12.500 - 6000

6000 - 0

4670 the Aryans create the Silk Road, immigrate to the Tarim bassin, China, where they are known as Tocharians.

The Tribe of Dan explores SarDINia as the Sher-dan, build the Monte d'Accoddi for animal sacrifice and the Giant's graves.
4600 Building of a necropolis in Varna, Bulgaria with gold artifacts.

4000 Age of TAURUS

- Sumerian culture
- Egyptian culture
- Akhenaton/Moses
- Judaism
- Early Greek culture
- Babylonian empire
- Greek culture
- Roman Empire
- Mayans/Aztecs

Sumerian culture

Anunnaki descendants (princely blood of Anu) re-establish a new kingdom at the Persian gulf and build the city Nippur, close to the 33d parallel (start of 'official' history where in the 'cradle of civilisation' a culture pops up with astrology, schools, advanced writing system, contract and trading system, calendar, transport with wheels, maps, sewer and irrigation system, music instruments, and legends about giants as first men).

After the rapture, the zodiac sign Taurus becomes a sign of the Beast from the earth: titans, elite men in rebellion against the Gods.

Gilgamesh, hybrid Annunaki/human rules Sumer, becomes the archetype of the Orion hero who beat the lion. Kingship is inherited through Quaïn/kinship, sky people who have royal, blue blood, red hair or reptilian features. Animals who also have blue blood with copper rich hemocyanin (the crab, snail, octopus, squid, spider and scorpion) are also considered aristocratic and divine, related to Venus, especially the snail and scorpion because they have shells showing the golden ratio.

Lucifer/Quain is the serpent god Enki (lord of underworld, of fresh water). He is depicted with his horned crown, bathing in the Abzu (the Abyss, mercury poisoning to corrupt the deep water energy of earth) with 2 wavy water/snakes (energy, DNA) and upward swimming carp fishes. Abzu for them is where the sun/son rises, the fountain of youth, between the 2 mountains, the twin peaks where the ark landed (the concept of Holy water later found in all 3 monotheistic religions). Enki's consort is Nin-khursag, Lady of Life who birthed the first (white) earthlings. The ones who messed with human DNA are thus worshipped as the weavers of life, the cosmic Yoni/vulva.

The priests wear fish suits and give the people opium from the poppy plant that pops open like a cosmic egg. Intelligence is linked to long ears (the same word gestù). Enki is accompanied by 2-faced Izimud (Mercury, binary star Sirius=Eannes, the 2 headed eagle, two faced Janus of January). Jupiter, the younger gods who caused the flood, is the storm god En-lil.


Cities are built around these pyramid/ziggurat temple complexes of stone baked stones, and a system of oppression is installed, a society build as a pyramid with the hybrid priests on top, as shepherds for the sheep, mediators between the human and the divine. The priests also control the food supply. They feed and care for the people and animals before they are sacrificed. They wear a Saturnian ring hat/headband, and a beard resembling the crescent moon/horn. The snake/DNA staff is the cane/Quain, the L or ?-shaped crook staff, that shepherds wear as the ox-goad to control the oxes and sheep by force.

They found 7 cities, so Sumer becomes the land of the 7 cities, associated with 7 demigods, the Abgal (depicted as half fish/ half human or bird headed). Sumerian mythology is based on South African legends, calls the invaders the 'Annunaki', those who came from Anu, the sky (the God program). Being half reptilian, the priestkings must absorb nutrients and are annointed with oil, made from the fat from reptilians: the holy oil, called 'messeh', the annointed priest kings thus become Messiahs.

Negative 4D entities are called Ekimmu and Urukku, succubi and incubi linked to Lilith. She stands on 2 lions, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, the shoulders of Orion. Stars are seen as pigs that suck milk from the milkyway cow godess. Lamashtu is another snake priest goddess, always depicted as suckling a pig and a whelp, holding snakes, standing on a donkey.

The Anunaki descendants invent a gender based religion. The number of anthropomorphic (half human/half animal) deities increases to more than 3600, based on the 360 degrees or angles (angels) on a circle. Tammuz is the sun at Sammur/Summer solstice, resurrected as an egg at eastern.

