the 70's

1970 (0 the Fool)
1971 (1 the Magician)
1972 (2 the High Priestess)
1973 (3 the Empress)
1974 (4 the Emperor)
1975 (5 the Hierophant)
1976 (6 the Lovers)
1977 (the Chariot)
1978 (8 Adjustment)
1979 (the Hermit)

1970 founding of Virgin by Richard Branson (virgin Athena Richmond Virginia). Swinging London film The Magic Christian with Ringo Starr and Roman Polanski, boat scene of Rosemarys Baby) 1/21 venus in aq. 1/29 Heather Graham. 2/9 The Doors Morrison Hotel (=Dakota) date Mia Farrow.
eco-villages like Findhorn Foundation, promoted by BBC and United Nations (Uranus: utopian society).
year 3-0 the Fool, beginning of the docosade of the Empress (Diana, Stanley Dunham, Marjorie Cameron, Elizabeth)
(1- trial Manson, 3- opening Twin Towers, 4- Nixon resigns, 6- Apple, the Omen, 7- Jimmy Carter, Star Wars, 8- Polanski flees, 10- d John Lennon at dakota, 11- Reagan, Wonderland murders, wedding Diana and Charles, 12-birth William and Catherine, d Grace Kelly and Obama sr, 14- birth Harry, 15-dance Diana and Travolta, 16- Tchernobyl, 17-d Barry Mannakee, 19 - fall Berlin wall, 20- German unification, 21- Desert Storm, Home Alone, Nevermind)

3/17 Queen Latifah. 4/11 Apollo 13. 4/3 venus in taurus 4/26 Melania Trump, on 45th parallel to be wife of 45th president Donald Trump. 4/29 Uma Thurman.
5/1 Jupiter back in Libra. 5/29 (date bith JFK) Airport (names Lancaster, Lincoln, Kennedy, gate 33, terrorist seat 23 who would die year later july 23).
Club of 27: Alan Wilson, 9/18 death Jimi Hendrix (date of Frank Morgan wizard of oz, born in 42) archetype of the Fool, 10/4 Janis Joplin. Saturn return in late 20s, start of Saturn (decay) influences. Jim Morrison in a fake trial like Charles Manson Dionysus-Christ figure.
Ulrike Meinhof as the new Sharon Tate, the Empress venus the morning star, Andreas Baader as Manson (supported by jesuit JP Sartre) Pluto (communism, abduction)
war on blacks as the 'War on drugs'. Pole dancing in stripclubs as modern Sanctuary of the Night/Venus Mountains with bouncers wearing Saturnian black, guarding the door of the underworld. (7/20 The Doors Absolutely Live) 7/30 Christopher Nolan.
8/3 Nicolas Roeg 'Performance' Mick Jagger (androgynous gay-transgender agenda) Sharon Tate/Bobby Beausoleil Donald Cammel who plays Osiris in Lucifer Rising. 8/23 River Phoenix. 8/30 d Abraham Zapruder. 9/15 1st album Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne) single Mr Crowley. 9/22 d Jeanne Robert Foster. 9/23 Carlos Santana Abraxas. 9/29 Nicolas Winding Refn. 10/7 d Janis Joplin of heroin overdose.
neptune in sagittarius (art) (ruled by jupiter the rock, dreams of Rock music)
11/6 Ethan Hawke. 11/9 Ryan's daughter, Christopher Jones moves to Sharon Tate's Rev 911 murders house. 11/11 plane crash Flight 932 (thelema) Marshalls, stadium at Greenville, William Red Dawson, crash of the Fool.
Ira Levin (Rosemary's Baby) 'This Perfect Day' announces the totalitarian World State, where everybody is merged into one race 'the Family', controlled by one supercomputer. Omnicomp keeping track of everybody nine digit number. dissidents are put on island. (song by Lou Reed who released Velvet Underground on date of Rosemarys Baby) 12/12 Jennifer Connelly. 12/30 d Sonny Liston (left pillar of cover Sgt Peppers).
Prince Bernhard (WWF) founds the 1001 club with Anton Rupert (members Mobutu Seke Seke, Thurn und Taxis, Rothschild,..).

1971 (71 nr of Lam the way)
1/15 Jupiter in Sagittarius (home) 3/11 George Lucas Thx 1138 announcing the totalitarian A.I. police state (Covid19-ritual, Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence). 3/12 Yoko Ono Openyourbox.
year 3-1 the Magician. 4/6 d Igor Stravinsky. 4/9 Charles Manson sentenced to death (killing of the bull). Mephisto Waltz, story of Rosemary's Baby with Barbara Parkins from Valley of the Dolls with Sharon Tate, masked party of The Tempest/EWS, jesuit Alan Alda candle ritual for soul transfer, 4/9 date wedding Camilla. 4/19 The Doors LA Woman (Crowley's Liber Al, date Jayne Mansfield).
May day (celebrated by pagans, nazi's, socialist, European communities) ritual disguised as anti-war protest. 5/21 Paul McCartney Ram, mars the emperor.(the chariot cancer) 5/28 plane crash Audie Murphy (war is hell movie of Harvey Lee). 6/5 Mark Wahlberg. 6/12 venus in gemini 6/16 Tupac Shakur. 6/17 (the star) Pluto in Libra, god of underworld in court of law: Charles Manson trial media circus creates Antichrist superstar (the Fool, the Joker).

jesuit trained lawyer Irving Kanarek and names Howard and Hughes linking it to the trial of Howard Hughes 22y before who shot his movie 'The Outlaw' on the Spahn ranch where Manson lived.

