the Covid19 ritual

The Covid 19 or Corona ritual is an elaborate worldwide hoax of the media industry, a masonic ritual that started in 2020, in which a self-created virus was used to spread fear, confusion and chaos. The vaccination agenda was used to spread more fear and division.

Through trauma based mind control (the biggest attack on human freedom since the WW1 and WW2 ritual) with mandatory masks, an atmosphere was evoked of a dystopian prison society in worship of their god Saturn/Chronos-Corona (the god of death, fear, government, social order, poverty, restriction, depression, duality..).

- Main actors
- Psychological warfare
- Predictive programing
- Symbolic meaning - the endgoal

Main actors

All the actors in the Corona hoax are Saturn cult jesuits: Anthony Fauci (married to jesuit Christine Grady), Robert Redfield of the CDC, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump as bad guy, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron as good guy, White House Coronavirus Taskforce members Ken Cucinelli, Brett Giroir, Joel Szabat, Robert Wilkie, controlled oppsition Robert Kennedy Jr (son of Robert Kennedy, brother of Kathleen Kennedy of Center for American Progress), governor Andrew Cuomo (married to his sister Kerry Kennedy, brother of CNN host jesuit Chris Cuomo), Susan Hockfield (Pfizer), Nourab Afeyan (Moderna),..

The WHO is a branch of the United Nations (totalitarian World State). The virus trick was rehearsed during the Plague in London in 1666, after which health passports were needed to leave or enter the city.

- politicians of the US and European Empire: Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Mark Rutte,..

- Bill Gates as saviour, villain for controlled opposition like James Corbett, member of the Good Club with jesuit trained George Soros, who also funds the staged Black Lives Matter riots and the white guilt agenda (Black Church). His conflict of interests (sponsors the WHO, people of Pfizer in his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) were used to make him an easy target.

- Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum as villain for controlled opposition in The Great Reset distraction (book The Great Reset).

- censorship: Google (Eric Schmidt CFR, TC), Facebook (Sheryl Sandberg CFR, Instagram), Vimeo,..

- media actors used as experts on Corona: WHO, Jennifer Nuzzo CFR, Jim Sciutto CFR, Margaret Hamburg CFR, Matthew Pottinger CFR, Michele Barry CFR, Marc Van Ranst (Chatham House), Neil deGrasse Tyson, the White House Coronavirus Taskforce with jesuit Anthony Faucci, jesuit Robert Redfield, jesuit Brett Giroir, jesuit Ken Cucinelli, Eugen Scalia -son of jesuit Antonin Scalia, Chris Lidell (CFR), Francis Collins (Colonna, Royal Society, appointed by Hitler Youth member and pope Ratzinger to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, NIH with Fauci, Human Genome Project with Craig Venter), Patty Stonesifer (CFR, Gates Foundation, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, Rockefeller Foundation),..

- profit from mass incarceration and worldwide vaccination: Pfizer BioNTech (Albert Bourla Business Roundtable), Amazon (Jeff Bezos Business Roundtable),..All pharmaceutical companies profiting from the vaccination agenda (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) are owned by The Vanguard Group. Leif Johansson of AstroZeneca is chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (1400 billion revenue). Johnson & Johnson board member Jennifer Doudna is involved in CRISPR gene editing. Yuri Milner funded Magen David Edom (Red Shield=Rothschild)  through his Milner Foundation.

The Covid 19 'advisory board' was made up of:
- Zeke Emanuel: a 'bioethicist' from a harcore Zionist family of psychopaths, member of Center for American Progress, brother of Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago and brother of Hollywood mogul Ari Emanuel (CAA of Disney CEO Michael Ovitz CFR, Endeavor, Live Nation Entertainment of Greg Mafei CFR, Ultimate Fighting Championship with Joe Rogan,..)
- Vivek Murthy: fellowship for 'New Americans' of Paul Soros, brother of George Soros/Schwarz.
- Luciana Borio: Goldman Sachs, working at the CFR with Frances Townsend (mentored by FBI psyop expert Louis Freeh) and Sylvia Matthews of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who set up the National Economic Council with Goldman Sachs banker Robert Rubin. Coordinator of global Covid19-response is Gayle Smith (a member of CFR and CAP, worked for ONE Campaign of Bono).

- propaganda outlets like The NY Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, censorship through the Center for Countering Digital Hate, propaganda agents like Yuval Harari, use of Hollywood puppets like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Aniston to shame and ban all non-believers.

