the 90's



1990 Internet, based on Arpanet becomes the WorldWide Web (w phoenician letter Vav 6=666). death of Crowley's child Lola Zaza. 1/30 Madonna 'Keep It Together' (split personality, alters). 2/11 Nelson Mandela is released 3/3 venus in aq. 3/23 Pretty Woman Julia Roberts as Whore of Babylon, Richard Gere aug 31, date of death Diana and Dodi.
Nefertiti blue flat top headdress=> Marge Simpson, flat hi-top hair of black kids. The 'new man', new matriarchism.
year 3-20 Aeon, Osiris reborn as the child Horus harpocrates. 3/30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 4/6 venus in pisces. 4/8 Twin Peaks of David Lynch =Akhet, sun god of two horizons, the two pillars of freemasonry, twin pillars towers fall of sophia, recycling of the Elizabeth Short -911 Sharon Tate mystery. (Laura Palmer=Vera Plmer/Jayne Mansfield) like character in Crowley's Moonchild caught between black and white lodge of magicians, Crowley Cyril Grey, communicated with greys ('the owls are not what they seem'), Kyle MacLachlan played Christ figure in Dune, Dale=damian, Killer Bob=Bobby Beausoleil.

5/16 d Sammy Davis Jr. 5/22 Madonna Breathless Warren Beatty (CFR) car Bonnie and Clyde like Diana and Dodi. 5/31 mars in aries. 6/1 (m monroe) Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger one eye pyramid- dream sleep driven clones with memory implants, with Sharon Stone as new Sharon Tate.
6/15 day after Trumps birthday Gremlins 2, predictive programming of president Donald Trump as Daniel Clamp. 5/22 dismantling Checkpoint Charlie cc=33. 6/27 Days of Thunder Tom Cruise Cancer the Chariot. symbolic resurrection of sun at eastern horizon, fall of east block 7/1 (Diana, dog days) Reunification of Germany Aeon (the magician unites two in one- rubedo announced in hunt for red october). 7/2 Margot Robbie (Sharon Tate). 7/4 Die Hard 2 119th minute predictive programming of 911 code red plane, John McClaine= mccain. 7/12 mars in taurus 8/2 Saddam Hussein invades Kuweitt, the emperor date Hitler became Fuhrer. 8/5 (Marilyn Monroe) Madonna ends Blonde Ambition tour. 8/15 Jennifer Lawrence.
8/19 Jupiter in Leo. (8/21 King of New York Christopher Walken pluto in scorpio underworld) 8/31 mars in gemini 9/10 ACDC Thunderstruck (the tower), first ep Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Aquarius Prince of Swords, black child of osiris, the year obama is 29) Will Smith. jupiter=expansion, 911 George HW Bush gives his famous New World Order speech, threatening iraq.
UN Resolution 666 with 13 votes on 13 september ushering in end of Babylon (the Gulf war, attack Saddam).(US largest embassy in Iraq, 33d parallel). 9/19 Goodfellas (Robert de Niro, Michael Franzese Columbo-Colonna). 10/4 1st episode Beverly Hills 90210 Aaron Spelling Shannen Doherty. 10/25 venus in scorpio (11/9 Dances With Wolves Kevin Costner).

11/16 Home Alone Aeon, Macauley Culkin as Horus Mac Malkuth (mcAllister= Aleister Crowley, Pulaski-Polanski aug 26, date death Charles Lindbergh, mother named Catherine) Aeon Horus, Joe Pesci 2/9 like Mia Farrow. 11/18 venus in sagitt. 11/26 Rita Ora. 11/28 Margaret Thatcher replaced by John Mayor (march 24, death elizabeth 1). The Godfather 3, killing of Sophia in opera (apollo- Neptune in Capricorn). 12/6 Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp Monarch butterfly, hands like Freddy Krueger) Dianne Wiest in pink as Jackie Kennedy -Alice in Wonderland, Pan's baby moonchild Winona Ryder 10/29 like Anton Lavey monarch butterfly.

1991 (Mars back in Taurus) 1/12 Gulf war Iraq Kuweit psyop, Desert Storm gulf war crossing the Gulf, similar to crossing the Abyss. 1/17 day of Anthony of the Desert, nigredo process going through desert 40 days, led by Norman Schwarzkopf jr, (Mensa, son of Norman Schwarzkopf, date of jfk jr, connected to case of Lindbergh baby) Schwarzenbergs family that controls Skull & Bones. children used for war propaganda. Saddam Hussein puts oil wells in Kuwait on fire. CNN 24h hour news cycle (osiris jupiter) propaganda-entertainment as a videogame war (Tom Johnson Bohemian Club, Rockefeller foundation). (2/5 Queen Innuendo the magician, d Pedro Arrupe black pope)

Aeon: 2/14 (Valentines day, Valentine name Manson son, day of Frederick and Elizabeth wedding) Silence of the lambs Jodie Foster as Harpo (voice of silence, Quill and Dagger Yale) with Anthony Hopkins (Lecter=Aleister Crowley the beast). 22 y after Tate murders, Orion pictures osiris, name Catherine. lam the way, the Dao). 2/17 Ed Sheeran. 3/1 The Doors  Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, desert abyss, Death Valley of Babalon Workings of Parsons, and of scenes Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.3/2 d Serge Gainsbourg.
3-21 the Universe
4/2 mars in cancer (the chariot). 4/30 Travis Scott. 5/8 venus in cancer. 5/20 The Omen 4. 5/24 Thelma and Louise Thelema, Virginia Davis 1/21 like Robby Benson who played the Beast in 91 movie Beauty and the Beast. Susan Sarandon like Susan Atkins revelation 911 abbadon. car sacrifice of Dodi and Diana, the Lovers virgin and the whore. 5/26 mars in leo
6/3 William's head wound 9years old, sign of initiation, mark of Kain, of the Beast as described in Revelation 313. Kain pictured on the Lovers (cracking skull=cracking egg). king arthur/osiris risen (gulf war to obtain head osiris/nimrod). 6/10 finale Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan (Cooper) smashes his head on mirror (splitting of the mind, creating twin alter).

6/12 (bday Trump) Robin Hood: prince of thieves, alchemical marriage by Morgan Freeman. 6/21 (williams 9th birthday) The Rocketeer Howard Hughes=Jack Parsons, with Jennifer Connelly.
Saturn in Aquarius
uranus technology in capricorn ayin 7/1 (Diana's 30th birthday, lam the way) Terminator 2 (robot programming, AI transhumanist agenda, the lovers/brothers) Apollyon destroyer of revelation 911 Schwarzkopf Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenberg S&B) predicting tunnel accident Diana revelation 911, to produce John Conner JC antichrist baby Horus (Reese like bodyguard Diana in the Alma tunnel).
7/10 Point Break Keanu Reeves Patrick Swayze aug 18 like Polanski. Dead Presidents, directed by Kathryn Bigelow.
7/2 d Lee Remick (the Omen). Program Hip Hop: Boyz n the Hood promoting gangster lifestyle. 8/2 Return to the Blue Lagoon Milla Jovovich as the new Brooke Shields.
8/6 (date of first atom bomb on hiroshima, uranus in capric) Cern(unnos) announces World Wide Web (the world=skynet, Age of Aquarius) place where they will try to open the Abyss. Phoenician w vav 6=666, solar nr, age of aquarius, aeon of horus
8/12 after white album date jfk, about Revelation 9, Metallica Black Album (Hetfield born 111 days before death jfk, Neverland Peter Pan programming). 8/15 Young Thug. 9/1 mars in libra, 9/13 Jupiter in Virgo (8/31 date death Diana, Anne and Mark Philips announce divorce). 9/24 Nevermind (the universe-hook, neverland, disociation) Marketing of Generation X with Kurt Cobain as the new Jim Morrison (Kain, Neptune in Pisces, watery sound, Jesus pisces man image, Krist Novolesic 16/5 Neptune orbit 165y, Dave Grohl military family worked for Robert Taft Skull and Bones).

Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Blood Sugar Sex Magic' (recorded at The Mansion of Rick Rubin, close to house of Harry Houdini) sex magik of Crowley promoting heroin addiction. Children in black suburbs programmed with Luciferianism, promoting violence and drug abuse and the Fivepercenters/Nation of Islam ideology. aug Soviet coup (the Scorpions apophis, Wind of Change, peak at aug 31). 9/26 My Own Private Idaho (iao, gay agenda) Keanu Reeves River Phoenix.
9/28 d Miles Davis. 10/1 Apocalypse 91 the Enemy Strikes Back. 10/16 mars in scorpio. 11/7 Magic Johnson the magician announces retirement ( the world end of great work). AIDS media hype (god Pluto/Hades). 11/9 venus in libra
11/12 (Manson) Tupac Skakur Amaru ('shining serpent') of Black Panther parents, born 6/16 nr of antichrist, the Beast of the Apocalypse '2Pacolypse Now' with Brenda got a Baby (Rosemary's Baby, related to Manson murders). Kali worshipping thugs, making the W (23) sign.
(saturn in capr skin) 11/14 (date prince Charles 44 nr phoenix) Michael Jackson 'Black or White' (multiculti agenda) Statue of Liberty (Luciferian world religion) and Eiffel Tower, on top of cop car (melting pot one worldrace). 11/22 Addams family, (Dawn Addams-Massimo) recreation of Adam/king arthur, beauty and the beast, diana dance, Paige O' Hara, page/princess of cups. 11/23 d Klaus Kinski, father of Natassja Kinski. after Terminator movie about red mercury, 11/24 death Freddie Mercury. 'Show Must Go On' Metropolis AI transhumanist agenda, the joker. Magic Johnson (the Magician mercury) spreading of Aids scare and condoms as rubber snake jackets. 12/1 d Pablo Escobar.

