the 80's



1980 2/19 Bon Scott AC/DC, born 3 days after George W Bush, dies age 33 (207 days after Highway to Hell). 2/27 Chelsea Clinton, daughter Bill and Hilary Clinton. 3/13 conviction John Wayne Gacy killer joker/clown, for 33 murders. Batman the Scottish connection Rosslyn. jesuit trained Pierre Trudeau pm of Canada.
year 3-10 Wheel of Fortune.
4/30 Beatrix crowned as queen of the Netherlands, Knight of Malta. 5/3 mars in virgo. 5/15 the Great Rock n Roll Swindle, Sid Vicious version of My Way of Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra (girlfriend Nancy like his daughter) shooting at the audience, imitating scene of Sinatra's the Manchurian Candidate (drummer Paul Cook 7/20, date James Holmes ritual). 5/21 The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker on the Wheel of Fortune- Billy Dee Williams as Lando, betrays Harrison Ford. Darth Vader, hand cut off, like hand cut in The Shining.
5/23 Stanley Kubrick The Shining Jack Nicholson Danny (holy grail, Tribe of Dan bloodline, Antichrist child of the Omen), family with satanic ritual abuse Monarch programming, predictive programming of John Lennon at Dakota building of Rosemarys Baby. 6/1 (Marilyn Monroe) founding of CNN by Ted Turner.
6/5 venus in gemini 6/20 The Blue Lagoon (Brooke Shields linked to Dodi Fayed) Leo McKern the Omen, Adam and Eve discover forbidden side of the island=John Cassavetes in The Tempest 1982. 6/21 (summer solstice, 2 years before William), marriage Michael and Carol Middleton. 7/18 Kristen Bell. (after death Bon Scott, 7/25 ACDC Back in Black, black album day first Manson murder-Lennon's White Album revelation 9). 8/26 (frederick v) Macaulay Culkin. 9/2 Dead Kennedys dk 411 album San Francisco.
9/9 Michelle Williams in Montana, like The Shining. 9/19 Melvin and Howard (about Howard Hughes) Paul Lemat=Jake Lamotta, the fool. 9/20 Ozzy Ozbourne Mr Crowley 9/21 Saturn in Libra (queen of swords, 3 of swords -sorrow). 9/25 T.I. uranus (freak) in scorpio: 10/2 The Elephant Man David Lynch John Hurt Anthony Hopkins.
10/12 mars in sagitt 10/21 Kim Kardashian. 10/28 Jupiter in Libra. 10/29 Jayne Mansfield Story, Arnold Schwarzenegger, date of death Anton LaVey. 11/12 Ryan Gosling.
11/14 32nd bday prince Charles, Raging Bull Martin Scorcese, Robert de Niro, alchemical marriage beauty and beast, Christ and Satan, conscious ego and female subconscious, sun god Horus Montu-ra, Cathy (Catherine=hecate) Moriarty 11/29 like mother Obama. Jake Lamotta=Jack Parsons, Jack Torrence, John Lennon, Yod Lamed. Vicki Lamotta 1/23 like Mariska Hargitay/Mansfield. (9/25 d John Bonham drummer Led Zeppelin, known as the Beast like Crowley)
11/1 Michelle Remembers, disinfo about satanic ritual abuse, husband Lawrence Pazder (McGill university of Donald Hebb and Ewen Cameron) born 4/30, date founding of Church Satan.
11/7 death Steve McQueen (911 Sharon Tate ritual). 11/17 date Ira Levin's Perfect Day, John Lennon and Yoko Ono Double Fantasy kiss of death-life.

11/19 date Manson would die, movie Heaven's Gate (the magician on the Lovers card revelation 911 portal, Dakota entrance), a planned office box bomb, leading to the financial collapse of the studio United Artists, Hollywood abolishes director-driven film production and moves towards total studio control. 11/22 date of JFK ritual and The Beatles White Album, death Mary Jane Mae West, Babalon archetype, next to Crowley on The Beatles album sgt Pepper, born in 1893, date Robert de Niro (11/22 also date of death Aldous Huxley, the face below her). 12/3 death Oswald Mosley. 12/5 Flash Gordon Ming lam based on Crowley and Anton LaVey.

12/8 (=20 Judgement shin Aeon, day 342, 199 days after the shining) John Lennon assassination ritual (age 40, nr of mem the Hanged Man), day birth Mary queen of Scots, decapited like John the Baptist (9th degree, close to 9th avenue). Saturn Queen of Swords Libra, at entrance Dakota (dk 411) building of Rosemary's Baby with John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow in a scene with a death near a Volkswagen beetle. (1980=33y after death Crowley)
killed by Mark David Chapman born 5 days before David Kennedy in 1955, who moved to NY in 1979, month after Dodi Fayed on 5/10, 100y after Yukteswar Giri, died age 80 left of Crowley on Peppers cover. Chapman's dominant planet is Pluto like Nicholson, MDC roman numerals 1600, Chapman name of housekeeper who found Sharon Tate on aug 9 (name playwright of wedding Frederick V). Dakota entrance with 2 torches: rituals for Hecate given at crossroads, entrances at sacred sites, doorways to private homes and any other sort of boundary or threshold - known as 'the supper of Hecate'. (Central Park green man Osiris- Oz, where Crowley performed Amalantrah working). The entrance represents the Moon card.
Yoko Ono as modern Mary born 2/18/1933, 19 days after Hitler became chancellor in 33, 60 days before Jayne Mansfield, 182 (=12/8) days before Polanski. Ono=oto. One of the four chief demons in the Apocryphon of john: Yoko, associated with desire. Lennon was 33 in 1973 when Twin Towers were opened. Dakota 72nd street, 72 demons key of Solomon, Willliam born day 172.
Lennon was associated with Apple records, Chapman born after Steve Jobs (Apple). Chapman was mind controlled with Catcher in the Rye of Jerome David Salinger (JD John Dee, red work reddening integration shadow). Catcher in the Rye was published 7/16 (EWS, d JFK jr). Salinger died 47 y, after death John Farrow. he would die in 2010, on the day Steve Jobs of Apple presents the I-pad. in book main character Holden (=William Holden the Omen) mentions that he has a friend named Paul Campbell, Paul was replaced by Will Campbell. Jungian psychology shadow side used in mind control, red book of Jung also in The Shining, above John Lennon on Sgt Peppers.

