the Education System


The main tool of indoctrination is the jesuit education system. All US universities participated in the CIA mind control research.

Jesuit schools

- Boston College (Massachusetts): John Forbes Kerry (S&B), Tip O'Neill (House of Representatives), Marty Walsch (Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama), Ernest Moniz (Secretary of Energy under Obama), Phil Schiller (Apple), Nikesh Arora (Google), Tricia Nixon (daughter of Richard Nixon), Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek), Amy Poehler (Hollywood actress), Nancy Carell (wife of Steve Carell), Peter Lynch (Fidelity Investments),..

- Fordham (NY): Donald Trump, William Casey and John Brennan (CIA), Eugen Shvidler (Gazprom), Hage Geinhob (president Namibia), Denzel Washington (Malcolm X, the Black Church), Lana Del Rey, Stephen Hemsley (UnitedHealth Group), Andrew Cuomo (Governor NY, part of the covid scam), Gerald Corrigan (Federal Reserve NY), Gordon Liddy (Watergate media ritual), Marshall McLuhan,..

- Georgetown (Washington, CSIS): Lyndon Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Eric and Ivanka Trump, David Wehner (Facebook), king Abdullah (Jordan), king Felipe VI (Spain), Ivan Marquez (Colombia), Robert Gates (CIA), Denis McDonough (Chief of Staff), Daniel Tarullo (Federal Reserve), Leo Donavan (Disney), John Allen (war in Syria), David Yates (Harry Potter),..

- Holy Cross (Massasuchetts): Anthony Faucci (the Covid19-scam), Anne Bernays (daughter of propaganda expert Edward Bernays), Michael Harrington ('war on poverty' of jesuit Lyndon Johnson), Philip Berrigan (fake civil rights movement, the Black Church), William McDonough (Federal Reserve, Merryl Lynch), James Burke (Johnson & Johnson), Frank Shakespeare (CBS of Colonna, ambassador to the Vatican), Joseph Califano (CBS), Timothy Leary (hippie counterculture), Dave Holmes (Mtv), Bob Wright (NBC Universal), Chris Matthews (NBC), Dick Cusack (father of actor John Cusack), Broderick Johnson (cabinet Barack Obama), Jon Favreau (speechwriter Obama), William O'Malley (the Exorcist),..

- Loyola Marymount University (LA): Timothy Snyder (CFR), Francis Lawrence (the Hunger Games), Barbara Broccoli (James Bond), David Mirkin (the Simpsons), Brian Helgeland (Mystic River, LA Confidential, 42), Dave Meyers (music videos Britney Spears, Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles,..)..

- Loyola University Chicago: Joseph Grendys (Koch Foods), Thomas Schoewe (Wal-Mart), Michael Quinlan (MacDonalds), William Daley (Chief of Staff of Obama), Ed Derwinski (Bush administration),..

- Regis University (Denver Colorado): Bill Murray, Edwin Feulner,..


the 8 universities of the Ivy League:

- Brown (Rhode Island): Christina Paxson (CFR), John Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Jim Yong Kim (World Bank, WHO),..

- Columbia University (NY): founded by George II Brunswick-Luneburg, controlled by the Colonna family who started Columbia Pictures and Columbia Records. Teacher College was funded by William Dodge and William Vanderbilt Jr. President Nicolas Butler was a friend of Elihu Root who started the CFR and welcomed Erich Fromm of the Frankfurt School.

CU teachers founded the cultural marxist institute The New School. CU scientists worked on creating the atom bomb and a brain-computer interface. From 1948 jesuit Dwight Eisenhower was president of CU. Grayson Kirk (United Nations, CFR) as president of CU organised 1968 'protests' to spread cultural marxism (Columbia signed artists like Simon and Garfunkel).

Jesuit Margaret Mead was part of the cultural marxist 'sexual revolution' of the 60's. CU presidents: Andrew Cordier (also part of building the UN world empire), jesuit William McGill (worked for Jimmy Carter), Michael Sovern (AT&T, Pfizer, Sotheby's, JP Morgan), George Rupp (CFR), Barbara Goldsmith (Hearst Corporation, family of Katy Perry). Current president is Lee Bollinger (Federal Reserve NY).

Alumni: Cornelius Roosevelt (Chase Bank), HS Olcott (Theosophical Society), Wellington Koo (Paris Peace Conference), Charles Swart (1st president South Africa), Isaac Azimov, Leonard Blavatnik (CFR), James Gorman (Morgan Stanley), Warren Buffett, Hans-Gert Pottering (European Union), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Thurman (father of Uma Thurman).

