the Financial System

The global financial system is based on on the pseudoscience of economics, the doctrine of capitalism with one central bank called the Federal Reserve and the US Dollar as world currency. It is has no money or valuable property, creates debt out of thin air, based on the 'Divine right to rule'. It has its origins in the sorcery of jews in Babylon which became the banks of the families Rothschild, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Mendelssohn, Itzig, Loeb, Schiff, Lehman, Seligman, Bronfman,..

The Federal Reserve governs 12 banks, from which all money goes to the Bank of England (city state City of London) and eventually to the BIS bank in Switzerland.

Federal Reserve (created in 1913, jesuit Joseph Tumulty, Paul Warburg, Skull and Bones members Pierre Jay, Henry Davidson, George L Harrison, William Potter Gale -Order of St John): jesuit Alice Rivlin (jewish, CFR, Brookings, TC), Alan Blinder (CFR), Edward Hennesy (Order of Malta), Stephen Friedman (Goldman Sachs, CFR), jesuit Jerome Powell, jesuit Daniel Tarullo, Janet Yellen (AB, London School of Economics of Fabian Society), Paul Volcker (LSE, Le Cercle), Stanley Fischer (LSE). Fed Res New York: jesuit Terence Cheki, jesuit Gerald Corrigan, jesuit William McDonough,..

The biggest banks in the US are the Big Four:

- Bank of America (founded by Knight of Malta AP Gianini, now worth 2,2 trillion dollar, Business Roundtable): Alden Clausen (World Bank, Bohemian Club), jesuit Marc D. Oken, jesuit Katie Knox, Anne Finocane (CFR), Vanguard,..

- JP Morgan (Henry Sturgis Morgan - CFR, Pilgrims Society, Bohemian Club, Thomas Lamont CFR with Julian Huxley's League of Nations/UN, became Morgan Stanley through Harold Stanley Skull and Bones): JP Morgan was part of the Charles Dawes Plan in 1924 under Calvin Coolidge (Pilgrims Society).

Employees: jesuit Mary Callahan Erdoes (CFR), jesuit Mellody Hobson (Rockefeller Foundation, wife of George Lucas), Erskine Bowles (Clinton, Facebook), John Baring (Lord Ashburton, chairman BP, Order of the Garter, niece works for Goldman Sachs), Jacob Frenkel (Group of Thirty). JP Morgan Chase is run by jesuit Elena Lagomasino (Massimo family), Jamie Dimon (Business Roundtable), Morgan Stanley by jesuit James P Gorman, jesuit James Runde, David Darst (Philips Exeter).

- Wells Fargo (Business Roundtable): Allen Parker CFR, Elizabeth Duke (Federal Reserve), Wellesley family,..

- Citigroup (Citibank of NY 1812, Rockefellers as cover, Business Roundtable, Travelers Group with umbrella logo): Sanford Weill (CFR), jesuit Charles Prince, Richard Parsons who merged AOL (started by Wilhelm Meister of the Hoechst company) with TimeWarner, Wiliam Rhodes (CFR),..

- US Bancorp: jesuit Jerry Grundhofer


Bank of China: in contrast with Federal Reserve, a national bank, that issues a currency without debt, instead of the state dependent on loans of private bank. Nout Wellink (TC), Yi Gang (Group of Thirty), Zhu Min (World Bank, IMF, Berggruen Institute).

Goldman Sachs (Business Roundtable): founded by Bavarian jew (Illuminati) Marcus Goldman in 1868. The Goldman family got richer through the Wall Street crash, only pays 1% tax, was close to Julius Rosenwald of Bear Stairns, Nina Rosenwald CFR, have their hq in the GS tower in New Jersey. They have become an important part of world politics and world economics, as each administration contains GS bankers.
Lyndon Johnson: Henry Fowler.
Jimmy Carter: Michael Blumenthal.
Bill Clinton: Robert Rubin, Charles de Croisset in France.
George Bush: Henry Paulson, Stephen Friedman, Joshua Bolten, Lewis Lehrman, Richard Gilder. DNC: Phil Murphy. Angela Merkel: Alexander Dibelius (the Atlantic Bridge).
Obama and Clinton (main financial contributor): Mark Patterson, Gary Gensler.
European Commission: Barroso, Van Miert, Peter Sutherland (TC, immigration agenda of UN), European Central Bank jesuit Mario Draghi. GS presented themselves as saviour after self created debt crisis in 2007 (Petros Christodoulou and Neil Kashkari).
Donald Trump: Steve Mnuchin (S&B), Steve Bannon (CPD), Dina Powell, Anthony Scaramucci, Gary Cohn, Nadia Schadlow (CFR), Lloyd Blankfein, Harvey Schwartz.

Through Generation Invest Management and David Blood, Goldman Sachs is part of Al Gore's climate scam. GS employed jesuit Lakshi Mittal, Viktor Halberstadt (IMCEC coverup of pedophilia), Australian billionaire Michael Hintze, Robert Menschel (CFR), Geofri Boisi (Order of Malta, TC), William Weldon (Johnson & Johnson, Exxon), Phil Murphy (Covid19 scam), Jim O'Neill (Chatham House), Robert Zoellick (CFR, World Bank, Atlantic Council), John Thornton (Brookings Institution), Mark Carney (Bank of England), Greg Penner (Walmart, Walton family), ...

The Federal Reserve that should supervise banks like Goldman Sachs, are also ruled by Goldman Sachs bankers as Stephen Friedman and William Dudley. Their influence is obvious so GS is an easy target for fake opposition (Max Keiser of Russia Today or Donald Trump in his election campaign).

