the Black Church

The Black Church is a branch of the Luciferian Left Wing Church (the Left Hand Path), used to manipulate black people by triggering trauma, inferiority or superiority complex to create riots and fake protests to become an antagonist of the Right Wing Church. The Black Church is very closely associated with the cultural marxist program Hip Hop, that uses mind controlled slaves to promote violence, crime, drug abuse and moral relativism.

The most visible priests in the Black Church are jesuit controlled Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Nas, Jay-z, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and the fake Black Lives Matter movement.

The Saturn cult consists of psychopaths who have a superiority complex, think they have a 'divine right to rule' other races, because of their DNA. Like all other groups, blacks are manipulated as pawns, with fake leaders and puppets who mislead with black supremacist cults and betray them (the Divide and Conquer strategy of the Roman Empire).

Black slaves became a commodity in the sugar and slave trade of the Church and the British Empire, were sold at a market at Wall Street in New York. Abraham Lincoln and Elihu Washburne are described in history books as 'anti-slavery', but Washburne was connected to the S&B families Stark and Draper, pretended to be a supporter of civil rights of African Americans, founded the Republican Party, start of the left wing - right wing political game. Black slaves were not brought back to Africa but put in ghetto's to play black-white duality games, and continue slavery in a more subtle way. Total slavery, in contrast with limited freedom, continued in China and India.

1884 the jesuits (Massimo family) found the socialist Fabian Society, the wolf on sheep's clothing tactic.

The Saxe-Coburg family (a black slave on their coat of arms) colonise Africa, profit from free labour and mining companies with the Rothschild and Oppenheimer families. South Africa is conquered by Cecil Rhodes (de Beers company).

1909 Charles Edward Russell and W.E.B. Du Bois found the NAACP.

1916 Marcus Garvey moves from Jamaica to Harlem, he is trained to lead the Pan African movement. In 1918 Oswald Spengler publishes the 'Decline of the West', announcing the death of Western Civilisation around the year 2000, which would lead to 200 years of authoritarian Caesarism (the Colonna's claim descent of Julius Caesar, =the Roman Emperor, Mars, Horus).

1923 the jewish intellectuals of the Frankfurt School found the Left Wing Church, develop the 'Critical Theory', deconstructing every moral rule, to let western civilisation collapse through external influences, the blueprint for the modern society and modern art in the Aeon of Horus. The school collaborates with The New School of John Dewey.

In the 30's another Saturnian cult is created in Jamaica, the black supremicist Rastafari movement, worshipping Haile Selassy of the Akhenaten beta Israel bloodline, the king of Ethiopia as Christ saviour. Rastafarianism is Judaism (with the Saturnian Star of David and Lion of Juda), repackaged for the black slaves. In Detroit Wallace Fard Muhammed creates the black supremist cult the Nation of Islam.

Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela cooperates with nazi Knight of Malta Bernhard Lippe (1001 Club, with Mobutu Seke Seke). Steve Biko founds the black nationalist Black Consciousness Movement and Pan Africanist Congress (his wife Mamphela Ramphele is a puppet of the World Bank and the Club of Rome) as a branch of the cult of Pan (=Saturn, the black sun).

Impoverished blacks are imprisoned in ghetto's (Projects), Saturnian boxes, in worship of Saturn, the god of blackness, poverty, fear, materialism. Knight of Malta Miles Davis is made into an icon of the jazz movement and the New Cool, giving African Americans a new sense of pride.

The fake Civil Rights Movement

The music industry exploits black artists Nina Simone, Ray Charles (jazz, blues, Reggae). Theodor Adorno 'Spengler after the Downfall' WW2 as end of civilisation.

1946 After the Isaac Woodward, jesuit and Knight of Columbus (Colonna) Francis Mathews leads the Committee for Civil Rights.

1955 CIA agent Herbert Marcuse publishes 'Eros and Civilisation' (eros= the rose Venus, the lightbringer) as a blueprint for the fake gay liberation movement in Greenwich Village and the fake black liberation movement in California, promoted by Colonna-Columbia University. The jesuits use jesuit trained Mamie Till, mother of Emmett Till in a media ritual with Emmett Till as the child Horus, icon of the Civil Rights Movement (white guilt narrative). Pluto (dark secrets, shadow) in Virgo era.