(The NY times publish Pentagon Papers showing politicians were lying about Vietnam War, hypocrisy of establishment vs Christ figure). After jesuit CIA has flooded streets with drugs, Manson nemesis Nixon declares war on drugs (repression against blacks). Rolling Stones tongue of Kali queen of swords like Manson.
6/18 Saturn in Gemini (like 2001 during 911)
6/28 Elon Reeve Musk (known for Mars mission). 6/30 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (=anus, cc=33, novel of Roald Dahl) Ludwig 2, the Wizard of Oz becomes the magician Willie Wonka (ww=33) sodomy symbolism, the anus the chocolate factory set in Ingolstadt Bavaria, Gene Wilder. Charlie Manson as innocent child. 7/1 Corey Feldman. 7/3 (aphelion sirius, the door) death Jim Morisson the black king, in bathtub Paris (the chariot) as Christ figure (age 27, 27th letter Shin-light my fire). Julian Assange. 7/11 d Tabitha Getty in Palatine hill rome, wife of John Paul Getty age 30 friend of Brian Jones. (7/15 William Thompson white rabbit in alice in wonderland). 7/26 suicide Diane Arbus. 8/14 d Gerald Heard.

Saturn Neptune opposition, Nixon delinks the Dollar from gold standard.
Pluto in Libra, adjustment era of divorce and rethinking family life, Manson trial, exposing hidden truths. Stanford prison experiment of Philip Zimbardo.

John Lennon linked to Rev 911, who would die at the Dakota of Rosemary's Baby, releases 'Imagine' on 9/9, composed in NY Hilton (part of 911 ritual) with album cover referring to Rosemary's Baby, head of John the Baptist. line 'no heaven or hell' =satanic creed of Anton LaVey. imagination sphere 9 Yesod- moon. album sleeve with nine circles of hell, Revelation 9.

(Disney 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' with Angela Lansbury-Manchurian Candidate predicted JFK ritual, music by Sherman brothers). Paul McCartney's new band Wings=Crowley's The Winged Beetle.(Yoko Ono first single Mrs Lennon apple of death crystal ball of the Wicked Witch). Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven (Jimmy Page bought Crowley's house in Boleskine). 9/16 Amy Poehler. 10/13 Sacha Baron Cohen. 10/15 A Safe Place George Orson Welles as the Magician in Central Park- in Tate's last movie. 10/20 Snoop dogg (Mercury in Scorpio). 10/29 Winona Ryder. 11/25 Christina Applegate.
12/17 (date jesuit pope francis) James Bond Diamonds Are Forever, eon (=Aeon) productions. (Nept in Sagitt, art, visit interior of earth)- the Star. 007 the magician John Dee. Williard Whyte based on Howard Hughes. the Chariot, insinuating the Apollo moon landing was a hoax filmed in a dome (Neptune stage illusion), Charles Gray the Hierophant (virgo-mercury the magician, Blofeld=Cyril Grey/Crowley) 3/7 like Kubrick. announces the oil rig Deepwater Horizon media ritual.
12/19 (sagitt knight of wands) Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange (orange=33=sodomy symbolism). Malcolm McDowell as Alex=Alexander Crowley/ manson Antichrist, the 4 angels from Revelation 9 (9th symphony) 4 beatles in movie Help 1965. Manson murders revelation 911-Beethoven 9th symphony anthem of what will become European Union with ring of stars flag.

(12/23 release Jimmy Hoffa from prison). Dirty Harry (Pluto in Libra) Scorpio killer (Sagittarius golden gate, based on Zodiac Killer- scorpio rules genitals, vav the phallus) jesuit Clint Eastwood telephone Hilton. 12/26 Joker Jared Leto.
Pine gap in Alice Springs, Australia. World Economic Forum in Geneva with Klaus Schwab. end of Bretton Woods system, end of gold standard, fiat currency.

1972 72 nr of chesed (jupiter) 2/7 Jupiter in Capricorn (fall) 2/22 Joseph Kennedy on plane hijacking.
year 3-2 the High Priestess. 3/6 venus in taurus. 3/12 Common. 3/15 date death Caesar Roman empire (Robert de Niro of Nero bloodline) 'The Godfather' Al Pacino Marlon Brando (producer of Rosemarys Baby- Diane Keaton as Diana (the High Priestess, k 11 daath, Diana 11y old) glorification of mafia (Pluto underworld in Libra). Michael angel of judgement king of pop, Michael Jor-dan. masonic orange=33=death/sodomy code, five families tribes of Israel. 4/4 Jill Scott. 4/20 Carmen Electra. 5/2 Dwayne Johnson, d John Edgar Hoover.
5/12 mars in cancer. 5/15 George Wallace is shot by Arthur Bremer. (5/28 death prince Edward, age 77) 6/12 Deep Throat daath. golden age of porn Behind the Green Door, black osiris.(6/16 David Bowie 'Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars' androgynous transgender agenda).

Pluto (dark secrets) in Libra: 6/17 start of Watergate media ritual, Watergate =Daath, gate to the Abyss, lifting the veil. 5 plummers break into Democratic National Comittee=3 ruffians, Hiram Abiff was killed with masonic plum, Howard Hunt (33 months in prison) Fordham jesuit actor Gordon Liddy worked for FBI under Cartha Deloach. Larry O'Brien lobbyist of Howard Hughes-governor George Stanley McGovern South Dakota. story by the Washington Post of Katharine Graham (Truman Capote's black and white ball near Dakota with Mia Farrow, Rosemary Woods= Rosemary Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby), jesuit trained John Mitchell attorney general.
7/25 Jupiter back in Sagittarius (home)
(Munich Olympics ritual Israel propaganda-building 31-shin, 9/6 date death funeral Diana). 8/15 The Doors 'Full Circle' (the world), birth Ben Affleck. Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger releases 'Lucifer rising' feat Marianne Faithfull and Bobby Beausoleil (the Rev911 Manson murders). Nixon is reelected after Wallace shooting. 8/30 Cameron Diaz. 9/15 d Geoffrey Francis Fisher, priest of wedding Elizabeth. 9/24 Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal Bataclan ritual, the devil). 9/27 Gwyneth Paltrow. 10/18 Eminem. 10/30 venus in libra
Last Tango in Paris (Marlon Brando Luciferian sodomy religion) (bridge Swan Island with replica of Statue of Liberty) and Deliverance, Pulp. 10/8 d Prescott Bush. dec John Lennon Imagine film, Yoko Ono as the high priestess (based on Rosemarys Baby 1968, directed by Daniel Richter ape in 2001 also 1968). 12/19 Alyssa Milano. 12/26 death Harry Truman, who dropped the atomic bomb on aug 9 (Kansas like Obama's mother). 12/29 David Jude Heyworth Law.