12/11 Hook (hebrew letter vav) hierophant Osiris inverted as set. Robin Williams (William V vav: hook) Peter Pan programming with Nathan Crowley, descendant of Aleister Crowley, produced by Dodi Fayed. Fall of the Soviet Union, end of cold war, global economy with western capitalism based on Dollar of American colony of Roman Empire.

1992 (venus in scorpio)1/9 mars in capric. 1/14 Michael Jackson 'Remember the Times' osiris- announcing the new Akhenaton Obama, the Multiculti Church, Egyptian looking world family- Eddie Murphy born 123 days before Obama, Iman as Nefertiti, wife of David Bowie. 1/17 increase of violence in movies Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel us 10/23 date Ignatius of Loyola of jesuits, men in black. dog star Sirius Anubis, reservoir alchemical vessel, killing of Hiram Abiff, heist=wtc attack. Michael Madsen (mm=33), 9/25 date Manson was put on fire, shot by mr Orange 33=sodomy, born 48 days before Diana. torture scene cutting ear off brother Vega named Vincent (Edward Kelley had no ears, Vincent Van Gogh dutch orange). Harvey Keitel played Judas, the betrayer of Jesus (Scorpio). Lawrence Tierney Dillinger, d 2/26 date of WTC attack by six terrrorists.
1/19 Mac Miller (mm=33). The European Union is created to prepare for world domination. Dance temples as Thunder/terrordomes. 1/25 venus in capricorn 2/14 Wayne's World Mike Myers (ww,mm=33) the World aeon of horus mindset of children, date rosicrucian wedding Frederick king of Bohemia with Elizabeth Stuart, song Bohemian Rhapsody.

2/17 mars in aq. 2/18 venus in aq guns n roses rosicrucian wedding November Rain Guns N' Roses Axl Rose, the Lovers announcing seperation and death red rose Diana and Charles born november, filmed in the Orpheum (Orpheic/Eleusinian Mysteries). Stephanie Seymour 7/23 like Rose Kelly and Monica Levinsky. 3/13 venus in pisces 3/19 separation prince Andrew and Sara Ferguson.

docosade IV The Emperor
year 4-0 the Fool, new docosade of the Emperor (Mars George HW, George W, prince George).
3/20 spring equinox (aries) Basic instinct Sharon Stone as Catherine (new Sharon Tate) ,The Emperor ram, the womb uterus Baphomet ram head of aries. murder of Johnny Boz (William/Bill Cable-cable=the Hanged Man, died in Laurel Canyon).
3/29 death John Spencer, father Diana age 68. 3/31 Body Count black osiris. Instigation of apocalyptic black and white race war, 'Fear of a Black Planet' (Saturn, the terrordome). 4/7 venus in aries. 4/9 d Isaac Asimov. 4/29 divorce Anne and Mark Philips (announced 8/31 date of death Diana).
4/29 In L.A., after killing of the old sun (Rodney King, king Nimrod on 3/3, born after Selma march in 65), as Beltane ritual, riots are created with fire and looting, broadcasted live (evil) South Central (south=Hadit fire leo, few months later Malcolm X movie). Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love wedding on date of announcement Diana and Charles, have baby Frances Bean like Diana's mother Frances, aug 18 like Roman Polanski. 5/5 mars in aries.

may Diana Her True Story (true blood) exposing affairs and suicidal unhappiness, leaking tapes of conversation to the voyeuristic masses (contrast dirty Diana the whore, Camilla), war of the Waleses=War of the Roses, Christ-Lucifer. same time Trump broken marriage affairs.7/1 (diana) A League of Their Own, Madonna the virgin turned babalon. 7/10 d mother Sharon Tate, Doris Tate, 103 days after J Spencer born 1/24 like Sharon. 7/22 Selena Gomez. Barcelona Olympics Dream Team with Jordan and Magic Johnson (the fool), closing on 8/9. 8/7 venus in virgo (8/28 date divorce Diana, Twin peaks: Firewalk With Me).
Hellraiser 3 on 9/1 , like previous movie 93 minutes Lament configuration, lam the way, opening the black gate/ black box of Saturn, pit of revelation 911. Paula Marshall 6/12 like Rosemary's Baby and OJ murders 2y later. Dracula (HOGD member Abraham Stoker, Gary Oldman) Roman Polanski 'Bitter Moon' with Hugh Grant Emmanuel Seigner. 9/24 venus in scorpio 9/29 Madonna Erotica sign Harpo.
10/11 jupiter in Libra. 11/3 debut album Rage Against the Machine. (nov 15 Diana meets Paul McCartney).
11/20 (scorpio phoenix firebird) Windsor castle fire (shin fire aeon) and Home Alone 2 (the Tower, mother named Catherine, statue of Liberty lucifer, Radio City like Rosemary's Baby) Donald Trump cameo Plaza hotel (Central Park like Dakota). leaking of Charles and Camilla conversation tapes. 11/25 Disney 'Alladin' blue gene, lamp used to evoke Holy Guardian Angel in Abramelin magic-Abraham Lincoln april 15.
same day The Bodyguard Whitney Houston (bodyguard of diana, guardian angel) nuit Whore of Babylon Metropolis, Kevin Costner (movie jfk) born 87 days before Dodi Fayed. Nine Inch Nails 'broken', recorded in house of the 911 Sharon Tate murders.
12/8 venus in aq. 12/9 uranus (break up) in capricorn Diana and Charles announce seperation. (Rosemary-Persephone goes to underworld) same day A Few Good Men Tom Cruise Jack Nicholson. 12/12 wedding Anne and Timothy Laurence James Hamilton.

1993 uranus and neptune conjunction) 1/15 Alive (aleph the fool) plane crash. 1/19 John Jack Kennedy Schlossberg (castle mountain) who would become the only living male descendant of the Kennedys after plane crash of JFK jr in 1999, day of release Eyes Wide Shut, filmed in Rothschild mansion. same day birth of Gus Lewis, young Bruce Wayne, living in the same Rothschild mansion in Batman Begins.
1/20 Fordham jesuit Bill/William Clinton 42nd president (true will) d Audrey Hepburn (Guy de Rothschild parties), birth Morgane Polanski. 1/21 merc in aq. 1/29 Matinee John Goodman as John Dee the Magician, atom bomb nuclear DNA. 2/12 Groundhog Day. Bill Murray/mercury stuck in 88 time portal, babe in the Abyss; Polanski's Rosemarys Baby released in 1968. 168 days after 911, 2/26 first WTC attack (93 nr of Crowley's thelema) Ramzi Youssef (orange code 33) when brothers Harry and William are 9 and 11y old -the Tower card same day movie Falling Down (fall of the Fool) Michael Douglas as William Foster=William's priest Rowan Douglas Williams, feat Barbara Hershey (David Carradine). 2/27 merc in retrograde 3/11 venus in retrograde.

year 4-1 the Magician. John Dee alchemical marriage creating Moonchild George, trapping the fool in viperroom-Aurora theatre to resurrect him as a magic trick. 3/23 Ice-T Home Invasion with 99 Problems. 33 days after WTC attack, 3/31 (3x31=93)nept in capric: sacrifice joker christ figure Brandon Lee shot by Michael Massee, (mm=33) (the magician=mercury archangel michael in judgement card path 31) 3/31 like new vice president Al Gore, during filming of the Crow (crow lee=Crowley, Lee Remick in the Omen). Charles Manson black bird archetype. He dies 20 years after death father Bruce Lee linked to Sharon Tate Manson murders, born same day as Stephanie of Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly). Christ Joker archetype in Rosemary's Baby 2 Andrew/Andy. private funeral on april 3, the 93d day, public funeral at 4/4, Heath Ledgers 24th birthday (BranDon bd 24 jupiter), 44 nr of mass the phoenix in Seattle hometown of Kurt Cobain. merc in aries
4/19 (bday of Jayne Mansfield) media ritual at ranch David Koresh (david k 411-cain. saw himself as modern day Cyrus-resh hebrew 20th letter head beginning of pagan new year) age 33 at Waco, Texas, close to dallas JFK murder (april 19 d governor of south Dakota). Launching of the HAARP project. jesuits of the Vatican build a telescope for their god Lucifer.
Bishopsgate bombing by IRA in the City of London.
Saturn in Pisces (the moon).
4/27 mars in leo. 5/5 satanic murders West Memhis three, (WM=33, three of swords) represented by Georgetown jesuit Stephen L Braga, supported by Johnny Depp, Rite of Memphis killing of the Osiris bull, in the new Aeon of Horus, Damien Echols. 5/7 d Mary Philbin (Man Who Laughs, joker). Anna Nicole Smith Playmate of the Year. 5/18 merc in gemini may 21 'Sliver' (novel of Ira Levin) Sharon Stone. 6/6 venus in taurus
(NBA final Chicago Bulls 32-Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley 32) 6/9, 6/11 (66) Jurassic Park (rfr 88) with Sam Neill from The Omen and Laura Dern (=Thorn corporation) reptililan eyes of the devil in Rosemary's Baby) (Michael Crighton=Michael Douglas, priest of Williams wedding) shot in Hawaii home of Obama, Order of Jesters, using hurricane on 9/11/1992. ripple effect stargate, Tyrannosaurus Rex as the Beast, Antichrist rise out of Cup of Babalon. Lex Murphy (Murphy's Law) born 911 1972. 6/15 d John Connally, in car of jfk.

