the Gay-Transgender Church

The Gay-Transgender Church is a Luciferian cult, a branch of the Left Wing Church, that pushes its agenda through political correctness, censorship, the media, the music industry, the Hollywood film industry.It uses a lot of pink-purple and rainbow symbollism, used to dissociate in mind control.

In Egypt, the gods Horus and Set were known for sodomy, connected to the pineal gland, the Eye of Horus. The Luciferian cult of sodomy survived through the Templars, Cathars, the Jesuits and Aleister Crowley's Thelema. The Jesuits created the Fabian Society with Edward Carpenter, who writes about gay rights. In the 60's after years of conservatism and repression of the Church, people were more illusionary freedom and the general living standard improved. The population started to believe that because of cultural marxism of the CIA controlled counter culture and the gay agenda, their leaders were moral, tolerant and open-minde and there was room for criticism and rebellion.

The Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village were caused by the Mattachine Society of marxist and Crowley-fan Harry Hay, who also pushed the pedophilia agenda with Allen Ginsberg. Afterwards the Luciferian rainbow symbol, symbolising the 7 chakra's, pineal activation through sodomy, also used in Wizard of Oz mind control.

The music industry starts feminising men through pop stars like Freddie Mercury (the god Mercury is androgynous), David Bowie on Mercury Records, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Kurt Cobain,..

The media keeps pushing the agenda with hoaxes like the Orlando shooting, jesuit Perez Hilton, jesuit Robert Joseph Greene, jesuit Kate Clinton, jesuit Cheryl Jacques, jesuit Ned Price (CFR), Hearst controlled Vice -Gaycation with transfender Elliot Page, jesuit James Martin Bridge of Light (Lucifer), Ellen DeGeneris (show created by jesuit Mitchell Hurwitz), jesuit transgender billionaire Jennifer Pritzker,.. The Catholic Church pretends to be conservative while actually pushing the gay agenda (Cardinal Dolan part of Gay Pride march) through mind control institute Tavistock, in the program 'Hip Hop' with Macklemore, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Brockhampton, Jaden Smith, Tyler the Creator, Young MA,..

in Hollywood: jesuit director Paul Morrissey made the first movie with transsexual actress in 1970, Kenneth Anger, Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger, celebrities Bruce Jenner-Kardashian, Ian McKellen, Wachowsky brothers/sisters (jesuit producer Bruce Berman), androgynous Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (CFR) raising their children like transgenders, Abigail Disney produced Netflix propaganda 'Trans Lives on Screen', Gay Days in Disneyland,...

in politics: jesuit Virginia Apuzzo (National LGBTQ Task Force) as assistent of jesuit Bill Clinton, transgenders Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump, gay Pete Buttigieg and transgender Rachel Levine in administration of jesuit Joe Biden, jesuit Feldblum, senator Sarah McBride,..

The jesuit school system indoctrinates children to change gender and no longer allows parents that claim their child has a gender. Large tech companies push the agenda through Tim Cooke (Apple, the apple of Lucifer), Spotify offering options to log in as 'non-binary', Tinder's special options for transgenders etc.

Like the feel good factor of environmentalism, the feel good atmosphere of pretending to be inclusive and tolerant is a veil for a dogmatic religion, that lets the ego of its followers lash out against all critics and stay in denial that they are part of something sick and evil. The rainbow gay agenda has nothing to do with love or homosexuality but satanism and sodomy, is a form of social engineering and its goal is to eventually normalise pedophilia, create a cyborg servant race that's genderneutral (non-binary) and Pan-sexual.


the Transhumanist Church