Templar they are hypocrits: all their gold and silver is kept in Switzerland, while followers swear an oath, based on a code of chastity and poverty. The order has a military structure, a general is in charge of provincials. Based on Loyola's 'Spiritual Exercises' (about war between Christ and Lucifer) and 'Constitutions', the jesuit indoctrination is a cultivation of total obedience, a reversal of good and bad, where murder can be justified because the end justifies the means (by any means), equivocation as lying. Their cult puts an emphasis on the virgin Mary figure, while internally they worship Lucifer, the Whore of Babylon.  They sacrifice their ego and will and see their blind obedience to their ruler as obedience to Christ and divine will, who aims to rebuild temple of Solomon in Jersulem (in important theme in freemasonry). 

The jesuits try to suppress Jansenism in Europe, infiltrate India and China, work with Japanese dictator Nobunaga (until they are exiled in 1641). 
1540 the Massimo's descendants of the Roman Emperor Fabius Maximus, found the Massimiliano Massimo institute.

1543 Copernicus work on heliocentrism, dedicated to pope Farnese, Cologne in 1544.
1545 Holy military Constantinian Order of st George, Albanian Commeno family claiming to be descendants of Byzantine Kommenos, Bourbon of 2 Sicilies (comyn).
1546 Rosicrucian Venice. North Germany is Protestant, South Catholic. Rising of the north.
1550 Collegium Romanum testing teaching methods, training facility in Coimbra Portugal for missionaries outside Europe. The jesuits are confessors to the Habsburg emperors, spying and using blackmail as psychological war.
1551 first theatrical performances, in every jesuit school a play per year, in Latin biblical themes, Vienna in 1552, and Ingolstadt in 1556.
1555 through Alessandro Farnese's influence on pope Paul IV, jews are put in ghettos.
1556 Jesuit college in Prague. Loyola dies, after 2 years Diego Laynez is appointed as new general.
1558 Protestant Elizabeth I opposes the Church of Rome. After 5 assassination attempts, a secret service and European network of spies is created, led by Francis Walsingham and William Cecil, who hires occultist John Dee. The Edict of Nantes gives religious freedom. The Church forces Spain (Philips 2) to attack England with the Spanish Armada, the Babington plot of jesuit John Ballard, but his cryptographic code is cracked. Elizabeth was a friend of Jesuit William Bathe.

1563 College de Clairmont Paris.
1565 Diego Laynez (Jewish) Francis Borgia (Marrano converted Jew), great-grandson of Alexander Borgia 3rd General. Edward Campion St Johns College, Oxford. 
1566 Jesuit Pedro Martinez reaches Florida.
1568 the Dutch house of Orange revolts against the Habsburgs.
1572 St Bartolomew massacre Catherine de Medici plans to let her daughter marry a Protestant as a sign of reconciliation. Catholics plot against Huguenots (Admiral Coligny) with Henri de Guise, descended from Borgia (Jesuits) and Este to gain the power of Farnese-Bourbon.

Pope Gregory XIII allows Jesuits to trade, using their students to set up a monetary system.
1573 Edvard Mercurian 4th General.
1579 jesuit school in Vilnius (Stephen Bathory and wife Anne, daughter of Bona Sforza), school in Polotsk Belarus, Thomas Stephens in Goa, India.
1581 The Knights Hospitaliers are suppressed. Alexander Farnese (Habsburg) recaptures the Netherlands for Spanish Habsburgs. Acquaviva, friend of Francis Borgia, becomes 5th general, orders an English mission with Robert Parsons, in contact with Henri de Guise and Allesandro Farnese, count of Parma. Edmund Campion is hanged and quartered for plotting against the queen. university in Romania (King Bathory).
1582 the Gregorian calendar is introduced, Christoph Clavius designs ​​adaptations. The jesuits send missionionaries to China under Matteo Ricci with predominantly Portuguese and French jesuits.