6/18 Columbia Pictures Last Action Hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger Aeon of horus 93. enter movie screen, 66 y after Sherlock jr, (Assiah world of action) like Charlie Bucket, widow's son Danny pop corn sodomy=golden ticket to one eye enlightenment, owned by Harry Houdini (hh=88). Ripper tearing the veil, 9th symphony revelation 911 (James Holmes ritual at end of the docosade).
6/22 d Thel(e)ma Catherine Pat Nixon (first lady until aug 9).(6/23 st John's eve Lorena Bobbitt cuts off penis.) 6/26 Ariana Grande. 6/23 mars in virgo. 6/30 The Firm Tom Cruise. 7/5 venus in gemini 7/6 d Ruth Roche, Diana's grandmother, age 84, born 10/2 date opening building 7 in 1984. 7/9 In the Line of Fire (JFK ritual) Clint Eastwood Renee Russo. (uranus in capricorn). 7/16 Free Willy (True Will thelema 93, HGA to cross the Abyss).
(7/1 Richard Riordan, jesuit mayor of LA) William baptised with water from Jordan. Michael Jackson is accused of raping Jordan Chandler (crucified in media), On dog day 23 july, James Jordan father of Michael Jordan (William baptised with water from river Jordan, river of John the Baptist/Lucifer, (like David losing father Robert Kennedy) nr 23, sirius 23 rotations on axis, born on 7/19 heliacal rise of sirius) Chicago Bulls, red c, CB=32, is killed with license plate Uncoo23.(day of release Poetic Justice =Adjustment, sister of Michael Jackson), Dennis Rodman's suicide attempt, becomes the new Michael Jordan. 8/1 venus in cancer (8/6 the Fugitive Harrison Ford=Polanski) 8/11 mars in libra.

8/27 The Thing Called Love saturn in pisces intuituve dreamer- opening scene Twin Towers grey hound/dog- River Phoenix as James Wright last movie Bluebird Cafe (=dissociation) with Dermot Mulroney oct 31, date of his death. Miranda Prestley name of the Tempest, 4 days 4 years before d diana) aug 30 d Richard Jordan (logans run june 23). 8/27 venus in leo. 8/30 (day before Queen of Hearts Diana would die) Nirvana Heart Shaped Box (the Empress venus) wizard of oz hanged man pose (yellow brick road=8fold path to Nirvana). 9/3 Kalifornia Brad Pitt Charles Manson killer Juliette Lewis Kali haircut (Marjorie Cameron played Kali in Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome). (Oslo peace accords between PLO and jesuit Simon Peres, the Lovers)
9/10 True Romance, following True Will Thelema 93, Tony Scott 6/21 like prince William- Christian Slater 8/18 like Roman Polanski, Patricia Arquette born 65 days before Rosemary's Baby. Christopher Walken antichrist, connected to Natalie Wood murder, also in Communion, Dennis Hopper. shootout at Ambassador hotel where Robert Kennedy died in 1968, 6 days before Rosemarys Baby (boiler room), names their son Elvis, like son Polanski. 9/10 first X-Files osiris with Gillian Anderson (Dana-Diana) aug 9 like murders Sharon Tate, who will later have a child named William. 9/21 venus in virgo Nirvana In Utero winged angel Lucifer. 9/24 (date Joseph Kennedy, brother of David) The Good Son, Elijah Wood born 18 days after Jared Kushner. 9/26 mars in scorpio. 10/8 Demolition Man also with David Patrick Kelly, Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix, 23 days before death of River Phoenix. 10/13 daughter Donald Trump Ariana Tiffany Trump (Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's). 10/15 venus in libra, 10/25 mercury in retrograde, mars sq saturn
10/31 (Halloween=orange=33=sodomy, date end London Olympics in 08 when Crowley was 33, Devil's Night in The Crow) d Federico Fellini, d Edwin Walker (Harvey Lee Oswald's first target) and River Phoenix ritual, (dom: Jupiter 24 like William) in Johnny Depp's Viper Room Sunset Boulevard.

8852 (in the Blue Dahlia Howard da Silva-Eddie Harwood has nightclub at Sunset Strip). His mother Sharon Phoenix was born in 44, part of the cult Children of God, similar to Manson family of Charles Manson who killed Sharon Tate, with Rose McGowan girlfriend of Marilyn Manson). Phoenix was 23 (river Jordan, W the Hanged Man, W Enter the Wu-tang 11/9). Brother Joaquin Phoenix calls 911, message broadcast on tv and radio (mercury ruling twins of Gemini). The club was also owned by Sal Jenco who played in Donnie Brasco with Depp and Pacino. Also present: Flea of RHCP=Michael Peter (while Depp's band was playing the song Michael Stipe). He died during filming of movie Dark Blood, released in 2012, year of the James Holmes Phoenix ritual.

11/8 Paul McCartney Paul is Live album, the Fool. 11/9 date Paul McCartney died, OPD=ODB, Wu Tang Clan (Wu Wei non action concept of Taoism)= WTC World Trade Center, sign of Horus the enterer like the Magician on the Lovers card, same day Celine Dion (=Diana) Color of My Love. 11/8 mars in sagitt
11/8 venus in scorpio, 11/11 Jupiter in Scorpio (death, killing of osiris).

11/12 (date Charles Manson, Brian da Palma born 9/11) Carlito's Way (the Dao) Al Pacino dom Jupiter, the way of Charlie the Fool, nightclub Club Paraiso as the Viper Room (Sean Penn later played Mickey Cohen). same day 'My Life' Nicole Kidman as Gail (Dorothy Gale).

11/23 (scorpio =sex, death) Snoop Dogg Doggy Style dog star Sirius Anubis archetype. (11/24 baphomet Mrs Doubtfire gay transgender agenda) 11/30 Steven Spielberg Schindler's List Liam Neeson (Oscar Osiris) extermination in 42 lady in red rubedo, list of Shin Judgement.
dec wedding Donald Trump and Maria Maples (mm=33) at Plaza hotel (Central Park near Dakota) with OJ (=33) Simpson as guest. 12/2 venus in sagitt, d d Pablo Escobar age 44, born dec 1 like Crowley (93 thelema, Johnny Depp played his associate George Jung) in his own cathedral prison in Colombia (Colonna order of jesters), victory for Cesar Gaviria. 12/6 merc in sagitt. 12/14 d Myrna Loy age 88 actrice in Manhattan Melodrama, movie John Dillinger (played by Johnny Depp in Public Enemies) watched before being shot july 22. 12/16 mars in capric. 12/22 Philadelpia movie Tom Hanks (brotherly love-gay agenda, one of 7 churches in book of Revelation) with jesuit Denzel Washington, Aleph and Lamed, AIDS= Hades Pluto.

1994 (year Diana and Obama turn 33=orange) 1/1 death Cesar Romero (joker). genocide in Rwanda. 2/1 Harry Styles. Green Day Dookie (program Punk Rock) 2/23 Dakota Fanning. 2/26 Bill Hicks (date of wtc attack previous year) age 33 reborn as Alex Jones. 3/1 Justin Bieber. 3/3 (after Christ 33 symbolism Kurt Cobain put in coma, kc 11x3=33).
3/4 Diane Sawyer interviews antichrist figure Charles Manson (Diana and Charles, Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs) and jesuit trained Patricia Krenwinkel.