- controlled opposition: jesuit Robert Kennedy Jr, jesuit Steve Bannon, Russell Brand, Elon Musk, Sacha Stone, James Corbett, Judy Mikovits, Catherine Austin Fitts, Naomi Wolf, Ty Bollinger, JP Sears, Rashid Buttar, David Icke, Nicki Minaj, Eric Clapton, Robert David Steele, Jenny McCarthy, Tom Macdonald, Ice Cube, Liz Crokin, Jair Bolsonaro, Andrew Tate, Thierry Baudet (Café Weltschmerz), Viruswaanzin, Freedom Convoy, David Martin (The Great Awakening),..

Psychological warfare

Advanced techniques of psychological warfare were used, aside from fear mongering: spying with drones, long periods of isolation, intimidation, continuous programming to stop critical thinking and wait in total obedience. Social media posts were immediately censored and replaced with 'correct' information of the WHO (1984 Ministry of Truth).

The continuous propaganda stream caused an increase of depression and suicide rates. The right of freedom of speech, the right of freedom of movement, the right to protest were violated and the George Floyd ritual was orchestrated as an extra distraction in the divide-and-conquer game.

David Icke was used to scared into scare people with stories about 5G and depopulation agenda, so all protest could be ignored as dangerous and crazy conspiracy theorists. The first stage lockdowns (cutting people off from nature, the sun, each other and correct information) served to push people into a fake, artificial, technological simulation reality, to recreate our fall of consciousness, an artificial heart/earth.

Predictive programming

A pandemic virus to create an Orwellian state of mask wearing zombies, and force worldwide vaccination and DNA alteration is announced with predictive programming in countless movies and books:
1826 Mary Shelley The Last Man
1932 Aldous Huxley Brave New World (family that created the United Nations-WHO)
George Orwell 1984
1971 THX 1138 George Lucas Robert Duvall Donald Pleasance contact is prohibited, workers live in total uniformity, uninterrested in escape. The Andromeda Strain Robert Wise Michael Crighton.
1975 BBC show Survivors global apocalyptic pandemic, started by Chinese scientist
1978 Stephen King The Stand global apocalyptic pandemic
1995 Outbreak 
1995 Twelve Monkeys Terry Gilliam Bruce Willis
1997 Gattaca (genetic racism with biometric passports) Uma Thurman, Jude Law, produced by Michael Shamford (Zeta Beta Tau).
1999 Virus
2000 Quarantine Natassja Kinski global genetically engineered virus, Center for Disease Control as saviour
2001 Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, deserted New York
2002 28 Days Later with Cillian Murphy, London deserted because of a virus
2002 Resident Evil Milla Jovovich
2002 Derailed global virus, WHO as saviour
2003 Code 46 with Tim Robbins, dystopian society with authoritarian government where there is a strict division between poor underclass that stays outside and the population that can live inside the city, but where access is strictly regulated with health documents because of a virus (genetic racism).
2005 V for Vendetta with Hugo Weaving (worldwide virus, curfew, mandatory masks, protest at Trafalgar Square, based on the jesuit plot of Guy Fawkes, announcing coronation of king William V)
Resident Evil: Extinction global T-virus zombie apocalypse
Aeon Flux dystopian society because of worldwide virus
2007 I am Legend with Will Smith (Will I Am) New York deserted because of a virus
2008 Doomsday Malcolm McDowell virus quarantine riots dystopian society
2011 Contagion with Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and Matt Damon (global pandemic), produced by Michael Shamford (Zeta Beta Tau) and Jeffrey Skoll (eBay, Berggruen Institute, Bill Gates' Giving Pledge, An Inconvenient Truth of Al Gore, The First Wave about Covid19).

Perfect Sense Ewan McGregor (global pandemic)

2011 Rise of Planet of the Apes with James Franco and jesuit Freida Pinto, worldwide virus, lockdown, riots,..

2013 Goodbye World with Kid Cudi, apocalyptic world, collapse of society with violent riots because of a virus. Joe Rogan Questions Everything on Syfy about possibility of virus creating a global apocalypse
2013 After Earth with Will Smith (earth in quarantine)
Black Mirror (dystopian society of dumbed down zombies, ready to surrender to slavery through technology)
2015-2018 12 Monkeys Amanda Schull (Suits with Meghan Markle) global virus that ends the human race
2015 Hidden outbreak and quarantaine with CDC as saviour

2016 Inferno of Ron Howard (with Tom Hanks, one of the first Hollywood stars with Covid-19) with WHO as saviour
2016 The 5th Wave worldwide virus
2017 The Cured global virus, apartheid between the Cured and the Infected Elliot Page (celebrated in the media as androgynous cyborg in 2020) ICF Films (AMC Networks of jesuit Charles Dolan, that also made propaganda with Alex Jones)
2018 I Think We're Alone Now Peter Dinklage Elle Fanning Paul Giamatti worldwide pandemic
2018 Blue World Order Billy Zane apocalyptic society because of global virus
2019 Curfew Sean Bean totalitarian dystopian society with curfew because of virus Sky One
2020 Bloodshot about rebirth with an artificial heart through nanotechnology with Vin Diesel (trying to stop a global plague in the Last Witch Hunter) and Talulah Riley (ex-wife of transhumanist guru Elon Musk). The Stand CBS.

