the Isis ritual

The Isis ritual was an elaborate media hoax with fear programming and false flag attacks from 2011 to 2017 of the jesuits that control the media industry, to increase tension between muslims and non-muslims in US and Europe. The emblem of the jesuits represents the union of Isis, Horus and Set.

The terrorist organisation Al Quaeda of Osama Bin Laden was rebranded as Isis, to fullfill the prophecy of Book of Revelation 911 about an army of the East. The fake apocalyptic sect Isis in Syria, was based on he Egyptian goddess Isis, associated with the star Sirius (common knowledge in jesuit controlled freemasonry). Isis the black veiled widow is worshipped in islam. Isis/Sirius was worshipped as John the Baptist, often depicted as decapitated.

A lot of people were actually killed but with help from the US army to spread fear and division (Left Wing and Right Wing) across Europe and US. Jesuit priest Paolo Dall' Oglio supposedly was kidnapped in 2013 and jesuit general John R. Allen, who also invaded Iraq, deployed his troops for another crusade.

Jesuit media terrorised Europe with images of beheadings, men being burnt or drowned in cages. King Abdullah, king of Jordan, who participated in the media ritual was trained by Georgetown jesuits.

Jihadi John, nicknamed the Black Beatle, is a reference to John Lennon and The Beatles and Book of Revelation, the book of John and John the Baptist, worshipped as a decapitated head since the era of the Templars. In the Book of Revelation, chapter 9 announces an apocalyptic war between the Roman Empire and an army of the East. It is related to all the other media rituals like the Revelation 911 Sharon Tate murders and the 911 Twin Towers ritual (also an army of the East, Isis= Al Quaeda rebranded).

The 9th degree in the Scottish rite shows a sword and decapitated head. On social media a trend was created to film each other, pouring buckets of cold water as baptising ritual.

A false flag attack was staged at the headquartes of Charlie Hebdo (Charlie the Fool, the Joker). Jeanette Bougrab played the role of black widow Isis.

Another fake attack was stage at St Denis stadium (cup of Babalon, predictive programming in the Dark Knight Rises).

Another fake attack was staged at a concert of satanic band the Eagles of Death Metal in the Bataclan Club in Paris, on meridian the bar of Isis (Par-is), where Diana died as modern version of Isis. Decapitation of a man in orange (orange=33=sodomy) and an attack in a theatre is the dream-becoming-real theme of the orange hair James Holmes Dark Knight Rises ritual. After the Bataclan Club ritual the media showed how a mysterious man in black, played John Lennon's Imagine.

Another false flag attack was staged in Brussels on 3/22 (nr of Skull and Bones) at 9:11.

the Orlando shooting ritual