the Green Church

The Green Church is a feel good program of the UN Totalitarian World State, where everybody lives in 'smart' cities without privacy, under the guise of 'sustainable development'.

1884 the jesuits found the Fabian Society with mason John Rusk who starts writing about environmental issues (Uranus energy of the Age of Aquarius).

1961 the WWF is founded by Julian Huxley (League of Nations-United Nations world empire of the Cecils, brother of Aldous Huxley, who announced the Brave New World of modern day society during the Covid19-ritual), Philip Mountbatten, Bernhard Lippe, (Bilderberg) and Godfrey A. Rockefeller (S&B).

Godfrey Rockefeller was trained at Philips Academy (alumni like George HW Bush). The jesuits of the CIA create a fake counterculture group, called the Merry Pranksters with Stewart Brand, trained at elite school Philips Exeter Academy (like Nelson Rockefeller, Dan Brown), also part of the Eight Schools Association, to later play the role of anti-establishment hippie.

1969 Greenpeace is founded in Amsterdam by Irving Stowe (Yale), later Ana Toni (Ford Foundation) with Luciferian rainbow logo (Wizard of Oz programming, also in the gay-transgender religion). Philip Mountbatten and Bernard Lippe found the 1001 Club with Mobuto Seke Seke (dictator of Congo) and Anton Rupert (wine company with the Rothschilds). Lippe, Rupert and Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela found the Peace Parks foundation.

Aurelio Peccei (Fiat company of the Agnelli family, close to the jesuit Massimo's) founds the Club of Rome, publishes 'the Limits of Growth' in 1972. Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev (members of The Club of Rome) write the Earth Charter in 1987, calling themselves the 'United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development' with jesuit Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Steven Clark Rockefeller, Jordan 'princess' Basma bint Talal (family of jesuit King Abdullah), jesuit Ruud Lubbers.

The term eco-nazi is an accurate description because prince Philip, NASA all have a nazi past and have done nothing more than a PR-switch, where they pretend to care about something else than power. Brice Forbes Lalonde, cousin of jesuit John Kerry is advisor of the UN on 'sustainable development', politician of the Green Party in France. The Green Party in Belgium is founded by jesuit pedophile Luc Versteylen.

1992 the Kyoto Protocol is created by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (George W Bush played the role of conservative villain). Other priests of the Green Church are Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Chirac Foundation, financed by the Pinault family), Andrew Shapiro (CFR, GreenOrder), jesuit Pat Lemarche (Green Party).

2007 Al Gore founds the Climate Church.

2017 Donald Trump becomes the new villain for the Green Church. As part of the new world religion all monuments are lighted in green, to conquer Earth (green heart chakra).


the New Age Church

the Climate Church