the 60's


1960 (12 the Hanged Man)
1961 (13 Death)
1962 (14 Art)
1963 (15 the Devil)
1964 (16 the Tower)
1965 (17 the Star)
1966 (18 the Moon)
1967 (19 the Sun)
1968 (20 Aeon)
1969 (21 the World)

1960 Independence of 17 African nations. Luciferian blue-red street gangs in US (bloods and crips/blue blood crabs with 6 and 9's). Pluto (car crashes) in Virgo: 1/4 car crash Albert Camus (ac antichrist), east of Paris, age 44, born 11/7 like Stanley Ann Dunham. He wrote the book The Stranger (Stranger in a Strange land). 2/19 Elizabeth's 3d child prince Andrew. 2/22 mars in aq. 3/5 mars opp nept, taking of the Che Guevara picture, as a Horus Christ figure, icon of pop culture (date of death Stalin, bearded goat Baphomet, the Star, the energy of Mars in hebrew kabbalistic sphere Geburah).
Social engineers of the music industry create trends like 'the twist' (twister Wizard of Oz programming) sodomy on masonic floor, the twister that takes Dorothy to Oz.
year 2-12 the Hanged Man. 4/4 Hugo Weaving. 4/17 car crash Edward Eddie Ray Cochran (the Star, Cochrans craft= modern withcraft), known for music 'the Girl Can't Help It' with Jayne Mansfield, who also died in car crash. 5/11 mars in aries 5/28 venus in gemini - pluto in virgo (sex death) 6/16 60 (616) Psycho jesuit Alfred Hitchcock Janet Leigh announcing the national trauma Jackie Kennedy mother Janet Lee bouvier (Norman Bates-roman emperor, Norma Jean her bad side, multiple personality disorder, Leigh also in mind control movie the Manchurian Candidate) famous shower stab scene synchole (predictive programming, creating syncronicity). 22y after Snow White, Tate and Roman (Anthony Perkins, Skull and Bones family). 8/17 Sean Penn. 9/8 Lets make love, Marilyn Monroe 'My Heart Belongs To Daddy' princess of hearts, father as handler in mind control, from musical Leave It To Me 11/9 22y earlier.
(Olympic ending ceremony 911 in Rome). 9/20 mars in cancer.

10/6 Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (the Hanged Man) nickname of Adam Weishaupt slave revolt against Roman Empire, with KirK douglas, announcing the killing of the king ritual, kd 114 curse of cain. 11/5 Tilda Swinton. 11/11 Stanley Tucci. 11/20 mars in retrograde. 11/25 JFK jr at jesuit Georgetown University hospital. 12/3 Julianne Moore.
3d intustrial revolution

1961 In some manuscripts of Book of Revelation the nr 666, the nr associated with the Beast, the roman empire, is 616. (also nr of Kether ain nothing=0)
1/4 venus in pisces 1/17 Patrice Lumumba is assassinated, born few months before RFK (the black child). 1/24 Natassja Kinski. (400y after birth Francis Bacon/Shakespeare) 1/30 Knight of Columbus (Colonna) JFK (gemini, moon virgo) is inaugurated, 29 y after Hitler with fasces symbol of fascism, 100y after Lincoln became president. Robert McNamara (World Bank Group, Vietnam War, Brookings, Rockefeller Foundation, Caltech, Lucis Trust, dated Katharine Graham) is made Secretary of Defense.
2/1 'The Misfits' (fr 47, rfr 61) by John Huston, friend of Black Dahlia killer George Hodel, born 8/5 date death Monroe, posthumous release Clark Gable. Marilyn Monroe as Roslyn Tabor, referring to Roslyn chapel of the Templars and Scottish rite freemasons.
2/15 solar eclipse, (black sun worshipped by jesuits ) used in Christ movie Barrabas with Anthony Quin and Silvana Mangano 4/21 like Queen Elizabeth, and Sharon Tate. actor Arthur Kennedy as Pontius Pilate. Sabena Boeing 707 crash in Brussels (heart of Europe).
3/16 Jupiter in Aquarius unconventional, technology
year 2-13 death
4/3 Eddie Murphy. 4/11 (date Anton LaVey, curse of Cain) trial of nazi Adolf Eichmann (escaped to Argentina of Knight of Malta Juan Peron), put in a Saturnian glass cube, propaganda by Hannah Arendt. 4/14 Robert Carlyle. first human in space. Founding of the WWF  (the Green Church) by prince Bernhard, Julian Huxley, Godfrey Rockefeller (global warming scam, 1001 club); OAS terrorist attacks Algeria (CIA), supposedly trying to assassinate jesuit de Gaulle.

4/19 Bay of pigs invasion (bday Jayne Mansfield) fake US invasion led by CIA director Allen Dulles, nephew of jesuit priest Avery Dulles, results in more support for jesuit trained Fidel Castro, the Cold War ritual, with the jesuits controlling both sides. Che Guevara dominant Uranus (like Marx). Kruschev 4/15 date of death Lincoln, Fordicidia slaughter of pigs- also in Sharon Tate ritual. 5/5 mars in leo. 5/6 George Clooney. La Dolce Vita Anita Ekberg as the Star. 5/14 Tim Roth.
5/25 John Kennedy announces the Apollo (apollyon) program (the moon landing) based on research nazi Werner von Braun and Jack Parsons (Horus archetype 'Man in Space' with Disney). (apollo=71) (moment of creation, creating man out of nothing 61). 5/31 JFK and jesuit de Gaule meet. Lea Thompson (Lorraine in BTTF). 6/1 Robert Heinlein (friend of Parsons) 'Stranger in a Strange Land' Luciferian archetype Valentine Michael Smith, name Manson's child 5/15, story of Jungle Book, raised by Martians instead of wolves. 6/5 venus in taurus. 6/6 death Carl Jung. 6/9 Michael J. Fox (BTTF) 6/14 Boy George. 7/14 Jackie earle Haley. 6/28 mars in virgo

7/1 (23 days after wedding Katharine and prince Andrew), birth princess Diana Spencer of Merovingian bloodline, selected to marry Charles (karl=man, 616 nr of man) and to give birth to the socalled Antichrist (616 Diana in gematria 29, path of the moon, Diana full reduction=71 Diana Spencer, reverse full reduction=71) Queen of cups/Hearts, the Great Work of freemasonry of guarding the holy grail bloodline. moon in Sagittarius (Art card Diana the huntress).

Curtis Harrington makes movie Night Tide in Venice with Dennis Hopper. Charles Manson is mind controlled with Scientology and Dianetics of Ron Hubbard and enters McNeil island prison. 6/16 'Colossus of Rhodes' Apollo-Lucifer by Sergio Leone. 7/23 Woody Harrelson. 8/3 venus in cancer.
8/4 (34 days after Diana) birth Barry (barrabas) Soetoro Obama to play the role of False Prophet (Barry Soetoro, Saturn) in Honolulu, Hawaii (full reduction=33) Tropic of Cancer (Queen of Hearts), one of the 3 bars of our prison matrix, where the Order of Jesters was founded. 216th day, 216 nr of Gevurah mars (6x6x6). 61 =Nothinng zero O. He is the child of Stanley (Satan) Ann Dunham, twin sister of Paul McCartney (Liverpool 53°, Kansas 55°) Paul McCartney becomes base player of The Beatles (scarab beatle symbol of Egyptian god Khepri), mind controlled at Tavistock institute. 7/30 Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix).

8/7 Stanley Milgram electroshock experiment at Yale University. 8/13 start of building Berlin Wall Iron Curtain Mars, god of war (8/16 jupiter back in capricorn).
'West Side Story' Natalie Wood; introduction Barbie and Ken doll (doll programming, JFK and Marilyn Monroe sex slaves that can be cloned).
Betty and Barney Hill media ritual bringing the concept of abductions and Greys and other extraterrestials in public consciousness, biracial couple like parents Obama, are introduced into public consciousness, through fake news and movies. 9/11 Virginia Madsen. 10/5 Breakfast At Tiffany's (based on novella of Truman Capote) Audrey Hepburn George Peppard. 10/30, 303d day bomb Ivan. 10/31 Peter Jackson. 11/22 Elvis Blue Hawaii ( the Star as obama). 12/11 Eichmann found guilty by 3 israeli judges.

1962 1/3 Saturn in Aq. 1/17 Jim Carrey (2/4 all visible seven planets move into Aquarius, 50y transition period until 2012)
year 2-14 Art (Sagittarius) mind controlled model Jean Shrimpton on cover of The Sunday Times Magazine
3/19 debut album Bob Dylan (Greenwich Village). 3/26 Jupiter in Pisces (4/15 death Clara Blandick, aunt Em in Wizard of Oz) Neptune spirituality, jesuit Timothy Leary leads a CIA controlled LSD experiment at the Marsh chapel of Boston university (dean mentor of MLK).
4/28 venus in gemini may 19 (date of death Jackie Kennedy and wedding Harry and Meghan Markle) Marilyn Monroe sings 'happy birthday' (the Star) mr president (Aeon card) to jfk, mind controlled sex slaves as entertainment for the masses. Scarlett Woman of the Hierophant.
saturn in retrograde, 5/22 venus in cancer, queen of hearts 6/13 Stanley Kubrick 'Lolita' (the Star, Lilith Marilyn Monroe archetype) normalizing pedophilia by jesuit freemasons. Sue Lyon=Princess of Cups/Hearts, whore of Babylon. Shelly Winters (The New School, 8/18 like Roman Polanski), Marilyn Monroe 'Lolita' in 'Let's make love'.

