the Corona Church

The Corona Church is a militant, fundamentalist and dogmatic cult, created in 2020 during the Covid19-ritual, with people under trauma based mind control through fear porn with, ready to accept a totalitarian World State with a herd mentality in the name of science, health and safety.

Like every cult has a deragotory term for anybody who questions their religion (Christianity: word 'devil-worshipper', Nazi Germany: word 'ungerman', Scientology: word 'Suppresive Person'), the Corona Church labels everybody who doesn't want to be a member as antivaxxer (in Holland the word 'wappie' and in Germany the word 'querdenker').

The concept and archetype of antivaxer as scapegoat for the Corona Church, was created in anticipation of the Covid19-ritual with the movie Vaxxed of Andrew Wakefield. It was enforced by Robert De Niro, Jenny McCarthy and the presidential campaign of jesuit Donald Trump to frame it as a topic of the Right Wing Church.

In the US, jesuit Anthony Faucci was presented as a priest of the Science Church to make a religion of total obedience look necessary for public health, while independant scientists with a different narrative were censored and intimdated.

Controlled opposition Qanon (staged Capitol attack), Viruswaanzin, Querdenker and jesuit Robert F Kennedy worked in alliance with the mainstream media to create a divided society, reward the obedient slaves and punish the disobedient slaves and to create the perception that people who don't believe the fear propaganda are crazy, dangerous, violent and contagious.

The ritual of mass vaccination (publicity stunt of jesuit Joe Biden injecting himself with Pfizer nanotechnology to set an example) was a ceremony after wich the particpants irreversibly became official members of the Corona Church and accepted the violation of rights of others.

After false promises and the 2 jabs-to-get-your-freedom-back-trick, patented viruses were used to create a narrative of new variants, blamed on unvaccinated people and the agenda of constant testing, constant boosting and constant intimidation and slave passports was rolled out with no resistance.

The fear propaganda works like a mind virus so any member of the Corona Church who hesitates to take the latest booster shot can be seen as a threat and excommunicated. Members of the Corona Church have no intrerests in reclaiming the freedom they once had and to end the ritual but accept masks, QR codes and the WHO as governors of public health as the New Normal, as a way of life.

The system of reward and punishment to reach total obedience is a prelude to the social credit system, tested in Wuhan China, where the Covid19-ritual started.

the Gay-Transgender Church