the 50's


1950 (2 the High Priestess)
1951 (3 the Empress)
1952 (4 the Emperor)
1953 (5 the Hierophantl)
1954 (6 the Lovers)
1955 (7 the Chariot)
1956 (8 Justice)
1957 (9 the Hermit)
1958 (10 Wheel of Fortune)
1959 (11 Lust/Strength)

1950 2/8 founding of Stasi secret intelligence of East Germany. 3/4 Disney Cinderella =Persephone (the world) date Lucille Laverne Snow White, go to Yesod. Velikovsky World in Collision.
year 2-2 the High Priestess 3/20 William Hurt. 4/13 Ron Perlman.
Jupiter in Pisces
4/20 (Hitler's bday, nr of rainbows) CIA approves mind control Project Bluebird, later Project Artichoke, creation of amnesia, hypnotic triggers, for trauma based mind control. Victims programmed in satanic sodomy rituals have a locked-in three-year-old mindset as the core of the programming. Somebody who knows the signal or says the code word can call out the three-year-old core. The person then goes into the three-year-old state to be sodomized, then the sodomites program into their minds what they want to program, and when the person wakes up, he remembers nothing. The aim of the project is create the Aeon of Horus the child, staying a young child forever.
. Ron Hubbard and Sara Northrup Hollister develop Dianetics (goddess Diana), based on Cybernetics, inspired by near death experience. 6/17 wedding Ethel (born 411) and Robert Kennedy. 6/26 CIA founds propaganda group Congress for Cultural Freedom in Berliln (Melvin Lasky, Nikolai Nabokov, Bertrand Russell, John Dewey of The New School), US branch American Committee on Cultural Freedom and Committee on the Present Danger.
Modernism 'god is dead' mother goddess isis sophia, worship of black box matter without mind.
8/10 Sunset Boulevard, Nancy Ann Olsen as Betty, William Holden, sunset strip in the Blue Dahlia. (Billy Wilder Double Indemnity) Gloria Swanson (mistress of Joseph Kennedy) watch Queen Kelly (Rose Kelly) play in play of the Tempest.
8/15 birth Elizabeth's second child Anne (like Anne Boleyn, Anna Lindbergh, ann dunham, Anne Hathaway, Anna Nicole).
11/20 Saturn in libra (exalt). 11/28 Ed Harris (The Truman Show).
Truman signs Emergency War Powers Act- Cold War, dialectic between blue and red, Vatican takes over country after country, installing dictators, subordinate to the Pope. proxy war US-Soviet union korean war (after Mao eliminated Chinese opium trade). Opium from Indochina travels through Iran and Lebanon to the Corsican Mafia in Marseilles and the Sicilian Mafia under Lucky Luciano. veterans used in project Artichoke. CIA causes civil war in Laos, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, British Guyana.

Truman assassination attempt, killing Leslie William Coffelt.
1951 year 2-3 the Empress 3/17 Kurt Russell. 6/13 Stellan Skarsgard. Arthur C Clarke short story the Sentinel. Robert Kennedy and Ethel first child. 7/6 Geoffey Rush. 7/8 venus in virgo. 7/16 date birth set, Catcher in the Rye JD Salinger. 7/21 Robin Williams. 7/26 premiere Disney's Alice in Wonderland, (Egyptian Babylonian religion Isis going to underworld) used for trauma based mind control, Kathryn Beaumont as Alice, Verna Felton as Queen of Hearts. Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando Vivian Leigh. 8/7 Anjelica Huston. 9/5 Michael Keaton. 9/25 Mark Hamill (=alhim, hamilton). 10/2 Sting. 10/5 Bob Geldof.