Neptune shapes the collective myths, and the memory of that era is colored by Scorpionic undertones of emotional intensity.
CIA founds the Esalen institute in California, Stanford graduates, invents the New Age counterculture (cc=33).
7/1 bday of Diana opening Kennedy Space Center for moon flight with Kurt Debus (Operation Paperclip). Saturn in Aquarius 7/3 Tom Cruise (aphelion Sirius, chinese year tiger) same day 'Birdman of Alcatraz' (Horus, poster orange=33=sodomy) with Burt Lancaster (Uranus in Virgo will to break out) as Robert Franklin, directed by John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate), in San Francisco Golden Gate bridge =Sagittarius (Exodus, breaking free of moses) with Telly Salavas (Blofeld in James Bond, Aristotle Onassis archetype) and Thel(e)ma Ritter, born 2/14 Valentine's Day.
Uranus (change, rebeliion) in Virgo (virgo: little people, minorities=>controlled opposition Civil Rights movement, founding of the Blach Church, start of the multiculti agenda). Saturn in Aquarius for 3 years (Aeon card).7/12 venus in virgo.
8/5 (400 days after birth Diana, 1y and 1 day after birth Obama) media ritual death of Marylin Monroe (overdose pills Alice in Wonderland programming, mm=33, age 36, the 217th day, Armstrong moon 21/7), of the Bush bloodline, mind controlled with kitten programming, funeral 8/8 with Judy Garland 'Over the rainbow' (=dissociation, Wizard of Oz programming). 8/16 Steve Carell.

Mengele and other nazi's continue twin research in Argentina and Brazil. 9/4 Center for Strategic International Studies at Georgetown University of the jesuits.
9/6 venus in scorpio -day after 911 (Joseph Kennedy 9 children=9 original templars) JFK speech to announce the Apollo moon missions the Star (hope, guiding light). 10/1 debut album The Beach Boys. 10/5 1st The Beatles single (culltural marxist program 'pop') and Dr. No 1st James Bond movie (007 Tubal-Cain refers to John Dee and MI6 spy Crowley, following True Will is the bond), shot at Pinewood Studios, Jupiter in Pisces (the Moon) confronting Shadow of subconscious.
13 day media ritual Cuban missile crisis (cc=33), opening of box of Pandora, the cube (Cuba, Pluto=dark secrets, communism, Kruschev born 15 april like death Lincoln). Eichman is killed on 6/ 1, birthday Marilyn Monroe, year birth Diana. CIA agent Ray Cline (later WACL) and Allen Dulles.
(nept in scorpio) 10/24 The Manchurian Candidate (MC: Mind Control, theme of mind controlled assassin) John Frankenheimer Laurence Harvey (would die on the date of funeral JFK) predictive programming for Harvey Lee JFK ritual, famous shot of killer aiming at the screen, Harvey Lee would be arrested in a movie theatre. Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra was linked to jesuit Jackie Kennedy and Mia Farrow (antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby) Sinatra as dark side of JFK (sin=moon). 10/24 is date of Melvin Purvis who shot John Dillinger at movie theatre. Janet Leigh like Jackie Lee.

same month Philip K Dick (KD 411 the Curse of Cain/Kennedies) The Man in the High Castle swastika symbol, about Adolf Hitler, naz's controlling US. Jesuit Lyndon Johnson uses campaign slogan 'All the Way' (=the Way, the Dao in Thelema, album of Frank Sinatra). 11/19 Jodie Foster.
12/25 'How to Kill a Mocking Bird' (= blue bird Horus, story by Harper Lee, based on Truman Capote) Robert Duvall, filmed at the famous Mockingbird Square. Music records based on Saturn's rings, played on record players with big horns. Founding of the Esalen Institute.

1963 1/6 venus in sagitarius. 1/8 media ritual Mona Lisa (of Leonardo Da Vinci, employed by the Sforza's, intermarried with Colonna, the Lovers alpha and omega, Marilyn Monroe posed for nude pictures as Mona Monroe) exhibited in Washington to start the JFK ritual, 318 days before death Diana ritual at 8/13 (21 judgement/aeon) Da Vinci 4/15 -date Lincoln. making the sign of 2nd veil hidden hand of masonry, red veil of Taurus the Hierophant. 1/27 death John Farrow (father of Mia Farrow antichrist movie RM). Neptune (movies, illusion) in scorpio. 2/11 suicide of Sylvia Plath. 2/14 (Valentine's day Frederick and Elizabeth wedding) Federico Fellini '8 1/2' Marcello Mastroiani (mm=33) opening scene the Hanged Man, dream in tunnel bus 99. Claudia Cardinale (cc=33) april 15 like Lincoln, Titanic and Dodi Fayed. Fellini would die on the same day as JFK, 11/22 (=33). Anouk Aime date John Wilkes. 2/17 Michael Jordan.
year 2-15 the Devil. 3/4 venus in aq. 3/22 (322 skull and bones) The Beatles debut album (the locusts of rev 911, beetle Khepri ) 'Please Please Me' coffin rebirth pose, produced by jesuit George Martin. 3/25 The Beach Boys 'Surfin' USA' (Laurel Canyon mind control project, surfing=orgasm control in sex magick).

3/27 birth Quentin Tarantino, known for his typical trunkshot. 3/28 Alfred Hitchcock 'The Birds' (saturn nigredo death, blackbird of revelation race war, Baal) pluto in Virgo near Corvus. 4/12 Martin Luther King is arrested.
4/4 Jupiter in Aries
4/8 Julian Lennon (Disney programmed). 4/13 Gary Kasparov. 5/27 Colonna-Columbia releases Bob Dylan 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' (cultural marxist program 'pop', cover blue Volkswagen van. 5/28 d Ernst Stavros Livanos (=ernst augustsus, Pluto archetype Ernst Stavros Blofeld) date George 1 (child of ernst) Ian fleming, day before bday JFK. june 4 executive order 1110. 6/3 saturn in retrograde. 6/9 Johnny Depp. venus in aq: 6/16 Valentina Tereshkova first woman in space (Valentian gnosticism Frederick's wedding Valentines day). 6/21/63 (666) coronation pope Paul 6. 6/26 opening NY Hilton monolith, used to transfer consciousness to dream clones (JFK speech at symbolic gate of Brandenburg tor 148 days before his death). 6/30, another 666 date JFK visits british pm Macmillan (mm=33) in Sussex. 8/9 Whitney Houston, 8/15 Alejandro Inarritu, Jayne Mansfield 'Promises Promises'.

Neptune in scorpio, god of spirituality, dreams idealism with dark twist :neptune (kether crown)
8/25 venus in virgo 8/28 (virgo) Martin Luther (Lucifer) King speech 'i have a dream' before Lincoln memorial Washington DC (86 days before Lincoln-JFK ritual, 8 y after death Emmet Till ammit, emet truth) and Saturnian obelisk (240th day jupiter Osiris Slain pose, 288 =216 geburah +chesed 72) dom: Sun, mlk Melekh the king Tiferet the sun. MLK and the entire Civil Rights Movement is controlled by jesuits like Richard McSorsley, Andrew Young CFR, named after Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism, the Dionysian side of Apollo.

9/4 d Robert Shumann founding father of European Union. 10/29 (date death Anton LaVey) death Adolphe Menjou (the Devil in Sorrows of Satan 1926).11/5 venus in sagitt- 11/17 d Margaret Grubb 1st wife of Ron Hubbard (Babalon workings). JFK watches James Bond 'From Russia with Love' on nov 20 in Hilton Hotel, featuring a Hilton Hotel and nemesis Blofeld (dream becoming real). Blofeld is played by Anthony Dawson oct 18 like Harvey Lee (and Michael Aquino of temple of Set, Robert Shaw aug 9, Tatiana Romnova -Bianchi name Manson murders) directed by Terence Young (the Shadow of Jung).

Joseph Colombo (Colonna) takes over the Profaci family, after betraying Joe Bonanno. Pluto (underworld, dark secrets) in Virgo (purity): Valachi introduces the Cosa Nostra mafia into public consciousness, John's brother Robert Kennedy as antimaffia hero.

Pluto in Virgo: media sex scandal with politician John Profumo (married to actress Valerie Hobson), with 19y old girl Christine Keeler, rumors of secret elite parties of the Astors, resignment of Harold MacMillan.
11/2 assassination first president of Vietnam (catholic) Ngo Dinh Diem. 11/19 birth Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena LaVey.
63=3 sixes, 666. streets of Dallas, designed as Tree of Life pattern, the Neptune trident, Elm street=path 31 judgement/aeon. on 326th day (sign of Ophiuchus the snakeholder, the traveler to the underworld) day of release The Beatles 'With the Beatles' (one eye) and death Aldous Huxley (the Doors of Perception), the JFK assassination ritual, the masonic ritual of killing of the Osiris bull/killing of the Christ of the red rose king arthur, of Hiram Abiff, on the 33d degree parallel on 11/22(=33). 11/22/63=93 Thelema, cusp of Scorpio the Phoenix, and Sagittarius the archer/shooter at the Golden Gate) in a Lincoln car. John Connally king Arthur of Camelot.

Dallas Dealy deity of grassland/meadow, letter Daleth of the Empress card means 'door'. gg77 chariot card=7, the Tower card 16 (1+7). cusp of Scorpio in 13sign astrology card Judgement.

