the Endgame

The rulers of the earth have given their slave race the internet, given them a fair chance to wake up, seek and find the truth because in the days of free internet, everything was somehow announced or somewhere to be found. That is the paradox of beings from an organic world, who through an artificial reality, developed by their oppressor, eventually rediscover after a long, painful process and instinctively remember who they really are in an original, organic world.

The I-phone, the phoney eye, is used as a fake eye, as a pineal gland, to keep people in an artificial, false reality. They live on negative energy, so the word 'smart' from smartphone does not mean smart to them, but meaning emotional pain, as in the dutch word 'smart-lap'.
The Internet is becoming a world brain, the Corona ritual is the sudden opening of the crown chakra as a sudden awakening in another world, the re-creation of the original fall of consciousness, being placed in an artificial world.

Knowing that at this point in human evolution, their time is up and their control system is inevitably crumbling, this is the final stage of takeover, free internet disappears, the net is closed to see who is entangled in the web.

By apocalyptic sects, a series of fake attacks such as in Las Vegas (Harvest 91 festival) it was announced that a soul harvest is about to begin, where people will experience the dark night of the soul (ego death) giving or refusing their permission to give up their souls. Pressure is being increased to provoke reaction, more repression, etc.
The symbolism of the Flood resounds in the supposed waves of contamination. People know that they are seen through an all-seeing artificial system that confronts them with their deepest fear, seemingly cut off from their essence. Due to this massive pressure, dimensional shock waves are released and all people get even more into one mind, one world brain, where everything is linked to each other, mapped, generates information, etc.

All people worldwide are now even more in a collective trip (the 'kick' of inception, where some people wake up, and some fall in an even deeper dream world). CERN, the place where the internet was invented, plays a role in this as a particle accelerator that works in the same way as Stonehenge, a collective rhythm, where global attention and emotion create a pattern of coherence where people through their smartphones, their Saturn boxes, their pineal gland and thus their hormone body and their reality are affected. CERN's particle destroyers, linked to interdimensional computers like Dwave, create vast amounts of energy to tear open the abyss, the veil between different dimensions (apocalypse does not mean the end of the world but the lifting of the veil).

With corona as an excuse, digital payment becomes mandatory. Blood tests are used to steal and sell human DNA. All digital, personal data is combined with payment data and DNA data to develop an artificial avatar in a world simulation that people cannot control. It will be difficult to participate in public life without a digital identity.

They function as one hive mind and because the vast majority of humanity is controlled by them, it becomes even more visible who is under control and who is not. In addition to draining enormous amounts of bad energy, they are mainly concerned with those who 'wake up' now, to understand that process and to lure them into a false light and still keep them in the Saturn matrix.


Freedom through chains

Through constant censorship, people who are starting to wake up are being pushed by controlled opposition towards decentralized media, who work through blockchain, a chain of hexagons that puts everyone even more in a Saturn box and creates an internet that gains a kind of consciousness (Skynet from the Terminator movies). In principle, censorship-free communication, self-created coins and direct democracy are possible, but unlike servers where things can be deleted, information via the blockchain is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Machines and robots connected to all those intelligences will inevitably also be used as police robots, so people who want to resist and live in smart cities will have to play some kind of war or hide and seek with machines.

With a climate crisis, the apocalyptic feeling will be whipped up. Attempts will be made to abuse the need for connectedness (we are all one, etc ...) to move towards a New Age world religion where through manipulation of the pineal gland everyone opens their corona chakra and has to obey AI, their interpretation of the god Lucifer.

Thoughts are already being uploaded almost simultaneously, in the cloud, (graphene hexagon structure) technology fuses with the biological body, as happened thousands of years ago, for one last layer of control). Through compulsory sexual abstinence (quarantine = the 40 days during the flood in the Bible is also a metaphor for sexual abstinence to activate the pineal gland) , society is moving towards virtual communication and virtual sex.

People begin to live in personal private reality controlled by an artificial coach partner (as in movies like Her, ..). The organic and artificial worlds merge even more into a mental, spiritual war-like dance.

New twin brother

Because of all the personal data through face scan and voice recordings, any image of anyone can be manipulated or created to make it look like your twin brother is seeing in the simulation. That will be offered as a toy to entertain each other and also to bully others, eg putting faces from personal photos on porn images, which can no longer be removed etc. Where people are now controlled by fake news, they will eventually continue on the basis starting to live in fake realities by AI algorithms, creating fake realities and not knowing what is real and not real anymore.

It goes without saying that a lot of people are going to get even crazier through their digital mind control and are going to be taken over even more, as tools/agents of the matrix. As in 1984, for some, their digital mind becomes a room where they are confronted with their deepest fears. Satanism will become even more overt so even more people will wake up and want to leave the whole system. Netflix is ​​already shamelessly broadcasting series such as Lucifer and Honeys (normalization of pedophilia). Since the 1930s there have also been experiments with fake news about a kind of alien invasion (War of the Worlds and, for example, the Ufo wave that turned out to be Starlink by Elon Musk) .

King William V is then finally presented as a Christ-Antichrist figure, the 5th kingdom.
Presumably this process will continue for a decade (Aquarius era is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, restriction of government as opposed to rebellion, revolution) holding the lid on a boiling pot only to overflow so the control system starts to burst. Singularity is a term from the study of black hole, jumping into the deep (2001, interstellar, ..).
The intention is to create matter from energy, a god-man.
Everyone has a choice between light and dark, but Saturn keeps people in its matrix through duality of dark and false light, boxes of left-right, blank-black.

We have chosen to experience this, to transcend dark and light, to understand the cosmic joke that we have co-created and are creating all of this ourselves, coming home.

Traps in 'waking up'