3/11 The Hudsucker Proxy (the tower 911 h stargate) Tim Robbins Anna Nicole Smith.
year Diana symbolic mother of Christ, turns 33. 3/18 The Naked Gun 33 1/3 with OJ Simpson (orange juice=33) Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer (wife of Elvis, name sister Diana), Anna Nicole Smith as Jayne Mansfield babalon archetype (Tanya Peters, Babylon worshipped at st Peters) prison escape through tunnel (womb of babalon), Raquel Welsch.

year 4-2 the high priestess. 3/24 Diana visits pyramid of louvre. 4/5 death Kurt Cobain age 27 (9) as Christ figure in suicide letter pisces jesus man. Courtney Love 7/9 like OJ Simpson (single Pennyroyal Tea, nigredo). 4/19 Nas Illmatic, 1904 eon of horus the child, Nazirius. 4/12 Saoirse Ronan. 4/14 mars in aries. Cobain played Manson archetype, 4/22 d Richard Nixon, nemesis of Charles Manson (taurus knight of pentacles). 4/26 venus in gemini 4/27 funeral, day of Mandela victory, 33d degree mason imprisoned at 33d parallel for 27 years, as new Martin Luther King.
5/1 death Ayrton Senna (ayrton=ryan mars) driving for Williams, announcing car crash (cc 33) William's mother (Cancer the Chariot). 51 nr of car Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, 1 day after death Roland Ratzenberger, age 33, born on 4th of july on 30 april, date of death Hitler and Eva braun. on 44th parallel. (5/6 opening Channel tunnel France - England Mitterand and Elizabeth 2 in pink (dissociation Alice)=wormhole Shawshank Redemption-linking Kent (kennedy) with Calais, cutting scissors with v Apophis sign. 5/10 (date of John Wilkes) election knight of malta Nelson Mandela, freed from Robben eiland at 33d parallel.
5/12 Pulp Fiction (orange juice=33=sodomy) Quentin Tarantino postmodernism Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace=Mia Farrow, Kali black moon sickle haircut, Diana's dance with John Travolta.(Jackie and Marilyn, black and white isis) like all movies in 1994 the suitcase represents Diana's divine womb that gave birth to the 666 antichrist. Bruce Willlis child Horus, William Wills (Christopher Walken date death Brandon Lee). Jerry Springer new lowpoint in western culture.
5/13 The Crow with Brandon Lee (the Joker, Fool archetype), dom Jupiter, joker painted face like Rosemarys Baby 2, guitar smashing rock star like Kurt Cobain, oct 30 Devil's Night date Ruth Gordon. Black Dahlia mouth scar (poem the Raven of Edgar Allen Poe, on Sgt Peppers kether) 55th birthday Harvey Keitel, crow symbol of nigredo, same day Soundgarden Black Hole Sun.

same day 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', Rowan Atkinson (William's priest Rowan Douglas), Hugh Grant as Charles, Andie Diane Macdowell as the high priestess. 5/17 'Shallow Grave', Danny Boyle death Hiram Abiff suitcase Ewan McGregor. 5/19 d Jackie Lee Onassis, date Marilyn Monroe sang for JFK, date wedding Harry and Meghan markle. (pink chanel=sodomy channel) Lee like Harvey Lee and Brandon Lee, name Bouvier like Marge Simpson. 31 nr of shin Judgement, 31 y after death Kennedy, was 31y old when he was inaugurated in year of birth Diana.

5/20 venus in cancer the chariot-5/23 mars in taurus, 5/26 Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie, daughter of Elvis (gemini the lovers)(6/10 Speed movie Keanu Reeves, friend of River Phoenix who died because of a speedball, rush hour tunnel Diana, the Chariot).
6/12 (date George HW Bush, Rosemary's Baby) OJ Simpson (orange=33=sodomy) media ritual, later convicted for 33y 33 million, last film Naked Gun 33. Nicole Brown=Anna Nicole Smith, born 5/19, day of death Jackie Onassis, friend Al Cowlings (Aleister Crowley), friend of Ron Goldman, born 20 days after release Rosemarys Baby. (Anna Nicole name victim Jack the Ripper 8/31 like Diana) to instigate racial tensions, the apocalyptic race war Manson predicted.(Saturn in Capricorn skin) Simpsons first broadcast 4/19-Jayne Mansfield. Nicole was killed at Brentwood, home of Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Monica Levinsky, close to Cielo Drive of Sharon Tate murders.(simulation) detective Tom Lange who also arrested John Holmes in Wonderland murders. OJ was born in 1947, day engagement Elizabeth II and nazi prince Philip was announced, 8 days before Camilla Parker, year of Elizabeth Short murders with Glasgow smile like Joker. Matt Groening creator of the Simpsons born 2/15, 47y after joker Cesar Romero. jesuit trained lawyers Gerald Uelmen and Johnny Cochran. car chase live on tv CNN with Larry King (sacrifice of Osiris bull-the king).(The Notorious BIG single Juicy in orange shirt, aug 9). jesuit president of Colombia plays a role in the cocain trade.

6/15 venus in leo The Lion king (king William V, Arthur/Osiris, used by obama) james earl jones roman empire, actor simba born 41days after wedding Diana, music by Elton John. (6/23, 7/3 Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks bus stop in Georgia. 6/27 wedding Anna Nicole Smith with Howard Marshall- the high priestess- Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire) july 19-9th of Av Amia bombing in argentinia). 7/11 venus in virgo (7/15 True Lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger wife Kennedy, jamie lee like jackie, stripping). 7/17, date Camilla Parker, FIFA cup final in Rose Bowl of Pasadena on 7/17, opened in 1922, year birth Parsons, symbolic Cup of Babalon Marjorie Cameron). 7/29 date wedding Diana, The Mask Jim Carrey as green man Osiris /Loki, Cameron Diaz as whore of babylon) 8/7 venus in libra 8/9 (date sharon tate) The Notorious BIG Juicy in orange shirt=Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction, orange=33. 8/16 mars in cancer 8/26 Natural Born Killers (produced by Georgetown jesuit, Oliver Stone director of 'jfk', Woody Harrelson, 13 days before Obama, 22 days after diana, mother named Diane Lou Oswald like Harvey Lee- Juliette Lewis 6/21 like king William V, Katherine in 'From Dusk Till Dawn') Mickey Knox, Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield-Charles Starkweather/ Charles Manson antichrist superstar Bonnie and Clyde theme to announce Diana Fayed car crash, Columbine. 8/29 Green Day Basket Case (based on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest). 9/6 date funeral Diana Body Count Born Dead.
9/7 venus in scorpio day before 911, 9/10 The Shawshank Redemption: (the star, sculpting the rock, tzaddi hook that draws the fish nun out of the water-christ resurrection story Morgan Freeman (Mandela-Obama) rosicrucian illumination through Luciferian sodomy, filmed in Mansfield (Jayne Mansfield, Martin Luther) Raquel Welsh (Diana princess of Wales, Babalon sodomy as gateway/ tunnel. cell 237 like The Shining (shining about apollo, 42 dodi fayed age 42), Rose Kelly 7/23. Tim Robbins hierophant the star (hope 17 letter hey, Hewood, Rita Hayworth) set in 1947 (death Crowley, birth OJ).

9/22 Friends Jennifer Aniston as the high priestess, date Diana's sister Jane Spencer, born 121 days before Rosemarys Baby, couch of Sharon Tate, living in Dakota character Jennifer, boyfriend Tate. John Aniston, born 25 days before Polanski, Matthew Perry in aug 1969. fountain of Dakota Central Park, ace of cups; Ross=Rosemary, Joey=Joe di Maggio, Monica=Diana, c-handler. 10/12 (bday crowley) Steven Spielberg Dreamworks (moon logo : inner child, moonchild). 10/22 d Burt Lancaster (Birdman of Alcatraz).
10/28 date of opening Statue of Liberty, after Diana at pyramid Louvre Stargate (Roland Emmerich) with Kurt Russell (Escape from NY), mythology of Stargate Project. 10/29 d Schlomo Goren. 11/8 George W Bush governor of Texas. 11/9 OJ trial begins (murder lover and her friend like shawshank, born in 47). dream team like mj, Robert Kardashian.
11/22 Prince Black Album (date of white album murder of jfk) . 11/23 The Pagemaster the magician the lovers Christopher Lloyd Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone featured Trump, role in BTTF). 12/10 Jupiter in Sagittarius (art, home). 12/16 Dumb and Dumber-twins Harry and Lloyd- Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Mary Swanson the high priestess suitcase grailcup). 12/21 Richie Rich (Macauley Culkin, Barron Trump the Chariot).

1995 Establishment of WTO. 1/1 death Fred West (rosemary). 1/3 d Andrija Puharich. 1/7 venus in sagitt.
1/16 pluto in sagittarius.
1/22 death Rose Kennedy, high priestess, mother of jfk on date of death Lyndon Johnson, rose symbol of venus the empress. 1/22 mars in leo. 1/25 d William Sylvester jfk in 2001 ASO. The Usual Suspects, Pete William Postlethwaite, Kevin Spacey the emperor Keyser, Verbal Kint, 5 people gnostic mass. 2/2 d Donald Pleasence (33d day). 2/4 venus in capric. 3/2 venus in aq. (pluto viruses in sagitt:) 3/10 Outbreak (announcing Covid19 ritual, african virus San Francisco dna golden gate, heaven's gate, while Ebola is spreading in Zaire, 31 shin break out the grave). 3/13 Dogma 95 Martin Luther 95 theses, von Trier born april 20 like Hitler.

year 4-3 the Empress. 3/20 Tokyo subway attack (Pluto underworld) apophis, announcing the Covid-19 ritual. 3/27 venus in pisces 4/1 d Samson de Brier (inaug of pleasuredome) thunder/terrordome parties. (4/4 d Priscilla Lane million dollar baby). 4/7 Bad Boys Will Smith art pluto in sagitt, name Mulholland Drive, label Biggie, laurence harvey and will smith aiming gun like manch candidate) club hell, nept in capricorn=club in the Crow=the viper room. 4/19 (Jayne Mansfield, 2 years after Waco Texas) Oklahoma building (the Tower, phei, alpha omega like Obama) Timothy McVeigh like Anton LaVey, hebrew letter phay assigned to the tower card- born april 23 (113th day) like Marjorie Cameron-accomplice Terry Nichols. (tshirt of A. Lincoln april 14) 4/21 pluto back in scorpio venus in aries (may City of Lost Children: clone center). 5/1 jesuit trained Jacques Chirac and Alain Juppé made president and pm of France, born 11/29 (333d day) like mother Obama.
5/16 venus in taurus. 5/17 date of Wizard of Oz novel, pornification of children in movie 'Kids', sex slaves programmed with Wizard of Oz, Greenwich Village, following Yellow Brick Road, Justine Pierce Rosario Dawson. (6/9 Smoke art). 5/24 Braveheart, strength-Mel Gibson as the Hanged Man christ William V, William and wife Catherine, painted blue, Scottish rite, William son of Queen of Hearts, feat Angus Macfay-den as Robert the Bruce son of Marjorie of Carrick) 5/25 mars in virgo , 6/10 venus in gemini. pluto in sagitt: 6/15 OJ Simpson media ritual with glove like Peter Pan, the Art card, puer eternal boy, Mark Fuhrman date Peter Pan.