1961 murder of Patrice Lumumba (UN). As part of MK Ultra mind control research, Columbia University orders research on social experiments with Africans (subproject 123, 1960-1961).

Angela Davis, student of Herbert Marcuse at Brandeis University, promotes the philosophy of dialectic liberation, with characters like Michael X (Saturn symbol). Stokely Carmichael of Howard University and Black Panther Party, coins the term 'Black Power'. Nation of Islam with Elijah Muhammed, Malcolm X (daughter jesuit, portrayed by jesuit Denzel Washington). 1965 Malcolm X murder ritual to give rise to the Black Power movement.

1963 March on Washington, a media ritual in front of Lincoln statue with fasces-fascism symbol and Saturnian obelisk with mind controlled celebrities Bob Dylan, Joan Boaz and The New School trained puppets James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte (daughter Disney actress), Marlon Brando and Sydney Poitier (Disney), Sammy Davis Jr, Charles Heston, jesuit Philip Berrigan, Roy Wilkins (NAACP),..

Marsha Emanuel, from a hardcore Zionist family, mother of Zeke Emanuel (part of the Covid19 scam and Massimo controlled Center for American Progress) and Hollywood mogul Ari Emanuel, leads the Congress of Racial Equality.

In 1963 the Congress for Racial Equality organises the Martin Luther King 'I have a dream' media ritual, with Zionist Joachim Prinz, in front of the obelisk of Columbia, the phallus of Saturn. The idealism of 'I have a dream' was an expression of the Neptune (idealism, dreams) in Scorpio (death, dark secrets) era of the 60's.

The JFK murder ritual followed the script of Spengler's 'Decline of the West', a description of the collapse of the Roman Empire by external influences. He is replaced by jesuit Lyndon Johnson. Disguised as 'the Civil Rights Movement', the jesuits introduce reforms: jesuit Michael Harrington introduces the concept of 'war on poverty'.

Robert Kennedy played his role in promoting the fake Civil Rights movement and NAACP. Cultural marxist of the Colonna's John Dewey (ACCF) organised the march in Illinois, controlled by Knight of Columbus Richard Daley. John Dewey (Stephen Rockefeller as biographer, friends with Henri Bergson of the SPR, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) founded the leftist institute The New School, and made school indoctrination mandatory through the American public school education. Howard University trains civil rights activist Andrew Young.

1964 the Civil Rights Act designed by jesuit Theodore Hesburgh, linked to Rockefeller foundation and Chase bank who funded the nazis.

1965 Media ritual in march at Selma, Alabama of crossing the abyss/bridge by mason Martin Luther King at 33d parallel (most important nr in Scottish rite masonry, 'reaching jeru-salema', the sacred marriage of sun and moon), part of the fake civil rights movement (jesuit Theodore Hesburgh CFR, Andrew Young CFR, covered in the NY Times by Harrison Salisbury CFR). Beating of Amelia Boynton, linking it the ritual to the crossing of the Boyne and rise of Martin Luther protestanism in 1690. The bridge is named after Edmund Pettus, Grand Dragon of the KKK. Governor George Wallace represented Saturn (liberation, breaking through the wall of Saturn).

As a problem-reaction-solution trick the jesuits (Philip Hart) introduce the National Immigration Act for mass immigration (the Multiculti Church) from third world countries, altering the demographic mix of the US, dependant on socialist government (Great Society, Knights of Malta jesuit Jack Valenti MPAA and jesuit Joseph Califano).
Multiculturalism immigration becomes official policy in Western nations, while white supremacists continue to rule.

1966 the CIA found the Black Panther Party with characters Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland. The black panter was an animal of Dionysus, symbolises Saturn (=Pan), the Beast 666, repressed sexual desire, dark people as the release of repressed trauma and dark desires, the iconic raised fist as black phallus of Saturn (same year Church of Satan of Anton LaVey, media figure who lives in a black house in San Francisco). Paul Cecil orchestrates the Olympics Black Power salute.

Other Civil Rights Movement puppets were Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali, W.E.B. Du Bois, Alain Locke of Howard University (Rhodes Scolarship, 'the New Negro' giving rise to the Harlem Renaissance), Ralph Bunche (OSS and United Nations, wife Miriam Makeba also UN), Paul Simon (Columbia Records), Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan (jews as scapegoat), Black Panthers (Assata Shakur), Huey Newton.