1973 (Elvis Aloha from Hawaii satellite=project Diana) 1/22 d Lyndon Johnson (age 64, known for inauguration next to Jackie in pink). 1/23 d Alexander Onassis in plane crash (Pluto in libra) like John F Kennedy Jr in 99 (age 24, Jupiter 24 in Capricorn) (Pluto in Libra: Badlands Martin Sheen as Manson type killer)
jesuit Tadashi Yamamoto David Rockefeller (Pluto dark secrets), jesuit Zbigniew Brzezinski and members of the CFR found the Trilateral Commission.
2/24 Jupiter in Aquarius (12 y after JFK announced Apollo missions and birth Diana and Obama) technology, optimism.

DJ Kool Herc South Bronx plays the archetype of the child Horus-Hercules of the Aeon of Horus of Aleister Crowley. Saturn coldest planet, trend to be cool (Kool) or cold. Afrika Bambata and Grandmaster Flash, sampling James Brown black osiris, birth of Hip Hop (HH=88 Mercury).

Bobby Robinson assistant of jesuit Ahmed Ertegun of Atlantic Records (cousin Spoonie G). Grandmaster title in masonry, 777 lighting flash in kabbalism.

Members of the Lucchese (Pallavicini) crime family like Matthew Madonna and Colombo (Colonna) family Joe Gallo provide raw heroin to the Council, an African American crime syndicate in Harlem, who dilutes and distributes it in Harlem (Nicky Barnes informant, Council from 1973 ended in 1983).

3/1 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, diffraction prism rainbow (Wizard of Oz programming). Sagittarius rainbow bridge, Floyd like Heywood Floyd in 2001 ASO with Jackie in pink) recorded in Abbey Road studio of The Beatles, single Money (ruled by Venus) Harvest records Saturn.(released in Rainbow theatre in 72). (Golda Meir pm Israel as the high priestess, pretending to be victim of terror). manager of Jimi Hendrix dies in plane crash.
year 3-3 the Empress.(venus in taurus-earth sign) 3/25 venus in aries worship of the whore of babylon, golden age of porn: 3/28 the Devil in Miss Jones babalon. 4/3 first cell phone call NY Hilton (monolith 2001) Martin Cooper to Joel Stanley Angel born 2/4 verse Isiah fallen angel Lucifer.(Camilla Parker wedding to army captain, dream in Rosemary's Baby).
While John Lennon moves to Dakota apartment of Rosemarys Baby, 4/4 (4x4=16 the Tower) aries, while Saturn is in Gemini Opening of the Twin Towers in New York , the symbolic twins of gemini -2 masonic pillars as stargate, pillar of Colonna family, the 44 basepairs of DNA, 4 years after murders of revelation 911, 44 nr mass of the phoenix, two Kennedy brothers risen. 4/4 date of death MLK (James Earl Ray 3/10 like Osama).

day after 4/3 2001. architect Minoru Yamasaki 1 dec like death Crowley. 4/4 date SS was formed with lightning symbol, 73 forming of band Kiss (with SS lightning). 4/5 Pharrell Williams. 4/8 d Pablo Picasso.
twin towers linked to Bin Laden, 4/13 David Bowie 'Alladin Sane' (jupiter nept in sagittarius) sixth album with lightning bolt eye cover, key of David sodomy (androgynous gay-transgender agenda). 5/7 George Harrison 'give me love' (the lovers). 5/12 venus in gemini 5/29 announcement wedding Anne and Mark Philips on 11/14, Charles 25th birthday. (jesuit Wernon Walters director of CIA)
7/7 date of Ringo Starr who bought Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace, 94 days after opening twin towers on 94th day, death Veronica Lake (the Blue Dahlia daleth with Alan Ladd=Alladin=Bin Laden) 36y after black dahlia murders, born 11/14 like prince Charles.

Paul McCartney 'Red Rose Speedway' ('Speedway' day of release 'Rosemarys baby'). 6/27 'Live and let die' 007, introducing Roger Moore, blaxploitation, Jane Seymour as Bond girl.

7/10 JP Jr Getty newsritual where he pretends as if his son is kidnapped by the Ndragheta (Pluto= the god who abducted Persephone to the underworld). 7/13 the two pillars of the high priestess 'Knockin on heavens door' single by Bob dylan, Queen the star, brian may born 2 days after camilla parker. 7/20 d Bruce Lee (worked with Sharon Tate, father of Brandon Lee). film 'Enter the dragon' 6 days after death (blood chest mass of the phoenix 44, mirror alters, mark of cain). 7/23 Monica Lewinsky. (8/11 dj Kool Herc birth of Hip Hop in Bronx) car crash Joseph and David Kennedy, paralysing girlfriend Pamela Kelley.(plane crash Alexander Onassis, son of Aristotle Onassis)
aug 1 Saturn in cancer
9/2 d JRR Tolkien. US backed fascist dictator Auguste Pinochet coup on 9/11 in Chile. Pinochet 11/25 like jfk jr. and jfk funeral. 9/5 Rose McGowan. 9/14 Nas. 9/26 d Anna Magnani (the Rose Tattoo)
oct oil crisis (pluto in libra) oil 'shock', arab countries raise prizes. Arab-Israeli war El=Saturn, duality).
Alchemical movie 'The Holy Mountain' financed by John Lennon, Christ as the Fool. oct' Goodbye Yellow brick road' Elton John (Wizard of Oz symbolism) with song 'Candle in the wind' for Marilyn Monroe, also used for Diana, torch of lucifer in NY. (oct 19 the way we were -grey aiwass ). 10/29 (date death Anton LaVey) John Lennon 'Mindgames' (mind control) macroproopus like RB. 11/5 venus in capric. 11/8 'Robin Hood' Set Osiris story. 11/14 (Charles 25th birthday) wedding Anne and Mark Philips. 11/25 d Laurence Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate) 12/7 venus in aq. (promise in media MK Ultra mind control research ended). 12/16 Papillon (butterfly symbolism) Steve McQueen invited at Sharon Tate's house, escape from prison the Devil.