12/18 Christina Aguilera
12/19 The Mirror Cracked (splitting of the mind, mind control symbolism, pluto in libra cracking open repressed) with Disney actrice Angela Lansbury (The Manchurian Candidate, killing mirror alter, Angela like Angela Dorian-Victoria Vetri in RB) Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who Chapman also considered killing as Mary queen of Scots, decapitated like John the Baptist on 12/8. 12/31 d Raoul Walsh (in Sadie thompson with Gloria Swanson, and John Wilkes Booth in Birth of a Nation).

1981 (81 nr of Alim, witchcraft) 1/3 d princess Alice Mary (looking glass, Alice in Wonderland released 10 days after Catcher in the Rye) grandchild Victoria, age 97 and 313 days. 1/4 Alicia Garza (BLM). 1/10, 33 days after d John Lennon, Jared Corey Kushner (son-in-law of Antichrist figure Donald Trump) dk=411 (jc damien the omen, 69 days before the Omen 3, Jared in Labyrinth with crack mirror). 1/20 Hollywood actor Knight of Malta Ronald Wilson Reagan age 69, replaces Jimmy Carter, sworn in as 40th president after Iranian hostages are released after 444days, 33d governor of California, actor who worked with John Cassavetes, Million Dollar baby=Rosemarys Baby Will. George H Walker Bush as vicepresident, 6/12 date of Rosemarys Baby, Skull and Bones member. 1/25 Alicia Keys. 1/28 Elijah Wood. 1/31 Justin Timberlake. 2/4 venus in aq (2/6 bday of Eva Braun, Charles proposes to Diana, official on 2/24. 2/17 Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Paris Hilton. 3/13 The Howling remote mountain area Dee Wallace, tagline 'imagine'.

year 3-11 Lust (Beast Therion east and Babalon west) 3/20 The Omen 3 (date Barron Trump, Skull and Bones 32) Sam Neill (John Neill=John Lennon) born on 14/9, JFK killed on 149th day. 3/30 fake assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan in front of Washington Hilton Hotel, by John Hinckley jr, (John H like John Holmes) born 5/29 like JFK, also programmed with 'Catcher in the Rye', 19 days after Mark David Chapman, through mind control obsessed with Jodie Foster in 'Taxi driver'. lawyer Georgetown jesuit Edward Bennett. James Brady shot, 81 year of birth Meghan Markle, so James Brady will die on her birthday 8/4, 33y later. 3/13 Watching the Wheels (72nd day, Dakota 72nd street, William born day 172, wheel of fortune blue sphinx) Yoko Ono as witch.
3/24 venus in aries (roman) 4/9 (date of Lea Hirsig Babalon) 'Tess' Polanski's new sex slave Natassja Kinski as new Sharon Tate, Satan's kin. 4/10 Excalibur king Arthur grail story Liam Neeson, announces birth of new king Arthur. Nicol Williamson as Merlin (the Lovers).
5/ 11 d Bob Marley, age 36 like Diana will die age 36. MK ultra Washington controlled Punk rock (Ian MacKaye father at murder JFK, Osiris x pose, Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl,...),

5/13 assassination attempt pope John Paul II at St Peter's Basilica (cup of Babalon blood of saints) by member of Grey Wolves (turkey), mimicing the JFK ritual (lone wolf assassin), warned by de Marenches (Order of Malta).
5/15 Zara Philips, daughter Anne and Mark Philips- 'Chariots of fire' Dodi Fayed movie olympic torch symbol with Ian Holm (announcing Holmes murder).(5/21 Mitterand first socialist-red president France) 6/12 (Rosemary's Baby) 'Seasons of glass' (broken glass split mind symbolism) Yoko Ono, Lennons glasses, the Star. Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harri-son Ford as In-diana jones (based on Otto Rahn, grail quest in south France). 7/29 (date death Jayne Mansfield) Wonderland gang (Alice in Wonderland programming) home invasion of Eddie Nash (would die aug 9 like Manson murders) 7/1 (20st birthday Diana) Wonderland gang murders Laurel Canyon (where mind control projects took place to program Charles Manson). Porn star John C Holmes (comet Holmes associated with end times, ALHM=81, Mansfield's pink palace in Holmby Hills, 81 alhim) born 8/8 date funeral Marilyn Monroe.
wolf movies American Werewolf, Wolfen (diane verona), the Howling,..
saturn in libra (queen of swords) 7/10 (date of Anton Laveys wife Diane Hegarte/Hecate) Time Bandits 19 days before Diana's wedding. 'Escape from New York' with Disney actor Kurt Russell, Isis decapitated like John the Baptist, torch Statue of Liberty announces the 911 ritual -memorial of death Diana in 1997, Snake Plissken=teth, kundalini river of Eden turning into Pishon, Kurt Russel also in Stargate. same day urban rioting in UK. (murder Adam Walsh born 11/4 like prince Charles, found decapitated like John the Baptist)
(81 nr of the moon witchcraft of Hecate, formula ALIM, Moonchild liber 81, cAMILa) year of publishing Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation, no difference between original and representation (cultural marxism).

7/24 venus in virgo (nine of disks -gain) 7/28 moon in cancer (four of cups luxury). 7/29 moon square pluto (729 Crowleys nr of curse of Satan, Liber 729 Amalantrah Working in NY, birthday of Elizabeth Short, 60 y after day Hitler became Fuhrer nazi party, date David Warner of The Omen, 131 days after the Omen 3, day of solar eclipse, 61 weeks after The Shining) marriage of princess Diana and prince Charles (age 33), the Lovers alchemical marriage sun and moon, Apollo-Diana, Babalon and the Beast.