The same way Isis mourns the 90° pillar/phallus of Osiris, during the month Tammuz, when light is dimmed, the sun loses strength, Tammuz is wept by women as a physical entity during a 6 day imaginary funeral. Weeping women=young priestesses offering menstrual blood (the Beloved, the scarlet women), as it contains starfire, the nectar of the gods, the lifegiving extract of the lunar essence, the divine menstrual blood of the mother goddess. When this habit is restricted, their lifetimes shorten. Virgins are sacrificed at harvest, when sun moves into Virgo.

Enlil's symbol the plough is a metaphor for bull horns and virgins are seen as a furrow, an unplowed field. When the sun/Mars is in decline and moves from Virgo into Libra, the loin/hip part of the zodiac body, Saturn and the femine part of the cycle (comet Venus, the virgin, maiden) is on the rise. Than Isis and Venus is worshipped as Inanna (later Ishtar), the morning star, the whore of Babylon, supposedly the lover of Tammuz, also standing on lions. Women are forced into sacred prostitution at her Gigunu temples, houses of nighttime pleasure, recreating the sacred Saturn-Venus, beast-beauty, snake-Eve ritual at festival of booths or tabernacles. Men visit the women for purification and salvation. The hybrid priests can rape women as they wish: they have sexual access to a woman, before the husband (the ritual defloration, the 'right of the first night' of the Lord, Saturn raping Venus). The red ribbon, knot of Isis, is the sign of marriage with Saturn. The sun god is thus betrayed by evil feminity and ends up in the underworld, Capricorn, death of the old, conception of the new. The 10 is the sign of completion, male, female, the 10th house of Capricorn.

When Inanna descends in the underworld with a torch, looking for the sun, she is Eresh-ki-gal, queen of the night/underworld (Irkalla), lifts her 7 veils. Sacrifice rituals with eating samanu and beets for laxative purging. Sagitarrius is ruled by Jupiter, the storm god. Os-triches are one of the birds that symbolize Osiris and the underworld, as they lay their eggs after winter solstice. Their eggs are painted, incised and put in graves as symbol of new life.

Sins are repented at the day of atonement during a period of fasting until the morning star reappears like a virgin, washed from sins, pure and white. Symbols of rebirth from the ashes are the cater-pillar turning into butterfly, the dove, the lion, the phoenix,..Nimrod as a winged bull=the lord of winter and darkness as the bull of autumn/Taurus who receives his phosphor, his shennu rings and wings at spring equinox (Aquila, eagle). On the first 3 days of the first month of Nisan, during the Akitu new year festival when Venus, reappears between the horns of the bull of heaven, everybody has to give their cattle gifts, their taxes and sacrifice to the Lord. The priest-kings march through the city as the new born son of New Year (Aries, the sheep ruled by Mars, sun of the sea Mare) parading with a para-sol or umbrella, protection from the reigning rain god Jupiter (later umbrellas get the obvious J shape).

They worship gods like Pazuzu to ward off the evil spirits. For the same reason protective winged lions with human face and ox feet (signifying the cardinal points) are placed to protect gates. The bulla stones are used as seals and given to people as clay balls to keep the tokens together, first money system.

Hermetically closed vases with acid, electrolyte juices, like blood are used as an El-ectric battery, charging iron rods (-, male) in copper sheaths (+, female). These iron rods become the mythical weapons of the gods, the iron spear or sword. Natron and ash is used to make lye (soda) to cleanse clothes.

To help the hybrids maintain the human form, the Syrians advise to feed them more human hormones and blood in the form of an altered animal. They breed new animals from mixing DNA from the wild bore and human DNA: pigs. They domesticate them and slaughter them to produce pork (Ham, the son of Noa is also the salted, crooked hind leg of the swine). Like reptilians bred humans to domesticate them, to kill them and eat them, they teach humans to breed animals to domesticate, kill and eat them. People start eating meat and drink malt beer, leading to more spiritual degeneration.