1952 year 2-4 the Emperor (stories about German UFO's fly in group over the White House as a form of blackmail, US and the Germans start a Secret Space Program). United Nations building as citystate in the turtlebay of NY. 1/27 venus in capric 2/6 king George the 6th dies, queen Elizabeth II ascends throne.(name Elizabeth Short, killed by George Hodel, Parsons archetype). 3/15 Harvey Weinstein. 4/11 (cain, anton lavey) Debbie Reynolds Singing in the Rain, sodomy umbrella. 5/14 Robert Zemeckis. 6/17 death antichrist Jack Parsons, date wedding Robert Kennedy (also the emperor Mars archetype). 9/23 Rocky Marciano becomes worldchamp.
Founding of Le Cercle by Antoine Pinay, aimed at cooperation between French and German industrialists, members of Opus Dei and Order of Malta (Otto Skorzeny, Konrad Adenauer, Otto Habsburg , Robert Cecil, Ted Shackley CIA Cuba Vietnam), private intelligence network, connected to Operation Gladio cia network guerilla war supposedly to anticipate Soviet invasion, to terrorize European nations with violent left wing cults and keep them in check of NATO, modeled on the OSS and rhsa part of SS, of Julius Evola. Peter Tennant, SOE veteran, later ex MI6 Anthony Cavendish (Cecil). 10/7 Vladimir Putin. 11/3 Roseanne Barr.
11/4 founding of NSA, worldwide mass data collection, cryptography MI8. The jesuits build an entertainment/news industry creating pop as the modern opium, to program the masses who instead of fighting slavery, spend their free time watching tv. 12/23 winter solstice Moulin Rouge John Huston Zsa Zsa Gabor, wife of Conrad Hilton. Herbert Marcuse starts teaching at Columbia, Harvard and Brandeis University.

1953 jesuit trained Joseph McCarthy, 1/20 Dwight David Ike Eisenhower libra, raised in Kansas (McCarthy like McCartney, communist red scare) as president, Jeffrey Epstein. 1/5 venus in pisces /17 conj mars. 1/21 Niagara Marilyn Monroe the Empress queen of cups. 2/2 venus in aries. 2/5 (36th day) Disney Peter Pan (the fool vs captain hook the hierophant) used for Peter Pan programming, go to Neverland= dissociative state (Bobby Driscoll also in treasure island). 2/11 Angel Face, Jean Simmons as Diana, Barbara Neill as Catherine 7/17 like Camilla. Francis Crick (Cavendish laboratory Cecil) 'Discovery' of the 3D helix structure of DNA.
year 2-5 the Hierophant
3/24 d queen Mary of Teck. (pluto dark secrets in leo power) 4/13 start mind control project MK Ultra, same day first appearance James Bond 007, based on John Dee. Brigitte Macron.
5/6 Tony Charles Lynton Blair. 6/2 coronation Elizabeth II (mother of Charles) by freemason archbishop Fisher (5/5 d napoleon).

6/7 Liam Neeson.
King Farouk brings large numbers of German ex-Nazi military and intelligence personnel into Egypt as advisors. Several of the Germans, recognizing Farouk’s political weakness, begin conspiring with Nasser and his 'Free Officers' who work closely with the Muslim Brotherhood, to overthrow the king.
The CIA (Kermit Roosevelt grandson of Theodore), overthrows Mohammed Mossadegh, who nationalised petroleum industry (under control BP), install the Pallavicini Pahlavi dynasty in Iran (Operation Ajax).

7/1 (Diana, poster with Eiffel tower) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw (Wizard of Oz mind control) Marilyn Monroe scene of Whore of Babylon in Metropolis Tommy Noonan (4/29 date wedding William and Catherine), Elliott Reid (d 6/21 date William).
9/14 mars in virgo, 9/23 venus in virgo. 10/1 Founding of Playboy rabbit logo sex slaves programmed with Alice in Wonderland, Marilyn Monroe, as Babalon, Isis Ishtar, associated with rabbits (Orion bow tie), Hugh Hefner as the hierophant with scarlet woman, born 4/9 date of Leah Hirsig (Crowleys wife babalon).

10/23 Saturn in scorpio. 11/28 death Frank Olson (wife Alice). 12/9 John Malkovich. New year CIA psyop indian mystic DG Vinod channeling of the Nine, Marcella Dupont, Alice Astor (husband Serge Oblensky OSS/CIA), Andrija Puharich (Roundtable foundation of the Astors, CIA Fort Detrick), Ruth Forbes, Lyal Watson (Bronfman), Stanford Research institute, Gene Rodenberry (Star Trek) supported by vice president Henry Wallace, (Theosophical Society) who decided to put pyramid with all seeing eye on dollar bill (Crowley's Aeon of Horus channeling of Aiwass as blueprint of the New Age Church), Lab9 tv actor Peter Hurkos.