The Great Work of the Knights Templar and masons was to preserve the Holy Grail, hybrid reptilian bloodline of Tribe of Dan. Like Sharon Tate she is the tet, the womb-Rosemary virgin Mary mother with Satan as father to produce a Christ-Satan child. Diana was of Aryan Merovingian descent, Diana's father was related to jewish bankster family Goldsmith, intermarried with the Rothschilds, (Goldsmith motherside related to Jacob Frank, followers of Antichrist Sabbatai Zvi, Diana sister Yemima Goldsmith married into the Djenghis Kahn bloodline).
The priest of the wedding was Robert Kennedy Runcie (Elizabeth married on Robert Kennedy's 22nd birthday, Robert like Robert the Bruce Scottish Stuart bloodline, Robert Thorn, Robert de Niro,.. ), born 10/2 like Antichrist Jack Parsons. St Pauls cathedral as dome/cup of isis/Babalon, rebuilt after a fire in 1666, year of Sabatai Zvi, near the Globe of Shakespeare and Tate Modern. Paul =Sgt Peppers, Sharon Tate's unborn child was named Paul.
While the Windsor lineage was known to be of lesser Cainite stock, having taken a turn toward the Germanic nobility (Charles of German Saxe- Coburg Gothia bloodline), Princess Diana's lineage was more of a straighter line traced back to the Merovingian Kings, the Knights Templar's link between 'the [Satanic] Christ lineage' and European Royalty, the Habsburgs, Plantagenets, Sinclairs, and Stuarts. Her 'divine womb' would bring forth a powerful Merovingian King back into the world to rule over the United Kingdom and ultimately the world, via a young, wealthy, charismatic and beloved 'Son of the Dragon' of whom Satan could deceive the world with. The British Throne, according to the dark powers behind it, must have as its Royal Monarch, a more rightful heir descendant of Cain, not Christ.
The German Battenbergs (name Windsor to sound more English) needed a 'Virgin of the Merovingian Bloodline' to marry into, to finally legitimize their long-held dominance and authority, claim of being descendants of Crusader Godfrey de Bouillon, who was given the honor of the Kingdom and declared King of Jerusalem in 1099 (Rev 911), as well as creating a unique 'Christ [Antichrist] descendant' from such a union of their draconic lineages that would legitimize their grasp on the 'Zionist' British Monarchy in the 21st century, and beyond. The Holy Grail, the receptor of not Christ's, but Cain's "Holy" Blood, as embodiment of 'the Divine Feminine', an occult code phrase for Lucifer (considered as the most beautiful one of God's Sons), was seen as an ancient Crown of fallen angel Lucifer, a literal emerald-laden artifact that fell to earth with him, and has been missing ever since. They believe that once this 'Grail' is found, the feminine balance to God's masculine force, would be put in check, leaving the Universe in a supposed harmony. Once Lucifer re-established as the King of the World, an Age of Aquarius, also known as the New Age would immediately ensue (announced by CIA counterculture).
Diana wore a sapphire ring (beloved of Saturn, royal sky blue, blue eyes blue blood also given to Akhenaton).

81 nr of moon so 8/1 81 Mtv  (Columbia who staged the moon landing ritual) (moon-mason tv, simulation)man on the moon apollo mission revelation 911 apollyon, first video Video killed the radio star (the star). 6 days after wedding diana: 8/4 Barack Obama's 20th birthday, birth Rachel (name tribe of Dan antichrist prophecy) Meghan Markle, Diana's replacement, 216thday, 216 nr of geburah mars (=Reagan Ronald), moon in libra, female counterpart to Megatherion the great Beast. 8/7 stroke Pedro Arrupe Rome airport.
8/12 IBM first Personal Computer. 8/26 Voyager 2 (jpl) discovery of Saturn's hexagon. 8/28 Body Heat William Hurt imitating Rosemary's Baby cover. 9/4 Beyonce Knowles (camilla bowles), father 9/1 like Catherine. 9/11 Full Circle Mia Farrow (Rosemarys Baby about Revelation 911) and Keir Dullea (2001 ASO). 10/5 assassination Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. 10/30 Looker (lust) with Eloise Hardt, birth Ivanka Trump. 11/5 venus in capric 11/12 death William Holden (Omen 2) date Charles Manson name antichrist William.
nov uranus in sagittarius (last time 1904 beginning of aeon PKD VALIS) 11/27 Jupiter in Scorpio (death mem)
11/29 (333d day, 123 days after wedding diana, 29thbday of mother obama) drowning Nathalie Wood (Alim, lyvtn, nuith hadit nuit) age 43 (rosemarys last name woodhouse-daughter ruth gordon as godmother). born 7/20 hitler plot. 12/2 Britney Spears (after Barbara Pierce Bush). Jane Fonda as whore of babylon, VCR and gym trend (mass mind control). 12/8 venus in aq. dec 15 mars in libra

1982 1/9 princess Catherine Middleton born on lunar eclipse in Reading, Berkshire.
Michael Jackson as king of pop (son of Katherine Jackson born 23 days after Anton LaVey) 8th child 8th sephira Mercury Hod. 1/13 plane crash near White House, hanged man card hero Arland Dean Williams 9/23 like Reet Jurvetson. 23 days later (15y before her own crash) Diana thrown down a stairs while 3 months pregnant, 2/5 Butterfly heart directed by Matt Cimber ex-husband of Jayne Mansfield, virgin high priestess turned into the empress Monarch butterfly (danaus).
Sony introduces the Compact Disc (cult of Aten).
year 3-12 Hanged Man (christ). 4/2 Cat People Natassja Kinski Malcolm McDowell (mm=33). 4/30 Kirsten Dunst. 5/9 Madonna Express Yourself (David Fincher) as Whore of Babylon in Metropolis (55 years after Metropolis). 5/4 Conan. 5/7 Death Valley, Catherine- jack parsons. 5/23 Pink Floyd the Wall. 5/26 Steven Spielberg ET movie about Moonchild Christ baby (Edward Kelly, Edward Talbot=ET, date Sergeant Peppers, child of the Devil). Henry Thomas born 9/9/1971 day of John Lennon Imagine, based on Rosemarys Baby. Henry like Henry Spencer in Eraserhead also about Jack Parsons homunculus baby.