Because of the large cultural exchange with the Semitic Akkadian region (Syria), every Sumerian deity has an Akkadian counterpart. In Akkadia 2 goats are chosen and lots are drawn for them. One is liberated, the other representing evil capricorn is draped with silver necklaces and cast out on the day of the King's wedding (Yom Kippur) as animals who carried the evil spirit of Oz/Azazel (the dark aspect of Saturn), dismembered or thrown of the red cliff (hence the term black sheep and 'scapegoat'). The 11th month, when the rivers are at its heigth, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, they remember the deluge as the zodiac sign Ramman, the Aquarius storm god, lord of the canals, pouring water with wavy MMM-sign. They call Aires shapparu, the wild goat, the horn that gave the air, the breath of life. The ram horns are also a metaphor for the uterus. The Semites don't eat pork, because they know it is a form of cannibalism. They worship the Evil Eye, the star Fomalhaut as half man/half fish god Dagon (dgn meaning also grain), Saturn as El or Ilu.

In Sumer Enlil and his sons order the building of a new city, Uruk (Erech) with ziggurats for sacrife, well irrigated by an elaborate canal system. As part of the moon cult of Inanna/lshtar,queen of the night, goddess of fertility a kakum, a red temple is built, next to the district dedicated to Anu. At the kakum all the wheat reserves are kept. All farmers are given coins for their wheat as first mo(o)ney (gold - the sun, silver - the moon, bronze for wheat), with Ishtar on it. The coins are than used as payment for the whores of Babylon, sacred prostitution at the temple, where priestesses in trance serve as oracles and women have to have sex with a stranger in the temple, at least once. Use of warka vases to sprinkle earthmilk, electrified water ('sweet waters'), depicting ox and sheep.
3600 In Malta the Phoenicia giants build neolithic complexes like Hagar qim, the Ggiantja, a temple and 'tower of the giants' for animal sacrifice and a cave/underground temple as a necropolis for 7000 people. It contains trilithons, snakepits and an oracle room for brainwave entrainment with ceiling serving as a wave guide, causing echos, felt throughout the body. It has a strong acoustic resonance of 70 Hz, the frequency of 4D astral projection and 114 Hz, a frequency that makes the brain shift from left to right dominance. The site is build like a beehive, as one of the last matriarchal societies, worshipping the queen bee. Bronze Age people live in a matriarchal society, the dead are buried in breast like tombs, to return to the womb of mother earth (sidhes).

In the Indus Valley there is continuous wars against neighboring city-states for the purpose of taking captives for sacrifice to the gods, as divinely-sanctioned holy war. 

Druïds, 'men of the oak trees' in Germany develop culture with ornaments of gold and amber (barnstein). Like the Sumerians/Babylonians, they perform rituals at Bel-thane on May 1st, May Day, like the burning of children in the belly of a huge wicker effigy of a man.

In Canaan, at the location now known as Beth-lehem, a fertility temple is built (Virgo as Beit Lachama, the house of bread/food, the granary) with a shrine for Tammuz, because it has a good water supply. At the Black Sea Phoenicians build the Scythian empire (scythe=the sickle of Saturn). It is a common practice amongst the reptilian/Nephilim kings to slay their father to gain power, like Saturn slaying Uranus and the story of Set castrating Osiris, throwing the phallus in the water. In Phoenicia the Canaanite ruler Cronus builds the city Gubal (origin of El, later Byblos). In the 32d year of his reign he castrates and kills his father Autochthon, deifies himself. The Phoenicians conquer the forest of Enlil with its cedars so Phoenicia (modern Lebanon) is known for its cedar trees, also a symbolic victory/castration of their earlier gods.

