the Climate Church

The Climate Church is a militant and dogmatic branch of the Green Church, with people under trauma based mind control through fear porn with ice bears, ready to accept a Totalitarian World State with a herd mentality in the name of science and environmentalism. The most visible PR-actors are Al Gore, Greta Thurnberg, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Kennedy Jr, Bill McKibben and Leonardo di Caprio.

Regardless of wether the climate is warming or not, the people on tv and media industry who pretend to care about the environment, are slavemasters, psychopaths mimicing human emotion, putting themselves on a pedestal of scientific knowledge and moral superiority. Gore was a presidential candidate, vice president of jesuit Bill Clinton, yet he is considered as a scientific guru, instead of a puppet in political propaganda.

2003 It's All About Love with fake environmentalist Joaquin Phoenix, set in 2021, due to climate change earth is devastated with waves of frost and snow during summer.

2005 The official start of the climate craze with Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Davis Guggenheim worked for jesuit controlled HBO, made promo movies for Barack Obama and Bill Gates, producer Jeffrey Koll worked with the Rockefeller Foundation, producer Lawrence Bender (world government Council of Foreign Relations, Miramax/Disney), was a fundraiser for jesuit John Kerry.

It was distributed by Wendy Schmidt (Google) and made mandatory viewing in the jesuit education system.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) writes the Climate Bible (climate change cc=33, nr of Christ). The main priests of the Climate Church are: Graeme Maxton (Club of Rome, Booz Allen), Thomas Lovejoy ('godfather of biodiversity' advisor to UN Foundation, books published by Yale university press), jesuit controlled NASA, fake news outlet the Guardian (Richard Kerr CIA, Vivian Schiller CFR) and the WHO (culprits behind the Covid scam, the next step to World Government). The mythical post-carbon age is the transhumanist dream of being purely digital, leave their carbon body behind, through forced vaccinations with nanotechnology.

2005 Michael Mann (Yale University) invents the hockey stick graphic. The media industry (NY Times) starts programming with apocalyptic fear, similar to the hole in the ozone layer scare in the 80's.

Child actress Greta Thurnberg is used by the United Nations (World Government) to play the role of Horus in the Aeon of Horus, god of light and truth.

Rajendra Pachauri of the IPPC (that deliberately uses non-whites to look more humane, less imperialistic), is part of Chirac Foundation of jesuit Jacques Chirac (his wife is Dame of Malta) with IMF director Michael Camdessos, Catherine Colonna of the Roman Empire family Colonna and Enrique Iglesias (Club of Rome, proponents of world government). Al Gore works with jesuit Rosina Bierbaum and Goldman Sachs banker David Blood.

2007 Kevin Wall and David Mayer Rothschild, son of financial advisor of Queen Elisabeth II, organise the Live Earth concert with 150 acts like Alicia Keys, Metallica, Kanye West, etc..Naomi Klein links climate environmentalism to anti-capitalism, she is part of the climate activist group of Bill McKibben (Post-Carbon Institute).

Gatherings like the Paris agreement, serve to reduce greenhouses gases, and switch to electric cars, which create a bigger demand for lithium and electricity. Biomass energy is obtained by chopping up or burning trees. Windturbines are made by General Electric (founded by JP Morgan), run by jesuit John Flannery.

The climate church mainly thrives on fear porn and false hope that 'green', renewable energy can replace fossil energy with no downside. The climate priests invent media stunts like James Hansen 'protesting' with actress Daryl Hannah and Robert Kennedy jr at the Dakota pipeline, actor Leonardo di Caprio, trained to put up an act and fake emotion, who flies with his private jet to a meet with Barack Obama and the jesuit pope, to pose for pictures as a Saviour.

Christianity rebrands itseld as the Climate Religion: there's a biblical flood coming, the Church of England calling climate change the 'great demon', metaphors are used of going to hell in 'Hell and High Water' by Joe Romm, links to the Rockefeller foundation, National Geographic Channel and CFR, published by Hearst controlled HarperCollins).

John Houghton president of the John Ray Initiative, an organisation 'connecting Environment, Science and Christianity', has compared the stewardship of the Earth, to the stewardship of the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. He was a founding member of the International Society for Science and Religion. Climate change (cc=33) as the antichrist, any denier is a sinner, Trump-follower or antichrist. Followers act out of fear and religious fever, feeling good about themselves for 'caring about the planet'. Taking away the fear is sometimes possible but the 'feeling good about themselves' part is the hardest part, because the ego of a saviour complex prefers the sweet sounding lie instead of the real inconvenient truth.

Norbert Röttgen (ECFR, AB, German CFR) of Angela Merkel's cabinet leads the German delegation at the UN Climate Change Conference.

2009 The Age of Stupid The Archivist Documentary Pete Postlethwaite Ed Miliband (Labour Party) George Monbiot David King (advisor of Tony Blair)

2018 A new militant cult is formed: Extinction Rebellion with hourglass X symbol (Saturn planet of death, fear, time, social order).

2021 John Forbes Kerry (S&B) is appointed by Joe Biden as Special Envoy for Climate. Bill Gates writes 'How to Avoid a Climate Change disaster'.

Hegelian dialectics: the deniers

Every program needs a good-bad duality. The most visible climate change deniers are jesuit John Barrasso, jesuit Donald Trump, James Corbett of the Alex Jones clique. The jesuits divide pro- and anti- climate measures in the Left and Right camp, control both sides, crucify the deniers, have them fight each other, causing confusion with contradictory information, and continue the process of globalisation for world control.

2007 the Great Global Warming Swindle by Martin Durkin, broadcasted by Channel 4. Tim Ball was guest on jesuit controlled Coast to Coast and Infowars of Alex Jones (criticism on eco-nazism ironically framed as 'right wing'). Judith Curry, Philip Verdier, Craig Idso, Fred Singer, Samantha Smith, Kathleen Hartnett White, Bjorn Lomborg ('False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor and fails to Fix the Planet').

Leftist media love the term 'conspiracy theorist' but don't mind a conspiracy theory when it comes to climate change: all criticism is disinfo of a right wing conspiracy of the rich Koch family (Pluto: Shadow, underworld, dark secrets, petroleum, wealth,..) who funds deniers.

Koch deliberately funds James Taylor Heartland Institute (Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, appeared on CNN, Fox, etc..), Texas Public Policy Foundation (climate 'denier' Kathleen Hartnett, assistant to the Reagans -Order of Malta) so every denier as part of a right wing oil magnate conspiracy.

Jeff Gibbs movie Planet of the Humans (executive produced by Michael Moore) criticises Robert Kennedy jr, Richard Branson, Goldman Sachs, Michael Bloomberg and Michael Brune of the Sierra Club (worked for Greenpeace) and shows all green energy is still dependant on fossil fuel or using trees. It shows solar panels, made to replace coal, are made of quartz and coal, only last 10 years, are made by Guardian Glass of the Koch family. Solar panels of Tesla gigafactory cars need lithium, aluminium, graphite. Germany claims that 50% of its power comes from renewable, while still being the biggest coal consumer.Apple claims to run 100% on renewable energy, but destroys forests for solar panels. It exposes the main hypocrites but is still fake, because the involvement of Michael Moore and the images of the Dakota pipeline media stunt (Democracy Now).


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