Under Siege Erika Eleniak as Jordan Tate. Pat Welsch born day 42 like Jane Spencer.chiron the wounded healer, transformation spiritual growth. 5/28 Rocky 3 with mr T.
5/29 death Romy (Rosemarie Magdalena) Shneider, 65 days after Nathalie Wood, also age 43, 23 days before birth William (Rosemary's Baby), born 9/23 like Dean Williams and Reet Jurvetson, known for Sisi=isis. Schneider =cutter Set, like Roy Scheider Hey-wood Floyd. 6/4 Poltergeist (JoBeth 'william's as 'Diane', born 22 days after prince Charles, Craig Nelson born 4/4/44, nr of mass of the phoenix, Heather O'Rourke Horus)+Star Trek Wrath of Khan ('William' Shatner).(6/11 Grease 2 announces crash Grace). 6/17 Roberto Calvi as the Hanged Man, media ritual creating masonic mystery. Excalibur, announces new king Arthur. Falkland war to announce falcon Horus (Iron Lady Margaret Mars Horus).

6/21 moon in Cancer in the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, on 21 June summer soltice solar eclipse, Princess diana gives birth to her and the Prince's first son and heir, William Mountbatten-Spencer during a solar eclipse on summer solstice, on the cusp of Cancer making him a Moonchild (mirror date of Rosemary's Baby, 21/6=216 (6x6x6) 193 days left, 93 nr of Thelema/True Will, king william=120) born under moon in Gemini at 9.03, 93 nr True Will.
Christ was born on winter solstice so the Antichrist would be born on summer solstice. (mixed lineage Draco- Merovingian). book Holy Blood Holy Grail to spread the idea that the Merovingian bloodline are descendants of Christ.

(4 days later Blade Runner, Harrison Ford blade masculine symbol, tower of Metropolis about ai robots, osiris pose, dove, car nr 44 oto logo, story of PKD) Athena owl symbol t, bartender Lloyd of The Shining. 7/9 Disney movie Tron the (north) star, Jeff Bridges. 8/3 mars in scorpio 8/13 The Tempest, John Cassavetes as John Dee (architect taurus) on island with daughter Miranda (sam robards as freddy=frederick) meets Susan Sarandon, 30y before Olympic ritual.

85 days later, 9/14 (9+14=23) car crash Grace Kelly (born 12 nov birthday Charles Manson) in Monaco, date car crash of Crowley's muse Isadora Duncan in Nice, also South of France, Kelly like Crowley's wife Rose Kelly, at a bend known as the Devil's curse. She was known from Alfred Hitchcock movies, who died on date of wedding William and whose wife died 15 days after birth William, named Alma, name of the tunnel Diana would die, 15 y later.

9/27 Lil Wayne =william handler Bryan Birdman (=child Horus) Williams. Launch of the cd-player. 10/1 Helmut Kohl in office, first chancelor of united Germany, new hitler. 11/4 d Dominique Dunne (dd 44, Dana Freeling Poltergeist) age 22, strangled by John Thomas Sweeney. 11/12 birth Anne Hathaway (wife Shakespeare) date birth Grace Kelly and Charles Manson.

11/24 Barack Obama Sr (71 days after Grace, whose first wife was also called Grace, ex husband of Ann Stanley Dunham) dies in a car crash age 46, born 8/16 like Paul McCartney.11/29 Yoko Ono I See Rainbows (Wizard of Oz programming, the star ). 12/3 Gandhi Ben Kingsley Martin Sheen. 12/8 Nicki Minaj. dec Saturn in Scorpio, 12/26 Jupiter in Sagittarius (home)
Mujahedin heroin reaches the Sicilian Mafia via the ’Turkish Gray Wolves, who work in tandem with the Turkish Army’s Counter-Guerrilla Organization, branch of the CIA’S multinational ‘stay behind’ network.

1983 The A-team (Project Artichoke called the A treatment, London crime syndicate of Massimo) Hannibal mr T (Osiris bull Taurus earth) BA word for oversoul in ancient egypt, black bird Barack, John Smith jupiter, Murdock Marduk.(Miami Vice pink princes Tubbs=butt, two masonic pillars black and white) 1/29 venus in pisces 2/4 Videodrome (hanged man) magic mirror of evil queen in Snow White 2/4/1938. David Cronenberg 3/15 like Margaretha von Waldeck inspiration for Snow White. Uranus in sagittarius (innovation in religion): 24 jupiter, Debbie Harry (Harry's mother Diana) as scarlett woman, 7/1 like Diana, pluto in scorpio=lady in red). Marshall McLuhan (jesuit) Medium is the Message (mm=33), technology as god, door to becoming God/Satan. James Woods born 4/18 Liber 418 the vision and the voice, in year 1947 year of death Crowley. Osiris trapped in a box by Set, abduction of Tate/Persephone (pluto in scorpio) 2/14 (Valentine's Day) Michael Jackson Beat It (café of Jim Morrison's Morisson Hotel), 2/21 Mélanie Laurent.
year 3-13 Death.
Pluto in Scorpio (underworld, dark secrets)
4/4 d Gloria Swanson (mistress Joseph Kennedy, played by Diane Venora in the Cotton Club) and Jacqueline Logan. 4/15 (date Dodi Fayed) Flashdance, dance of Scorpio Jennifer Neil.
5/6 saturn in libra.(three of swords sorrow) 5/7 War Games. 5/25 Return of the Jedi. (end of first trilogy Osiris risen) Douglas Trumbull who worked on 2001, Brainstorm feat Christopher Walken, Cybill Shepherd spine Osiris mind control, 2 years after death Nathalie Wood. Cliff Robertson who played JFK. d Roy Radin age 33.
(era fictional Project Montauk). 6/19 Macklemore. 8/14 Mila Kunis. 8/20 Andrew Garfield. 8/24 Saturn in Scorpio. 9/1 d Larry McDonald president of John Birch Society dies Flight 007, nr of John Dee. 9/8 end of dog days, Madonna 'Lucky star', date Sonja Smits.
9/13 Peter Hans Kolvenbach made black pope jesuits. 9/14 Amy Winehouse. 10/5 Jesse Eisenberg. 10/10 d Kurt Debus. 10/19 Michael Aquino of the Church of Satan/Set (osiris killed by set, Nietzschean idea of mindwar) performs rituals in the Hall of the Dead in Himmler's grail castle of Wewelsburg (black sun), associated with the Battle of the Birch east vs west.
11/9 venus in libra Andy Kaufman (jester-joker) terminally ill (year 13 death) 11/14 Michael Jackson Thriller reptilian eyes movie becomes real devil in Rosemarys Baby. 11/20 Future. 11/30 inauguration Trump Tower, Donald Trump (mafia ties Atlantic city, John Cody Gambino, Russian mafia Bogatin, Genovese vincent di Napoli Edward biff Halloran). 12/1 Scarface Al Pacino (horus) Michelle Pfeiffer remake of 1932 Howard Hughes movie april 9, date of wedding Charles and Camilla, bathtub scene like Jayne Mansfield in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter 7/29 like wedding Diana. glorifying immoral criminal gangster lifestyle (Pluto underworld).
12/20 Jonah Hill. 12/28 winter solstice death Dennis Carl Wilson by drowning (The Beach Boys) Christ figure, born in Hawthorne 33d parallel, associated with Laurel Canyon and Charles Manson, at White House 6/12/1983 (Wilson coat of arms wolf, used in Project Bluebird). 12/31 venus apple in sagitt