Egyptian culture

2600 The Northern Atlanteans migrate to Egypt, build over 120 pyramids in Egypt, meaning 'fire in the middle', as an earthly representation of constellations, with the Nile representing the milkyway. The 3 pyramids of Gizeh are built aligned with the 3 stars of Orion's belt (worshipped as Osiris), near the bull of Taurus and the North star (first Egyptian pyramid is called the North pyramid).
A-nu, the city of the Black Sun (later called Heliopolis by the Greeks) is built on the east of the Nile in the 13th nome of Egypt. They worship the sun in the form of obelisks, as sun dials, as a phallus of the sun god. Khem is the word for black, the color of the fertile khem-trails of the Nile and the black bull. As a remnant of the Atlantean solar religion, the Aryan goddess (h)Arya becomes Har/Horus, the pineal gland as the eye of Horus (worshiped with one eye and one eye pyramid symbolism).


The optic thalamus, that acts as a relay station for the pineal is worshipped as the scarab beetle Khepri.

The first season is Akhet, the opening of the gates of the underworld. The Nile is flooded symbolically by the tears of Isis, caused by Osiris' death (july-oct). Mummification rituals, passion plays and processions re-enact the death and rebirth story of Osiris. Rituals climax in the Eucharist, eating of their god.

Another legend of how Enki/Lucifer created mankind is the goat headed horned Knum or Gnoum, who made men, the human DNA-Genome from its nut/potter wheel, the celestial north pole. The knowledge about after sexual abstinence of 40 days to ascend, to make Holy Bread is spread in the city Khmun (later called Hermopolis).

2200 In Egypt the priests as descendants from Lucifer, the goat Djedet/Mendes, found the Court of the Dragon, using the rose cross and the goat of Mendes as their symbol. Queen Sobeknefru of the 12th dynasty opens her mystery school to the Phoenician/Scythian kings . As these kings annoint themselves with the fat of reptiles, of the Dragon, the sacred crocodile, they are referred to the Great Dragon or King of kings (Messiah, the annointed one). Amenemhat 2 puts a statue of his face on the sphinx of Anubis.
2100 In regions like Nepal the Hinduist Veda's take form (the sacred oil is called Soma) and in Sumer, the Sumerian tablets: The Epic of Gilgamesh. Fall of Sumerian civilization, the royal AbRaham bloodlines move to Haran, according to legend, Enlil and the other Annunaki depart.
2000 Crete/ Mycenae becomes dominant city in South Greece with the reocurring Lion's gate. The Phoenicians (mythical red haired Cadmus) found another city of Thebes in Greece and introduce the Phoenician alphabet to the Greeks. The ritual union of Saturn-Venus at the Holy Mountain, with their Creta Ropa (clothes of creation, naked) =>the myth of Enlil/ Zeus who abducts Eu-ropa, the Phoenician woman with a broad round face with pronounced chin like the broad faced cow goddess Hathor.


In Chaldea and Persia ancient Zurvanism, based on a neutral God revives as teachings of Zoroaster/Zarathustra, about the Nordics as white spirits, Ahura Mazda. Their caste of priest/astrologers are called Magi. Gods of rebirth, like Mithra have an ouroboros as a halo, a ring around their waiste or a circle around their body.

Silk, made by arachnids, moths, mayflies, beetles becomes popular as the product of Saturn, symbolic of weaving DNA snakes. The trade leads to the Sillk Road, similar to the road the Wanderers followed before the flood.

Building of the Shensi pyramids in China, also mirroring Orion (the Silver Gate).

1800 In Babylon, Hammurabi claims to receive his code of law from Marduk. He builds a ziggurat as high as a skyscraper. As a continuation of the Orion war he conquers Mari (Syria) and the Babylonian empire.

The Nephilim (Canaanites, Hebrews and Philistine/Palestines) worship Isis the mother goddess as Astarte. As the hybrid shepherd kings (Hyk-sos), the blonde nordics like Yuya and his wife Tjuyu/Thuya and their children Ay and Tiye gain more influence as military noblemen on the Egyptian royal court, as vizier or cup-bearer, meaning a private scorcerer/shaman, initiated in Iunu/Heliopolis. Trade with the region now known as Denmark makes the eilte wear the same beads in their ears. They fight with bows and horse-drawn war chariots. Women of the 'divine' bloodlines wear blue headdress around their elongated skulls, linked to Tefnut. Because of the reptilian hybridisation diseases occur like leprosy and specific traits like gouging eyes and a stiff upper lip.

