the George Floyd ritual

The George Floyd ritual was a media hoax and social media trend in 2020, used to cause racial tension as a divide-and-conquer tactic (the Black Church vs the Right Wing Church) during the Covid19-ritual.

The ritual was very similar to the Trayvon Martin ritual (same I Can't Breathe slogan).

In freemasonry after isolation in the Chamber of Reflection (lockdowns of the Covid19-ritual) candidates are obligated to kneel for 1st degree initiation, learn the symbolism of the black and white pillar Boaz and Joachin.

After the mass hysteria about the Covid19-flu, triggered by one little movie clip, the audience suddenly goes in another trance. In a period in which the entire internet is censored as a Stalinist purge, they believe this one video went viral as hard, unfiltered truth. All the usual celebrities play their role (Phi Beta Sigma member Al Sharpton), focus on skin color (Pluto the Shadow in Capricorn, associated with skin color). The George Floyd media stunt was used to revive the Black Lives Matter movement with staged protests and riots, while real protests against Corona fascism was prohibited.

Saturn in Aquarius (the Star), the kneeling Aquarius.

Minneapolis=Twin Cities. 2020 in the Thelema calendar is Year 6: the Lovers of the Twins (brothers Cain and Abel, the white and the black child).

The slaves imprison themselves on command first, then neatly 'protest' on command, as announced in jesuit propaganda V for Vendetta.

Finally, a nod to Luciferian sodomy, noticed by sublimo-syncro-sphere .


the Black Church