12/26 The Exorcist Linda Blair Ellen Burstyn -jesuit William Peter Blatty, spiritual exercise, Bilar satan, the devil, demon Pazazu/Baphomet Mercedes McCambridge d 3/2 like Lindbergh baby. Kitty Winn, Catherine playing character Sharon Spencer (Sharon Tate-Diana Spencer-Catherine Middleton).

1974 First microchip. Companies like IBM (date 6/16, Hal) that facilitated the German and Polish concentration camps, make the personal computer. World population reaches 4 billion. Stephen Hawking's 'theory of Hawking radiation'.
1/30 Christian Bale (23 baal batman), date birth Samuel Byck. 2/11 Alex Jones. Pluto in libra: 2/23 Samuel Byck supposedly tries to hijack plane to crash into White House (announces the 911 ritual) and kill Nixon. year of movie 'Moonchild' with OTO member John Carradine.
3/9 Jupiter in Pisces
year 3-4 the Emperor. 3/29 date of death Diana's father John Spencer, Francis Ford Coppola The Great Gatsby, Mia Farrow and Robert Redford born 8/18 like Polanski. novel by F Scott Fitzgerald, middle name of John F Kennedy.

4/15 Pluto in Libra: Patricia Hearst and Donald Defreeze fake bank robbery, date Dodi Fayed. 4/25 d Pamela Courson, age 27 like Jim Morrison, d date David Kennedy. 5/31 venus in taurus. 6/11 d Julius Evola. 6/20 Chinatown (=107, shin, smoke shekhina, first chapter moonchild my chinese god) by pedophile Roman Polanski, Jack Nicholson, Belinda Palmer daughter Katherine about Oddfellow William Mulholland (died 911). Faye Dun-away =Fayed (74 mirrornr of 47-Elizabeth Short). John Huston was linked to short Black Dahlia killer, linking his wife Sharon Tate to Short (Chinatown ruled by triads of Li/Lee with slaughtering pig initiation ceremony). 7/29 death Laurel Canyon singer Cass Elliott who bought Mansfield's pink palace (Alice in Wonderland). 7/30 Hilary Swank, who will play Black Dahlia lookalike.

Richard Nixon
, nemesis of Charles Manson (8/9 murders), resigns on 8/9 date of atom bomb and the Manson 911 Sharon Tate ritual, wife Thelma Catherine Pat Ryan, inauguration of shriner Gerald Ford (CFR), would die dec 26 like Harry Truman who comissioned the bomb, Ford like Glenn Ford in Gilda. 8/20 Amy Adams. 8/26 d Charles Lindbergh (carl mannson, age 72 nr of Chesed) in Hawaii.
communist coup in Ethiopia ending reign Haile Selassie. 10/12 (99 years after birth Crowley) Arlis Perry murdered in Stanford (David Berkowitz). 10/18 Airport with Gloria Swanson (Joseph Kennedy's mistress) and George Kennedy (inception). 10/28 mars in scorpio. 10/28 Joaquin Phoenix, brother of River Phoenix (masonic twin pillars Boaz and Joachin).
Neptune in Sagittarius (Art card, end of alchemical marriage, visit to interior of earth): 10/29, date Anton LaVey would die, the Lovers Don King (DK=411 Anton LaVey, curse of Cain the black child) as the Magician, Mobutu the black king-the twin brothers George Foreman and Muhammad Ali boxing match Rumble in the Jungle, Cain and Abel- heart of the earth, the beast), most viewed sport event in history (Lumumba dead on Ali's 19th birthday) would die on date of death mother Diana, name Moonchild George.
11/11 Leonardo di Caprio. 11/16 Arecibo message with Carl Sagan and Stanford SRI. Towering Inferno (the Tower). 12/4 Tyra Banks. 12/9 Dark Horse lotus chakra and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Alice in Wonderland) Ellen Burstyn and Kris Kristofferson. 12/10 mars in sagitt.

12/12 'The Godfather 2' =the Emperor child of Diane Keaton (al, keaton k=11, justice card). Michael enlists in the army after Pearl Harbor like George HW Bush. Robert de Niro as Vito Corleone, meeting in Cuba of Lucky Luciano (Horus, Pluto in Libra).
Legalizing of abortion. Jesuit nazi Helmut Schmidt is made chancellor of Germany.