Era of Neptune in Scorpio, Neptune planet of dreams and illusion: Lincoln, JFK, Jacky Lee, Harvey Lee, Frank Sinatra all Neptune (stage illusion, movies) as 1st dominant planet. JFK born 5/29 Gemini ruled by Mercury, birthdate 5/29/1917 adds up to 34 (7) nr of Jupiter, date 11/22/1963 adds up to 25 (7) nr of Mars. Sinatra= sin, letter shin of path of Judgement, in numerology 300 =>number plate gg 300, Elm street 411 the sympbolic (411 nr the Curse Cain, date Ethel Kennedy, Anton LaVey, date of Divine Comedy lady in red Dante).
Lee Harvey Oswald (Wizard of Oz programming, Oswald Spengler 'Decline of the West', Lee Oswald gave speech in a jesuit school in july)
born 10/18 like OTO head Grady McMurtry, Michael Aquino of temple of set. Set killing Osiris, Lee Harvey (horus) (= breaking of Osiris spine/phallus, jfk back problems). Oswald is arrested at movie theatre (dream becomes real like Lincoln dies while watching theatre, John Dillinger in movie theater at Lincoln Avenue 1934, predicted in movie The Manchurian Candidate).

same day release The Beatles 'With The Beatles' who would invade US through JFK airport few months later. Harvey in most pictures has a wounded head, sign of Cain slaying Abel (Revelation 3: 13). The movie theatre showed movie 'War is Hell' Barron Baynes 5/29 like jfk, quote of WILLiam sherman, released on oct 23, date of birth first jesuit Ignatius of Loyola, Howard Hughes' favorite movie Ice Station Zebra.
Jackie Lee Onassis =isis, wearing pink chanel=dissociation Alice in Wonderland programming, sodomy channel (pillbox hat= pills Alice in Wonderland, Marilyn Monroe died of pill overdose).
bishop of Dallas is mason Tomas Gorman.

The JFK media stunt as the biggest mass media ritual thus far, milestone in mind control of population, filmed by
Abraham Zapruder, May 15, 1905 Taurus, date decap Mary Boleyn – August 30, 1970 Virgo. The images of Zapruder's film becomes the Image, the Beast that 'zaps' people to the underworld.
Frame 313 of his head shot=Book of Revelation 313, about the Beast (Roman Empire) that recovered from a head wound ('Ceannaideach', Gaelic word for Kennedy meaning "ugly head" or "wounded head".king arthur died from mortal head wound). Harvey Lee has head wound=osiris/arthur reborn, signof initiation. connelly reference to Francisco Colona Thelema religion, falling into dream state). Aldous Huxley -Althus spoke Zarathustra- Aldus Manutius who printed first thelemic book. The film was bought by Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce member of Skull and Bones, owner of Life magazine.
Lady in Red as distraction, name of Marilyn Monroe, Nephthys lady of the horizon, sunset-death necessary for rebirth, Scorpio aspect of Isis, distraction to create mystery. (Pluto the Shadow in Virgo: Ethel Kennedy received call from FBI director J Edgar Hoover)

John Edgar Hoover as the Devil, Dean Rusk secretary of state, president of Rockefeller Foundation, media introduces concept of dark forces within the state. CIA as boogeyman, logo eagle of Scorpio that betrayed sun king JFK, Judas who betrayed Jesus, Osiris killed by conspiracy of Set, Caesar killed by Brutus, masonic mystery of Hiram Abiff. Harvey Lee as the Shadow, Norman (=roman) Bates in Psycho, dr. No (Sean Connery, dark side of John Kennedy). The concept and term 'conspiracy theorist' is spread by the CIA, tin foil hat character is the tin man of Wizard of Oz, jupiter.

Like Lincoln was replaced by Andrew Johnson, JFK is replaced by Georgetown jesuit Lyndon Baines Johnson (lbj=24) August 27, 1908 Virgo– January 22, 1973 Aquarius. sworn in as 36th (666) president.
(nov 23 first ep dr Who) november 24, (sagittarius knight of wands art) age 24 (nr of jupiter) Lee Harvey Oswald shot by
Jack Ruby (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz, alchemical rubedo phase) (phrase lone assassin=series the Lone Ranger, Adjustment card, shot at Spahn Ranch of the Manson Family).

11/25 (Sagittarius -art, 216 days left 21/6 summer solstice prince William) funeral of JFK (Aeon card birth of the child Horus) date of birth Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe's lover, date of death Laurence Harvey (other name Zvi) mind controlled killer in The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra, and date John Wilkes Booth played his role in Julius Caesar as part of Lincoln assassination ritual.

ritual of lighting the eternal flame=olympic torch of Lucifer the Lightbringer, light of consciousness in fornix, like Arc de Triomphe in 1961.
12/18 Brad Pitt. 12/25 winter solstice Merlin and the Sword in the Stone king Uther pendragon dies, JFK jr as new Arthur.

Viennese actionism, more overt satanic rituals in art- Postmodernism. With the fall of communism, western capitalism is the only system that still stands. Agenda of nihilism in Europe, childish optimism of pop culture in America (climbing up Jacob's ladder, the American Dream). All participants, every citizen is a producer or consumer, tries to acquire wealth to enjoy luxuary products, bombarded with advertising to get addicted to sugar, coffee, fat, metamphematines,.. Increase of pornography (Playboy, rabbit logo=Alice in Wonderland,..).

1964 7/1 Nicholas Cage, 46 days after death (JFK age 46). 1/10 (49 days after jfk) Project Diana tower radio waves moon (dark tower). 1/13 Colonna Columbia releases Bob Dylan's 'Times are a-changing'. William Bundy (S&B, CFR) is involved with the Vietnam war.
1/16 venus in pisces. 1/17 (56 days after murder jfk) Michelle Lavaugn Robinson Obama, 6 days later Mariska Hargitay, daughter of Jayne Mansfield. 10 days later Bridget Fonda. 19 days later Laura Linney. venus opp pluto 1/29 Stanley Kubrick Dr Strangelove (Oddfellows) Peter Sellers as nazi Werhner von Braun Terry Southern Jack Parsons rockets and bombs as sex magic. Tara Reed phone call hypnotic trigger mirror Alice in Wonderland. Jack D Ripper, atom bomb revelation 911.
2/7-9 The Beatles invade NY JFK airport the army of the east from Rev 911 (Decline of the West), John Lennon=Johnson Lyndon -Pan Am airlines, Pan the devil, to appear at the Ed Sullivan show, and NY Hilton. Beatlemania= maenads of Dionysus, religious extacy, mind control through pop culture. ('Fall of Roman Empire' death of Marcus Aurelius=death JFK). 2/11 Sarah Palin. 2/25 (George Jarrisons 21st birthday) fight Sonny Liston vs Cassius Clay (cc=33), the brothers cain and abel, Thagirion, big black giants on Jack Paar show=Jack Parsons. 3/3 Laura Harring. 3/10 prince Edward.
3/23 Saturn in Pisces (more 'compassion' in government)
year 2-16 the Tower. 4/3 Nigel Farage. 4/7 Russel Crowe. 4/9 The Carpetbaggers George Peppard character based on Howard Hughes.
4/13 Jupiter in Taurus
4/20 Andy Serkis and Crispin Glover. 5/20 Charles Spencer, brother of Diana.  5/26 Lenny Kravitz. 6/19 Boris Johnson. 6/22 Dan Brown. 6/24 the Mask of the Red Death with Paul McCartney's girlfriend Jane Asher, red cloak the Lovers, story by Edgar Allan Poe, Prospero (John Dee) and Hazel Court as scarlett woman (d 5/15 like Dodi Fayed).
7/2 the Civil Rights act (Black Church, multiculti agenda) designed by jesuit Theodore Hesburgh, linked to Rockefeller foundation and Chase bank who funded the nazis. 7/9 Courtney Love. 7/20 Chris Cornell cc=33. 8/12 d Ian Fleming. 9/2 Keanu Reeves (Neo in The Matrix). 9/17 ABC show Bewitched.  9/30 Monica Bellucci. 10/3 Clive Owen. 10/12 (bday Crowley) death Mary Meyers, affair with JFK, ex-wife of Cord Meyer (CIA). 11/30 (st andrew) Richard Brake (Joe Chill-Night King).

1965 1/24 d Winston Churchill. Rolling stones album Mick Jagger one eye. 2/1 Brandon Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Stephanie of Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly. 2/6 Chris Rock. 2/18 Dr Dre. 2/21 Malcolm X, of Scottish descent, (osiris archetype linked to Nation of Islam) is assasinated. 2/26 (date of wtc attack) death Jimmie Lee Jackson after march at Marion. 3/2 Sound of Music, the Fool 33 years after death Lindbergh baby. Maria false maria Metropolis, seven children, Apollo god of music, associated with nr seven.=Snow White and seven dwarfs, based on Georg von Trap 4/4.
Saturn in pisces: 3/7 Civil Rights Movement: bloody sunday ritual in Selma Alabama of crossing the Abyss/bridge by mason MLK =Tiferet, the sun, king Molech, Mal'akh the king, MK Ultra) Alma mother goddess Saturn, symbolic crossing of river Boyne, Amelia Boynton at Edmund Pettus bridge.(Diane Nash=Diana's Alma tunnel in Paris; Willem of Orange, James Orange, grail cup of king Arthur, George Wallace shot by Arthur Bremer) the Moon card facing fear. white guilt agenda, the Black Church.

The Grateful Dead is founded. LSD dealer Michael Hollingshead moves to London (Swinging London project). A generation gap is created between modern youth and their parents and the mantra 'times are changing' is spread everywhere. 3/9 2nd attempt killing of James Reeb (born in Kansas). 3/25 Last Attempt (blue degrees), Sarah Jessica Parker.
year 2-17 the Star. 4/2 Rodney King. 4/4 Robert Downey jr, 4/9 the Greatest Story Ever Told jesus christ. Mark Pellegrino. 4/22 Pedro Arrupe installed as black pope (Hiroshima atomic bomb).
4/23 Jupiter in Gemini (opposite of sagitt, detriment). 5/17 Trent Reznor.
5/22 death Bobby Watson who played Adolf Hitler 9x. 5/25 Sonny Liston vs Muhammed Ali (casssius x, horus black king osiris risen) in Lewiston Maine, 44th parallel (date of Star Wars movie Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader). 6/6 Rolling Stones Satisfaction (Indecision, the Lovers).