1984 (42+42, uranus orbit is 84 years, planet of new unconventional ideas, that will rule age of aquarius) 1984 announced constant surveillance through telescreens- Launching of Steve Jobs' Apple Macintosh as commercialised venus Lucifer Lightbringer throwing hammer of father jupiter at screen big brother set, enlightening the masses. Lucifer as Omni (omniscientist, the Lapis Exilis, human becoming all-knowing God).
Neptune (idealism dreams of being rich) in capricorn, age of materialism yuppies, Escobar, Scarface. Neptune stage illusion Zeena LaVey debunking satanic ritual abuse on tv (the Satanic Panic of the 80's).
1/10 mars in scorpio , 1/20 Jupiter in Capricorn (fall)
1/27 Michael Jackson's face is burned. Michael Jordan (nr 23) as the new Osiris bull. 3/9 Splash! Tom Hanks water sign cancer queen of cups like Diana, Daryl Hannah (sagittarius art, heart symbol, as princess of cups) poster with twin towers.
year 3-14 Art (diana the huntress). 4/1 Marvin Gaye age 44 shot by father. mars (empire) in retrograde
4/2 Queen 'I Want to Break Free', (androgynous mercury, cultural marxist sexual lliberation gay trangender agenda).(Tommy Cooper heart attack on tv) 4/16 Claire Foy, 4/25 d David Kennedy, age 28, son of Robert Kennedy, overdose co-cain (nept addiction). Nept in Capricorn: 4/30 d Columbian minister of justice Rodrigo Lara, start of downfall Carlos Lehder and Medellin cartel, (white mercedes). 5/4 death Diana Dors in Windsor (on Crowley Sgt Peppers cover) oct 23 like Meghan McCain, later that year.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sewers underworld transformation Pluto mutated dna. 5/8 In-Diana Jones (Harrison Ford=Diana's son Harry) Temple of Doom thugs worshipping Kali. 5/14 Mark Zuckerberg who will play a role in creating the 1984 society with surveillance company Facebook. 5/16 (taurus ruled by venus- 516 nr of neptune) Prince 'When Doves Cry',d Andy Kaufman (dk). 5/20 Peter Bull (dr Strangelove, the Tempest) 5/26 venus in gemini
6/1 (gemini date mmonroe) 'Once Upon a Time in America' Max Woods videodrome, Jennifer Connelly high priestess the star (looking glass coney island, Alice in Wonderland) Elizabeth McGovern 7/18 (date Nephthys) Crowley's vaiov formula, faking own death.(jupiter in capr) same day 6/7 Ghostbusters spermatazoid Parsons sex magic. Dan Akroyd 71 like Diana.
6/8 (bday Barbara Bush) Gremlins, produced by Ashke-nazi Steven Spielberg, Mockingbird square. 6/19 Paul Dano. 6/22 The Karate Kid (child Horus, Elisabeth Shue, fighting William Zabka). 6/29 (day of death Jayne Mansfield) Conan the Destroyer (apollyon) Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Neptune planet of dreams in capricorn: day of moon landing 7/20 Electric Dreams the Devil (Virginia Madsen virgo born 9/11) and Revenge of the Nerds (venus in gemini, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, silicon valley the north rosicrucians). 7/26 d Ed Gein (norman bates psycho) pluto in scorpio, gun violence, aids(=Hades), teen pregnancies, sex symbols.
uranus planet of revolution, androgynous=>Prince and the revolution. 7/27 Purple Rain genderless Prince. 8/10 Red Dawn (=Aurora, name book Nietzsche and name operation to kill Saddam). 8/15 Dreamscape. 8/17 mars in sagitt. 8/25 d Truman Capote (black white ball). 9/6 (date funeral diana) Amadeus (demon asmodeus, leopold 11/14 like charles, salieri 8/18 like polanski) about Wolfgang Mozart. 9/14 Janet Gaynor dies age 77, actress in A Star is Born (released on Hitlers 48th birthday with Fredric March also died age 77, born 8/31 100y before death Diana).

(Charles 11/14= 411 curse Cain) 9/15 birth prince Harry (Henry Albert David). William and Harry as the twin brothers, blue and red, Horus and Set, born 9 and 11 years after building Twin Towers, on cover Sgt Peppers Harrison wears red. 9/16 Miami Vice biracial pink venus.
oct (jack parsons) Love on the Boat Serge Gainsbourg Lemon Incest (lust). 10/5 mars in capricorn. oct 1984 (novel 6/8 like Barbara Bush, Suzanna Hamilton). 10/23 Meghan McCain, 10/25 Katy Perry. 10/26 (Scorpio) James Cameron The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger (Linda Hamilton-Diana's grandmother named Cynthia Spencer Hamilton). same day Body Double Brian da Palma 911, Melanie Griffith born aug 9. Lookout mountain, Jake Scully=Jake in Chinatown. lost in voyeuristic videodrome, confuse the virgin with the whore. vampire movie reference to Tate's role in Fearless Vampire Killers, house close to Mulholland Drive. Deborah Shelton=Debbie Harry the shell door to qlippoth.
Neptune 'dreams' in Capricorn (the devil): 11/9 (911) Nightmare on Elm street about REM sleep driven clones (neptune in capricorn) (21y after JFK Elm street ritual, nail, hook =the Hierophant) Tina 'Grey' can walk through walls. elm street jfk, Robert England born 6/6 1947, date of Robert Kennedy. 1984, Friedrich Kruger born 5/8/1894, John Saxon august 5 like marilyn monroe, Kruger is a crater cup on the moon. Heather Langenkamp 717 like Camilla. set in 1981, wedding Diana by priest Robert Kennedy. Frederick V.(vav hook, nail)
11/11 d Martin Luther King Sr. 11/12 Madonna 'Like a Virgin' (bday Manson, Marilyn Monroe archetype, genderless Madonna, queen of pop) 11/13 venus in capricorn. 11/21 Jena Malone. 11/22 Scarlett Johansson.  12/7 2010 Year We Make Contact  moonchild, Candice Bergen voice Sal 9000 lived in house of 911 Sharon Tate ritual. 12/14 Dune. silicon sand, desert abyss Virginia Madsen born 911 (reagan recognizes vatican as sovereign state) Kyle MacLachlan as the Mac, the Christ child. The Cotton Club (diane venora as gloria swanson) mobster Dutch Schultz -the commission, produced by Robert Evans (Rosemary's baby) connected to Roy Radin murder age 33. 12/21 Harry baptised by Robert Kennedy Runcie as the new David Kennedy.