1954 (prince Philip 33, 54 path geburah chesed)
Out of NSA, other secret branches sell the technology to private industry and government agencies, including the military like Boeing, Lockheed,... Start of breakaway civilisation, development of mind control techniques like Extreme Low Frequency, memory erase technology, electronic mind control, Voice of God-technology. Human consciousness is basically 'hacked'. Personalities can be created, inserted, reprogrammed and combined (Multiple Personality Disorder). According to some theories, the elite developed methods of transferring consciousness during REM-sleep and activating clones in underground bases, as a way of meeting.
1/4 Tina Knowles. 1/17 Robert Kennedy jr. 1/29 Oprah Winfrey. 2/18 John Travolta. 2/ 26 Recip Erdogan. 3/1 Ron Howard.
year 2-6 the Lovers. 5/1 Sun Myung Moon founds the Unification Church in Seoul Korea. 5/29 jesuit priest Retinger and Dutch nazi prince Bernhard found the Bilderberg conferences. 5/29 (bday jfk) Dial M for Murder (mm=33) Grace Kelly.(date jfk will be killed). venus in cancer. 6/1 (25th birthday Marilyn Monroe) wedding John Spencer and Frances Ruth, parents of Diana in Westminster Abbey. 6/7 d Alan Turing. 7/1 (Diana) d Thea von Harbau writer of Metropolis about creation of false Mary.
wedding Vittorio Massimo and Dawn Addams (The Godfather).
First electricity from nuclear power. 7/13 d Frida Kahlo. 7/17 (Camilla Parker) Angela Merkel Angela like sister Hitler to lead European empire. 7/19 first single Elvis Presley, sun god osiris,recorded memphis sun records. 7/29 (date wedding diana) JRR Tolkien Fellowship of the Ring (the Nine) first novel of trilogy. 8/12 Francois Hollande. 8/8 venus in libra. 8/16 James Cameron. 9/1 Rear Window (hei the star, hitchcock jesuit trained) Grace Kelly, Judith as Miss Lonelyhearts, James Stewart july 97. 9/7 Michael Emerson. 9/23 Cherie Blair.
Networking is 4th Density STO concept seeping into 3rd density. 9/29 (93days left -thelema) At Genève (Gwenyfar Guinevere) Meryn (=merlin) avenue, the Jesuit stronghold with the white mountain Mont Blanc and Park Aryana, CERN, named after the Capricorn goat- the horned god pan/ Cernunnos, with the Lucifer/Shiva statue and 666-logo, develops intranet as a weapon (gnostig G/6 becomes @). built on site where temple was built dedicated to Apollo, to fulfill prophecy of opening the bottomless pit of Revelation 911 (5+4=9) 46th parallel nr of Adam. They see the Age of Aquarius as the return of apollyon Lucifer, enki, nimrod/osirs the life-giver and try to summon him.
11/3 Godzilla beast. 12/24 Annie Lennox. Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome with Jack Parsons wife Marjorie Cameron. Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception (title from poem William Blake).