The New School (the Left Wing Church) alumni: Anne Meara (mother Ben Stiller), Tony Curtis, Harry Belafonte, James Baldwin (civil rights movement), Kevin Smith, Jesse Eisenberg, Jonah Hill, Mario Puzo, Shelley Winters, Shigek Kubuta (feminist avant garde, friend Yoko Ono), Anan Jon (America's Next Top Model), Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang (gay fashion designer of transgenders Michelle Obama and Ivana Trump), sister of Lady Gaga,....

- Cornell (Quill and Dagger): Andrew White (S&B), Edward Bernays, Kurt Lewin (Tavistock), MK Ultra research of Joylon West, Barber Conable (World Bank), Dick Aher (Polygram), Rich Isaacson (Loud records), Stephen Hadley (Bush administration),..

- Dartmouth (New Hampshire): founded by Lord Dartmouth (7 years war, agent of the Cecils, related to George Washington), Ernst Hopkins (Century Group with Allen Dulles CIA CFR and James Warburg), Gail Boudreaux (UnitedHealth), Thomas Braden (CIA), Leon Black (Apollo Management), William Conway (Carlyle Group), Christopher Payne (Tinder), Anthony Pritzker (Hyatt Hotels), Trevor Rees-Jones (Chief Oil and Gas), Timothy Geithner (Federal Reserve, Warburg Pincus), Greg Maffei (Liberty Media, CFR),..

- Harvard (Massachusetts): Boston elite (Forbes, Elliott), Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, JFK, Al Gore, George Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Herbert Marcuse, Timothy Leary, Steven Pinker, Mark Zuckerberg,..(Harvard Endowment Management by Jane Mendillo, CFR, Rockefeller Foundation, Mellon Foundation, General Motors, Lazard)

- Princeton (New Jersey): Woodrow Wilson, Hadley Cantril mind control research, Project Manhattan, Malcolm Forbes, Alan Blinder (Federal Reserve),..

- University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, founded by Benjamin Franklin): Amy Gutman (Berggruen Institute), David Cohen (Comcast), jesuit Donald Trump, Noam Chomsky, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, cultural marxist Philip Rieff (Susan Sontag, Herbert Marcuse), Edwin Feulner, Sundar Pichai (CEO Google), Edward Rosenthal (Warner), Anal Ambani (Reliance), Victoria Mars, Edmund Pratt (Pfizer, Covid19-ritual), Jacob Wallenberg, Robert Kapito (BlackRock), Anthony Connely (Disney), Harold McGraw (publisher McGraw-Hill), William Paley (CBS),..(connection Eric Trist of Tavistock)

- Yale (Connecticut): funded by Boston elite, opium traders Forbes and Russell, associated with death cult Skull and Bones and CIA, George HW and George W Bush, Henry Luce (Time magazine), Paul Bremer (war Iraq), Brandon Tartikoff (NBC), Joe Tsai (Alibaba Group), Indra Nooyi (Pepsico, Amazon), jesuit Roger Altman (BlackStone, CFR),..


- City College of NY: propaganda writers of the Congress for Cultural Freedom Melvin Lasky, Irving Kristol, Sidney Hook,..

- New York University

- Johns Hopkins: first president Daniel Gilman (S&B), Woodrow Wilson, Frank Oppenheimer,..

- Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT): Thomas Coleman du Pont, Vannevar Bush (Project Manhattan), Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve), Charles Draper (Apollo missions, S&B), Joi Ito (MIT Medialab, related to jesuit Timothy Leary), Kofi Anan (United Nations), jesuit Rahul Sarkeshpar, jesuit Mario Draghi (Massimo Institute, European Central Bank), Mao Chi-kuo (pm China), Benjamin Netanyahu (pm Israel), Lucas Papademos (pm Greece), Omar Razzaz (pm Jordan), Norbert Wiener (Macy conferences),..

- University of California: president jesuit Janet Napolitano, John McCone (CIA), William Dudley (Federal Reserve NY), Rodrigo Rato (IMF), Robert McNamara (World Bank),



- Cambridge (controlled by the Cecils): John Dee, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Francis Crick, the Bloomsbury Group, John Maynard Keynes, Virginia Woolf, Stephen Hawking, Charles Saxe-Coburg of Wales,..

- London School of Economics (founded by the Fabian Society of the Massimo's who control the jesuits)

- Oxford: Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, jesuit Bill Clinton,..