1985 (diana 24, charles 37) 2/2 venus in aries 2/7 Jupiter in Aquarius 2/15 The Breakfast Club Molly Ringwald as Miranda. 2/18 Yoko Ono Starpeace (52nd birthday the star). 3/1 day of Charles Lindberg kidnapping, date of Dark Side of the Moon: Purple Rose of Cairo with Mia Farrow, fantasy- real, (Neptune in Capricorn) Jeff Daniels (jd John Dee), lost in a movie of RKO pictures, owned by Howard Hughes, Egyptian prince, movie producer like Dodi Fayed. Woody Allen dec 1 like Crowley=Crowley's epiphany at Cairo with Rose Edith Kelly. Dianne West and Danny Aello also in Ruby as Jack Ruby.(Goonies osiris one eyed willie by Richard Donner the Omen) 3/7 We Are the World jesuit world empire (3/8 Mask -Laura Dern as Diane-lam aiwass the way). 3/13 Emile Hirsch. 3/28 Keira Knightley. 5/5 Diana visits Venice, city known for its masks. boat river of souls, queen of cups.
year 3-15 the Devil. (5/16 d Margaret Hamilton, Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz who dies by water, Neptune 165y orbit, in Salisbury Connecticut (Yale). 5/22 A View To Kill 007 (=John Dee) Silicon Valley, Christopher Walken as Max Zorin. 6/9 mars in cancer. 6/13 Olsen twins. 6/21 (williams 3d birthday) Cocoon. Lana Del Rey.
after death Donald Trump's uncle John G Trump on 2/21, age 77 who was said to have investigated Tesla's 'time travel' research, 7/3 (cancer the chariot) Back To The Future of Robert Zemeckis about 88 portal time travel, Michael J Fox born 22days before Diana, Christopher Lloyd as Emmet Brown= Werner von Braun Jack Parsons, John Dee, John Delorean, car crash 88 portal. references to Project Bluebird 4/20 bday Crispin Glover. Predictive programming of the 911 ritual and election of Donald Trump as the bully Biff (Chiram Abiff, the antichrist), the devil. Christopher Lloyd 10/22, (29 days after Romy Shneider). 7/10 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Marjorie Cameron in Inauguration of the Pleasuredome) Tina Turner as Diana the huntress, kain abel fight. 7/12 Grady Louis McMurtry caliph of OTO, dies. William Breeze new leader, born 8/12 The Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and His Bride. 7/13 date John Dee, Live Aid of  Bob Geldof (daughter sacrificed by OTO) worldwide event in JFK stadium Philadelphia and Wembley London with Twin Towers 88, Diana and Charles jesuit trained Freddie Mercury.

saturn in scorpio (dark secrets), Pluto purges, exposes hypocrisy 8/12 Iran Contra affair media ritual about government selling weapons despite Iran's weapon embargo to fund the anti-communist Contra's (CIA jesuits Vernon Walters, J. Peter Grace, communists in Nicaragua controlled by jesuit Fernando Cardenal, media introduces jesuit John Forbes Kerry as the new JFK, CIA middle man Adnan Khashoggi sister of mother Dodi Fayed, archetype of Donald Trump).
founding of Blackstone group by Stephen Schwarzman (Skull and Bones) and Peter Peterson, secretary of commerce under Nixon, chairman of Council of Foreign Relations.
sep Carl Sagan novel Contact (star Vega). Steve Jobs leaves Apple- 11/9 venus in scorpio
11/18 Saturn leaves Scorpio (water), moves into Sagittarius (fire): masque of the

Tempest- november at White House on masonic floor, midnight, 11/12 (date Charles Manson associated with Scientology), 49 days left, white queen black king saturn (pan). Diana dances with John Travolta (Scientology of Parsons partner Ron Hubbard, dance of the scorpion around its prey- than 31, Vincent Vega, back to the future Jack Rabbit Slim time machine) in blue velvet dress (nuit, blue moon scene in Grease, blue veil scorpio). Parsons and Hubbard's Babalon Working and project Diana in 49, 36y earlier, described in Liber 49. (=Rita Hayworth dress in Gilda, scorpio in her 7th house)
day of solar eclipse like birth William. Sophia falls into dreamworld- Diana becomes the whore Babalon, marriage deteriorates, affair with James Hewitt april 30 suicide of Hitler. (10/2 d Rock Hudson, 10/10 d Orson Welles (married to Rita Hayworth). Winston Lord S&B CFR ambassador to China. Dr Dre (date John Travolta) group World Class Wreckin' Crew like last movie the Wrecking Crew of Sharon Tate.