1584 the Jesuits murder William the Silent (against Catholic Habsburg), war of the 3 Henrys.
1586 Ratio Studorium guidelines for a uniform educational system.
1589 Henry III of France (son de Medici) is murdered by a Dominican (rivalry between Lorraine and Guise, married to James v Scotland), the jesuits are exiled by Henry IV Bourbon (Farnese) but are allowed back in as confessor. Diplomats Bellarmine and Possevino try to reconcile the Emperor with the Pope.
1594 Parsons founds institute in St Omer. Acosta describes the new world America. Valignano establishes St Paul College, first school in Macau China, to prepare missionaries to travel East, first printing press. Ricci, von Bell (Chinese calendar reform) and Ferdinand Verbiest (advisor of the Qing dynasty).
1598 Henry IV tries to end war through edict of Nantes gives Protestants more religious freedom, to appease Huguenots.
1599 Ratio Studiorum guidelines for all Jesuit schools.

17th century

1600 persecution of Dominican Giordano Bruno, Henry IV marries Marie de Medici, family of Ferdinand, out of war debts with the Medici.
1603 Henry IV allows Jesuits back into France but measures to keep an eye on them, Pierre Coton confessor. conflict in Spain, Protestant Netherlands.
1605 Pope Paul V Borghese, Jesuit plot against King James I, to bring Catholic Stuarts to power (Henry Garnett, questioned by Robert Cecil). 

1613 the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart to create a Moonchild that would usher in the 5th (V) kingdom of Christ/Lucifer. The Thirty Years War between Catholics and Protestants as apocalyptic war between Christ and Lucifer.

Jesuits Diderot, Voltaire and Descartes create the Enlightenment Movement, slavery disguised as democracy. Roberto Nobili controls Goa in India, adapts Christian religion to Indian customs.
1609 missions to Paraguay, owned by the Spaniards. Experiments with communism:  The jesuit learn to control wandering tribes of cannibals, who worship the moon, and believe in the immortality of the soul. The jesuits develop a dictionary of the language of the Chiquitos, put the Indians in colonies, teach them agriculture and Christianity. They create a mini-republic with an Indian as an officer, supported by Philip III (Habsburg). 30 Jesuit missions in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay become self-sufficient colonies with 100,000 Guarani, with only 2 priests per mission. They work as a fifth column through infiltration, blackmail through confessional secrets. No private property is allowed, everything is state property, all proceeds go to Jesuits (preparation of the Totalitarian World State after the Corona ritual and the Great Reset).

1610 Henry IV's murder, day after Marie's coronation, in alliance with Spain against Reformation, development of Clermont College, but son rebellious against mother, set out for war with Spain, encouraged by Cardinal Richelieu, Caussin is exiled. Jesuits fold for Richelieu, he tolerates their education system.
1614 Publicity stunt as controlled opposition against jesuits: rosicrucian manifesto Fama Fraternitatis, published in Hesse-Kassel, describes the alchemical wedding. 9 degrees: juniors, theoreticians, oractics, philosophi, minores, majores, adepti, magestri, and magi.

1st school in Salamanca Spain. Vitelesschi 6th general under Pope Gregory XIII Boncompagni. The jesuits try to incorporate the heliocentrism of Galilei with their Holy bible (Marin Mersenne, Peter Pazmany, Tanner and Christopher Scheiner). Jesuit scientists Gregoire de Saint-Vincent (geometry, squaring the circle, used in freemasonry), Francesco Grimaldi (diffraction of light).