Brave New World series on NBC Peacock (symbol of Lucifer) society ruled by AI, where family, privacy, money and history is abolished.


Symbolic meaning- the endgoal

The chaos and riots were part of the astrological ritual: Saturn (death, fear, control, poverty, government, military, obedience, black-white duality) in Aquarius (technology, hope ruled by Uranus rebellion, will to break out) and Pluto (the Shadow, biggest fear, viruses, communism) in Capricorn (restriction, fight for independance). Capricorn is the Devil card nr 15 (1,5 m rule). Neptune (masks, stage illusion) is in Pisces.

The Covid19- ritual was a sequel to the Spanish flu ritual in 1914-1919, 100 years ealier with the same face masks. The mandatory wearing of masks was an initiation ritual of 'going through the abyss', the gap between the real and unreal (predictive programming in Contagion, Interstellar, the Dark Knight Rises,..). In Thelema of Crowley, the dark night of the soul is called the Night of Pan (words panic and pandemic). Pan is Saturn (Kronos/Satan).

In all the symbolism the flood theme reoccurred: virus affecting people in waves, the 5th wave of industrial revolution, Dwave computers, George Flo(y)d, quarantaine (quarante=40 days of flood).

The Dark Night of the soul is the process of going through the abyss, battle between the soul and the ego, the authentic true self that gives up the false self (egotistic desires, fear, restrictions,..), leading to ego death, experience of Oneness.

The blue gloves represented Sirius, the guiding light of our spiritual sun (Sirius has a cycle of 50 years, the ritual is a copy of the Spanish flu ritual 100 years earlier).


Masks are a symbol of mind control, used in the masque of Shakespeare's The Tempest, that announced king Frederick V as a christ figure of the New Age, the Truman Capote black and white ball in 1966 (alchemical wedding uniting opposites black and white), the masque ball in Eyes Wide Shut, The Dark Knight Rises also with Marion Cotillard. The Corona-ritual leads ups to the coronation of king William V (V for Vendetta) as a christ figure, the biblical 'Satan that deceived the whole world' from the Book of Revelation. Nanotechnology was used in vaccines for a rebirth as transhumanist Uebermensch, an androgynous cyborg slave race (movies in 2020 like Bloodshot with Vin Diesel who is reborn through nanotechnology).

It is the endgame, the climax of trying to gain control over the human heart in 3 steps, create the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley (brother of Julian Huxley of the United Nations), the Final Solution, where slaves are so indoctrinated, they no longer care about freedom.

Vaccination passports were introduced to trigger the trauma of WW2 (jews being excluded from society). In january 2021 José Manuel Barroso (jesuit, Goldman Sachs, European Commission) was made president of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI, board with Tedros Ghebreyesus of the WHO).

The endgoal is to control people's DNA, introduce the Internet of Things, to plug people into a sentient world simulation, linked to CERN and quantumcomputers like Dwave (owned by Google, NSA, Lockheed Martin,..). Every person becomes a node and avatar (similar to 2009 movie Avatar), living in a simulation while algorithms study how our brain works, creating humanity 2.0, recreating Genesis, the biblical days of Noah, the flood.

The ritual is linked to CERN, that uses ancient Atlantean knowledge about the dimensional gate of the Silver Gate (Taurus in may) and Golden Gate (Ophiuchus the Serpentholder-Sagittarius in november). The serpent priests of Atlantis want to recreate the period of genetic manipulation with global 'healthcare'.

The reocurring theme in movies like 2001 and Interstellar is humans sacrificing themselves by being absorbed in a black hole as a womb for new life. The endgoal of the cult of the Black Sun, is to reach a 'Singularity', a term also linked to black holes. They envision it as a point in time when machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence, when humans merge with machines, give up their soul, leading to death-rebirth.

The transhumanists of Silicon Valley want to digitalize sex through VR avatars and bodies, connected with sensors, gesture based camera controls and neurodevices and through pornographic total immersive entertainment to keep people locked up in endless distraction and self-gratification until there is no more social life, no more families or human contact.

The rulers of this planet want to become gods, reach omniscience and immortality but need the creative potential of humans. The total surrender to technology, to their one eye/A.I. cult, is sold as the next evolutionary step of mankind, while it is the next downgrade, the ultimate enslavement, a recreation of the fall of consciousness into this material, holographic reality.


the George Floyd ritual