1986 1/24 d Lafayette Ron Hubbard Babalon Working in desert, date Sharon Tate. (2/7 F/X about staged murder with Diane Verona, lost in his own movie, prod by Dodi Fayed) 2/14 9 1/2 Weeks Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. 2/21 jupiter in pisces ruled by neptune (illusion). 3/19 saturn in retrograde, 3/28 Lady Gaga (ga=71 diana).
year 3-16 the Tower. 3/27 mars in capric (pluto nuclear in scorpio) 4/26 Tchernobyl disaster (wormwood, the third trumpet in Book of Revelation. Marjorie Cameron in the wormwood star). 5/6 Megan Fox. 5/16 Top Gun Tom Cruise pilot William, knight of swords). 6/15 venus in leo 6/30 Madonna True Blue (true blood=blue blood, copper venus).
5/23 Poltergeist 2 the other side (qlippoth, the tower) d Sterling Hayden. 6/11 Shia LaBeouf. 6/16 The Smiths the Queen is dead.
6/21 summer solstice, prince William's 4th birthday Burning man Nevada (horseshoe shape, Babalon as the gateway to the city of the pyramids, crossing of the Abyss, spiritual nothingness, wilderness and dissolution). Transhumanists of Silicon Vally perform the desert ritual burning of man, Saturn eating its children, based on occult summer solstice ritual of Black Rock City with Terrordome. 6/27 Labyrinth David Bowie Jennifer Connelly. 7/2 Lindsay Lohan.
7/23 (neptunalia) wedding Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. 8/2 d Roy Cohn. 9/17 d Pat Phoenix, wife of Tony Booth (daughter married to Tony Blair).
Neptune in Capricorn: 9/19 David Lynch Blue Velvet (dianas dress -rosemarys baby-lindbergh baby) Isabella Rossellini (rose) 6/18 like Paul McCartney in blue. Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth like assassin of Lincoln, born in Kansas (song 9/21, day William Breeze became head oto, Bernie Wayne who wrote blue velvet, d 418 liber 418 vision and the voice used in Babalon Working) nightclub gateway to black lodge. Sandy Williams like Sandy in Grease, In Dreams sandman. Isabella=miranda. same day Name of the Rose Sean Connery as rosicrucian John Dee, sodomy with Christian Slater (Christian Rosenkreutz). 10/24 Drake. Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller found Fox Broadcasting Network.
11/16 Omar Mateen (Orlando ritual). Oliver Stone Platoon orion picture osiris set. media rumors of satanic ritual abuse of Aquino at Presidio army base daycare center (Satanic Panic).venus in retrograde. 12/1 Royal Charity premiere of Labyrinth (masque of The Tempest, marriage Elizabeth Stewart) with Charles and Diana-Beast and Belle Babalon dancing lust- Sophia falls into dream world. Iran Contra affair: The Tower Commission (16 the Tower).

1987 1/15 d Ray Bolger (scarecrow Scorpio). (pluto in scorpio) infection AIDS (Greek Hades/Aïdes, hiv=hive) through the 'Hepatitis B vaccine study' in New York, pluto in scorpio sex and death intertwined. Hip Hop group Public Enemy (movie John Dillinger) apocalyptic race war. (The 'wall of sound' in music production). 2/22 d Andy Warhol. 3/3 Jupiter in Aries. 3/30 saturn in retrograde
year 3-17 the Star. 4/15 James William Middleton. 4/19 first Simpsons appearance on Fox, marge blue top hairdress of Nefertiti and Minnie Casavetes. 4/20 David Bowie 'Never Let Me Down' -the Lovers -Glass Spider tour with Bang Bang (rfr=42) recorded at switzerland (cern wwide web , glass spiders). 4/22 venus in aries. 5/14 death Rita Hayworth (Gilda black velvet dress). 5/15 Barry Mannakee, Diana's lover (hga) dies in car crash, 6/1 like Marilyn Monroe, 10y before her own crash (the Tower=breaking of the heart) Barry like Barry Soetoro Obama.
founding of the 'financial services corporation' The Carlyle Group in Washington DC (defense, healt care, real estate) William E. Conway Jr., Daniel A. D'Aniello, and David Rubenstein, ties to Shafiq Bin Laden (Fahrenheit 911) Frank Carlucci (Order of Malta, deputy director CIA under Jimmy Carter), George H Bush (Order of Malta).
6/12, date of Rosemarys Baby Ronald Reagan speech Brandenburg Tor, similar to JFK Berlin speech, 'open this gate', tearing down the wall. 6/24 (date marjorie cameron will die) Diana poses in green dress as Diana the huntress of Art (uranus in sagittarius).7/30 venus in leo (lust) 8/21 Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze/Aiwaz, born 8/18 like Polanski, Jennifer 'Grey' jennifer name of role Sharon Tate. 8/22 mars in virgo. 8/31 Michael Jackson born in indiana song Dirty Diana, predicting death Diana 10 years later. 9/8 Wiz Khalifa. 9/10 Hellraiser. Pluto in Scorpio: 9/11 (uk) Full Metal Jacket (=152, fullred 44) Matthew Modine as the joker (the star). 11/2 Cloud 9. Frank Carlucci (Carlyle Group, Rand, order of malta) Secretary of Defense, under William Taft (s&b).
12/11 Diana with blue velvet dress at premiere Wall Street (Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, bluestar sirius, ending central park, carl, charlie=charles the fool, gekko the great=the Devil). 12/13 James Holmes, (=120, the hanged man 12, alhim) used for mind control at Aurora shooting. 12/19 Ronan Farrow child of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen like Roman Polanski and character Roman who rapes her in Rosemarys Baby.
(Duff McKagan Guns n Roses jesuit school)

1988 1/16 Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror (mm=33, qlippoth Alice in Wonderland) 2/1 d Heather O' Rourke (Poltergeis). 2/13 Saturn in capricorn 2/20 Rihanna. 2/26 date of WTC attack in 93, Roman Polanski Frantic movie with Harrison Ford and Emmanuel Seigner as lady in red in Paris (Project Bluebird). 3/9 Jupiter in Taurus
3/13 d John Holmes (Wonderland murders, Alice in Wonderland). Batman comic the Killing Joke, introduces the Joker (mercury=88).
year 3-18 the Moon. 3/30 Beetlejuice, betelgeuse Orion, Michael Keaton as Joker character. Phantom Zone. 4/19 pedophilia case Michael Aquino jesuit attorney Joseph Russonielo; 5/5 Adele Adkins. 5/8 d Robert Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress). 5/13 d Chet Baker. 6/10 Poltergeist 3, the Tower. 5/27 venus in gemini

6/22 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming, Jessica Rabbit lady in red Marjorie Cameron) 88 dimensional portal, tunnel Griffith Observatory. The concept of World Wide Web (8 legged spider) discussed at CERN. (Stephen Hawking Brief History of Time) Last Temptation of Christ Willem Dafoe as Christ= antichrist William. 6/28 Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions the devil the star.