1618 the Thirty Years War in Germany and Bohemia.
(Jesuit theater most popular in Goa india, in Japan characters replaced by biblical figures, only in Europe adaptations to modernity, Munich opera)
1619 Ferdinand II (Habsburg), trained by Jesuits in Ingolstadt (Wewelsburg castle Ferdinand II Furstenberg). Astronomer of Ingolstadt, Christoph Scheiner writes 'Oculus Hoc Est', study of eye. Martin Becanus art of controversy, orders to Emperor Ferdinand, palatinate promised if son Frederick would be raised Catholic, quarrel between Habsburgs. Becan replaced by Lamormaini, quarreling with Confessor Contzen, University of Vienna and Prague led Jesuits.
1622 st Jozef college Aalst.
1623 Columbia University (Colonna).
1626 Carlous Barromeus church in Antwerp, propaganda by Rubens.
revolt against the Catholic Church in Osnabruck, Jesuits take over its university. Philip IV gives them San Isidro school for all nobility.
1633 General Wallenstein is murdered because he wanted peace, to unite Spanish Habsburg against France, Jesuits want and Catholic alliance France-Germany against Protestants.
1634 English Jesuits establish a mission in Maryland.
1639 Jesuits are exiled in Nagasaki Japan, after Shimabara revolt by Catholic peasants.

1640 first theater in North America (Quebec). The jesuits translate the Vedas, introduce the umbrella, vanilla, roccoco chinoiseries, modern ballet. Robert Moray, spy of Richelieu founds modern freemasonry.
1643 Kircher work on hieroglyphics, Christian Kabbalah. Oeidipus Aegyptiacus. Louis XIV King Confessor Annat and Ferrier, Jesuits attack Jansenists as heretics
1644 Ming - Qing transition in China, von Bell confidant of the emperor.
1646 Oduardo Farnese married to Margherita de Medici.
1648 end of the 30-year war, peace Westphalia, beginning of 'modern era', new aeon.
1651 Charles II (Stuarts) flees to Paris Jesuit Clermont university.
1660 Louis XIV bans Pascale's 'Provinciales'.
1666 Marquette Mission to Michigan.
1667 Pope Rospigliosi (Pallavicini), college in Kutna hora Bohemia (Czech Republic).
1669 Jansenists are oppressed as heretics (st Martin and Gilles d'Asson under Arnauld 'Le moral pratique des jesuits').  Pascal writes a satire on the jesuits 'Lettres Provinciales', in defense of his friend Arnauld.
Marquis De Sade is trained at Clermont (3000 students, all French nobility). Kircher 'Great Art of Knowing' based on Ramon Lull. 
1670 Clement X (Massimo)
1678 popish plot 11th general father Oliva, Titus Oates spreads rumors about plot against Charles II. rivalry with Jansenists.
Louis XIV wants Jesuits under his control. Louis de Bourbon plays a role in the Seven Years' War against Brunswick (succession of Habsburg dynasty, colonial rivalry in North America, Boston Tea Party). Jesuit monopoly on opium trade in India interests in Dutch multinational Dutch East Indian Company.
1681 Louis XIV persecutes Protestants with Dragonnades (Draco Orion empire), 400,000 protestants are forced to convert, abolishes Edict of Nantes.
1685 English King James II, advised by Jesuit Edward Petre.
1687 Louis XIV sends 6 Jesuits to China, including Bouvet and Gerbillion, led by Fontaney, Kangxi Emperor in Beijing; invent the author Confucius (Philip Couplet) for Voltaire and Diderot figurehead v lighting.
1688 Glorious Revolution Protestant William of Orange (backed by Guelph faction) defeats Catholic James II, (river Boyne = Caesar Rubicon crosses, Imperial Rome) exiled to St Germain under Louis XIV's protection.
1689 Foxes and Firebrands by Robert Ware, on the secret oath of the Jesuits, obligatory for Protestants in addition to the Bible.