1968 MLK murder ritual to cause riots, murder of Bobby Hutton, funeral with actor Marlon Brando -the Neptune in Scorpio (death, dark secrets) era. In the 70's Hollywood produces Blaxploitation movies with black pimp characters (Pam Greer later in movie of Disney director Tarantino).

1980's NBC show Miami Vice black and white duo's representing the black and white pillars of masonry, good cop bad cop. Characters Dr Dre and N.W.A. are used in commercials for a criminal and violent lifestyle as icons of black liberation. The Colonna's (Columbia) makes Michael Jackson (black and white in one) the biggest pop star in the world.

Black music as cultural marxism

The Colonna's (Columbia Records) in their Hip Hop program, promote crime, violence, sexism and nihilism, with mind controlled slaves and sell it as black empowerment and social justice. More black rolemodels on tv and in movies: Will Smith, Samuel Jackson, Nas,.. Tupac Shakur from Black Panther family is promoted as saviour Christ figure.

Jay-z and Kanye West are glorified as successfull black entrepreneurs that overcame the odds and racist prejudices. Interscope (linked to Disney) presents priests of a materialistic death cult, like Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg , 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, as rolemodel for white teenagers ('wigger' phenomenon). Blacks are given false hope with jesuit puppets Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

2009 Abigail Disney produces the movie Woman liberation in Africa.

Black mind controlled sex slaves as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Ciara, Missy Elliot, Cardi B, Blac Chyna (Kardashian) who play the role of Whore of Babylon are promoted as icons of 'black culture' (black pillar, the Left Hand Path of Lucifer).

The matrix system traps people in mental programs, identifying with creed, nationality, color. The UN and puppets like Russell Brand create division around Saturnian character Black Pete (december=Saturnalia), media focuses on Colin Kaepernick or offensive quotes of Right Wing politicians. Predictive programming of BLM protests Rise in Planet of the Apes (Caesar, subconscious programming to view blacks as monkeys).

2014 movie 'Selma' dramatisation of fake fight for the meaningless right to vote for political puppets, glorifying masonic puppet MLK, by HarpoFilms of Oprah Winfrey, whose Oprah magazine is owned by the Hearst family, career launched by Roger King of CBS (Colonna).

During the mass incarceration Covid19 ritual, the media industry orchestrated another hoax, the George Floyd media ritual, an exact copy of the Erica Garner ritual as the start of a new breed of extreme militant, violent 'social justice' warriors of the Left Wing Church, to create a race war with the Right Wing Church, which as a result also becomes more agressive and racist.

The fake BLM protests were the only protests allowed during worldwide imprisonment, leading to riots and burning cars, endorsed by CNN. Cultural marxists invent the term 'white privelege' and 'cultural appropiation', the replacement of white by black as needed and 'justice', leading to political correctness as extreme form of mind control through language (not allowed to say black coffe but coffee without milk, media rituals about Justin Bieber's dreadlocks, etc..).

Fake black liberation movement Black Lives Matter is funded by Bayer, Bank of America, BP, Citigroup, Ford Foundation, GM, Goldman Sachs, Google, Open Society Foundations (cultural marxist David Rieff), jesuit trained George Soros-Schwarzenberg (London School of Economics of the Fabian Society) and Mabel Wisse-Smit Saxe-Coburg, the same bloodline that is responsable for mass murderers of Africans. It is promoted by Disney celebrities like Selena Gomez.

The administration of jesuit Joe Biden represents the new style of multiculti-fascism using women and blacks to create a more human image to cover up their imperialistic agenda.

. Hollywood mind controlled slaves are used to program the white slaves with white guilt (Rosanna Arquette, Macklemore, Eminem,..). Jesuit Brian Helgeland makes the biopic of Jackie Robinson '42', jesuit Effie Brown makes 'Dear White People', announcing a new sort of cocky black supremacism, blaming all white slaves instead of their actual slavemasters (the Saxe-Coburgs) and to trigger the white supremacists in the Divide and Conquer puppet game.

Harry Spencer and Meghan Markle are promoted in the media as icons of open mindedness and tolerance. Paul Soros, brother of George Soros/Schwartz invents the Fellowship for 'New Americans' for Vivek Murthy of the Covid 19 hoax team of jesuit Joe Biden. The endgoal of the Black Church is a raceless, genderless cyborg slave race.

the Green Church