1975 jesuit Jerry Brown made governor California, jesuit trained Juan Carlos king of Spain. 2/12 Stepford Wives (doll programming, Katherina Ross) based on novel of Ira Levin about robot clone slaves, showing personalities/realities can be inserted digitally. 2/17 d George Marshall director of Blue Dahlia. 2/22 d Leah HirsigDrew Barrymore. 2/25 d Elijah Muhammed. 3/15 d Aristotle Onassis, the husband of Jackie Kennedy. Devil's Rain with Anton LaVey and Scientology member John Travolta.
3/19 Jupiter in Aries ruled by Mars, planet of war
year 3-5 the Hierophant. (Monty Python Holy Grail) 4/4 Bill Gates founding company later called Microsoft, window of jupiter 4/12 d Josephine Baker (black venus baal). 4/13 venus in gemini (Wings venus and mars sgt Peppers cover) jesuits end the Vietnam war through the fall of Saigon on 4/30 date death Hitler, end of World War 2. 5/21 mars (fear) in aries. 6/4 Angelina Jolie.
6/6 venus in leo
. 6/20 Steven Spielberg 'Jaws', Saturn in cancer (yeshua, the beast Leviathan - cusp of water sign Cancer ruled by moon, day before date birth prince William), nun fish death. era of Hollywood summer blockbusters (Cancer rules breasts, bust). Richard Dreyfuss as Matthew Hooper, Roy Scheider (pluto in cancer) as Martin Brody (Jayne Mansfield died in car crash with husband Sam Brody). Robert Shaw (shaw-jaws of Daath throat chakra, sexual energy phallus of pan) as the Hierophant, born aug 9 like the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. Chrissie Watkins=Susan Atkins. cutting up Osiris, go into underworld, water related signs 13 Death card-Osiris bitten by Scorpio fish. year earlier Polanski Chinatown about Mulholland Black Dahlia murder. references to Montauk (monster of fake project montauk). go into Abyss, to island, filmed at Martha's Vineyard (42nd parallel, nr of rainbow), connected to the Kennedys (island where Ted Kennedy crashed his car, destination of JFK jr when his plane crashed). 100y after birth Crowley the Beast.
6/30 Michael Aquino's st Barbara working, Satan as Jungian archetype. 7/6 50 Cent. 8/7 Charlize Theron. 8/17 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' (gay-transgender agenda) Michelangelo painting like Rosemary's Raby, produced by Lou Adler (Laurel Canyon). 8/27 death Haile Selassie (black christ figure).
9/16 Saturn in Leo
uranus (eccentric) exalts in scorpio (Dario Argento Gaillo horror movies death) Jimmy Hoffa abducted (adversary of Robert Kennedy).
9/21 Dog Day Afternoon. 9/30 Marion Cotillard. 10/5 Kate Winslet (libra adj for the fool). uranus the fool: Andy Kaufman Mighty Mouse (mm=33) SNL sketch as the Joker/the Fool. 10/20 John Lennon shaved fish. 10/31 (Halloween Queen jesuit trained Freddie Mercury 'Bohemian Rhapsody' =Frederick V of Bohemia (John Dee's cult of androgynous Mercury, Bohemian Club S&B) Osiris risen, Night at the Opera like Harpo Marx movie aeon of horus.

11/19 (date death Charles Manson) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  Jack Nicholson as the Fool (Manson as liberator, pedophile like Polanski), Ken Kesey project MK Ultra electroshock mind control. de Sade 120 days of sodom movie. 12/4 d Hannah Arendt. 12/17 Milla Jovovich.

1976 1/1 cray-1 first supercomputer. Marvin Gaye' I Want You' the Lovers .
1/14 Saturn in Cancer 1/15 Patty Hearst trial (Pluto in Libra) 1/26 venus in capric 1/28 Rick Ross. 2/8 'Taxi Driver' (sex drive=death drive) Robert de Niro announcing MK ultra killers like Son of Sam, John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman, similar to novel Catcher in the Rye, turning the Manson antichrist serial killer archetype into a superstar) Jodie Foster Cybill Shepherd, uranus in scorpio, Dyonisus god of paradox on stage of Apollo. 2/19 venus in aq.
3/4 'To the Devil a Daughter' (Dennis Wheatley mi6 like Crowley). Natassja Kinski (1/24 like Sharon Tate) as Catherine, Christopher Lee, associated with LaVey's Church of Satan. Anthony Valentine as David Kennedy. Dennis Wheatley wrote Gregory Sallust, inspiration for Bond, Bond girl Honor Blackman. 3/10 'Je t'aime moi non plus' Serge Gainsbourg androgynous Jane Birkin normalising incest and pedophilia.
year 3-6 the lovers. 3/22 filming Star Wars in Tunesia, Reese Witherspoon. 3/14 venus in pisces 3/18 'the Man Who Fell to Earth' (Bowie as Lucifer, new persona the Thin White Duke) Thomas Jerome Newton (rainbow 7x6=42).
3/27 Jupiter in Taurus ruled by venus (apple)
4/1 (Fool's day) Founding of Apple Steve Jobs (fullred=23 hanged man, roman festival Veneralia, dedicated to Venus vetricordia) computers (Apollyon, Venus lucifer, the forbidden fruit of the serpent) and Next (Hexed). 4/5 d Howard Robard Hughes (mars Horus Parsons). 4/9 suicide of Phil Ochs. First Apple Computer 4/11 (bday of Anton LaVey, 10 y after founding Church of Satan) Steven Paul Jobs=Paul McCartney, who had Mac license plate, released The Beatles music on Apple records. Steve and Steve Wozniak (guardian angel aiwass) as two brothers Cain and Abel moment of creation Eve on the Lovers card. Enochian keys to contact the fallen angels, keyboard of computer.
5/9 death Ulrike Meinhof (date Candice Bergen). 5/31 Colin Farrell. 6/4 Saturn back in Leo. 6/6 (date death Robert Kennedy) The Omen movie about the Antichrist by Richard Donner born 13 days after Anton LaVey. same day birth Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher nolan (Batman trilogy), Harvey Spencer scorpio 11/12 like Charles Manson. Lee Remick 37 days before mother Diana. 7/15 Diane Kruger. (7/25 Viking 1 face on Mars hoax, Cydonia named after polis in Crete, Zacharia Sitchin disinfo in the 12th planet) 7/29 death underworld figure Mickey Cohen. 70's called the Me decade (uranus individualism and awakening, environmentalism green revolution) 8/9 Audrey Tautou.
8/24 Jupiter in Gemini (detriment). 9/9 d Mao Zedong.
10/17 jupiter the rock back in Taurus ruled by venus (netzach victory). 10/22 first ep Charlie's Angels on ABC. 10/29 day of death Anton LaVey (Levin), Rosemary's Baby 2 Antichrist called Adrian Andrew/Andy=Dyan, Patty Duke who acted with Sharon Tate. venus in sagitt 11/3 Carrie (scorpio, the Lovers card alchemical marriage of William and Catherine) blue veil scorpio, scarlett woman, blood pigs like Sharon Tate. John Travolta red car crash.
11/14 venus in capricorn, 11/17 Saturn in Virgo
november CIA Operation Condor installing right wing dictatorships in South America, mind control at Colonia Dignidad. 11/21 Rocky (philosopher stone) Sylvester Stallone (dom Jupiter the rock, optimism) born 7/6 (zayin, vav) like George W Bush, us release dec 3, based on Rocky Marciano, died aug 31 69, date of Diana's death. Meredith Burgess died 10 days after Diana. He fights Apollo on new year's day dropping of the ball (Lucifer baal, Balboa). Talia Shire (Adrian name Rosemarys Baby 2), Thalia muse of Apollo, Philadelphia 6th chakra/church in Book of Revelation.
12/1 (death Crowley) program Punk Rock: the Bill Grundy media stunt, promoting Sex Pistols (Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious) as the new Antichrist Superstars (fake sexual revolution of the cultural marxist Left Wing Church). Johnny and Sid cain and abel. Uranus rebellion in Scorpio (sex death). 12/6 Dominic Monaghan.
12/17 King Kong (11-11) Twin Towers apollyon, Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange (taurus-jupiter) as Dwan=dawn morning star (like Fritz Lang Metropolis) dream of Rosemary raped by Pan.