3 days after bday prince William, 6/24 day of John the Baptist death of Marjorie Cameron, wife of Antichrist Jack Parsons.(Marjorie mother house of Bruce) Salome-called herself Hilarion like first lady Hilary Clinton, played scarlet womand Kali in Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. same day final World Cup rugby cup in South Africa, cup heart chakra, cup of Babalon ritual, with Nelson Mandela (Robben eiland 33d parallel, predictive programming of Barack Obama) as the Green Man of spring (green Springbok shirt) june 26 day of John the Baptist. Jacob Francois Pienaar (Jacob associated with heart chakra) 2/1 like Lolo Soetoro. inversion of Adolf Hitler Jesse Owens ritual in 1936.
6/29 d Lana Turner (28y after jayne mansfield) 6/30 Judge Dredd, same day Apollo 13 (113) about flight on april 11 (anton lavey). Batman Forever Apollo- Dionysus Nicole Kidman. (jfk jr and diana meet at hotel Carlyle). 7/5 venus in cancer. 7/16 d Stephen Spender. 7/28 the Net subtitle of Crowleys Moonchild) Sand-ra Bullock, erasing identity go through abyss, moscone center used to present i phone 13y later, Bennett order gd. same day Waterworld (nept ocean in capric).7/29 venus in leo
8/4 marriage of Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith. Windows 95 as window on the world (hei, 5th letter, Bill Gates), internet privatized, explorer E fifth element ring Saturn. pluto back in direct motion (8/16 The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey as the fool/devil). 8/22 venus in virgo; 9/1 The Prophecy Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer, Virginia Madsen (born 911) as Katherine.
9/7 mars in scorpio 9/13 Clockers Spike Lee. 9/15 venus in libra queen of swords (prince Harry's 11th birthday) Seven Morgan Freeman as William Somerset (prince william summer solstice) manson Lee Harvey Oswald archetype. beast with seven heads. Kevin Spacey Gwyneth Paltrow (Salome John the Baptist decapitation symbolism). Ed Wood Johnny Depp as Ed Wood (transgender agenda). 10/10 venus in scorpio, 11/3 venus in sagitt
95 days after Howard Marshall, 11/7 Stanley Ann Dunham dies (311th day)(date Lucille Laverne, queen has put snow white to sleep) Babalon mother of Abominations, 2 days before death Paul McCartney, 173 days after Elisha Cook (Rosemarys Baby) .(same day Diana visits Liverpool in orange suit=33). GZA (Wu Tang Clan) Liquid Swords (7th letter zayin the Lovers, decapitating like John the Baptist, mem hanged man) 10/3 (libra justice) 2y after wedding obama, OJ Simpson verdict not guilty. 10/10 pluto back in sagitt. 10/20 mars in sagitt. 10/25 (scorpio) Doom Generation Rose McGowan as Amy Blue =Mia Wallace.

11/4 merc in scorpio date Obama will win election, assassination Yitzak Rabin, age 73 like Marjorie Cameron, near 33d parallel, Lea Rabin would die 11/12 bday of Manson .11/20 broadcast interview Diana as Babalon the Empress.

11/22 venus conj mars and merc in Sagittarius Toy Story (Pixar of Steve Jobs) and Casino Robert de Niro as Frank Rosenthal in Las Vegas Sharon Stone-Sharon Tate, Rohtstein, rubedo story of Charles and Diana, date jfk announcing Diana car crash with Frank Vincent-15 april like Dodi Fayed) Vega pole star in the lyre apollo.11/30 mars in capric. 12/3 Tupac California Love (shake spear of kali, cameron in pleasure dome =kali) thunder/terrordome hanged man, 10y after madmax- Parsons Agape Lodge, Babalon working desert.12/12 venus in aq 12/15 Heat Al Pacino chasing Robert de Niro as Neil McCauley=Crowley, McNeil island of Manson. 2 legends collide' car crash. Aleph lamed the hunter, blue light sirius, masked robbery like Heath Ledger. Michael Mann, Diane Venora. Natalie Portman bloodbath.

1996 (path samekh from 9 to 6 hga) Uranus in Aquarius (sudden change, technology- rise of personal computer, unconventional in public: Diana with Dodi 84 y after titanic, the Star venus in water sign. 1/4 Jupiter in Capricorn (fall) 1/14 venus in pisces ,2/8 venus in aries. 2/10 IBM's Deep Blue wins from Gary Kasparow (gary lockwood in 2001, date roy scheider would die) (2/13 2Pac All Eyez On Me the devil) death row 13 Death card. 2/15 mars in pisces
2/23 Trainspotting Ewan McGregor descendant of Samuel Gregor Mathers, cofounder of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Crowley's Do What Thou Willt philosophy, Abbey of Thelema. sacrifice of baby Dawn, Kelly McDonald as Diana/Marilyn Monroe Lilith archetype. Mark Renton apollo. needle spear set apep apophis. bag with head osiris. Edinburugh start of Stuart bloodline. 3/5 venus in taurus.

year 4-4 the Emperor. 3/24 mars in aries (3/31 Sepultura Roots kether the head) 4/3 venus in gemini.
4/26 Mulholland Falls Jennifer Connelly (the Rocketeer about Howard Hughes) as Allison (Alice in Wonderland) Melanie Griffith aug 9 playing character Katherine. black dahlia murders. William Mulholland 9/11. Elizabeth short 47, c-47 plane crash, Solomon building 47 floors. 5/2 mars in taurus.
(uranus in aq: 5/17 date of Wizard of Oz-novel, Twister movie (Wizard of Oz), set in Oklahoma, june 69, oklahoma=dakota building, Bill Paxton=Bill Clinton, Helen Hunt hh 88), announces Diana's divorce. venus in retrograde 5/22 Mission Impossible hanged man Ethan Hunt. 5/31 death Timothy Leary. (6/15 bday helen hunt, Ira bomb Manchester- Ira Levin- near marks and spencer store like intro sequence of Trainspotting to announce divorce Diana Spencer)
Dutroux affair ('from the hole', neufchateau castle 9, reverse of 69), dutroux affair michelle martin (mm 33 like marilyn monroe, Dutroux as Charles Manson, 11/6 like Bobby Beausoleil, aug 9 like sharon tate, also date of death king Baudoiun).
6/7 The Rock with character John Mason (jp in capricorn), Michael Biehn father of john connor=Sean Connery, escaped in 63 (jfk).st peter holding keys to heaven golden gate presidio. actor john spencer. releasing demons from prison/pit, castle rock Edinborough. Spice Girls spica Virgo babalon.
6/11 d Brigitte Helm (Metropolis). 6/12 mars in gemini. 6/18 Benjamin Netanyahu pm. 6/29 mars and venus conj in gemini Independence Day aphelion sirius movie destruction of the Tower like Die Hard 2, 8 pointed star portal cern (director of Stargate), pilot william/Will Smith and William Pullman the saviour, reference to area 51, Nevada desert of Babalon Workings to create antichrist baby. 7/5 cloning sheep Dolly (doll programming), lamb of Aries, doll osiris aphelion, Roslun institute Templars of Roslyn chapel to mislead the sheeple about their real cloning projects. 7/8 Spice Girls (Spica Virgo) Wannabe (=clone, fake feminist trend Girl Power). 7/17 Multiplicity (date angela merkel) clone movie Michael Keaton. 7/19, heliacal rising of sirius, Muhammed Ali Olympic opening ceremony torch bearer Lucifer, one of most vewed world events like funeral Diana, in Atlanta (33d parallel) Shaquille O'Neil.

