the Art scene

Art has always been a form of propaganda of the Empire (de Medici, Sforza, jesuits Rubens, Délacroix, Paris salon,..). The social engineers/slavemasters recreated a Greek cult of Dionysus in Montmartre and Montparnasse in Paris (Gertrude Stein, mentored by William James TS, SPR).

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (S&B), Paul and Harold Orsini-Rosenbergs promoted modern art in Paris (patron of Pablo Picasso) and New York (Bohemian culture of Greenwich Village, the Rosenbergs are from Bohemia).

Edward James (S&B family Forbes) funded Salvador Dali, Kurt Weil and Bertolt Brecht.

The CIA created the NY Intellectuals scene of art critics Harold Rosenberg (coined the term 'action painting') and Leo Steinberg (son of Leninist, The New School). Jackson Pollock was a member of CIA front American Committee on Cultural Freedom of marxist Sidney Hook, was made famous by Clement Greenberg (Commentary, also ACCF), who introduced other Abstract Expressionists Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still. His patron was Peggy Guggenheim (Montparnasse scene in Paris, married to Max Ernst).

Cultural marxists invented the concept of Conceptual Art: Andy Warhol made mind controlled slave Marilyn Monroe and Disney's Mickey Mouse, pop art icons.

The Colonna's (The New School institute of the Left Wing Church) trained Shigeko Kubota (friend Yoko Ono, feminist avant garde), Ai Weiwei, George Maciunas (Fluxus),..

Modern art was created as a Sabbataen ritual of redemption through sin/destruction (the Abyss of Revelation 911).

- Art Basel: funded by UBS Group (Axel Weber, Group of Thirty, Berggruen Institute).

- Arts Council England (Opera North, Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera, English National Opera,..): Peter Bazalgette (EndeMol, responsable for tv shows like Big Brother).

- Bass Museum: Tom Healy (CFR, married to Fred Hochberg, gay agenda, Center for American Progress)

- Centre Pompidou: founded by jesuit George Pompidou, hired by Guy de Rothschild. Presidents jesuit Bruno Racine, Alain Seban, advisor to jesuit Jacques Chirac.

- Christie's: Xin Li (wife Lyor Cohen), Tancredi Massimo, Francois Pinault (Kering, Groupe Artémis), Thomas Campbell (Met),..

- Courtauld Institute of Art: Oliver Berggruen, brother of Nicolas Berggruen (the Berggruen Institute), Alan Borg (Order of St John, Victoria and Albert museum), Thomas Campbell (Christie's, Met, Getty Foundation Rothschild Fellowship), Nell Dunn (sister of Serena Rothschild),..

- Frieze Art Fair: sponsored by Deutsche Bank.

- Gagosian: Larry Gagosian, assistant of Michael Ovitz (CFR, Disney), worked with Kim Gordon (UIniversity High School, Sonic Youth, producer of Courtney Love).

- Getty Foundation, Getty: JPaul Getty Trust, jesuit trained Getty family.

- Louvre: increased under jesuit Napoleon, Pierre Rosenberg married to Beatrice de Rothschild.

- Mart: Franco Bernabé (Rothschild Europe, PetroChina).

- Metropolitan Museum of Art: William Sloane Coffin Sr (S&B family, father of William Sloane Coffin), Max Hollein (Deutsche Bank), Oliver Berggruen (brother of Nicholas Berggruen of the Berggruen Institute), jesuit Jeffrey Greenberg (CFR), Andrew Solomon (Rockefeller Foundation, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force -gay agenda), Anna Wintour (Vogue, HarperBazaar of Hearst), Ann Getty, John de Menil (related to Uma Thurman), ..

- Museum of Modern Art (early period funded by the Rosenbergs): Glen Lowry (Andrew Mellon Foundation, funded by Rockefeller), Sid Bass (Bass Operating oil company), Jerry Speyer (CFR, Rockefeller Center), Richard Salomon (CFR), Leon Black (Apollo Management of jesuit Tony Ressler), Marie-Josée Kravis (Federal Reserve NY, Hudson Institute, CFR, TC), Robert Menschel (Goldman Sachs), Hamilton James (BlackStone, Center of American Progress), John Elkan Agnelli (Fiat, Exor)..

- National Endowment for the Arts: created by jesuit Lyndon Johnson, Michael Whitney Straight, Rocco Landesman (Yale).

- National Gallery of Art: Sharon Rockefeller, Paul Mellon (CIA, Yale Center for British Art), J. Carter Brown (friend of Pritzkers, father Secretary of Navy under Harry Truman, married to daughter of Richard Mellon),..

- Salon 94: Jeanne Greenberg and Nick Rohatyn (JP Morgan Chase, son of Rothschild and Lehman banker Felix Rohatyn CFR), created the Marina Abramovich and Jay-z performance (used by controlled opposition Qanon).

- Seattle Art Museum: Mimi Gardner Gates

- Smithsonian: David Rubinstein (The Carlyle Group)

- Solomon Guggenheim Museum: Solomon Guggenheim got rich through his mining company, married Irene Rothschild. Peggy Guggenheimer married Max Ernst, was the patron of Jackson Pollock (CCF). Jesuit James Sweeney was director in the 50's.

- Sotheby's: Patrick Drahi (Altice, Liberation with Edoard Rothschild)

- Tate Modern: funded by Yana Peel (Goldman Sachs, World Economic Forum, TPG Capital), John Studzinski (BlackStone), Elizabeth Murdoch (Newscorp, daughter of Rupert Murdoch), Peter Palumbo (friend of the Pritzkers and prince Charles), Ronald McAulay (married to sister of Michael Kadoori, educated at Le Rosey)

- Vatican Museums: Catholic Church
- Whitechapel Art Gallery: Iwona Blazwick (promoted Damien Hirst)


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