1977 (the Chariot, 77 nr of osiris) 1/13 Orlando Bloom. 1/14 first part of David Bowie's Berlin trilogy Low-Heroes-Lodger. 1/20 Jimmy Carter as new JFK (jc jesus christ, oct 1 like Laurence Harvey), wife Rosalynn Smith 8/18 like Polanski, backed by jesuit trained Brzezinki, director of the TC.(1/26 d Laurence Merrick who had Sharon Tate as student and made Manson documentary) 2/2 venus in aries (ram)

(normalisation of pedophilia, Pluto in Libra) 3/10 (pisces, 31 shin Aeon, date John Dee contact fallen angel enochian magic) Roman Polanski rapes and sodomises Samantha Gailey, a 13y old girl in bath (the Star, washing phase), in the house of Jack Nicholson on Mulholland Drive, close to where the Rev 911 murder of his wife took place in 1969, 8y earlier (John Mulholland born 911). It was also the house of Anjelica Huston, daughter of John Huston, friend of the Black Dahlia killer George Hodell. Samantha Jane Gailey=Dorothy Gale, Polanski was working on the movie Hurricane with Mia Farrow, the tempest/twister that takes dorothy to Oz for ritual sodomy. 3/11 He is arrested at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, close to the Ambassador Hotel, where Robert Kennedy died. Polanski flees to Paris, plays the role of Cain, the fugitive wanderer, gnostic allegory of looking for persephone in the underworld. Judge Rittenband was also the judge in divorce Elvis (Polanski's son named Elvis)
(Pluto in Libra: interviews Nixon/Frost who would die 8/31 like Diana) 3/19 David Lynch 'Eraserhead' with Jack Nance, based on nuclear radiation ritual of Jack Parsons to create homunculus antichrist baby. Henry (Harry Spencer, princess Charlotte) girl in radiator Marilyn Monroe happy birthday song in 1962, 19 may date of Harry's wedding. decapitation blackout erasing ego. Philadelphia city visit of Lyndon Johnson, day Jayne Mansfield died.
year 3-7 the chariot
4/4 date twin towers, Jupiter back in Gemini.
(Pluto in Libra : trial Rote Armee Fraction red star logo Germany, Baader as Manson) Led Zeppelin silverdome concert. 4/26 opening Studio 54 as a temple of the Luciferian Left Wing Church. Shamanistic trance rituals. 5/13 The Car (Anton LaVey as advisor). 5/17 Elizabeth silver jubilee tour (God Save the Queen)(Saturn in Leo)

5/25 Hollywood blockbuster era: George Lucas' Star Wars with Darth Vader as black pope Saturn (David Prowse 7/1 like Diana, James Earl Jones like James Earl Carter and James Earl ray, assassin of MLK), Luke Skywalker as Lucifer with the Djedd-eye, king Arthur knights of the round table. shot in Death Valley, desert abyss, where Jack Parsons performed Babalon Working. Carrie Fisher like 'Carrie' 1976 carrying the DNA fisher king grail bloodline. RJD2 Kenny Baker like Marylin Monroe's real name. Skywalker='ascension' reborn as rainbow body in Taoism called the diamond body, in egypt the Akh, gnosticism the radiant body, the golden body. Those who have attained the rainbow body are called the immortals, cloudwalkers, skywalkers. dream of transhumanism reborn as holographic bodies of light (Anakim the giant Nephilim).

venus in taurus 6/6-9 Elizabeth II celebration 25 years (Cancer=Queen of Hearts) of her reign started at age 25=ending of Star Wars. 6/8 Kanye West. 6/16 d Wernher von Braun Apollo moon mission. 7/1 Liv Tyler. 7/2 d Vladimir Nabokov. 7/7/1977 (lightning flash incarnation of spirit, child of midnight) James Bond movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me' (Crowley mi6 spy) Barbara Bach born 8/27 like Ira Levin in 47, year of Crowleys death, day of movie kiss of death. Caroline Monro Roger Moore=Rose mary. pyramids of Gizah where Crowley eventually channeled Book of the Law. hideout Atlantis (Neptune in Sagittarius), Curt Jurgens d 3 days before birth William.

Uranus (technology, sudden shock) in Scorpio (coma): 7/13 (date of magician John Dee, 13 nr of Death card, coma sting of scorpio, 77 in book of lies nr of Laylah night) An electricity black out is orchestrated in New York, the Twin Towers in black (Gemini the Lovers ruled by Mercury), the Moon, the Lovers (sodomy of Polanski).