The jesuits (Philip Hart) create National Immigration Act, for mass immigration (the Multiculti Church) from third world countries, altering the demographic mix of the US, dependant on socialist government (Great Society, Knights of Malta jesuit Jack Valenti MPAA and jesuit Joseph Califano).
Multiculturalism immigration becomes official policy in Western nations, while white supremacists continue to rule.
6/21 (William) The Byrds Mr Tambourine Man (looking glass Alice), produced by Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day. 6/30 d William Dudley Pelley. 7/29 (date wedding Charles and Diana) The Beatles Help! (is on the way, cover with Lux signs) United Artists, scene with 9th symphony as 4 angels of Revelation 911, announcing faked death of Paul McCartney. statue of Kali/Vishnu destroyer like Cern, soundtrack on aug 6 date of atom bomb in 1945. shot on Paradise Island of Huntington Hartford. 9/3 Charlie Sheen. movies like a 'Patch of Blue' biracial multiculti agenda, Shelly Winters 8/18 like Amelia Boynton)

In L.A., the Osirian/Dionysian cult continues. In the same log cabin where the first hippie Vito Paulakes, family of the Rockefellers, sacrificiced his son, where Frank Zappa and his family lived, Charles Manson from the same Laurel Canyon scene (laurel associated with Apollo, the sun) is turned into a cult leader. They manufacture bands, create a counterculture, a continuation of the Decadence movement. Jim Morisson and Jimi Hendrix, of military families are turned into anti-war but hedonistic rock icons. At the same time they promote satanic cults like the Process Church of Last Judgement as an offshoot of Ron Hubbard's Scientology, Kenneth Grant's Solar Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis, Aryan Brotherhood and program their musicians with Aleister Crowley and Alice in Wonderland. 8/13 opening nightclub 'the Matrix' used for promoting the band Jefferson Airplane, creating the 'San Francisco sound'. Alan Trist son of Eric Trist of Tavistock, drug scene of the Grateful Dead's music publisher company Ice Nine. CIA MK Ultra programs Ken Kesey, Robert Hunter (Scientology of Hubbard), Allen Ginsberg.
9/21 Jupiter in cancer
11/9 electricity blackout (the abyss of Revelation 911) in New York, place where twin towers will be built, 13h (13 Death card, sting of Scorpio) nox the night of pan. 11/30 Ben Stiller. 12/6 The Byrds Turn!Turn!Turn! blue cover (Project Blue Bird) Columbia Records.

1966 Blackbird plane from Lockheed black project. 1/7 Carolyn Kennedy. 1/17 Truman Capote In Cold Blood. 2/3 unmanned module Luna 9 (rev 911). Mobutu president of Congo, puppet of prince Bernhard Lippe.
year 2-18 the Moon. 3/24 Alfie, (=aleph the fool) Michael Caine girlfriend gilda with McCartneys girlfriend Jane Asher. 4/4 death Alfred Naujocks (false flag attack to start ww2 on 8/31/1939).
4/8 (date Crowley was dictated the book of the law), Time issue 'Is god dead?' (used in Rosemary's Baby) the parable of Friedrich Nietzsche, Diogenes the hermit, crisis of nihilism leading to Uebermensch. 4/15 Time issue The Swinging City, promotion of the Swinging London scene with Jean Rosemary Shrimpton. 5/11 Fat Spy announces car crash Jayne Mansfield.

On Walpurgis night, Anton LaVey, (=aleph, lev heart, leviathan), associated with Michael Aquino, founds the Church of Satan (Saturn) in San Francisco, wife Hecate Diana, keeps a black leopard in his garden (animal of Dyonisus), promoted with celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr and Jayne Mansfield (Pluto in Virgo). Kenneth Anger, friend of Bobby Beausoleil (Horus the child of new aeon) makes Lucifer Rising, sponsored by John Paul (names of Beatles) Getty.

Creation of fake gangs like Black Panther Party to scare white America (animal of Dionysus, Anton LaVey lived with a black leopard in his black house). CIA creates Dionysian (Luther) 'Rock music' and hippie movement, in Laurel Canyon, California to undermine the anti-war movement. LSD is spread and promoted as Lucy or Lucifer in the sky with diamonds by jesuit trained New Age guru Timothy Leary. Establishment of the Process Church of Last Judgement, as splinter group of Ron Hubbard's Scientology, used for mind control of Charles Manson, concept of union Christ and Satan, putting the ego, libido without morality (yesod 9) on a pedestal as a god (Revelation 911 Apollyon).
National Organization for Women (NOW=NWO) fake women liberation movement (the Feminist Church), as attack on family, CIA controlled Gloria Steinem, gay transgender agenda of Stonewall riots,..
Involvement of Elvis, Mick Jagger, Jodorowsky, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Harry Houdini, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Walt Disney, Michael Bertiaux (New Age movement worships Satan and Venus as Sanat Kumara and Ashtar), Rick Ruben,,.. 6/2 Robert Heinlein The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (year 18 the Moon) computer Holmes on moon colony.

6/6/1966 death Elizabeth Christ Trump, grandmother of Donald Trump. 666 days before premier 2001 A Space Oddyssey (elisabet=beatles). Robert Kennedy ripple of hope speech in South Africa. 6/19 d Ed Wynn (Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland), born 11/9. 6/20 The Beatles Yesterday (cover with dead babies) day before date birth William, Paul McCartney as babe in the abyss, the lamb on the Emperor card. John Lennon sulphor sign of the Emperor and the Hanged Man.
6/28 John Cusack (jc, day of Rosemarys Baby, The Beatles last show). Satanic movie Eye of the Devil (13) Sharon Tate (Paul Tate lieutenant at San Presidio army base connected to Setaf- Operation Gladio), Crowleyan ritual of sacrifice of dove, cult leader Donald Pleasence (on the 1964 album Beatles For Sale on spot Crowley, pointing to Jayne Mansfield).

Alex Sanders born 6/6, dies age 61.
7/14 Matthew Fox. 7/19 wedding Mia Farrow and Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra. 7/30 Batman with Adam West (William Anderson) and Burt Warden. august 5 (date death Marilyn Monroe) The Beatles Revolver album beetle Khepera is connected to both 'revolution' (rolling/revolve) and 'evolution' from the creative act, Luciferian 11th step of becoming a god. Pluto (wealth, underworld) in Virgo: inauguration Caesar's Palace (Roman empire) in Las Vegas, Kirk Kerkorian armenian maffia.

(8/15 Jefferson Airplane Takes Off and Rolling Stones single 'Under My Thumb' venus in leo) 8/31 date of death Diana in Alma tunnel, Persona Multiple Personality Disorder mind control, based on Jungian psychology persona mask (Jung died in 1961 like Diana). Bibi Andersson as Alma, Liv Ulman as Elizabeth (Elizabeth Short found dead in 1947, 47 stands for squared circle, philosophers stone) Adam falls in love with false eve.

9/6 NBC broadcasts first episode Star Trek Gene Rodenberry part of Andrija Puharich's psyop the 9. characters Kirk and Spock (William Shatner and jesuit Leonard Nimoy). 9/9 Adam Sandler.
9/28 Jupiter in Leo. d surrealist André Breton.
10/5 Seconds John Frankenheimer mind control symbolism of masks, creating mirror alters Rock Hudson Will Geer (lover of Harry Hay). Anrichrist movie 'Incubus' with William Shatner and Eloise Hardt as Amael. 10/27 Roman Abramovich. 11/2 David Schwimmer.
Neptune (stage illusion) in Scorpio: fake death rumors Paul McCartney car crash 11/9 (LaVey called st Paul of satanism), revelation 911 apollyon. twin brother of Stanley Ann Dunham, replaced by William Campbell, Will Sheperd. start of the is Paul Dead? rumour mystery (neptune in scorpio). 11/23 Vincent Cassel. Sgt Pepper's cover with Crowley=
11/28 Truman Capote's black and white ball (black-white programming, masks) at Plaza hotel Manhattan NY, near Central Park like Dakota, the

masque play within a play of Shakespeare's The Tempest at the Frederick and Elizabeth wedding, guests Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow (with Monarch butterfly mask, who would play mother of the antichrist 2 years later), Candice Bergen (rabbit Alice in Wonderland), Andy Warhol, Lauren Bacall, in honor of Katharine Graham of the Washington Post (d 7/17 like Camilla Parker), the Moon card=black and white Isis. Truman Capote worked for Hearst.

12/1 nazi Kurt Georg Kiesinger is made chancellor Germany; wedding John Paul Getty and Talitha Pol in Rome, abduction media ritual (Pluto=Hades who abducts Persephone).

Fearless Vampire Killers Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. 12/13 venus in capricorn. 12/14 death Verna Felton Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. 12/15 death Walt Disney. 12/16 Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe. 12/18 Tara Browne car crash (Pluto dark secrets) connected to The Beatles 'A Day in the Life' (blew his mind out in a car) in Lotus car-Harpocrates known the babe of the lotus.