18th century

1700 last Habsburg in Spain dies; Beitang church in China.
Figurists like Joachim Bouvet send the I Ching to Wilhelm Leibniz, convincing that his digital system from Ars Combinatoria also appears in the I Ching. exploration of Louisiana, New Orleans as hq.
1703 the French allow Jesuits in Haiti.
Around 1750 after 200 years already 22,000 Jesuits more than 700 lectures and 200 seminars, 350 theaters. Through missions in China and Japan, they have a monopoly on the tea trade.
1714 Elizabeth Farnese rules Spain
1715 Louis XV regent Philp of Orléans, mistress of de Pompadour.
1716 Emperor of China expels Jesuits.
1731 death of last Farnese heir.
1751 Pope Benedict XIV reiterates papal decision to excommunicate Christian Masons.
1755 Lisbon earthquake on Christian holiday, seen as divine judgment, de Pombal designs a plot against the Jesuits. Pombal is a Calvinist freemason of the Order of Christ, collaborates with English, because the Paraguay missions competed with slave trade, creating rivalry between Spanish and Italian families.
1756-1763 Frederick II's Seven Years War (Prussia Hohenstaufen Ghibeline) against the rest of Europe. Roger Boskovich of the Royal Society, studies the transit of Venus. The British steal cargo from Jesuit de La Valette in Martinique, who supervises all Caribbean missions and has huge war debts.

1758 Lorenzo Ricci 18th General. Joseph 1 of Portugal assassination attempt, married to Mariana Bourbon Farnese, marquis de Pomball banishes Jesuits, kills Gabriel Malagrida, confessor of the Tavoras. De Charlevoix publishes report on Paraguay, interest in creating utopian society. 1759 Voltaire satire Bertier. so-called Enlightenment but strict censorship.
1762 de La Valette, missionary in Martinique, is trialed in court, blamed for theft of millions of livres. Jesuit properties are seized to pay debts, they leave St Paul college in Macau.

1764 the trick of infiltration becomes too transparent, they are exiled from France, end missions in Carribies, move to Bruges, Liège (st Omer) and finally to London.
1766 5000 Jesuits are exiled from Spain , guilty of causing riots against taxes, banished from Naples and Parma. Revelation 13 America as the Beast that rose from earth (military financial), the Pope of Rome as the Beast from sea (Venetians), Revelation 16 the Big City is split in 3 (Washington, London, Rome).
1767 King Charles III (Bourbon) Juan Carlos of Spain banishes all 6,000 Jesuits (end of colonies of Paraguay), Arando fan of Voltaire, followed by Bourbon-controlled Naples and Parma, Francisco Clavijero exiled to Italy, writes the history of Mexico (sentimental glorification of the Aztecs ). Mozart (11y) writes opera for Jesuits in Salzburg. The Jesuits create their own theatre, forced to compete with Italian opera, train Molière and Corneille.
1769 Pope Clement XIII is murdered on the night he would abolish the Jesuit Order. Birth of Napoléon in Corsica, to play the role of Apollyon from Revelation verse 9:11, who has to subdue Spain for the Italian jesuit families.
1770 Maria Therese of Austria, rival Frederick II, (son Joseph Roman emperor meceanas of Mozart and Salieri), last Habsburg protects Jesuits to seal marriage daughter Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (Habsburg Lorraine). Lord North (family of pm John Stuart, stepbrother of Lord Dartmouth, financier of Dartmouth college) is made prime minister under king George I.
The British wage war against the US, supported by France, Spain and the Netherlands, but have more attention for India, because sugar and opium are more profitable than colonies.

 1773 Boston Tea Party boycotts, Lord North shuts off Boston Harbor as punishment. Philip d'Orléans rules French Freemasonry. Geronimo Grimaldo-Pallavicini votes for the suppression of the jesuits (a temporary dissapearance trick).

July 21 Pope Clement IX abolishes the Jesuit order , (dead a year later). The British East India Company (minister of finances Angelo Braschi) collects the money from Jesuits, except in Prussia (including Bavaria) and Russia (Catherine the Great, had already 201 Jesuits in 1772 to suppress the Poles during the first division of Poland). In Bavaria, under Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Adam Weishaupt teaches at the Jesuit University of Instadt.