In the rest of Africa the same religion is practiced as a mask wearing medicine man/priest class practicing Voodoo.

The Nesilim (Hittites) in Turkey worship stones as Huwasi stones, give them food and water, wash and annoint them. They call Isis/Inanna Hannahanna, the grandmother. Lucifer, the embodiment of golden crops=Telipinu, worshipped every 9 years with 1000 sheep and 50 oxen as an oaktree.
1500 The 'blow of Thera', the eruption of the vulcan Thera, meteors, comets and their parasites destroy most Minoan cities and Minoan civilization. Around the Mediteranean Sea, the red haired Venus worshipping sea-faring Phoenicians (from Phoinos, the red ones) or Canaanites develop a civilization of trade routes and city states like Tyre, Byblos and Sidon. They have the owl and the eagle as symbol. Within these Canaanite societies the religion of Isis-Ra-El, Israel emerges. A Druïd of the temple= a jew, Juda, judge. They also spread their alphabet to the different cultures (the bull sign of taurus turns into A, in Hebrew the aleph, Bet:house). The Phoenician priests establish a production facility in Morocco to harvest sea snails so they can be used to dye the clothes of the priests with Tyrian purple, indigo or turquose. They worship and sacrifice children to the dying and rising storm god Baal. Mystery teachings about DMT and the acacia tree of life/coffin of Osiris from Egypt reach Phoenicia with cities like Tyre who become known for producing purple clothing, myth of purple phoenix heron bird.
1457 Battle at mount Megiddo (biblical Armageddon) at 33d parallel, confrontation between Egypt and Canaanite serpent worshipping vasal states. At the temple of Har Meggido, huge amounts of bones are kept of ritual sacrifice.
1400 The Annunaki bloodlines rule Anatolia (Turkey) as the Nesilim (Hittite empire) from their capital Hattusa with sphinxes and lion's gate. Through Hurrian and Hittite culture, Persian monotheïsm of Zoroaster, spreads to Egypt as Atenism.

The Egyptian pharao Thutmoses the 3d (child of Thoth, King David supposedly reigned 33 years) as an active conqueror, transforms Egypt into a superpower. He defeats the Tribe of Dan, the Set worshiping Sumerian shepherd kings, the Hyksos invaders (kills Goliath with his Rock). The order of the serpent Zadokite priest class and the Egyptian Dragon court becomes the House of Judea. He knows the priests of Amun are becoming too powerful. He pretends to be part of their religion but supports the mystery school Order of the Rose Cross and supports the Aten priests of Iannu, loyal to the throne. The initiates are called therapuetae, physicians of the soul. They develop techniques like sungazing and meditating with healing rods, copper and zinc tubes, containing hardened coal and magnetite. The symbol of the upright, centered red cross in a circle, the mark of Quaïn=the Rose Cross.

His son Amenhotep 2, whose mummy is still intact, has red hair and reptilian scales under his skin. His son Amenhotep 3 also has knowledge of the Qaballa, is an alchemist and summons demons as necromancer. King Sol-omon= the spirit of sun and moon, universal Illumination in hieros gamos, sexual union. The dome, temple, union of Solomon, Hieron Solomon => Jerusalem, built on 7 hills (shalom:peace, P from sacrifice, tearing people to pieces), built according sun/moon proportions. Mind control through sodomy, sending an electrical signal, a vasovagal shot that breaks up the brainstem, causing seizure, and white flashes of light in the brain= the Key of Solomon.

Amenhotep sends his daughters to Phoenicia to gain influence. The Nephilim build Palmyra in Syria and the site Baalbek (worship of Baal) in Lebanon for them, on a stone structure of 3 monoliths of Mount Hermon.