12/23 winter solstice death of Godo Paulakes (Paul) in log cabin of Frank Zappa (treehouse=Rosemary Woodhouse) Laurel Canyon 303. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with Clint Eastwood, iao the last of man with no name-Nemo trilogy, Hanged Man christ, Mexican Standoff, philosopher's stone triangle circle, alchemical gold -Crowley was made 33d degree mason in Mexico.
Founding of the World Anti-Communist League: Ray Cline (CIA), John Singlaub, Knights of Malta Otto Skorzeny, Roger Pearson, drug lord Chiang Kai Chek (pm of republic of China), eugenics influences of Julius Evola, John Birch Society, Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, John McCain,..
Swinging London drug scene with JP Getty and organised crime Kray twins (Frank Sinatra) Richardson gang, Mick Jagger, Jean Shrimpton (HaperBazaar of Hearst), Michael Caine,..Blow-Up (symbolism of the Zapruder film) by Michelangelo Antonioni David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave as Whore of Babylon, Jane Birkin (Serge Gainsbourg), music by Jimmy Page (soundtrack of Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising).

1967 (6x7=42, vav hierophant ,zayin the lovers) 250th birthday of grand loge modern freemasonry. 1/3 death Jack Ruby. 1/5 actor and Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan 33d governor of California (worked at lookout mountain) 1/4 The Doors (Jim Morisson whose father played a role in the gulf of Tonken false flag attack that set off the Vietnam war) Elektra Records with Monarch butterfly logo, greek goddess Elektra. Johnny Morrison character from the Blue Dahlia, daleth meaning door, released on 4/19, date of birth Jayne Mansfield. one eye symbolism, salt symbol of the Empress daleth. The Doors of Perception book by Aldous Huxley who died on day of the JFK murder ritual. produced by Paul Rotschild on CIA controled Lookout Mountain. Daath the door, Break on Through To the Other Side (qlippoth).

1/14 Human be-in mystery religion, organised by San Francisco Oracle (linked to Apollo, Art card sagittarius golden gate): jesuit Timothy Leary slogan 'tune in drop out', invented by jesuit Marshall Mcluhan, Allen Ginsberg, Lenare Kendel (trained at The New School of the Colonna's, movie of Kenneth Anger), Alan Watts, Grateful Dead,... 1/27 Apollo 1 ritual death 3 men. 1/30 venus in pisces. 2/10 Laura Dern, daughter of Diane Ladd. 2/18 d Robert Oppenheimer (Diana born 218th day). 2/20 Kurt Cobain (311) the fool jesus pisces image, club of 27 like Jim Morisson. 2/23 venus (rose) in aries (1 march, date lindbergh baby kidnapping-Clay Shaw trial for jfk murder).
3/3 Saturn in Aries (the ram-roman) 3/12 Rosemarys Baby antichrist novel, same day Velvet Underground (Lou Reed) and Nico album. baby of Christ and Satan/pan.
year 2-19 the sun. Manson is released 3/21 first day of Aries.(67 chinese year of the goat) 3/17 Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze (=dissociation Alice in Wonderland) the star, isis ishtar rabbit, shekhina, 3/31 (3x31=93 thelema) Hendrix puts guitar on fire shin Aeon of horus, path 31. 3/30 (equinox holy day in Thelema, invocation of Horus) Sgt Peppers cover photo session.

4/13 Casino Royale (James Bond) Orson Welles as Le Chiffre, based on Crowley by John Huston connected to the black dahlia ritual Terry Southern. 4/14 venus in gemini (5/1 wedding Elvis and Priscilla Prestley the lovers) 5/10 venus in cancer
5/12 the Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Are You Experienced' (Aiwass, looking glass Alice in Wonderland). 5/23 Anton LaVey publicity stunt, baptises his daughter Zeena LaVey in a Satanic baptism ritual.
cultural marxist program postmodern pop culture:
6/2 Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts club 8th The Beatles album with OTO Aleister Crowley cover -dominant planet the sun (heart), icon of pop culture, rumors about Paul replaced by twin Dydmus, false christ, the Image, the Eidolon, the Beast.

LSD is spread and promoted as Lucy or Lucifer in the sky with diamonds by New Age guru Timothy Leary and John Lennon. 5/26 100y after birth Mary of Teck, Hair (=hare rabbit) musical by Georgetown jesuit Gerome Ragni.
6/5 beginning of 6-day war, on 6/7 (6/7 67,male and female, 6x7=42) Zionists led by Schlomo Goren, take the temple mount old city of Jerusalem, following biblical predictions, paving the way for building the temple of Jerusalem. d Dorothy Parker Rothschild. 6/6 venus in leo Paul Valentine Giamatti. 6/10 death of jesuit trained Spencer Tracy, husband of Katharine Hepburn (Diana Spencer-Kate). Fantasy Fair Magic Mountain trapezoid Jefferson Airplane jesuit Paul Kantner, friend of Michael Aquino (Order of the Trapezoid).

6/12 (date Rosemary's Baby) James Bond You Only Live Twice with Dr Blofeld as Crowley. 6/15 Dirty Dozen John Cassavetes (Rosemary's baby). 6/16 Montery pop festival (isis high priestess, mother of Horus Montu Ra), organised by John Philips and Lou Adler. CIA bands Jefferson Airplane (song White Rabbit =Alice in Wonderland mind control), the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding feat Janis Joplin (Columbia records, producer Chet Helms like CIA Richard Helms, artwork Robert Crumb Zap comics), Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Byrds, Mamas and the Papas (John Philips, daughter mind controlled with Scientology, Michelle Philips wife of Dennis Hopper), Otis Redding, the Who, Scott McKenzie (song 'Wear flowers in your hair'), Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, Ken Kesey,..6/20 Nicole Kidman Hawaii.

Venus square Nept - pluto (crash) in virgo: 6/29 car crash Jayne Mansfield in Pensacola Beach New Orleans (sea queen of cups) Cancer-the Chariot, queen of hearts. man named Paul, year after car crash Paul McCartney- announced on sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts, Ringo Starr dressed in pink (=dissociate Alice in Wonderland), would buy her Pink Palace in Holmby Hills, alhim 81 Hecate Hargitay. Her driver was named Ronnie Harrison like George and child of Harry. Buick Electra 225 at 2.25 (nr of Venus). The media spread rumors of decapitation (wig symbol of alter, the Hanged Man John the Baptist ego death) same day 36th president Lyndon Johnson visits Philadelphia.
6/30 st Valentine Day massacre (the hierophant, heart symbol) Al Capone, Jack Nicholson (wedding Frederick and Elizabeth)
7/1 (birthday Diana) Pamela Anderson, archetype of red rose sex slave. 7/8 venus in virgo (july 8 d Vivian Leigh-Scarlett O Hara-horus) Diana's parents divorce.
Summer of 'Love' (OTO Agape Lodge) in San Francisco (the Lovers Antichrist Charles Manson, making baby with Mary Brunner), where Church of Satan was founded year earlier): George Harrison, Ravi Shankar (Esalen), jesuit Timothy Leary, Jefferson Airplane with jesuit trained Paul Kantner,...

Oracle of Apollo- Baphomet (Pluto underworld-underground culture, counterculture cc 33). NY mayor John Lindsay. The Beatles 'Our world' broadcast. venus in retrograde, sext mars. 7/16 Will Ferrell. 7/23 Philip Seymour Hoffman. 8/5 debut album Pink Floyd 'the Piper at the Gates of Dawn' (=Pan, EMI Columbia).

8/13 Bonnie and Clyde (mirror date aug 31, the chariot 1933 year of birth Jayne Mansfield, the Lovers, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway (king Arthur and Morgane leFaye, Diana and Dodi Fayed) as Clyde and Bonnie Parker (Charles betrayed Diana with Camilla Parker). 8/21 Carrie-Anne Moss. 8/25 death The Beatles manager Brian Epstein, death Paul Muni (Scarface). 9/3 plane crash father Osama Bin Laden (thelema 93, 911 93th floor). 9/8 d Ewen Cameron (MK Ultra).
9/11 beginning of filming Magical Mystery tour (mm=33, MCcartney died on 11/9, poster with rainbow Wizard of Oz). modern Osiris/Dionysus mystery religion. Pan gaia -earth consciousness, green revolution, growing interest in spirituality and self-actualisation the Aeon of Horus, the crowned and conquering child that does not die or is not reborn like Osiris, but goes his way ever radiant like the sun.

9/25 The Doors 'Strange Days' referring to 'Stranger in a Strange Land' Michael Valentine Smith, the martian. cover the jugglar/Magician (skirt zebra pattern at house Sharon Tate). 9/29 ITV series The Prisoner (based on SOE mind control experiments in Scotland)
(saturn in aries) 10/9 death Che Guevara (horus Geburah solar redeemer, birthday John Lennon) Aries like Mansfield. 10/11 Peter Thiel. 10/17 (date None but the Lonely Heart) musical Hair the sun (age of aquarius).
10/20 Jupiter in Virgo. 10/28 Julia Roberts.
11/9 venus in libra.
11/24 Howard Hughes moves into the Desert Inn hotel in Las Vegas at the 9th floor, near the Nevada Test site (Vega North Star). 11/28 Anna Nicole Smith (to become the new Jayne Mansfield, marry Howard Marshall). 12/1 (20 y after death Crowley) Jack Nicholson 'Hells Angels on Wheels' (the chariot, ref to Hughes Hell's Angels) announcing Hell Angels ritual, death 69. Jimi Hendrix as Horus on 'Axis as bold as love'.
12/2 jesuit cardinal Francis Spellman, driving force behind Vietnam war, dies, st Patrick's cathedral near Central Park. 12/8 Rolling Stones 'Their Satanic Majesty Request' (the Lovers marriage between sun and moon) almost copy of Sgt Pepper, same day of uk release of The Beatles Magical Mystery tour lp, 13 years before death John Lennon on 12/8. Blue Jay way (Project Bluebird). 12/10 d Otis Redding (plane crash). 12/13 Jamie Foxx. 12/7 venus in scorpio. 12/15 Valley of the Dolls Sharon Tate (sharon, rose of the valley, doll programming, mirror, pink, pills Alice in Wonderland programming, announces her death), Patty Duke, Lee Grant (Rosenthal).