The jesuits buy Stonyhurst in England. Jesuit Charles Carroll (related to John Carroll of Georgetown) signs the Declaration of Independence, during the aphelion of star Sirius.
1774 Clement XIV is poisoned.
1775 Angelo Braschi (German Theodoli Braschi family) becomes pope Pius VI
1777 After the 7 Years War, Spaniards and French invade Portugal. Portuguese King Joseph 1, married to Marana, last member of the Farnese family that founded the Jesuits, dies. Maria I is pro Jesuits.
1779 Jesuit Augustin Barruel spreads the Illuminati hoax , rumors that they had connections to the Jewish Rothschilds (Vatican bankers) and practiced kaballism, while defending Braschi and Pope Pius ix. His works becomes the inspiration for the work of John Robinson.
Jesuits train Robbespierre, Desmoulins, de Sade.
1780 pm North favors Catholics, which leads to riots, creates the London police as a solution (problem-reaction- solution trick).
1782 Stanislaus Czerniewicz 19th General in Russia under Catherine the Great.
1887 Gonzoga University Washington.
1789 Georgetown John Carroll. Jesuit puppet Napoleon is during the French Revolution.
1792 Order of St. John (Order of Malta) loses function as protectors of pilgrims and the Ottoman Empire has become less threatening, so their territory is annexed to France.
1793 beheading of Louis XVI (Bourbon, head wound of first beast) at Notre Dame, Lucifer is worshipped as Reason. The Massimo's marry the Belgian House of Wettin that started Protestantism.
1794 Jesuits in England choose Stonyhurst College as their base in Lancashire (red rose Lancaster).
1796 Corsini's in alliance with Massimo and Colonna, Medici-Bonaparte (Napoleon, apollyon 911) occupy the papal territories to claim part of the Vatican, Lorenzo Ricci captured in st Angelo castle in Rome.
1799 Malta is conquered by Napoleon, Knights Hospitalier move their base to St Petersburg, Paul I grand master of Order of Malta (son of Catherine who had protected Jesuits, Holstein-Romanov, branch of Oldenburg, Cavalcabo like Este and Pallavicino descendents of Obertenghi).

19th century

1803 Napoleon wages war against all countries that banished the Jesuits, and builds a new Empire, end of holy Roman empire (Beast of the Sea) against Francis of Austria William 3 of Prussia (all 3 have the eagle as symbol): battles at Austerlitz, Jena, Berlin, Prenzlau;  He has a relationship with Marie Walewska (Colonna);  he sets up a blockade against the British economy; Spanish uprising in May, Napoleon is painted as Antichrist Apollyon in the press, excommunicated by pope Pius (Christ vs Lucifer). 
1805 Paul I of Russia, grandmaster of the Knights Hospitaliers is murdered. Russian Tadeusz Brzozowski is appointed General Polotsk.
1814 After the French Revolution, after 41 years, the Jesuit order is restored by Pius VII, (restored from Russia) symbolism of the beast with deadly head wound that is rising again (capitol). Under Jan Roothaan the order only has 600 members. They are exiled in Spain. Hudson Bay Company.
As a puppet of the jesuits, Louis XIII revives the counterreformation with Dragonnades against Protestants. Formation of Holy Alliance between Russia, Austria, Prussia.
1816 Jesuits are expelled in Russia by Alexander I, all lodges are closed (poisoned 5 years later). They settle in Georgia (Tbisili Spiritual Seminary), re-enter Spain and England, use anarchists to take over Russia.
1820 Luigi Fortis, 1200 Jesuits.
Massimo family is related to Osorio of Spain, Savoy of Italy, Bourbon, Foxwell.
1822 Congress Vienna Verona and Chiere near Turin for more power over America. (Monroe doctrine) John Calhoun, Secretary of War under James Monroe, vice president of Andrew Jackson, propagated more rights to states in his paper; southern states secede from union in 1860. Nicholas Biddle creates a central bank, leads to banking war in 1832 and an assassination attempt of Jackson. Skull and Bones is founded by the family Russell, related to the Massimo's.