C9: Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Peking University, Shangai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology China, Xian Jioatong University and Zheijang University (only 0,2% of takers of academic examination).


preparotory elite schools:
- Philips Academy: John Murray Forbes, Robert Sarnoff (RCA and NBC, OSS, married to Felecia Schiff Warburg), Henry Stimson, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, JFK Jr, Lachlan Murdoch 4 billion, Sara Rafferty (Suits with Meghan Markle), actor James Spader (Greenwich Village), John D Marks (Mellon family, drug research of Timothy Leary), Barry McCaffrey (Office of National Drug Control Policy under Bill Clinton), Archibald Roosevelt (JBS).
- Philips Exeter: Henry Minton who started the Boulé, Jay Rockefeller, Stewart Brand (Green Church), Thomas Lamont (CFR, Federal Reserve), Boyce Thompson (Newmont Mining), Dan Brown promotor of the Illuminati hoax, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook 100 billion, Bob Fisher of Gap Inc 1,6 billion, Gore Vidal (gay agenda, Fabian Society), Walter Nelles (ACLU), George Plimpton (classmate of Robert Kennedy at Harvard, played a role in his assassination ritual), Henry Morgenthau (Truman administration), Eben Alexander (the New Age Church), Nicolas Eberstadt (grandson of Ferdinand Eberstadt co-founder of CIA, LSE, CSIS, American Enterprise Institute, WEF), Arthur Schlesinger (CFR, OSS, ACCF), Dwight Macdonald (ACCF), Lindley Miller (W.Wilson administration)
- Hotchkiss (connection to S&B): Mackenzie Scott 62 billion, John Mars 30 billion, Henry Luce and Britton Hadden (S&B, Time Magazine), Artemus Lamb Gates (NY Trust Company, Time), Roswell Gilpatric (Yale, Secretary of Defense during Cuban Missile Crisis), John Hammond Vanderbilt Sloane (Yale, producer Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, Columbia), Winston Lord (CFR, S&B, Le Cercle), Robert Bork (CFW),..
- Choate Rosemary Hall: JFK, Paul Mellon (CIA), Ivanka Trump, Amanda Hearst, Paul Giamatti, Robert Mosbacher (Secretary of Commerce under George HW Bush), John Dos Passos (ACCF), Owsley Stanley (Laurel Canyon)
- Lawrenceville School: Abram Piatt Andrews (Federal Reserve), Joe Tsai 13 billion, Michael Eisner of Disney, jesuit Turki bin Faisal al Saud (Le Cercle), Malcolm Forbes, Randolph Hearst,..
- Deerfield Academy: Richard Mellon Scaife (CPD), Steven Rockefeller, David Koch, David Spangler of the New Age movement,..
- Northfield Mt Hermon School: Uma Thurman,..
- St Paul: JP Morgan, Charles Bohlen, JJ Astor, William Hearst, jesuit John Kerry S&B, William Taft, J Peter Grace (Order of Malta), RFK's son Michael Kennedy, Alfred, James and Cornelius Vanderbilt, Annie Jacobsen, Huntington Hartford,..
- Taft School: James Stillman Rockefeller, mayor of NY Norman Wagner, William Howard Taft III (CIA), John Schiff (Lehman Brothers), Spencer Treat Clark (Hollywood actor), James Franciscus (actor),..
- The Hill School: Hollywood director Oliver Stone, Robert Lovett (S&B, Truman administration), Norman Pearlstine (Friday Holdings with Barry Diller and Martin Davis of Paramount), Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr (Donald Trump)
- Loomis Chaffee School: Chris Cillizza (CNN), Nancy Collins (jesuit, Columbia University, CNN, Rockefeller Foundation), Pauline Chen (The New York Times), Diana Farrell (JP Morgan, CFR, assistent to Barack Obama), Joshua Kurlantzick (journalist, CFR), Taylor Mead (Andy Warhol films), Terry Melcher (Laurel Canyon scene, son of Doris Day), Richard Plepler (HBO), Betsy Reed (The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald), Winthrop Rockefeller, John D Rockefeller III, George Schultz (Bohemian Club), Arthur Schulzberger (The NY Times),..

- Le Rosey Switzerland: Aga Khan, king Albert II Saxe-Coburg of Belgium, Alistair Horne (Le Cercle), Nicolas Berggruen (Berggruen Institute), Francesco and Livio Borghese (Order of Malta family), Dodi Fayed, John Casablancas (Elite Modeling Agency, signed Monarch slaves Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kendall Jenner), Dodi Fayed, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Alexandra Furstenberg, Edward James Forbes (patron of Salvador Dali), Richard Helms (CIA), Sean Lennon (son John Lennon), Marie-Chantal Miller, Ali Reza Pahlavi (Pallavicini), Wintrop Rockefeller, David Cecil, jesuit Pia Getty, Hohenzollern, Rothschild, Arpad Busson (husband of Uma Thurman), Alexander Karageorgevitch (Le Cercle),...