1968 Prague spring (Hungary, Bohemia). instigating of race war, black power student protests. 1/13 Johnny Cash Folsom prison concert. 1/20 wedding Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate in Chelsea London (daughter of colonel Tate with colonel Aquino temple of set presidio San Francisco near golden gate). Zap Comics Robert Crumb Haight Ashbury counterculture. 2/16 mars in aries. 3/2 Daniel Craig (007). 3/3  Trevor Reese Jones, bodyguard of Diana in the Alma tunnel. 3/11 Aaron Eckhart (the Dark Knight). 3/15 venus in pisces (3/16 My Lai massacre Vietnam conviction of William Calley, date Crowley channeled entity Lam. evoking public outrage with the jesuir antiwar protest and jesuit CIA controlled socalled rebellious youth culture expressing that anger) 3/17 mercury (monkey god) in pisces. 3/27 mars in taurus
year 2-20 Aeon. 3/30 Celine Dion (titanic), Peter Pan actor Bobby Driscoll dies. 4/2 (nr rainbow) first Andreas Baader attack (the Left Wing Church), movie A Dandy in Aspic (Mia Farrow and Laurence Harvey) and the premier of 2001 ASO.(1/30 chinese zodiac year of the monkey)
Stanley Kubrick '2001 A Space Odyssey' on april 3, the 93th day (33 y before the 2001 911 ritual, ao, Thelema, go from 9 illusion, basic consciousness to 3, 702 days after founding neo-Darwinian Church of Satan) Saturnian monolith, symbol in the Temple of Set. William Sylvester clone of John and Jackie Kennedy (Arthur C Clarke born 201 days after JFK). black hole births Horus artificial child (William V homunculus/Moonchild of the Aeon of Horus, with upgraded DNA, revolution of Revelation 9). HAL 9000 ibm artificial intelligence eye of Set. Hal=doorway to Duat, red mercury used by Toth in Atlantis bull's eye shaped stargates.
on the same day Planet of the Apes (the Chariot, Charlton Heston=John the Baptist) Kim Hunter 11/12 like Charles Manson, died on on 9/11, in 2002. day MLK speech at 'Mason temple'.
Neptune (dreams, idealism) in Scorpio (death) 4/4 the day Fordham jesuit cardinal Terrence Cooke is installed in ny, death of Martin Luther King (MLK, king Arthur head wound like JFK, obama mlk risen. 44 obama 44th president, 4x 4=16 the tower, 144.000 nr of Manson race war, supermans lex luther, pluto Aeon card luther=horus the liberator, ) dies in Lorraine motel (house of Lorraine=roman empire) room 306 (36=6x6) in Memphis, the same way the Apis bull representing Osiris the king was slaughtered in Memphis Egypt, same way Evis the king will die in Memphis (the Rite of Memphis). Lorraine motel= Bates motel of Psycho (6/16/60, nr of antichrist) Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins born 4/4) Dakota hotel of Roman Cassavetes. James Earl Ray pisces ruled by nept, born date of Osama.
4/6 Bobby Hutton black panther (nickname robert kennedy). 4/8 venus in aries Patricia Arquette.
(pluto shadow in virgo)
4/15 (date Dodi Fayed, 11days after MLK) birth Valentine Michael Smith (Frederick V and Elizabeth wedding on Valentine's day) =222 son of Charles Manson and Mary Brunner, 12/17 like Beethoven. named after character in Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange land (Exodus 222, nicknamed Poohbear, Topanga Canyon, concept of Jungle Book, noble savage, christ of Valentian gnosticism).
launch Apollo 6. 4/19 Ashley Judd. 4/23 Timothy McVeigh (d 2001, phai the tower). Wonderwall (ww=33) movie Jane Birkin George Harrison music (looking glass Alice in Wonderland)
Aldous Huxley describes the new society, how the slaves will eventually start enjoying their slavery. Kneele describes how pornographic reality-tv will dumb the masses down.
5/8 mars in gemini
Colonna's and their Columbia University create cultural marxism, the Left Wing Church: May student protests. opposition to the Vietnam War and the draft peak in 1968/1969. mutiny at The Presidio/Fort Baker base where the fathers of both Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger worked in military intelligence. Dozens of armed U.S. soldiers from the Presidio march in a San Francisco peace rally against the Vietnam War, which culminated at The Presidio/Fort Baker base.
5/14 The Beatles announce Apple records (Lucifer, Apple i-phone monolith, first Apple 4/11, cain ethel kennedy born 411). 6/4 David Kennedy nearly drowns (like Frederick Henry =David Bowman going through the Abyss in 2001) near house John Frankenheimer, director of the Manchurian Candidate (near drowning used in Mind Control), which predicted murder JFK, and jewish anti nazi and islamic terrorism-movies. He drives him from LA airport to the Ambassador Hotel.
6/6 murder ritual Robert Francis Kennedy, 42 y old (nr rainbow), 'killed' by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan, resident of Pasadena like Jack Parsons, hypnotist William Bryan of Project Artichoke (technical advisor of John Frankenheimer for the Manchurian Candidate, Ambassador hotel linked to Howard Robard Hughes, Manson murders by Robert Kenneth Beausoleil, Manson's child named after novel Robert Heinlein), mystery of girl in polka dot dress. wife Ethel Kennedy born 4/11 like Anton LaVey, nr of curse of Cain, crowning of Frederick V. 6/8 arrest James Earl Ray for assassinating MLK.

5/27 venus in gemini (pluto in virgo) 6/12 Venus square Pluto release of Roman Polanski antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby (homunculus child-dakota dk 411). The method of making the homunculus-Moonchild in secret 9th degree OTO, taking the fertilized ova of a woman and to reproduce as closely as may be, without the uterus, the normal conditions of gestation. RB written by Ira (wrath) Levin, born 12 nov like Charles Manson, mind controlled sect Process of the Last Judgement). 6/12 birthday George H Bush, Diana born 216th day, 216 nr of geburah, the ram -roman, Genesis 1:26 let us make man in our image, 6x12=72.216 is 3x 72 nr of Chesed jupiter, filmed in Dakota Hotel, NY on 72nd street (Friedrich Nietzsche's God is dead, Damien theme with Maria de Lourdes Mia Farrow, born in 1945, relationship with pedophile Woody Allen). scene with Michelangelo's Last Judgement (Revelation 911), and Creation of Adam of Genesis 1:26. Ruth Gordon as the Empress, bar between Binah and Chokmah, died on 8/28. Geburah 216+ Chesed 72=288, date of MLK's speech. produced by Robert Evans 6/29 like Jayne Mansfield who died year earlier.
same day Speedway with Elvis and Nancy Sinatra, the chariot, character Steve Grayson (moonchild) and Susan Jacks (Jack Parsons, Susan Atkins), daughter of Mia Farrow's husband Frank Sinatra (way=dao, lam aiwass).
6/18 Where Were You When the Lights Went Out (=Aiwass) the High Priestess hermit about NY blackout, night of Pan, with Doris Day, mother of Terry Melcher, owner of Sharon Tate's house, lion from subway like help!, Apollyon of Revelation 911)(George Bush graduates from Yale, initiated in Skull and Bones).
6/21 mars in cancer. summer solstice 4 years before birth William, 7/3 The Doors Waiting for the Sun, date of death Jim Morisson. 7/13 Five to one (pentagram, announcing the Sharon Tate ritual at Cielo drive 50100)
7/17 Saddam Hussein (the devil, saddam=42, Djenghis Khan bloodline, linked to Hussein Obama, Fabian Society socialist Baath party) vice chairman of revolutionary council after coup d'etat, 21st birthday Camilla Parker who will marry on the date of toppling saddam, president Ahmed Hassan born 7/1 llike diana. Erich von Daniken Chariot of the Gods?.

7/20 (date Aurora shooting) The Devil Rides Out, (Dennis Wheatley MI6 like Crowley) Christopher Lee and Charles Gray (Cyril Grey moonchild-blofeld). 8/5 mars in leo. fake protests at the Democratic National Convention with Abbie Hoffman. Marine Le Pen date blonde Marilyn Monroe. 8/9 Eric Bana+ Gillian Anderson. 9/1 Mohammed Atta who would crash plane on 911, 81 days after Rosemarys Baby. 9/25 Will Smith. 9/28 Naomi Watts. 10/1 Night of the Living Dead, judgement raising the dead. 10/16 Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland, cover of Bob Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower' based on verse of book of Isiah.
Uranus in Libra (changing laws against samesex marriage,..)
9/21 mars in virgo 9/26 venus in scorpio Jim Caviezel. oct 20 (Pluto in Virgo) wedding Jackie Lee Kennedy with Aristotle Onassis (1/20 like mother Diana, wedding Sharon tate) on Greek island Skorpios (60 Neptune god of sea in Scorpio, pluto in virgo). 11/1 Wonderwall George Harrison, door to wonderland. 11/5 Richard Nixon wins, Sam Rockwell. 11/11 Two Virgins Ono and Lennon as Adam and Eve from Genesis the Lovers.
11/16 Jupiter in Libra
11/22 (=33, 5 years after JFK assasination) release of The Beatles 9th album 'White Album' (Glass onion =Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass). It is used for mind control of Charles Manson (charlie, the fool joker, Son of Man) living in the Spahn Movie ranch in Death Valley (Parsons) as bottomless pit of Lucifer. Revolution 9 =Revelation 9, assasination of MLK as start of Helter Skelter as race war between black and white, raising Apollyon. 9 tet womb Sharon Tate conception new race as next step in human evolution. revolution 9 counterpart of Dave shutting down Hal 9000 and going into abyss. Liu Shaoqi, succesor of Mao dies 12 nov (bday Manson). 11/28 Owen Wilson. 12/9 venus in aq. 12/10 the Magus Michael Caine on mythical island of Aristotle Onassis, mind controlled Howard Hughes. Anthony Quinn 4/21 like Elizabeth (nept in cancer like aristotle onassis), caine=007.
12/16 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang =cc bb 33 22. Ian Fleming (James Bond 007). Magic Flying Car (the Chariot letter chet). inventor with dream of flying (rocket scientist Jack Parsons who died in explosion), Dick Richard Wayne van Dycke (dd 44), Robert Helpmann as childcatcher (4/9 liber 49, also in the Red Shoes -Wizard of Oz), Neuschwanstein castle of Disney. child Adrian Hall. Truly Scrumptious=Trump, shot in Pinewood studios known for making Bond movies.
12/17 Candy child Harpocrates with Ringo Starr, candidate for masonic sex slave rituals. Apollo 10 Genesis verse Christmas (2001). year George Bush graduates from Skull and Bones university Yale, 322 genesis verse. theory of black holes brought into collective consciousness. 12/30 death Elizabeth Habe (date george marshall who made the blue dahlia announcing Black Dahlia murder), age 17 the star, daughter of writer Hans Habe, pseudonym Holmes. linked to Manson Family murder.
Rupert Loewenstein (Wittelsbach) manager of the Rolling Stones 'Beggars Banquet' with Sympathy for the Devil.