Combined with the economic crisis, mind controlled serial killer David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam is let loose (=Samson tearing down the house, 2 pillars= Manson), chaos of arson and looting during the Dog Days (killer obsessed with a dog). Son of Sam=David Berkowitz, changed after LSD (MK Ultra)= Darth Vader David Prowse=David Bowie/Bowman=key of David. He used 44 caliber, 44 nr of mass of phoenix, David berKowitz 411 like David Kennedy.

Rise of Hip Hop (hh=88, Mercury verbal wittyness), taking the city by storm. Mercury is the God of thieves so according to the fairy tale of how hip hop originated, the looters supposedly took DJ equipment and started the Hip Hop movement.


(7/25 'Let There Be Rock', act of creation ACDC) 8/2 Edward Furlong. 8/10 capture Son of Sam. 8/16 death of sun king Elvis Presley in Graceland (tiferet) Memphis like Martin Luther 'King', slaying of the Osiris bull (OTO= Rite of Memphis), on Madonna's 19th birthday, 42 years old(=24 jupiter). (heart attack queen of hearts Priscilla played Jane Spencer)
8/21 Jupiter in Cancer (exaltation)
8/29 Lust for life Iggy Pop. release 'Exodus' Bob Marley. 9/11 Ludacris. 9/15 Tom Hardy. 9/16 car crash Marc Bolan (dom jupiter) of T-rex born 9/30 date death James Dean, Gloria Jones 10/19 like marriage Parsons with Marjorie, union in the noland. 10/11 Brittany Murphy, d Dennis Wheatley. 10/18 (Pluto in Libra) death Andreas Baader.

Cocain is promoted as a trendy celebrity drug (Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Bianca Jagger,..), marketed as 'blow' that blows the mind (drug used in mind control, Wizard of Oz programming) in social engineering program Pop, Disco (the sun disk, Saturn, Virgo is the Knight of Disks) and Hip Hop (snow, with cocain snow related rap names Kurtis Blow, White Lines, Joe Ski Love, Mike-Ski, Starski, Skee Lo, Ski Beats,... )

10/27 Sex Pistols Nevermind the Bollocks on Virgin records (Sid and Nancy); nov 1 discovery Chiron, Saturn in Virgo, Venus in scorpio.
11/8 election Harvey Milk, (gay agenda- in San Francisco Golden Gate Sagittarius) after twin tower ritual. 11/10 d Dennis Wheatley. 11/16 Steven Spielberg Close Encounters of the Third Kind 3 years after the Arecibo message, the devil tower, the cornerstone for Grail cup, flashing lights is the opening of the 3d eye, introduces Greys to collective subconscious (Richard Dreyfuss 10/29 like Anton LaVey) Lam as Christ. day birth Maggie Gyllenhaal.

12/14 Saturday Night Fever (Disco trend, John Travolta mind controlled with Scientology) as Anthony Manero =Tony Montana=Montu Ra. disco called 2001 A Space Odyssey, Chiron as rainbow bridge between Saturn (sobering reality) and Uranus (rebellion), alchemical stage of peacock many colors.'Stayin alive' Bee Gees (androgynous transgender agenda). New wave gothic. 12/21 Emmanuel Macron (damian). 12/25 Charlie Chaplin born 4 days before Hitler, dies 6 days before birth Donald Trump jr.(dec 31 Jupiter back in Gemini -detriment) uranus in scorpio: Gallo horror films like 'Suspiria'.

1978 1/20 Venus in Aquarius, Pluto in Libra: 2/1 in a media ritual, the aftermath of the Sharon Tate ritual, Roman Polanski flees the US after raping 13-y old girl Samantha (=satan), Orpheus searching for euridyce (the Chariot - expelled from the garden). Saturn in Virgo letter gimel: run. 3/4 Blondie 'Plastic Letters' (pink, Playboy bunny from Coney=rabbit island, Alice in Wonderland) on Chrysalis (butterfly) Records. 3/6 Larry Flynt shooting ritual with Joseph Paul Franklin.
year 3-8 Adjustment. 4/2 venus in taurus. 4/19 James Franco. 4/22 Bob Marley as Merlin on the Lovers card One Love concert in Kingston Jamaica, royal wedding of the king. Michael Norman Manley (elected in 72, died age 72, 187 days before Diana) and Edward Seaga. Manley died date birth Jonathan Scott Taylor, Bob Marley would have son that year named Damian, Robert=Bob, wedding of Diana by priest Robert.
5/9 Marwan Elshehhi, hijacker plane 911, murder of Aldo Moro. 6/9 The Omen 2 (4 years after diana's grandfather Albert Spencer died on 6/9, son of Katherine Thorn=son of Catherine George, William Holden, David and Joseph Kennedy) Damian discovers he is immune for nuclear radiation (balcony Adjustment Pluto in Libra). Edward and Andrew at commonwealth games.

6/16 Venus in Leo (lust) Grease (616 nr of antichrist, grace the sun 19 resh, 19 years after death Superman George Reeves, Olivia Newton John born in Cambridge) tunnel of diana, grease slang term for killing, greased lightning= sodomy, John Travolta turning Diana into whore (samantha=sandy). 6/19 Zoe Saldana.
8/21 Jupiter in cancer (birth) exaltation. 8/25 David Mayer de Rothschild. 9/2 Wes Bentley. 9/6 Jupiter in Leo. 9/7 venus in scorpio (death)
9/17 Camp David accords Israel and Egypt with president Jimmy Carter. 9/28 pope John Paul dies after 33 days of papacy, replaced by John Paul 2. 10/5 'The Boys from Brazil' about child of antichrist Adolf Hitler Gregory Peck (father in antichrist Omen movie), written by Ira Levin of antichrist movie Rosemarys Baby Laurence Olivier 5/22 like Harvey Milk. 10/6 'Goin south' Jack Nicholson (the Hanged Man with character Tate like Sharon Tate, date death Sydney Blackmer Roman). 10/10 d Kathryn Mcguire (Sherlock jr).
10/12 libra, 103y after birthday Crowley, Nancy Spungen dies in Chelsea Hotel 23d street (shells= qlippoth, overdose in hotel like David Kennedy), where Arthur Clarke wrote 2001, 113 days before boyfriend Sid Vicious on 33d day age 21.
10/24 The Wiz Michael Jackson (Wizard of Oz mind control), Diana Ross at Twin Towers (Diana's twin brothers William and Harry), music by jesuit Quincy Jones.