1833 William Harrison is murdered, succeeded by Zachary Taylor and James Buchanan (poisoned), end of the VOC monopoly.

1834 Order of Malta hq back in Rome, exiled in Spain during the civil war, back in 1852, exiled 2 years later.
1838 First Opium War, Hambro bank, profit from slave plantations in Maryland.
1841 St John's University (Antichrist John the Baptist) later known as Fordham University (1842 Carlos Didier Subterranean Rome Secret Oath, in Library of American Congress).
Their role in China is taken over by Paris Foreign Missions Society.
civil war with Fordham Jesuit Martin McMahon.

Eugene Sue 'the Wandering Jew' anti-Jesuit book leads to the 2nd French Revolution.
1844 Jesuits have 845 schools worldwide, 399 schools in South Asia, 391 in India.
1847 banned from Switzerland, Austrian revolution.
1848 Jesuit trained Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto.
1852 Antwerp Trade School.
1854 Jesuits are banned from Japan.
1865 Thomas Sutherland establishes HSBC, Alessandro Borgia leader Order of Malta (year of assassination Abraham Lincoln).
1870 House of Savoy takes over Rome, fall of papal states, Pope Pius ix imprisoned, Prussia wins from France (Napoleon III).
1872 von Bismarck banishes Jesuits in Germany as anti-nationalist.
1878 President Ruthford Hayes US is back under authority of the Bank of England.
1879 Pope Leo XIII writes Rerum Novarum workers' rights unions. The Order of Malta is renamed Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
1881 assassination of Russian tzar Alexander II (replaced by Alexander III's persecution of Jews) and US president James Garfield by Guiteau.
1884 Massimo's establish the socialist Fabian Society, with logo wolf in sheep's coat (the wolf of the coat of arms of the Massimo family, the no confrontation approach of their ancestor, Roman emperor Fabius Maximus).
1886 Lincoln John Surrat trained in Rome. university in Bilbao Spain.
1889 murder of McKinley. less imperial power in China, but influence through education and drugs.
1898 murder of Sisi, wife of Franz Joseph Habsburg.
Jesuits spread anti-Semitism in the run-up to the World War ritual (sequel to the previous Thirty Years War): in France Father Du Lac, Ligue Nationale Anti-Semitique de France; in Germany Overmanns, Muckermann, Loffler and Pachtler, in Hungary Father Adalbert Bangha, and Father Bresciana in Italy.

20th century

1900 use of assassins disguised as anarchists: murder of Umberto I by anarchist Breschi, murder of McKinley by anarchist Czolgosz. Jesuit-trained film director George Meliès makes first films for the Saxe-Coburgs.
1905 Aurora University Shangai becomes Fudan university, Ma Xiangbo, Yu Youren.
1910 Jeckyll Island meeting Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip (Rockefeller), Paul Warburg, Henry Davison, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong (JP Morgan)
Titanic is built in Protestant city of Belfast (passengers Guggenheim, Astor).
Jesuit William F. Sands donates to the Bolsheviks. Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors Sultan Abdul Hamid II and Kaiser Wilhelm II (who had fired anti-Jesuit, Masonic Prince Bismarck). Armenian Genocide of 2 million non-papal Christians via the Grand Orient Lodge's Masonic 'Young Turks'.
The Saoudi's sell their oil through Knights of Malta (Standard Oil of California) John Philby (British Union of Fascists). Jesuit Pietro Tacci Venturi controls Mussolini, arms the Saoudi's.
Jesuits train Goebbels, de Gaulle and Joseph Stalin (1914-1945 as a repetition of the 30 years war Protestant Catholics, to usher in new Aeon)
1913 Sophia University Japan (trilateral US - EU- Japan)
destruction of Russia, Protestant Germany and Jews.
1915 Ledochowski (Habsburg Franz Joseph) anti-Semite.
1918 Castro (Farnese) in Portugal.
1919 Georgetown School of Foreign Service Edmund Walsh.
1922 Lenin admits Jesuits back to Russia, Walsh supervised as famine relief.
1927 Muckermann heads Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Eugenics.
1929 Vatican independent state.
1931 college in Baghdad.
1933 Walsh lets Roosevelt recognize Bolshevik Russia as a state, access for Ford, Gulag in Russia, camps in Germany, murder of Jews.
1939 Pope Pius xii, Ciszek in Lubyanka prison.
1941 9/11 construction of Pentagon in pentagram shape like Villa Farnese. Vatican radio to 'condemn' Nazi crimes.
Knight of Malta AP Giannini founds the Bank of America. Fake assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler (jesuit trained brothers Boeslager).
1945 revenge on Japan with atomic bombs on Nagasaki, with jesuit Pedro Arupe 2km from Ground Zero.
Edmund Walsh orchestrates the Nuremberg Trial, Jesuits of Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox make the Nazi Plan, as documentation of the concentration camps.