Jeremy Northam, 1 dec like Crowley) 8/7 venus in cancer. 8/28 Diana and Charles divorce (33y after i have a dream and death jfk, 11 y after death Ruth Gordon, 22y before wedding harry) independant from the sun. october Witte Mars (color fabiola at funeral king baudoin 9 august) in Belgium. 9/1 Zendaya. 9/6 venus in leo.9/9 mars in leo. 9/21 wedding JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette. 10/23 OJ (orange 33) Simpson trial with Robert Kardashian and jesuit Johnny Cochran.
media ritual death Tupac Shakur (=caput head, Capote, twins John and Robert, William and Harry) makes Killuminati, 7 day-theory in 7 days. After a boxing match hosted by Don King (dk-411 curse cain), leaving the Luxor temple in Las Vegas, he is shot and dies on friday 9/13, date crash Grace Kelly and Biggie album 'Ready to Die', at age 25 (2+5=7), 7 days after being shot, 7 months after All Eyez On Me. 9/13 is the birthday of Cesar Borgia (family who founded the jesuits) who Machivalli praised, seen by Nietzsche as the Uebermensch antichrist. Machiavelli died 6/21 = bday prince William. song Me and My Girlfriend=Bonnie and Clyde (Faye Dunaway mother Alice Fay Williams) 10/3 venus in virgo, 10/29 venus in libra, 10/30 mars in virgo
11/1 Romeo + Juliet, the ram LeonarDo di Caprio 11/11 rosicrucian symbolism of Bacon, announcing death of Diana and Dodi, Claire Catherine Danes 4/12 like child Polanski
11/22 venus in scorpio (33y after jfk) Star Trek: First Contact. Tycho lunar crater like 2001.(11/27 101 Dalmatians wedding Joely Richardson 1/9 like Catherine, Glenn Close as Wicked Witch pluto in sagittarius, dog star sirius daath 11) 11/30 (first day Ophiuchus) st Andrew day, prince Andrew returns the stone of destiny (Robert the Bruce Stuart bloodline) to Edinburugh, after Edward Plantagenet took it to Westminster Abbey 700y earlier. 12/13 'Mars Attacks' Jack Nicholson the emperor. 12/16 venus in sagitt
(jupiter opening of mouth)nept (stage illusion) in aq. 12/18 Scream postmodernism. set=Jack the Ripper murders Tatum Riley (Sharon Tate) Rose McGowan (Rosemary). 12/19 d Marcello Mastroianni, 12/20 d Carl Sagan (113 days before movie Contact) Beavis and Butthead Do America (12/25 People vs Larry Flint Woody Harrelson as antichrist Larry Flint). 12/29 Dead Man Walking -the moon, Sean Penn as the Hanged Man Christ Susan Sarandon. 12/30 d Jack Nance (Jack Parsons in Eraserhead).

1997 (the 93d year of Aeon of Horus) 1/9 venus in capric. 1/22 Jupiter in Aquarius.2/2 venus in aq.(36 after announcing apollo) 2/4 nr of osiris the judge, OJ Simpson found guilty, families awarded 33 million (33=orange).2/5 mars in retrograde. 2/11 'Triumph' (of the Will) Wu Tang Clan=WTC, ODB as the Hanged Man W=23d path. 2/21 David Lynch Lost Highway OJ Simpson murders, Alice Wakefield=Alice in Wonderland programming, Jayne Mansfield, producer mr Eddy=film producer Dodi Fayed. 2/26 venus in pisces. 3/8 mars back in virgo. 3/9 (Thelema 93) death of 'king' the Notorious B.I.G. in car, in LA like Robert Kennedy, on Wilshire Blvd, like mother of William/Wills, known for wearing Versace who dies a year later. His son was born on 10/29/1996 like Anton LaVey, and Ethel Kennedy (Sean Combs Diddy 11/4 curse of Cain) mother of David Kennedy, born month after Dodi Fayed. Faith Hill= Dodi Fayed, Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde, faith=doctrine of protestantism, Evans name producer Rosemary's Baby) 177 days after Tupac. title of King of NY, movie with Christopher Walken born 3 days after John Major.(Frankenheimer 97 movie George Wallace)
3/13 media ritual UFO sightings over Phoenix (Phoenix lights) 33d parallel.
year 4-5 the Hierophant. 3/22 venus in aries (322 skull and bones comet haley bopp) Pluto in Sagittarius: 3/26 (jfk died 326th day on 33d parallel) members of the Saturn cult Heaven's Gate, (pluto in sagittarius golden gate) wearing Nike shoes, commit suicide in San Diego, near 33d parallel. (trend of silicon lips and silicon breasts). South Park on Comedy Central (CC). 4/5 d Allen Ginsberg, born 2 days after Marilyn Monroe.
4/11 (Anton Lavey) Anaconda reptilian snake eyes from Rosemary's Baby.4/16 venus in taurus
uranus in aq: sudden change revolution, May day ritual Tony Blair socialist victory (Fabian Society of the Massimo family) as the Hierophant (Bilair=Satan, like Linda Blair, red rose symbolism, Cherie Blair, descendant of John Wilkes Booth, assassin of Lincoln) replacing John Major born 3/29, 14 years after Diana's father John Spencer. like end of World War 2 liberation by the red army, the alchemical rubedo reddening stage. band Oasis, project Oasis brave new world, Diana as the new Jackie Onassis/isis.

5/11 A.I. Deep Blue defeats Kasparov in chess (IBM's supercomputer hal of 2001, john dee, Blue Gene= the same blue jinn from the Aladdin stories, chesed jupiter-geburah mars, deus ex machina, man vs machine/god).
5/29 death Jeff Buckley (buck=the ram mars, date of jfk, 216 days left) at pyramid in Memphis (death Osiris in the Rite of Memphis), in wolf river, ladder to heaven wolf star Sirius. album Grace like Grace Kelly. 22 years after father Tim Buckley (Laurel Canyon scene) who died 8 years earlieron date of death Jayne Mansfield. 6/3 venus in cancer 6/21 Ferdinand von Habsburg, last Habsburg (Roman Empire) on Williams 15th birthday (23 june d betty x) 6/26 JK Rowling (Crowley's Moonchild) Harry Potter, (6/27 Face/Off, art pluto in sagittarius the archer, song Over the Rainbow Wizard of Oz mind control).
7/1 death Robert Mitchum, Diana's 36th birthday prince Charles handover ceremony Hong Kong to China, symbolic end of 'British Empire'. Diana visits Tate gallery for 100th anniversary, about to become the new Sharon Tate (Playboy issue with Tate called the Tate Gallery). 7/2 d James Stewart (Scottish Robert the Bruce bloodline, Rear Window with Grace Kelly).
Diana spends summer in St Tropez, photographed as the Star Venus in Pisces, desire for the inscrutable.

6/19 mars in libra
7/2 Men In Black the jesuits, Will Smith, william and henry, about first alien contact in 61. (7/4 Mars pathfinder directed by Parsons jpl, archetype Horus). 7/11 Contact Jodie Foster, project Diana, VLA New Mexico (atom bomb, portal parsons), Matthew McConaughey, Carl Sagan born 11/9. (dropping bomb bockscar 77). 5/14 LA Confidential Kevin Spacey Kim Basinger as Veronica Lake lookalike, Diana island Lady of the Lake binah. us release 9/19.
7/15 Versace killed by Andrew Philip (prince Andrew/Philip), born 31 aug 1969, date of death Diana, dead on neptunalia july 23 (logo medusa ceres). He is cremated on 7/17, 50th birtday of Diana's nemesis Camilla Parker =central park (50 nr of nun, death card nr 13) born in 47, diana would die 47 days after Versace. present at big ceremony in Milan july 22, 16y before prince George, 40 days before her own death, 44 nr of the phoenix. (7/21 leo Morrissey Alma Matters hidden hand 2nd veil, Alma tunnel) 7/23 venus in virgo
8/2 d William Lee Burroughs (Sgt Pepper's cover next to Marilyn Monroe). 8/10 picture kiss with Dodi Fayed= Lafayette Ron Hubbard Babalon working with jparsons, date opening louvre (kiss of death scorpio, the prince of cups, 81 nr of Alim, hecate, jfk monalisa 1/8), Kylie Jenner. 8/13 dead body found of 'Carol Park' who went missing july 17 76, Camilla Parker's 29th birthday, named Lady in the Lake (book by Raymond Chandler who also wrote the script of the Blue Dahlia with Veronica Lake, famous movie released 9 days after murder of Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short in 1947), story of Laura Palmer, I Know What You Did Last Summer. 8/14 mars in scorpio
8/17 venus in libra. 8/22 Event Horizon, Sam Neill as William Weir, Laurence Fishburne born 29 days after Diana. Radiohead Karma Police announcign crash Diana.

Car crash (cc=33) of Diana Spencer and Dodi Fayed media ritual, Dodi Fayed of Egyptian Akhenaton bloodline, born on date of sinking Titanic. 300 years after publishing Sleeping Beauty in 1697, 33 years and 23 weeks after jk ritual, August 31 (31 path of Aeon judgement-judgement day) 100 years after first wedding Rose Kelly with Frederick Skerrit, moonless night (virgin moon, Diana worshipped on august 13) as a sacrifice to moon goddess Diana (red rose, queen of hearts) the Star path from 9 to 7. She was photographed in an elevator of the Ritz hotel (mirror of Alice going to Wonderland). Her black Mercedes drove past Place de la Concorde with obelisk of Luxor, close to Arc de Triomphe, opened on the date of her wedding, gate to Elysium. She was chased by paparazzi (Diana the hunter) in the Alma tunnel in Paris, her car crashed at the 13th pillar, nr of Death card.