11/17 Rachel McAdams. 11/18 d Jim Jones (also active in Brazil age 47) Jonestown mass suicide in Guyana like Manson San Francisco Christ figure/ evil cult leader. Georgestown killing of Leo Ryan Rainbow family (Wizard of Oz, symbol of the Luciferian gay-transgender religion, like Manson Family).
11/27 in San Francisco (city of Golden Gate, George Moscone nov 24 date Harvey Lee Oswald died) Harvey Milk is shot to cause the White Night riots (mlk martin luther king, pushing of the gay rainbow agenda)

12/10 (date of martin luther) Richard Donner (director of Antichrist movie the Omen) Superman. Uebermensch Antichrist jesuit Christ vs protestants and jews: Lex Luther (Gene Hackman hacking genes, Apollo and Dyonisus) homunculus experiment radium Parsons like Mengele to create starchild/moonchild William, crashes like Lucifer in Smalville Kansas. Marlon Brando as Jor-el (born 7/1 like Diana) Susannah York 9/1 like Catherine, Terence Stamp 7/22 like George.

12/18 Katie Holmes (hecate ALHIM 81). 12/22 arrest John Wayne Gacy, archetype of the Joker clown. 'the Deer hunter' Set killing Horus-Christ. 12/28 John Legend.

1979 (9 the hermit) 1/3 death Conrad Hilton age 91. 'Rappers Delight' Sugar Hill Gang, the sugar hill the zuckerberg, the chalice the vagina, the venus mountain in south France.
Kurtis Blow (Nyack College president Rexford Boda Quill and Dagger) signed to Mercury Records (cult of Hermes, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). 1/16 Aaliyah. 1/20 mars in aq. 2/1 Christoper Plummer as Sherlock Holmes in 'Murder by Decree', about a masonic conspiracy. 2/2 (33d day antichrist) Sid Vicious dies of heroin overdose. 2/7 supposed death of Josef Mengele in Brazil (on the run like Polanski). 2/9 'The Warriors' july 4 aphelion sirius/cyrus (16th degree in Scottish rite prince of Jerusalem), promoting violent gang culture, announced by A Clockwork Orange, intensifying the apocalyptic fear. Cyrus is killed by jesuit trained David Patrick Kelly the legions of the qlippoth, 9 warriors descent of the Hermit in the underworld/subway, odyssey of reaching the sea (in the book Beatles song-Helter Skelter Manson's apocalyptic race war). 2/11 Brandy Norwood. 2/13 Mena Suvari. 3/1 Jupiter back in cancer. 3/17 Coco Austin.
year 3-9 the Hermit. 4/4 Joker Heath Ledger (=93) 44 like Martin Luther King. comedian Andy Kaufman Carnegie Hall show. 4/6 mars in aries 4/21 Jp in leo (ruled by sun, resh head). 4/12 'Hurricane' (The Tempest, twister Wizard of Oz) Mia Farrow Jason Robards, The Tempest, falls in love with beastman Caliban (Pan Beast and Babalon) causing twister, screenplay Polanski directed Jan Troell 7/23 Neptunalia, remake of 1937 John Ford movie. 4/19 Kate Hudson.

5/4 Margaret Thatcher is made prime minister of UK (iron lady queen of wands wicked witch, Margaret Hamiliton, the Empress- tate). 5/5 Jimmy Carter fake assassination attempt Raymond Lee Harvey (=Harvey Lee). 5/9 Rosario Dawson.

5/19 Francis Ford Coppola Apocalypse Now (jonestown) slaying osiris bull, Kurtz=kong (11), Marlon Brando as Crowley the Beast from Book of Apocalypse. 5/25 Alien (date JFK made Apollo announcement) cosmic egg of starchild, new alien race HR Giger Sigourney Weaver. 6/6 d Jack Haley (tin man-jupiter). 7/17 Saddam Hussein in office. 7/27 AC/DC Highway to hell (the devil, hh 88) +Amityville (ammit) Horror. Star Trek clone replica doppelganger. 7/29 d Herbert Marcuse. 8/27 d Louis Mountbatten. 9/7 'Time after time', Malcolm McDowell as HG Wells. 9/13 Derek Jarman jd's 'The Tempest' (Wizard of Oz) Heathcote Williams as Prospero/John Dee.
(The labyrinth of the Minotaur becomes the Saturnian Terror/thunderdome of Mad Max (mm=33 M-Axis) Mel Gibson as Mad Max Rockatansky (rocket scientist Jack Parsons)

MJ Off the wall+Pink Floyd 'the wall'=apollo=the rock.(pink flamingo Alice)
The Left Wing Church invents Postmodernism (Jacques Derrida, jesuit, The New School), marketing of rebellious alternative to mainstream, creating divisions between generations. Rise of CIA controlled feminism as worship of babalon (Gloria Stein), materialistic yuppie culture in Wall Street, cell-lunar phones. Rise of satanic death metal in Nordic countries. Mind control program Punk rock makes young people wear rooster mohawks and dog chains.
9/30 Jupiter in Virgo iranian revolution (uranus in scorpio) khomeini. 10/10 Mya. 11/4 444day Iranian hostage crisis (44 mass of the phoenix). dec the Black Hole.
Soviet-Afghan war (Mujahideen and maoists, Osama Bin Laden), proxy cold war.

the 80's