1947 The Fabian Society puts puppet Jawaharlal Nehru in power in India (the new style of slavery, the wolf in sheep's clothing approach). Nehru is member of Bertrand Russell's India League.

The OSS turns into the CIA.
1962 During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Georgetown University founds the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS).
1963 jesuit trained Fidel Castro (Farnese) in Cuba. Ciszek is released by John F Kennedy (jesuit trained Jackie Kennedy). the JFK ritual.
1965 the order has 36,000 members.
1969 Jesuits train Patricia Krenwinkel, lawyer Charles Manson for the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.
mafia Michele Sindon P2 media ritual.
1973 Founding of The Heritage Foundation with jesuit Ed Feulner (CSIS)
1974 The jesuit oath is no longer in use. Jesuit Ahmed Ertegun of Atlantic Records trains Bobby Robinson (cultural marxist program Hip Hop).
1980 Fernando Cardenal uses the theology of liberation for the socialist revolution in Nicaragua, (Christian Marxism with capitalist US as Satan). Ronald Reagan administration Alexander Haig, Jeane Kirkpatrick, William Bennett.
inditex Massimo Dutti, Valerio Massimo company with Edward Churchill-Spencer, Carlo Massimo member of Order of Malta.
1984 industrial commercial bank China
1990 jesuit president Bill Clinton, John Podesta, lawyer OJ Simpson.

21st century

2001 Avery Dulles cardinal, the 911 Twin Towers ritual.
2009 Barack Obama, Jon Favreau, Joe Biden, John Podesta, Janet Napolitano, Avril Haines, Scott Gration, Chuck Hagel, John Allen, James Jones, Broderick Johnson, Robert Cardillo, William Daley, Dan Pfeiffer, John Kerry, Jack Lew, Brennan, Clapper, Denis McDonaugh, Ernest Moniz, Hilary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine,..
2015 war Syria Paolo dall Oglio, 1st kidnapping in the Isis ritual, flag logo IHS.
2017  Donald Trump, Paul Manofort, Steve Bannon, John Kelly, Mick Mulvany, Don McGahn. French president Emmanuel Macron.
2020 the Covid19-ritual with jesuits Trump, Anthony Faucci, Robert Redfield (CDC), NY governor Andrew Cuomo.
jesuit Joe Biden. (American Center for Progress with Elisa Massimino).


Misleading books about the Jesuits

EJ Phelps' Vatican Assassins' and Bill Hughes' Secret Terrorists - capitalizing on American Christian patriotism with Kennedy and Lincoln as good guys,
Edmund Paris 'Secret History of the Jesuits',
Malachi Martin - former Jesuit traditionist describing how religious absolutism transformed into driving force behind liberalism in church 'the Jesuits the betrayal of the RCC'
Ronald Cooke 'Vatican global conspiracy'
Rene Fullop-Miller 'the Power and Secret of the Jesuits', Jesuit John O'Malley , Raymond Schroth, Robert Birely, ..

Order of Malta