1955 (Guru Gobind Singh establishes the Sikh religion with Amrita ceremony). Averell Harriman S&B governor of NY. 1/18 Kevin Costner. 1/31 Carole Middleton. Jayne Mansfield topless swimming publicity stunt at premiere Underwater with Jane Russell (Cancer rules the breasts) 2/5 venus in capric 2/24 (55th day, apple like 5 pointed pentagram symbol of Venus) Steven Paul Jobs in San Francisco, who will be made ceo of Apple, the symbolic apple Lucifer gave to Eve.
year 2-7 the Chariot (cancer keystone) 3/12 d Charlie Parker. 3/19 Bruce Willis, 3/30 venus in pisces 4/7 d Theda Bara. 4/6 Churchill resigns, Anthony Eden pm uk, earl of avon, mother grey family. 4/10 East of Eden (Elia Kazan ACCF) the lovers, Cain and Abel story, James Dean, mother 'Kate'. year Marjorie Cameron gives birth to daughter Eve Kimmel. 4/15 (Alexandria egypt: new moses) Dodi Fayed (50 days later 'fayed', dod hebrew for uncle, Fayed like joker Conradt Veidt, 100y after Karl Reuss head oto) like Leviathan -Lafayette Ron Hubbard and his Babalon working), actor in the Diana car crash ritual (Crowley's Paris Working= book 415).
same day first MacDonalds. 4/18 d Albert Einstein, project Manhattan atom bomb, magician of last aeon. 4/27 Eric Schmidt (google). 5/10 Mark David Chapman who would kill John Lennon at Dakota building at age 25, mother Diane, novel JD Salinger icon for rebellion (against 'phonies').5/17 William Bill Paxton. 5/19 venus in taurus (grace kelly meets prince rainier) 5/29 John Hinckley, assassination attempt Reagan, d Rudolf Klein-Rogge (Rotwang metropolis). 6/1 Marilyn Monroe 7 Year Itch (whore of babylon, beast with seven heads, mm would die 7 years later) Tom Ewell 4/20 bday hitler. Billy Wilder 6/22 like Lindbergh baby.
6/8 Tim Berners-Lee (socalled inventor of the internet, www666 therion). (9 years after babalon workings Thelemic messiah would appear) 6/15 David Anthony Kennedy, dk 411 curse of cain, son of Robert Kennedy, date of Jack Ruby (Christ from house of David, Robert the Bruce son David II, start of Scottish templar protected Stuart bloodline Edinburough castle 55th parallel). 6/16 Lady and the Tramp. Herbert Marcuse Eros and Civilisation, promoted by Susan Sontag.
7/17 Disney family opens first Disneyland castle (based on Neuschwannstein of Ludwig II, on 33d parallel Orange county). 7/22 Wilem Dafoe. 8/4 Billy Bob Thornton.

8/5 date Monroe would die 7 years later) To Catch a Thief, announcing car crash Grace Kelly (the swan).(John Robie like Margot Robbie who played Sharon Tate) 8/12 William Breezy (OTO), born in paris. 8/19 hurricane Diane 8/27 mars in virgo. 8/28 d Emmett Till (horus) lynched in Mississipi on 33d parallel, icon of civil rights movement (the Black Church), mayor of chicago knight of columbus Richard Daley. 9/15 (harry) Lolita novel of Vladimir Nabokov (cousin of Nikolaj Nabokov CCF) to normalise pedophilia (pluto in leo), promoted in The Sunday Times. 9/30 car crash James Dean, (=deana, jd john dee, in Freud's view sex drive=death drive) age 25, race car nr 13, born in 31, diana aug 31. Porsche 550 Spyder (the star=weaving spider) 9 days old (date Jack the Ripper victim Elizabeth Stride 1888) web murder mystery.

(same day The Trouble with Harry Hitchcock hanged man). 10/3 The Mickey Mouse Club on ABC with MK Ultra programmed children. plane crash Ethel Kennedy's parents. 10/5 10 Commandments Akhenaton Moses. 10/13 mars in libra 10/27 one of three last films, Rebel Without a Cause, day Marilyn Monroe divorces. Natalie Wood 7/20 (date apollo 11, Griffith observatory where Apollo astronauts would be trained) who would die 81 year of wedding Diana. 10/28 Bill Gates
chariot=mars war: 11/1 the jesuits (Cardinal Spellman) attack Vietnam, using chemical weapons like Agent Orange and phosphorus bombs. Over 40% of US soldiers are exposed to heroin or LSD. Their dead bodies are used to import heroin into the US and sell in black neighbourhoods. MI6 and CIA rule the global drugs trade to finance Black Ops. The outcome of Vietnam War: 58.000 dead Buddhists, 80.000 post-war suicides, a 220 billion dollar debt to the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank for the war machine, and Vatican multi-billion dollar control of the global heroin trade.
11/22 Russian H-bomb. 11/19 William F Buckley Jr's National Review (ACCF writers). 11/29 venus in capric (skin). 12/1 (8 years after death Crowley) the jesuits create the fake Civil Rights Movement as controlled opposition with The New School alumni, Montgomery bus boycott, close to 33d parallel, media stunt with Rosa Parks (Alpha Kappa Alpha) Neptune idealism in Cancer (the Chariot) Martin Luther King (new protestant martin luther- apollo dyonisus-supermans lex luther).