7/12 Die Hard (heart lady di, Bruce Willis) terrorist plot, announcing the 911 ritual. 7/13 mars in aries. 7/18 d Nico. 7/22 Jupiter in Gemini (detriment).7/29 date wedding Diana and Charles Cocktail movie Tom Cruise grail cup red blood-blue blood, elizabeth shue=elizabeth short.jordan mooney.dan-zig. 8/8/1988 Straight Outta Compton (33d parallel, the universe) Dr Dre=dr John Dee. nwa=nwo, program Hip Hop: gangster rap Skull and Bones tomb rebirth symbolism.
8/8/88 rally Zeena LaVey, mockumentary about Manson. 8/11 Osama Bin Laden (the hermit, uranus in capricorn, Bin Ladens owners of hotel at black box Mecca) forms Al Quaeda (the foundation-yesod 9, where the 8 infinity is found) that will play a role in the Twin Tower ritual (88 portal). Steve Jobs first Next computer black box, next step in human evolution. Michael Jackson Moonwalker movie. 8/19 Nightmare On Elm str 4, Alice in movie theatre twister 88 portal. 8/25 Metallica ..And Justice For All, scales symbol of long haired Tribe of Dan Danish Lars Ulrich. 9/1 d Luis Walter Alvarez. 10/3 A$ap Rocky. 11/9 Child's Play (doll programming). Gorilla's In the Mist-Diane beast man, between the reids with Pan. Franklin scandal psyop about satanic pedophile ring.
11/12 Saturn into Capricorn. dec Uranus in Capricorn. 12/2 The Naked Gun (the Fool, phallus) Leslie Nielsen Elvis Presley's ex-wife Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer (sister Diana Spencer), predictive programming of terrorist attack. Jupiter back in Taurus
uranus in sagitt:
12/8 Twins Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny DeVito like T8000 and his twin Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters). 12/14 Vanessa Hudgens. 12/16 Rain Man the hierophant twin brothers Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

1989 after inauguration George HW Bush president nr 41, born 6/12 like Rosemary's Baby, (George H like George Hodel, suspect of black dahlia, Walker like father Manson, gregori the watchers) year 24 (jupiter), 100y after birth Hitler, financed by Prescott Bush. 1/23 death Salvador Dali. 2/2 Diana confronts Charles with evidence of affair with Camilla (Pluto in Sagittarius), first visit to NY with Twin Towers. 2/3 date Charles proposed to Diana, Rosemary's Baby actor John Cassavetes dies. 2/17 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure  time portal Keanu Reeves. 3/9 d Robert Mapplethorpe. 3/11 Jupiter back in Gemini d John McCloy.
year 3-19 the Sun. (pluto oil in scorpio) 3/24 Exxon Valdez oil spill at prince william sound. Collapse of the Sovjet bloc in Europe. 4/19 first ep The Simpsons (the sun) Marjorie Cameron, Wallis Simpson=> Marge Simpson blue hair Bouvier like Jackie Kennedy. 5/19 (date Meghan Markle) Do the Right Thing Spike Lee. 5/24 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Holy Grail symbolism Diana bloodline.(uranus in capr) 6/2 Dead Poets Society (Disney) Robin Williams Josh Charles (knox nox sep 15 prince harry) Ethan Hawke Apollo god of poetry.

6/19 Jack Nicholson joker in Batman Dyonisus/Apollo (Jack Napier=Pan). Michael -Diane Keaton godfather=Michael Keaton. Billy Dee Williams (betrayer to Darth Vader) as Harvey Dent.
6/28 Francois Mitterand (jesuit trained pm Michel Rocard) as the new sun king builds a new pyramid at the Louvre (reviving Osiris, opened in 1793, 93 nr of sun true will, 2 years after Brandenburg tor). 7/18 Robert John Bardo kills Rebecca Schaeffer, mind controlled with Catcher in the Rye like Mark David Chapman. 7/5 first episode of NBC show Seinfeld. 7/22 mother of Jackie Kennedy dies, date mother John Kennedy 1890, date prince George.7/31 jupiter in Cancer (exalt) intuition empathy
Huey Newton 8/22 age 47). 8/9 (33y after founding CERN to open the Abyss, date of atom bomb and Manson murders Revelation 911 releasing Apollyon from the abyss) James Cameron The Abyss. Y symbol Apophis. Ed Harris Michael Biehn as Hiram Coffey (Hiram Abiff osiris). Look Who's Talking John Travolta rosemarys baby. 9/22 NBC show Baywatch Pamela Anderson 7/1 like Diana (Cancer rules breasts), term Babe - in Thelema initiate is called Babe in the Abyss (Playboy models, programmed with Alice in Wonderland).

Saturn (restriction), Uranus (change), and Neptune (idealism) 3 planets of supernal triad above the abyss, all conjunct in Capricorn (too much capricorn abuse of power) mandela freed ,lithuanian revolution, berlin, battle of trafalgar, prison riot in manchester,..11/5 venus in capricorn

11/9 fall Berlin Wall (Uranus new approach, brings liberation. Uniting the two in one, Apollo=wall, freeing Apollyon from the pit, date Weimar Republic, Hitler beer putsch) the Fool-Checkpoint Charlie- built 43 days after birth Diana). Gorbachev 3/2 like Lindbergh baby and king kong.(11/10 Communion lam grey alien). 11/17 Little Mermaid (Ariel the Tempest John Dee, Princess of Cups). 11/22 (phoenix date of JFK, White Album with Revolution 9) Back To the Future 2 911 portal announcing Obama in 2015 and Biff Tannen Trump Tower. new world order, disguised as world peace and market liberalization. CBS series like Dallas.(War of the Roses announcing divore Charles and Diana, war of the Waleses, increase of divorces) Velvet Revolution Czechoslovakia (Bohemian king Frederick V). 12/5 venus in aq 12/20 Born On Fourth of July (=Aeon, Sirius Chiron wounded healer, Vietnam War trilogy of Oliver Stone) Tom Cruise (born july 3) Willem Dafoe Charlie Christ.


the 90's