1969 In occultism 69, the number of cancer is important, because the relation between Saturn and the tropic of cancer. 69 nr of cancer, ruled by the moon. feminism (cancer rules the womb) Feminisation of men, masculation of women. apollyon from revelation 911.(Stanford research institutes one of the four nodes of Arpanet)
17-year old, Elizabeth Marina Habe (like Elizabeth Stuart, Elizabeth Short, born 1952 year Elizabeth became queen) raped and murdered, found on Mulholland Drive, home of Roman Polanski and Jack Nicholson. found on New Year's eve 69, nine months before Sharon Tate murder, by a dog, reference to the Fool card nr 22 (22y after death Elizabeth Short and death Crowley in 1947). She was the daughter of writer Hans Habe (hh 88 the magician, Mansfield lived in Holmby Hills) pseudonym Alexander Holmes, and Eloise Hardt, actress in the 1966 satanic movie Incubus with William Shatner (movie becoming real). Beach Boys (bb 22) album 20/20 containing song of Charles Manson and Bluebirds Over the Mountain (Project Bluebird).
Saturn V launches Lucifer/Apollo rockets, based on Wernher Von Braun's Saturn rockets, made possible through transfer of nazi's during Operation Paperclip.
1/12 debut album Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page, who bought the Boleskine house of Crowley, holy place in Thelema because Crowley contacted his HGA at Boleskine). 1/20 Lyndon Baines Johnson (36th) is replaced by Richard Nixon, born 1/9 like Jimmy Page and Catherine, .

In january the Manson Family moves to yellow home as his 'Yellow Submarine' (story of sun boat Ra swallowed by Apep/Apophis-underworld Pepperland). movie Swimming Pool with Alain Delon and Rosemary Schneider, 2/1 venus in aries (ram). 2/11 Jennifer Aniston. 2/12 Darren Aronofsky. 2/15 Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski move to Cielo Drive (date of solar eclipse in 61, in her first movie Barabas). 3/1 Jim Morrison Florida concert, phallus evoking Pan Dionysus (chaos father nuit in union with hadit. death 13, path to bliss-the other side. Morrison becomes fat, (alcoholic, seven of cups), carrying lamb, goat and lamb Lucifer and Christ in one. Uranus in Libra: fake Jim Morrison trial.
year 2-21 the World/the Universe, 66th year of the Aeon, last year of docosade of the High Priestess (waking up) Frank Sinatra My Way (the dao) inverted chair like Sharon Tate's movie 13 chairs.3/18 venus in retrograde

After their march 20 wedding, John Lennon and Yoko Ono let the press watch how they rise in the morning like a sun king from 9am to 9am(the Lovers, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Ono born in 1933), promoting 'Pax/Pea-ce' with the dove and inverted tree of life symbol in room 702 in the Amsterdam Hilton (=Dakota building on 72nd street), with Timothy Leary.


Feminism (cancer rules the womb). 3/27 Mariah Carey. 3/28 d Dwight Eisenhower.
4/29 Saturn in Taurus (the hierophant- religion , authority turned into the devil) venus in direct motion (may 5th Dimension, 'the Age of Aquarius')(musical Hair hair peace, Rosemary loses her hair, sign of virginity purity solar power).
5/9 Life with Lions John Lennon-Ono (Apollyon Strength). 5/25 Midnight Cowboy (Mind Control) Osiris underworld, 42nd street (nr rainbow). 5/27 death Darwin Scott, brother of father Manson (Darwinism, next step in evolution). 5/30 Ballad of John and Yoko music video with Rolls Royce of Sharon Tate. 6/6 debut Elton John (gay agenda). 6/13 Blue movie, golden age of porn. 6/5 venus in taurus. 6/22 (nr of the fool) death Dorothy/Francis Ethel Judy Garland (Dorothy in Wizard of Oz) age 47, 47 days before the Sharon Tate ritual (in Valley of the Dolls with Sharon Tate but later replaced) overdose of sleeping pills like Marilyn Monroe (Alice in Wonderland).

6/28 day of funeral Judy Garland, date in Rosemarys Baby when her baby would be born, Stonewall riots gay agenda, Greenwich Village (wicked witch, rainbow symbol of Wizard of Oz, Luciferian sodomy).
Jesuit George Pompidou president France, 44 years before birth George.
7/1 (8th birthday of Diana) Bernard Crowe (bc 23) first victim of Charles Manson, crow nigredo, Lone Ranger recorded at Spahn ranch. Charles made prince, the black king of the Lovers card.
7/3, day before aphelion/independance day sacrifice of Rolling stones member Brian Jones born in 42 like Obama's mother, age 27 in swimming pool, like Jim Morrison, who wrote a poem about Jones. Nixon inaugurated as president. 7/6 venus in gemini. On 11 july David Bowie Space Oddity orange hair=33=sodomy (trip of the Fool, 2nd album 2nd card the magician, born jan 10 like Project Diana, in 1947 year I-XXI, dies after 69th birthday from cancer) to announce the Apollo moon landing. 42 (D-B, david rain-bowie) Jupiter hierophant lightning god, inverting the male.

7/14 Columbia Pictures releases Easy Rider The Left Wing Church: Bohemian culture of wanderers, riding the goat, the easy way, road to hell) Peter Fonda (the Trip), Dennis Hopper (Manson archetype), Jack Nicholson promoted as heroes of so called counterculture- Chariot card 2/14 like William Greer driver of jfk.
7/17 d Marvin Pierce, father of Barbara Pierce Bush, birthday Camilla, Mark Walts goes missing, next day found on Mulholland drive.
7/18 (day of birth Nephthys) Pluto in Virgo Nept in Scorpio: Ted Kennedy car crash, death of Marie Jo Kopuchne (MJ like Jayne Mansfield) on island Martha's Vineyard near 42nd parallel in an Oldsmobile 88.

7/20 the Apollo moon landing ritual
32 the world/the universe is the first and last past, from the earth to the moon. moon ritual announced by Stanley Kubrick's 2001 ASO. Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center, launches Lucifer/Apollo 11 rocket, to fulfill revelation 911 prophecy about Apollyon, based on Jack Parsons and nazi Werner Von Braun's research on 7/16 (7/16/1969=777, 7 nr of Apollo). Houston=hew stone of John Dee. OTO sex magic ritual to invoke Babalon, rocket=phallus in crater cup of Babalon (moon crater named after Parsons). Dakota of Rosemary's Baby to make Moonchild on 72nd street (7/20/1969= 34, nr of jupiter, 201st day: evolutionary step of 2001, watching tv screen the monolith), 26 years after Hitler assassination attempt with bomb in 1944 (44 is nr of Mass of the Phoenix). Apollo= brother of moon goddess Diana. the Chariot containing Hadit to put in womb of Nuit, queen of space.

When linked with Horus, Montu's epithet was "Horus Of The Strong Arm"=>Neil Armstrong.sperm cell/soul entering egg cell. Buzz (Boaz pillar of moon, severity) Aldrin (Crowley's Liber Al). Apollo pallas Athena worshipped by Bacon in code as AA. Apollo 11 aa, spear and helmet of invisibility and secrecy.
7/20 also date Sharon Tate took plane from London to LA, while Polanski supposedly was in Europe at the time (Tate 1st dom: Jupiter, planet of optimism, long distance travel). Hollywood Hills like moonlanding, place of illusion nr 9. Griffith park, griffith animal associated with Apollo. 7/21 (date of Marshall McLuhan who announced the global village of mass media) Richard Nixon's phone call to the moon like William Sylvester with child in 2001 ASO (sattelite signal project Diana coincided with Parsons' Babalon Workings).