12/12 (Sagittarius art) The Rose Tattoo, (5nr of venus the rose) at the premiere at Astor hotel Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield meet.

1956 (56, nr of Nut, high priestess) 1/12 Saturn in sagittarius. Diane Lana Turner as Diane Marise Pavan as Catherine. 1/27 Elvis Presley (full red 61) as the sun god -Heartbreak Hotel, same day the City and the Stars, debut novel of Arthur c Clarke. 2/26 Michel Houellebecq. Forbidden Planet based on The Tempest, Leslie Nielsen Miranda and Caliban.
year 2-8 Adjustment 4/18 Eric Roberts. The Swan Grace Kelly movie (Cygnus first black hole) 4/4 venus in gemini. 4/19 (date of birth jayne mansfield) marriage of Grace Kelly and Rainier III of Monaco (Grimaldi, Order of Malta). 5/15 d Austin Osman Spare. 5/19 Stanley Kubrick (CCNY) The Killing (killing joke, joker robbery) with Sterling Hayden (CIA). 5/22 NBC peacock lucifer logo.
uranus in leo (unconventional ideas, lust) jupiter in libra
6/29, date Jayne Mansfield will die, wedding Marilyn Monroe with Arthur Miller. 7/9 Tom Hanks. 8/11 car crash Paul Jackson Pollock (CCF) oldsmobile 88, age 44. Elvis Presley, pelvis shaking the spear, rock music Hound Dog hip movements 9/9 (nr of yesod genitals the rock foundation stone) on the Ed Sullivan Show, managed by Colonel Parker like Camilla Parker.

creation of Silicon Valley, meeting about AI at Dartmouth. Stanford professr Shockley of Bell starts own company usingn silicon chips instead of germanium, employing graduates of Stanford (would later make chips for Apollo program, companies like Intel). Wizard of Oz shown on tv. Suez oil crisis. 8/25 death Alfred Kinsey. 9/24 Grace Metalious Peyton Place.
oct Neptune (idealism stage illusion) in Scorpio (dark secrets).
10/4 Christoph Waltz. 10/20 Danny Boyle, director of London Olympics phoenix ritual, 10/21 Carrie Fisher. Allen Ginsberg Howl poem to push the gay agenda (sodomy religion of Aleister Crowley). 11/25 venus in scorpio 11/28 And God Created Woman, Brigitte Bardot beta kitten sex slave marketing image of Babalon liberated woman. 12/1 The Girl Cant Help It Jayne Mansfield introducing Eddie Cochran. NATO (cult of Aton) Operation Gladio, funding left wing terrorists, to rebuild roman empire.

1957 Mao launches 'The great leap forward' to rapidly transform China's economy from an agraric one to an industrialised one, causing widespread famine with a death toll over 20 million people. Tom Driberg, friend of Crowley, chairman of the Labour Party in Brittain. 2/16 The Seventh Seal (Revelation 8) Bengt Ekerot Max von Sydow Bibi Andersson.