Alma tunnel near the Eiffel tower, field of Mars, similar to LaVey's victims Mansfield and Monroe. Aug 31 is the date of Bergman's Persona movie about Alma, predictive programming in Terminator 2, 2 days after Judgement Day, day before death Louis xiv (9/1) that started the Age of Enlightenment. 8/31=221 days left, Mary Ann Nichols who was killed on 8/31 was born 22/1 (3y 23 weeks after Naked Gun 33 with Anna Nicole Smith). (Dodi Fayed born on 4/15, Roman festival Fordicidia sacrifice of pregnant cow or pig to mother earth, birthdate aunt Em, Crowley's book about sodomy rituals in Paris Book 415). He was age 42, nr of going over the rainbow.
deaths Jayne Mansfield-Grace Kelly- Diana 15 years intervals, 15 years before 2012 Olympic phoenix ritual.
Lawyer of Fayed: Michael Mansfield (referring to Jayne Mansfield, 1 december birthday Crowley).
31 genesis 3:1, Binah divine mother 3 in one who creates through Daath. Jim Morisson of The Doors died on july 3 in paris, like driver Henri Paul (paul mccartney). Alma=Alamantra workings to evoke lam (71), seen as a gateway (hebrew word alm=silence). Pont del'Alma bridge 42 m wide, inaugrated 4/2 by Napoleon the 3d, born 4/20 and dead on 1/9 birthdate of Catherine. Aima is the title of Binah (Saturn, Diana most photographed woman in world, magic mirror of evil queen). Alma passage=Elm street, river/ladder of the soul. The Alma tunnel was built on underground temple of Diana, Paris was built by her ancestors, the Merovingians, aligned with constellation Virgo, the Paris meridian, Argo, Rosslyn, considered as bridge, a river of souls, ladder to heaven. memorial with torch of the Lightbringer on black pentagram black star like Statue of Liberty.
being hunted by paparazzi as Diana the huntress archer Sagittarius the Golden Gate. Almah young girl, weeping/bleeding virgin of virgo, the Scarlett Woman sacrificed for the Hierophant, the bull of Taurus.

Diana's friend jesuit trained mother Theresa dies 6 days later on 9/5.(Therese Terry is Rosemary's twin in Rosemary's Baby, Maria Therese name second wife Crowley, first wife Rose Kelly first marriage 8/31/1897, 100y before death Diana).
Funeral 9/6 (day of death McKinley killed by Leon Czolgosz, 29 october like Anton Lavey), song Candle in the wind, white rose, eternal flame. Elton John and Bernard Tapinrework Candle in the Wind (lucifer torch, on album released in 1973 year of opening twin towers, produced by jesuit trained fifth Beatle George Martin, The Beatles linked to Revelation 911)
best selling music single in UK ever, originaly written for Marilyn Monroe who also died age 36. buried at a pet cemetary on island (dog star Sirius, swan Cygnus). white rose symbolism in the memorial at Mohammed Al Fayed Harrott's with vesica pisces, vulva of mother goddess. 9/7 d Mobutu black king age 66, flag of Zaire torch of Lucifer, heart of Africa.

911 venus (pentagram) in scorpio Boogie Nights (007)=Biggie, the Star about Wonderland murders on 7/1 Diana's birthday, John Holmes, pentagram Alhim. Alice/Sophia/Diana fallen into dreamworld. 9/22 Elton John (date Biggie related King of New York) the Big Picture (macroprosopus) 'Something about the Way (the dao) You Look Tonight' b-side to Candle in the Wind.
day after 911 The Game (White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland) 9/25 (97 days left)(nept stage illusion in aq) verse Now I See (nwo) Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta-Jones (also played in Titanic) born on 9/25, 25 years later. 2 brothers Conradt (conradt veidt joker clown, Conrad Hilton died in 79). birthday october 12, like Crowley. fall of the fool , tower card. 9/28 mars in sagitt 10/8 venus in sagitt. 10/12 d John Denver (dan)
10/17 The Devils Advocate rosemarys baby story. Al Pacino Keanu Reeves Charlize Theron=Therion the beast. Wilde Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde (gay agenda).

10/29 date of Rosemarys Baby 2, death Anton Lavey (Leviathan beast from the sea), born 411 curse of Cain like Ethel Kennedy, 31y after founding Church of Satan in 1966, handler of Jayne Mansfield who died in car crash 30 years earlier, wife named Diane Hecate (=Hargitay) born 7/10=7/1. 11/14 (bday Charles) Anastasia,(=satan) poster with Eiffel tower Paris. Lavey like Lucille Laverne queen who put Snow White to sleep. 11/5 venus in capric. 11/8 mars in capric 11/17 Perfect Day rereleased name of novel of Ira Levin. 11/22 (date of jfk) Michael Hutchence, in excess. Hutch character in Rosemarys Baby not allowed on boat of kennedy. funeral with Nick Cave (wild rose).(Alien Resurrection, new race dna of head osiris). 12/16 Eminem Slim Shady ep, Two of Us, about killing wife (jan 9 like catherine) and putting her in trunk of car, referring to Bonnie and Clyde movie 30 years earlier 13 august.(1 dec crowley Heath high school shooting, Joker alter ego Heath Ledger) 12/11 venus in aq. 12/18 mars in aq

12/19 James Cameron Titanic movie Leonardo di (Dodi) Caprio (Teitan, has in Greek the numerical value of 666) Kate Winslet sinking Titanic the Tower destruction of false king ego. Crowley married Rose Edith Kelly to save her from arranged marriage on aug 12, highest point of Sirius. descend to the Qlippoth, 9th circle of hell where Lucifer is stuck in ice. to be liberated from the ego by lucifer, son of dawn, son of the morning, find the heart of the ocean, the philosophers stone. song by Celine Dion/Dian, Diana will be reborn as Kate. day of death Sara Northrup Hollister, involved with Crowley, Jack Parsons and Lafayette (=Fayed) Ron Hubbard's 'Dianetics'. James Cameron linkin Dodi Fayed (april 15 like sinking of Titanic) to the Diana car crash ritual. (Celine Dion born 3/30 like trevor reese jones) same day Open Your Eyes.

12/25 Jackie Brown Samuel Jackson Pam Grier (black Jackie Kennedy, JFK Pan Am, driver William Greer, mall Harrott's innocent victims) Robert Forster. Ordell putting beaumont in trunk carbox, set putting osiris in box, Beaumont like Kathryn Beaumont Alice in Wonderland, Chris tucker 8/31 like death Diana, del Amo mall =Alma tunnel Paris. 12/31 d Michael Kennedy, brother of David, skiing accident.

1998 1/9 venus in capric. Sonny Bono (mind controlled with Hubbard's Scientology) skiing accident 6 days after skiing accident of Michael Kennedy. 1/17 Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal (Diana moon whore of Babylon, Rosemarys Baby written by Ira Levin) Kenneth Star, Kennedy the Star 7/21 (leo-lust).(1/22 sentencing John Kaczinski=John Kennedy and Harvey Lee in one, lived in Lincoln- Unabomber, abomination) 1/25 mars in pisces, 2/5 Jupiter in Pisces
Neptune in Aquarius. generation of technology internet, cell phones, new age spirituality gnosticism

2/27 Dark City John Murdock (John Oannes Marduk, Rufus Sewell 29 oct Anton LaVey, Jennifer Connelly, date John Connally) gnostic theme of Archons =the Strangers (Stranger in a Strange Land, michael valentine smith), Greys with hive mind. john murdoch like Neo is an anomaly with ability to break through the wall. Shell Beach poster at wall on edge of the city, memory as amnesia wall, Emma as Neit, lady of the horizon, goddess of death and rebirth.
3/4 venus in aq mars in aries (3/6 The Big Lebowski Arthur Grail story, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore search for Bunny (Alice in Wonderland) 3/13 di Caprio after titanic, Man in Iron Mask Louis XIV, born 9/1.

year 4-6 the Lovers. 4/3 after moon goddess died in paris child Michael Jackson Paris Jackson. 6 days later Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota (Rosemary's Baby). 4/6 venus in pisces. 4/12 mars in taurus day of unveiling black pyramid memorial of Diana and Dodi, birth of Roman Polanski's son Elvis. 4/15 death Pol Pot in Cambodia.
4/23 d James Earl Ray, assassin of MLK (cain who killed abel).
book 'Atomised by Michel Houellebecq about new genetically engineered transhuman race they envision of creating at cern. 5/3 venus in aries, 5/14 death Frank Sinatra. 5/23 mars in gemini, 5/29 venus in taurus
6/1 (Marilyn Monroe) The Truman Show Jim Carrey (Crowleyan idea everybody is a star, Truman like president Harry Truman, Truman Capote) Ed Harris. 6/9 Saturn in Taurus 6/24 venus in gemini

7/1 (Diana) Armageddon (battle end times) Bruce Willis Liv Tyler (also 7/1) as Grace, journey to core of earth (Pluto crash) in sagittarius (after Deep Impact 5/5). 7/4 (date Die Hard 2) Mali Ann Obama's daughter. 7/6 mars in cancer (the chariot), 7/19 venus in cancer

7/24 Steven Spielberg Saving Private Ryan ram mars horus d-day 6-6 44 (day of d Robert Kennedy, the Omen, journey to inner earth to find Matt Damon=damian, holy guardian angel Daemon to find true will, leading adept to the bridge abyss), sacrifice on beach Normandy (=Cast Away), letter Lincoln. realism found footage documentary style. team of six (=Oceanic six, seal team six Osama Neptune Spear)=full metal jacket, crossing abyss to find the lamb, i am. Matt Damon Maat the Daemon, the Shadow. Tom Hanks in movies with Meg Ryan, nazi Charles Lindbergh pilot of Ryan airlines, Normandy, Norman Schwarzkopf. 8/13 venus in leo, saturn in retrograde, 8/20 mars in leo
8/21 Blade (Saturn in Taurus) Wesley Snipes prince of swords, with Shannon Lee, sister of Brandon Lee, vampire movie like Sharon Tate, adjustment, red eyes of taurus the Omen, gnostic theme underworld. 9/19 car crash Diana's sister in law Susan Barrantes, age 61, mother of Sara Ferguson of york, decapitated, born 6/9 like the omen.
Neptune= omniscience in aq=technology.