7/24 Jennifer Lopez (Tate played Jennifer North). 7/26 astronauts splashed down in Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, home of Obama, welcomed back by president Nixon -the star.
8/1 letters Zodiac Killer media ritual in Hearst owned San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Chronicle.
8/3 venus in cancer queen of hearts (birth)

8/9 the 911 Sharon Tate ritual written like a Hollywood movie script:
Charles Manson (Charles Lindberg Carl Mannson, Diana's husband Charles) the Son of Man antichrist, plans seven murders with his Manson Family, mind controlled with LSD, Revelation 9 and The Beatles music (Revolution 9) on 7/25 (date of nuclear test Bikini Atoll) and 8/9, date of atomic bomb (symbolic splitting of the Godhead).
Manson Family consists of:
- Linda Kasabian june 21, 216 nr of gevurah, date of birth Antichrist William
- Susan Patricia Krenwinkel jesuit trained, went to University High School, had met Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys trough hitchhiking (hh88 mercury, scene in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood)
- Susan Denis Atkins, Susan Atkins/Natasja Kinski=Satans Kin, Dyonisos Satan, Susan is a baby name Rosemary considers for her baby, at the ending of the movie John talks about moving to Beverly Hills. She was born in Dallas where jfk was killed on 33d parallel, like Nagasaki where the atom bomb fell on aug 9.
- Tex Watson like Holmes and Watson, TEX 1st Enochian aethyr (Helter Skelter race war =Antichrist Hitler). Roman and Sharon lived just a few streets from The Process Church.
- Robert Bobby Beausoleil (like Robert Bobby Kennedy) friend of Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger ('Do What Thou Willt' at their house in San Francisco). He played the role of Lucifer in 'Lucifer rising' byfollower with Marianne Faithfull, girlfriend of Mick Jagger as Lilith and played in Invocation of My Demon Brother with Anton LaVey.
- Lynette Alice Squeaky Fromme (Alice in Wonderland programming) 10/22/1948, fake Gerald Ford assassination attempt in 1975.
- Steve Clem Crogan 7/13/1951 date John Dee.
- Leslie Louise Van Houten (dutch, House of Orange) 8/23/1949

aug 9 221st day, first day of Aquarius ruled by Saturn, age of Aquarius. 144 days left, 144.000 nr of revelation).

4 members (Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Kasabian) invade Tate's home at Cielo Drive, which was previously owned by Cary Grant, Michele Morgan, Henry Fonda (Ford fairline car made by henry ford, Henry Ford died 4/7 in 47, nr of philosophers stone, Chariot grail cup) and Terry Melcher (son of Doris Day, born 20 days before Marjorie Cameron) with Mark Lindsay and actrice Candice Bergen (present at Truman Capote ball, played in sequel of 2001 ASO). Cielo drive as Montsegur (Amor vs Roma, Christians vs Roman Empire).

- Sharon Tate (hebrew tet, greek theta=9th letter, serpent, womb),pregnant of a child named Paul Richard, the wife of Roman Polanski, director of Rosemary's Baby (Roman=Roman empire vs christians, like Vincent Bugliosi, born 8/18- 1+8=9). The media spreads pictures of her in masonic pose the Hanged man (gnostic mass of OTO 3 steps, invoking nuit, hadit and ra hoor khuit. cielo drive 50100 (8+9+ 1+9+6+9=42).
- Steve Parent
- screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski (Neptune: movies stage illusion, invasion at home of writer in A Clockwork Orange) names Steve and Wojciech like Steve Jobs partner Steve Wozniak
- Abigail Anne Folger, family known for coffee (alchemical blackening).
- Jay Sebring hairdresser hare rabbit hole of Alice, Lennon hair/hare peace. He had invited actor Steve McQueen that night.
1969 Uranus in Libra eccentric form of justice, like birth Adolf Hitler in 1889 (Manson carved swastika on his forehead as new Antichrist).
The bodies are carved with a sigil of Saturn (Azazel xx war, 9,69 km/h speed of saturn). Crowley performed rites of Eleusinian Mysteries in his Abbey of Thelema, that represented the myth of the abduction of Persephone from her mother Demeter by the king of the underworld Hades, in a cycle with three phases; the descent (loss), the search, and the ascent, with the main theme being the ascent of Persephone and the reunion with her mother. Elysium is mentioned in Beethoven's 9th sympony used in Beatles movie Help!, -lux album cover linked to revelation 911.
Aeon card end of 60's optimism JFK-Marilyn. formula aa apollo athena, liber Al Aleph-Lamed the Fool-Justice, Love under Will. (blood desire Hadit Leo to Nuit Aquarius). modern day version of Orphic mysteries (Polanski and Manson both orphans). many reference to Black Dahlia ritual 22y earlier (Anjelica Huston daughter of John Huston linked to killer George Hodell, Sassoon-Rothschild bloodline).

The next night his Family (the same four + Leslie Van Houten and Steve 'Clem' Crogan) murders Rosemary LaBianca (=Rosemarys baby) at 3301 Waverly Drive writing 'Rise' (shouted in song 'Revolution 9', interpreted as Revelation 9) and 'Death to Pigs'(song 'Piggies'), with intent to make it look like a murder of the Black Panthers to start a race war.

(aug hurricane Camille=twister of Wizard of Oz, Camilla Bowles the cup of Babalon). de Sade movie (Dyonisus moon side, the star in Thelema assigned to tzaddi), Keir Dullea the starchild, de Sade born 12/2 like Tex Watson, Susan Atkins nicknamed Sexy Sadie. Rain People movie from Francis Ford Coppola about pregnant woman, heart cover. (recording movie Jim Morrison HWY Mojave Desert of Parsons ritual)
8/15 (200y after birth n-apoleon-18 aug polanski) Woodstock festival (wood tree of life Osiris, Rosemary Woodhouse) dove symbol of the OTO, with Janis Japlin and headliner Jimi Hendrix as the Fool, playing Star Spangled Banner (famous picture of Sharon Tate murders with American flag) who died a year later at 27. 8/18 Edward Norton, Christian Slater. 8/19 Matthew Perry. 8/28 Mary Anna McCartney. 8/31 (date car crash diana) Rocky Marciano plane crash mars child, day before his 46th birthday.

9/26 last The Beatles album Abbey Road (funeral procession cover, road to Crowley's Abbey of Thelema, legs form 3 vav's=666, taken on aug 8, 69 crossing Cancer to Leo, Pisces to age of Aquarius-nuit).date of Victoria Vetri 44, mass of the phoenix. 11th album Abrahadabra, Crowley's word of the Aeon 11 eleven letters, end of the Great Work. Lennon leaves the beatles. Beatles=Elisabet, 22 years after Elizabeth Short.
10/3 Gwen Stefani. 10/12 (bday of Aleister Crowley, 22y after death) arrest Charles Manson, son of man Christ. Neptune (stage illusion) in Scorpio: spreading of McCartney is dead conspiracy theory on radio.(10/20 Lennon-Ono wedding album, sleeve weddng cake of light). 10/21 d Jack Kerouac.
10/29 date Anton LaVey, first message on Arpanet, the forerunner of internet. 11/7 (date Albert Camus, date Stanley Ann Dunham will die) children involved with the Process Church like Manson, James Sharp and Doreen Gaul found dead, close to where the LaBianca's lived. Paul McCartney Still Alive cover Life magazine. nov 10 venus in scorpio. 11/14 prince Charles turns 21, Apollo 12 launch and death Reet Jurvetson (age 19, named jane doe/sherry doe, killed by man named John or Jean, born 9/23, date Rocky Marciano became world champion) bday of prince Charles, Veronice Lake (Blue Dahlia). found 2 days later nov 16, Reet=high priestess Tauret (Pan always found amongst the reeds bushes, Rita Hayworth, Lou Reed velvet underground, Tara Reid dr strangelove, Rita found at Mulholland Drive) mystery religion persephone taken to underworld, child horus no death or rebirth but lives on as image, twins, reflections.

11/18 d Joseph Kennedy, father jfk. 12/4 birth Shawn Carter Jay-z, black panther Fred Hampton and Mark Clark are shot. 12/5 d princess Alice of Battenberg.
12/4 venus in sagitt huntress 12/5 Rolling Stones Let It Bleed, cake of light. 12/6 (bday of nimrod, nick, the devil) Murder ritual of green man Meredith Hunter ( the archer Sagittarius Art, Mick Jagger (like mickey hargitay) connected to Scientology offshoot Process Church, 726 like Kubrick nr of vitriol, lime green suit) after 'Sympathy for the devil' of the Rolling Stones (=212) Altamont Speedway (movie released day Rosemary's Baby) concert by Hell's Angels, ending the dream of peace and love and usher in the materialistic yuppie culture of the 80's, Neptune in Scorpio dark twist. Hells Angels founded 3/17 (st patrickday, irish name for jupiter osiris) 1948 (24x2) (Hells Angels Howard Hughes movie 1930 with Jean Harlow). Mererdith Hunter born 10/24 (first day of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto-death card) like Merian Cooper director of King Kong, date of manchurian candidate fantasy, illusion (9) becomes real (11). In documentary Gimme Shelter, the door to the shells, the qlippoth, the other side.
12/12 operation Gladio bombing Piazza Fontana, 3 more bombs in Rome (ON ordino nuovo, fascist Evola ideology).
12/17 jupiter in scorpio
12/18 'On her majesty Secret Service' (ref to Rolling Stones album Satanic majesty) James Bond movie with Diana Rigg black mercedes car chase like death Diana.

Sport turns into a commercialised religion and industry. Together with the industry of music and films, it continously produces new idols, new stars and gods of the people. The black ball of pool table=Saturn. Duality of masonic checker's floor =>Chess, card games,..

3d stage of industrial revolution: Electronics and IT for further automation of manufacturing.
Middle class jobs (assembly line workers, data processors, foremen and supervisors) disappear through outsourcing or automation. People must either move up as 'mind workers' (engineers, doctors, attorneys, teachers, executives, journalists), or settle for low-skill, low-wage service jobs.

the 70's

the 80's