3/10 Osama Bin Laden.(pisces ruled by neptune, moon in cancer) 3/15 mars in gemini 3/25 Treaty of Rome, rise of the seven headed beast the Roman Empire.
year 2-9 the Hermit (virgo). 4/29 Daniel Day-Lewis. 5/2 Frankenstein (Peter Cushing). 5/12 d Erich von Stroheim (queen kelly). 5/13 venus in gemini Pluto in Leo: Life Magazine magic mushroom issue with Bert Lahr (Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz) on cover, Gordon Wasson (LSE Fabian Society, JP Morgan). 5/27 The Wayward Bus (asc pluto in cancer the chariot=hayworth) Jayne Mansfield as Camille Oakes (lucifer), the way the dao. before elvis movie jailhouse rock, 7/3 d Judy Tyler (aphelion, Baal and Joudy).
7/25 venus in virgo. 7/29 (bday Elizabeth Short 1924, wedding Diana) Will Succes Spoil Rock Hunter (archer sagitt) Jayne Mansfield as Rita Marlowe with husband Micky Hargitay, announcing death Marilyn Monroe. The Prince and the Showgirl Marilyn Monroe (Diana and prince Charles, promoted at the Plaza Hotel Manhattan). 9/5 Jack Kerouac (The New School) 'On the Road'. 9/12 Rachel Ward. 9/26 The Joker is Wild, Frank Sinatra. (10/3 Les Girls -art- premiere Elizabeth 2 and Jayne Mansfield). 11/8 Jailhouse Rock (jupiter in libra Elvis Presley dom Capricorn-jupiter the rock) with Judy Tyler who died 7/3 (dog days). The Tower on 911 breakdown of jail. 12/10 Kiss Them For Me, the Lovers indecison Jayne Mansfield as Alice (Alice in Wonderland programming).
Pluto (daemon) in Virgo (fall) like year 0, 'birth Christ' also pluto in virgo and neptune in scorpio. Jayne Mansfield publicity stunt Sophia Loren virgin-whore at Romanoff Beverly Hills.

1958 1/7 venus in retrograde 1/13 wedding Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay. 1/29 Elevator to the Scaffold, music Miles Davis. Elvis is drafted in the army (no music). Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) space technology for military purposes.
year 2-10 Wheel of Fortune. 3/10 Sharon Stone. 4/2 first use of term Beatnik, movement in Greenwich Village, antisocial lifestyle of Crowley's Thelema, promoting drug abuse and sodomy. Minor recession, first VISA cards (based on the number 666). Building of the Atomium hypercube, the structure of iron crystal, the iron crown of Atum in Brussels, heart of Europe. 4/29 Michelle Pfeiffer. 7/1 (Diana) Anatomy of a Murder.
7/29 founding of NASA, hq in Washington DC (JPL Caltech of Jack Parsons).
8/15 venus in leo. 8/29 Michael Jackson born in indiana, moon in pisces (dreamy out of touch with reality peter pan). Lonelyhearts with Myrna Loy. Founding of the CIA front John Birch Society Indianapolis Indiana (Robert Welsch, Roy Cohn, the Right Wing Church). 10/28 Viggo Mortensen.

1959 world population reaches 3 billion. Globalisation of cultures to make media control easier, first Grammy Awards ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.
1/5 Saturn in Capricorn (home). 1/7 venus in aq 1/29 Sleeping Beauty the star rose, Sophia fallen asleep. 2/3 Buddy Holly plane crash. 2/16 (216 nr of gevurah, che guevarah, chesed gevurah) jesuit trained Fidel Castro premier of Cuba (Farnese bloodline that founded the jesuits, duke of Castro). jesuit trained Michel Debré pm of France.
year 2-11 Lust. 3/20 venus in taurus babalon. 3/29 Some Like it Hot, Marilyn Monroe Sugar Kane (kennedy) with John Jack Lennon. 4/30 Imitation of Life Lana Turner. Neptune (evolutionary destiny) in Scorpio: monkey Able =Bael first rhesus macaque monkey in space, in form of monolith, born in Independance, kansas, dies 6/1 (date MMonroe, Neptune: evolutionary destiny). 6/16 (616 nr antichrist) death George Reeves, actor Superman, wife Leonore Lemmon (ll like lois lane/lana)(Clark Kent=Kennedy).(Elizabeth turns 33). 8/10 Rosanna Arquette. 10/6 Pillow Talk Rock Hudson Doris Day (mother of Terry Melcher) Tony Randall (played Rock Hunter) Thelma Ritter as Alma.
NY as the new Oz (40.42 degree end of the rainbow) Yellow cabs as seed of the sun, yellow brick road. Opening of the Guggenheim at Central Park on 88th street, as the new Solomon temple/ziggurat built like a nautilus shell, dome of the rock with 6 pointed star.
beast=roman empire 11/18 Ben Hur Charlton Heston (lion MGM) (dec Journey to Centre of the Earth- Art card).

the 60's

the 70's