0 - 2021

The present

Obviously, 2020 is a big dimensional shift. The internet is controlled, so it is not the real battlefield. Some wake up to the dreamlike nature of reality, some stay in 'the abyss', the gap between the real and the unreal.

The transhumanist agenda is to move towards their interpretation of the new Aquarius age: a Creative Commons economy with basic income, Internet of Things (big data predicting all socialogical trends ), 3D printing, VR and AR lenses and build new cities in the desert, with home batteries, off the grid machines.

Transhumanists want to digitalise sex through VR avatars and bodies, connected with sensors, gesture based camera controls and neurodevices and through pornographic total immersive entertainment to keep people locked up in endless distraction and self-gratification until there will be no social life, no more families or human contact.

This is of course impossible, it's not how humans want to live. But they have to learn to say no to psychopaths without compassion and become their own master.

A pandemic virus to force worldwide vaccination is of course announced in countless movies like Outbreak 1995, Virus 1999, 28 days later, V for Vendetta 2005, I am Legend 2007, Doomsday 2008, Contagion 2011, Angels and Demons, Rise of Planet of the Apes 2011 (virus A113= 3/11 day of outbreak Corona), Resident Evil,..

All controlled opposition puppets are playing their role. The chaos and eventual riots are all part of the ritual: astrologically Saturn (death, fear, control, poverty, government, military, obedience, restriction, depression, duality) in Aquarius (technology, hope ruled by Uranus rebellion, will to break out) and Pluto (the Shadow, viruses, communism) in Capricorn. Capricorn is the Devil card nr 15 (hence 1,5 m rule).

People are being scared into thinking the vaccination and 5G is depopulation agenda so all resistance can be brushed aside as dangerous 'crazy conspiracy theorists'.

This is the climax of 300.000 year process of trying to gain control over the human heart.

The media ritual is an initiation ritual of 'going throigh the abyss', the gap between the real and unreal (predictive programming in Contagion, Interstellar, the Dark Knight Rises,..). People are cut off from nature, the sun, each other and correct information and pushed into a fake, artificial, technological simulation reality, to recreate our fall of consciousness, an artificial heart/earth.

The plan is to install Internet of Things, to plug people into a sentient world simulation, linked to Cern (birthplace of Internet) and interdimensional computers, quantumcomputers like Dwave (owned by Google, NSA, Lockheed Martin,..). Every person becomes a node and avatar (similar to 2009 movie Avatar), living in a simulation while algorithms study how our brain works, creating humanity 2.0, recreating Genesis, the biblical days of Noah, the flood.

In all the symbolism the flood theme reoccurs: virus affecting people in waves (3/11 also date of tsunami in Japan), the 5th wave of industrial revolution, Dwave computers.

The dark night of the soul is the process of going through the abyss, battle between the soul and the ego, the authentic true self that gives up the false self (egotistic desires, fear, restrictions,..), leading to ego death, experience of Oneness.

The ritual is linked to Cern, that uses ancient Atlantean knowledge about the dimensional gate of the Silver Gate (Taurus in may) and Golden Gate (Ophiuchus the Serpentholder-Sagittarius in november). The serpent priests of Atlantis want to recreate the period of genetic manipulation with global 'healthcare'.

The reocurring theme in movies like 2001 and Interstellar is humans sacrificing themselves by being absorbed in a black hole as a womb for new life. The endgoal of the cult of the Black Sun, is to reach a 'Singularity', a term also linked to black holes. They envision it as a point in time when machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence, when humans merge with machines, give up their soul, leading to death-rebirth. The rulers of this planet want to become gods, reach omniscience and immortality but need the creative potential of humans. The total surrender to technology, to their one eye/A.I. cult, is sold as the next evolutionary step of mankind, while it is the next downgrade, the ultimate enslavement, a recreation of the fall of consciousness into this material, holographic reality.


Takeover in 3 steps