9/4 Google is founded by Stanford Research Institute students gemini Larry Page and Sergei Brin (Gog oeuil, the eye of Gog, goggles, goggly eyes of 007 John Dee central intelligence spy, Tubalcain ruling gemini), myth of humble beginnings in garage at Menlo Park like Steve Jobs. man as god- big brother technology twins gemini, students of Stanford San Francisco, known for mind control, sodomy and satanism, registered 9/15 date of prince Harry, one of the twin brothers, first employee named Silverstein like owner Twin Towers.(Omnicomp in This Perfect Day, Omnicom in The Truman Show) Eric Shmidt smith 007 tubalcain, born 12 days after Diana's lover Dodi Fayed. Yahweh=>Yahoo. 9/13 death George Wallace, 2 years after Tupac. 9/16 venus in virgo. 9/30 venus in libra. 10/7 mars in virgo, 10/24 venus in scorpio, 10/25 Saturn in Aries.

10/30 American History X Edward Norton (born 8/18 like Polanski swastika like Charles Manson) Edward Furlong. 11/3 d Bob Kane (Batman) 11/ 17 venus in sagitt. 11/27 mars in libra, 12/11 venus in capric. 12/29 Seamus Liam (damien).

1999 Introduction of the Euro. Rockefeller's Standard Oil becomes Exxon Mobile. 1/2 d Jolyon West. 1/4 venus in aq, 1/26 mars in scorpio, 1/28 venus in pisces. 2/13 Jupiter in Aries. 2/21 venus in aries. 2/23 Eminem 'Slim Shady lp' (Dirty Dozen= movie of John Cassavetes Rosemarys Baby), rainbow bridge pisces ruled by neptune, dumping body in the sea. 2/25 d Glen Seaborg who worked on atomic bomb.
3/7 Stanley Kubrick dies on 66th day, 666 days before first day of 2001, 666 days after 5/11/1997 when A.I. computer Deep Blue defeated Kasparov, 6 days after final cut eyes wide shut.same day d sydney gottlieb of mk ultra research. 3/8 Monroe's husband Joe Di Maggio (date lonely hearts killer).
Saturn in taurus (30 y after 69 nr of cancer, manson cult of death)= seven of disks failure
3/18 mars in retrograde , venus in taurus (/19 conj saturn), merc in pisces
year 4-7 the Chariot.
3/31 (3x31=93, nr of thelema, date Brandon Lee) venus square uranus The Matrix is released Wachowsky brothers (silver gate gemini door to the matrix) Keanu Reeves (rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland) blueprint of post 911 conspiracy culture.
4/2 A Walk on the Moon 69 keystone diana (cancer ruled by moon). 4/4 d Faith Domergue (played Columba). 4/12 venus in gemini. 4/17 merc in aries
4/20,110th day, 110 years after bday of Hitler Columbine High School massacre as media ritual, Taurus ruled by Venus, the columb, the dove; Littleton=Middleton catherine-Eric Harris born on 99th day, 99 explosive devices on 11:19. Dylan Klebold born 911 (dk=411, David Kennedy cain). announced in Natural Born Killers (Harrelson, John and Robert= William and Harry). media ritual with Marilyn Manson (Columbina, lover of Harlequino on Adjustment card). 4/23 ExistenZ (another gnostic movie David Cronenberg (videodrome) Jude Law Jennifer Leigh, VR computer games.5/5 mars in libra, 5/8 venus in cancer. 5/16 d George Hill Hodel jr, who supposedly killed elizabeth short, the black dahlia. 5/17 moon in cancer
5/19 Star Wars Phantom Menace (new trilogy iao, planet naboo-enki) Liam Neeson Ewan McGregor boy harpocrates Jake Lloyd (kd) like jackie- Danny Lloyd, baby of Pan, Natalie Portman born month before wedding Diana, will play Jackie Kennedy (amidala amigdala red eye taurus) senator Palpatine elector palatine Frederick V. 5/19 (dae wedding harry) The Virgin Suicides virgin athena adjustment columbia. Manson family Kirsten Dunst Sophia falling into dream world, people falling off twin towers virgo september (furrow, the virgo), James Woods. 6/5 venus in leo
6/11 'Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me' dr Evil saturn in taurus. 6/12 Tarzan, Pans baby beast man. Minnie Driver (like Minnie Casavetes). 6/19, date of marriage Marilyn Monroe, marriage prince Edward and Sophie Rhys Jones, (name daughter Frederick V) fall of Sophia, name like Diana's bodyguard Trevor Reese Jones, 1/24 like Sharon Tate, mother Diana, descendant of king Henry 4, 4/15 like Dodi Fayed)
6/29 Slipknot. South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut mocking of Saddam Hussein, 7/5 mars back in scorpio (7/9 american pie)
7/12 venus in virgo, mercury in retrograde- 7/14 Blair Witch Project (bilar, like Linda Blair) forest wicked witch Elly Kedward =John Dee's partner Edward Kelley (after death de Kelley, actor in Star Trek). 88 portal, eight children and girl dissapeared in 1888. found footage like Cannibal (caliban) Holocaust.
7/16 date of nuclear test trinity site JFK Jr plane crash,(Pluto the Daemon) Carolyn Bessett age 33, born 1/7 (d henry frederick), diana 7/1. Martha's vineyard, the garden. Eyes Wide Shut shut summer solstice ritual Somerton Tom Cruise in Rothchild mansion, Alice in Wonderland and over the rainbow Wizard of Oz symbolism). Glen Cove place of CIA psyop 'channeling of the Nine' of Andrija Puharich, home of Robert Kennedy. Nicole Kidman Frances Kydd mother Diana. 7/29 venus in retrograde (9/28 Blackout Redman and Method Man)
8/2 The Sixth Sense' Bruce Willis dr Malcolm Crowe (Crowley) Haley Lee Osment=Harvey Lee Oswald anitichrist.venus back in leo. 8/25 Roman Polanski connected to aug 9 murders revelation 911, The Ninth sun logo jesuits 9/2 mars in sagitt. 9/10 Fight Club Brad Pitt Edward Norton collapse twin towers multiple personality disorder.
9/ 8 American Beauty (normalising pedophilia) Kevin Spacey osiris reborn through the rose, Mena Suvari as the whore of Babylon of Metropolis Wes Bentley.10/7 venus in virgo 10/ 8 Random Hearts (art) by Sydney Pollack, Harrison Ford as William=Bill Harford. diana as kay spencer chandler, daughter Kate. Same day the Limey, similar to Mulholland Drive (81 nr of Alim) 10/16 mars in capric , 10/24 jp back in aries
10/29 (2 years after death Anton LaVey) Being John Malkovich. after Lester Burnham, dr Lester Lestercorp (cover Sgt Peppers with Aleister Crowley. rabbit hole virtual reality Videodrome John Malkovich date of John Cassavetes. John Cusack date Rosemarys Baby 66,  splitting the godhead, head of Osiris/john the baptist, hive mind, access to subconscious, dropped off at New Jersey turnpike as gate of New Jerusalem, Multiple Personality Disorder, nazi practice of twinning cloning mind control, produced by Michael Stipe (man on the moon friend of Cobain). Catherine Keener Cameron Diaz personality swap like Vanilla Sky. 11/8 venus in libra
11/16 End of Days antichrist, Peter Hyams who directed the sequel to Kubrick's 2001, born the same date, 666 days before 2001, with Arnold Schwarzenegger who predicted 911 in Terminator 2. 11/26 mars in aq, the World Is Not Enough, the world Sophie Morceau elektra, end of millenium, end of great work. 12/5 venus in scorpio
12/17 Magnolia (Thomas Anderson, name of Neo in The Matrix) Tom Cruise ra hoor khuit (end new year) Julianne Moore Jason Robards as dying god Osiris-date Stanley Kubrick
12/22 Man on the Moon, Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman, MNM like the Eminem Show REM theme song, rem sleep driven clones, chimpansee Andi cloned 2000, inserted dna, alters) everything fake/hoax. Also Sprach Zarathustra Nietzschean uebermensch 2001 moonchild. 12/30 venus in sagitt
Y2K Millenium bug media hype (khepri beetle).

the 2000's