Meryll Lynch: after crash Lehman Brothers (related to Loeb, Robert Kimmit CFR) in 2008, bank merged into Meryll Lynch.

NYSE Wall Street: jesuit Tom Farley.
IRS: jesuit David Kautter.

European Union banks

- Alfa-Bank: Mikhail Fridman (Russian Jewish Congress)

- Banco Santander: jesuit Emilio Botin, jesuit Joaquin Avila (The Carlyle Group, Banco Santander),..

- Barclays Bank (Quakers, crypto-jews of City of London): in the 40's JJ Astor V, acquired Lehman Brothers in 2008.
- BIS bank as modern tower of Babel: Gates McGarrah (grandfather of CIA director Richard Helms), Jean-Claude Trichet (TC), prince Lorenz of Belgium (House of Este), Jamie Caruana (Group of Thirty),...

- BNP Paribas: Jean Lemierre (Trilateral Commission), Nout Wellink (Bis bank, Bank of China), jesuit Luigi Abete (National Bank of Italy), Badouin Prot, Laurence Parisot (European CFR, Open Society Foundations), Christian Noyer (Le Siècle, Group of Thirty), Claude Bébéar (Le Siècle, AXA, Institut Montaigne)..

- Credit Suisse: jesuit Michael Mauboussin

- Deutsche Bank (acquired Morgan Grenfell & Co): Knight of Malta Herman Abs (banker of Hitler), Paul Achleitner (Brookings), jesuit Rosemary Vrablic (banker of Trump and Jared Kushner), jesuit Brigitta Wolf (Frankfurt School), Josef Ackerman (Atlantik-Brücke, Atlantic Council)

- HSBC: established in British Hong Kong after the end of the opium war, Marc Tucker (Goldman Sachs), employed Maxima Zorriega (House of Orange), ..

- Lloyds Bank: Quakers (crypto-jews, Sampson Llod II, father of Rachel Lloyd who married David Barclay).

- NM Rotschild & Co: David de Rothschild, trained Edward George (Bank of England), jesuit Emannuel Macron, Wilbur Ross (Trump administration, wife member of Hudson Institute),,..

- Merck Finck & Co (Rotschild money was transferred to Finck in WW2): Wertheim-Rosenberg, August von Finck jr (son jesuit August François von Finck), Rochelle Lazarus (BlackStone), Vanguard, ..

- Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken: Wallenberg family

- Societé Generale: jesuit Frederick Oudéa (European Banking Federation, IIF), Etienne Davignon (ERT)

- UBS Swiss bank (has 61 billion, money of half of all millionaires, merged with SG Warburg): Axel Weber (TC, Group of Thirty, IIF, Berggruen Institute), Ralph Hamers (IIF), Philippe de Weck (Le Cercle)

- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Chen Siqing (IIF)

International Monetary Fund, founded in 1944 in Washington with the World Bank after the WW2 ritual to move towards a World State, with directors Cammile Gutt (Societé Génerale, worked for Emile Francqui, who was sent to Congo by the Saxe-Coburgs), Ivar Rooth (Bis-bank), Per Jacobson (League of Nations/UN), Michael Camdessus (Chirac Foundation), jesuit Rodrigo Rato, jesuit Riad Salameh, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Christine Lagarde, Kristalina Georgieva (vice president European Commission),..

Institute of International Finance (IIF): jesuit Frédéric Oudéa, Axel Weber (UBS, TC, Berggruen Institute, Group of Thirty), Ralph Hamers (UBS), Jes Staley (Barclays, CFR), Mark Tucker (HBSC), Chen Siqing (Bank of China), Olaug Svarva (Carnegie Investment Bank), Christian Sewing (Deuthsche Bank),..

World bank Eugene Meyer (jewish, Federal Reserve), John McCloy (nazi bank Chase, Rockefeller foundation, CFR, AB), Aldenn Clausen (Bohemian Club), jesuit Gary Perlin, jesuit David Malpass, jesuit Joel Hellman, Robert Zoellick (CFR, Goldman Sachs, AC), Eugene Black (Chase, Federal Reserve), Moses Naim (CFR), Paul Romer (CFR), Fernando Reimers (CFR, Ford Foundation), Paul Wolfowitz (Le Cercle, 911 commission), Jessica Einhorn (Time Warner, BlackRock), Koen Geens (IMF), Joseph Stiglitz (Berggruen Institute, married to Anya Schiffrin OSF),..

The biggest shareholders companies are The Vanguard Group (7 trillion) and Blackrock (owned by The Vanguard Group, shareholder of 1600 companies, 9 trillion dollar, The NY Times, Disney, Time Warner, Pfizer, ..).

Jews are only 3% of American population but are overrepresented in the financial world: Bernanke, Yellen, Greenspan, Friedman, Blankfein, Mnuchin, Bies, Poole, Geithner, Kohn, Kroszner, Moskow, Mishkin, Minehan, Hoenig, Warch,..

The financial wizards create bubbles and crisises, rob the whole world, present themselves as saviour and start all over again, until national debt increases to trillions of dollars. Cryptocurrencies will further destabilize the dollar.

The Covid19 scam was used to move towards one world state with one world bank with the Chinese Yen as digital world currency.
The banking scam goes back to Babylon, Templars, de Medici, Bank of England in the City of London (Oppenheimers, Rothschilds and Warburgs), Torlonia, Barings, Hambro, Mellon, Lazard, Harriman (S&B), Warburg, Loeb, Wallenberg, Schröder,.. .

the Education System