the 911 ritual

The cult of Saturn has an obsession with the bible verse 'And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit (...), Apollyon' Book of Revelation 9:11.

In 1973 the Twin Towers are built in New York City, representing the two pillars of the temple of Solomon, on the Kabbalistic tree of life, the two pillars Boaz and Joachin of freemasonry (f.i. the York rite). Later in 1973, David Bowie's Alladin Sane is released with one eye lightning symbolism of opening the one eye of Horus, pineal activation. There are actually 3 pillars on the Tree of life, in the temple of Solomon, hence the third building, the Salomon building (with 47 stories, 47 the number of the square and the compass, 1947 being Crowley's year of death, Bowie's year of birth).

In Crowley's Thelema, the most important number is 93. It is a solar number and represents True Will, Thelema itself. In 1993 the first 'attack' on the WTC is staged.

In 2000, Saturn moved in Gemini, the constellation of the twins and George Bush is inaugurated, also Saturn in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, associated with air travel. Mercury is the magician performing the alchemical marriage of uniting the two in one. The collapsing tower is the Tarot card the Tower where a lightning strikes a tower, the symbolic dethroning of the false ego. The lightning is the 777 Lightning Flash of Creation, representing the activation of the pineal, the one eye, also depicted on the Tower card, as the tower represents the spine with 7 chakras. Building 7, as the spine of 33 vertebrae, is evacuated on 3.30 pm by the 33d commissioner of the NY fire department. The lightning is the experience of being hit by what is called in Thelema, the Holy Guardian Angel, another term for the Higher Self (Flight 93 and floor 93, the number of Thelema).

As one the tower card, people falling from the tower, represent the fall of man (nr 9, nr of illusion), our fall of consciousness in the lower realm, the fallen angel Lucifer (Apollyon). In Crowley's system of magick, one has to go through a dark night of the soul, the Night of Pan (Saturn), experience ego death, go through the abyss, the bottomless pit of Revelation 911, as David Bowman sacrifices himself in 2001 A Space Odyssey. This going through the abyss, the gap between the real and the real is the process Tom Cruise goes through in Vanilla Sky, released a few months later. 911 is the event with the most predictive programming ever (Escape from NY, Back to the Future, X-files,..) a big step in controlling the collective subconscious.

The Pentagon/pentagram, based on Venus orbit which forms a pentagram, 77 ft tall, located on 77th meridian west, initiated at 9/11 1941 is shown to be 'attacked' by plane call sign Venus77. The tower card is associated with Mars, the planet of war so a war began in Afghanistan.

As usual the blame is put on jews, the owner of the building Larry Silverstein and the fake 911 truth movement creates a web of disinformation about sinister groups like Builderbergs, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, with Rockefellers and Rothschilds as suspects. The term New World Order was used on 9/11, 11 years earlier by George H. Bush and the concept of a NWO is linked to these groups with All Seeing Eye symbolism on the one dollar bill and to celebrities like Jay-z who released his album on 9/11. The internet is offered as a free source of unfiltered information for truth seekers so they can wake up from their fake reality but get lost in the web of distraction.

Meanwhile the 911 comission is composed of jesuits like John Leman and Georgetown jesuits like Viet Dinh, also director of Newscorp, the biggest propaganda machine in the world, design the Patriot Act, ensuring all personal information of all citizens is owned and controlled by the Luciferian Church of Rome. Tv-shows like Big Brother with one eye symbolism announce the totalitarian society of constant surveillance.

The 911 memorial represents the abyss, the bottomless pit of verse 911 about Apollyon (Lucifer, worshipped by the Georgetown Jesuits).

The towers being replaced by two pillars of light is the alchemical process of changing material into light body. Lucifer is a symbol of the unity of opposites. The ritual of uniting the opposites is closed at the end of the 22 year cycle in 2013, when the One World Trade Center is opened, built like an antiprism, another One Eye, after inauguration of jesuit pope Jorge Francis as leader of a One World religion. The alchemical sacred marriage of the opposites ends in the birth of William and Catherine's child George.