1394 In his palace, his wife Queen Tiyee (=linked to queen Sheba), a red haired black woman with elongated skull, connected to the bloodline of the Nordic Yuya, gives birth to Akhenaten (='Golden eye', =Moses, =Menelik). His mother favors him but he is ignored by the rest of his family because he is an androgynous bastard child, a hybrid with black skin, natural black lined almond eyes, less dense bone structure, larger brain size. Moses=from the sea, crocodile shaped boat, reptilian Nephilim descent. He moves to Anu/Heliopolis, for his education under the supervision of snake priests of the black sun Aten (Saturn, a circle within a circle). Because of his unusual wide hips, he sees himself as a life-giver.
1352 After the death of Tuthmose, his big brother, at the peak of Egypt's imperial glory, his mother lets him ascend the throne. As a pharao, he tries to restore the original Atlantean/Egyptian religion, to convert the Egyptians from the fear-based polytheïsm of idols, sacrifice and magic amulets of Amun back to a single controlling intelligence, represented by a sun disk. The Ankh, gift of the life giving sun, phi 1.619 =>4 letter word YHVH, Yahweh, representing the 4 realms, 4 elements with spirit as something too holy to pronounce. He rides in a chariot of electrum/amber.
1346 After his vision about the Aten between 2 mountains, he builds the city Amarna as one big sun gate to worship Aten, hermaphrodite with a fallus/lingam and a vulva/yoni, between Cairo and Luxor. Sungazing is a daily morning ritual. Aten=> Day of atonement.

The priests despise him for teaching that they are no longer needed. After the death of his mother, Moses becomes tyrannical. He orders his army to disband the priesthood and deface their idols. He becomes involved with the Levites, (levitators) a sect of monks. They preach to the Habiru (Hebrew), an unpopular nomadic people of low class mercenaries, raiders and thiefs from the North. They incite war and massacre of races, invent rules and regulations, teach the 'promised land of milk and honey' is something to be taken literal. They worship the moon as Yam and Jupiter the storm god as Indra. Atenism becomes a patriarchal faith.

Horemheb, Ramses 1 and Seti plan a military coup against him. To prevent civil war, he abdicates the throne to his son Tutanchaten who changes his name into Tutanchamun and restores the old religion.
The pyramids combine male - and female+ energy, the sun and moon (Mount Horeb, glowing heat of Horus and Mount Sinai, mountain of the moon). He writes down the Ten Commandments (=Spell 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead). The Levites write the Torah (words of the thunder god Thor). Hymn to Aten= psalm 104. The knowledge about Holy Breath process of abstince to create the Holy Bread is passed on (metaphor of Elijah who travels 40 days and 40 nights to the cave of Mount Horeb, 'mountain of the sun'). Lunar cult of the Moon =>Monotheïsm. Mount Sinai=Hagar who gave birth to Ishmael.


The melting of the Golden Calf is the symbolic end of the age of Taurus, beginning of the Age of Aries. Because the horned ram Aries is the constellation where the sun is reborn, the high priests call themselves AbRAham/Ibrahim, people from the ram. The priests of Jupiter (Zadok/Sydyk) are called Melchi-zedek. Sara-Abraham= metaphor for the Sahara desert, moon-sun and the cere-brum, part of the brain with the higher mind. They create propaganda to promote the sacrifice of rams and first born children at BayRAMs (Abraham, asked to sacrifice his son at Mount Moriah after 70 days of RAMadan). They make a distinction in their propaganda between the brothers Lucifer/Enki as the lord and the 'lofty mountain' of Jupiter/Enlil as the angry, punishing god of Jehova. The Aryans who see themselves as Ari, the lion, the light of God, connected to Aries= the angel Ari-el.

Age of ARIES (ruled by Mars, in mainstream history the Iron Age)


After 25 years Akhenaton returns to claim the throne. Ramses and Seti still own the army and he must flee.

1336 The followers of Akhenaton, the Habiru/Hebrew, led by the patriarchal Atenists become the Is-ra-elites of the bible, practising Judaism (worshipping Jew-Piter). They are chased by Seti during the 19th Dynasty, and they take with them a red haired caricature of Set as their 'Satan'. The knowledge is passed on as hermetic literature ('the Ark is hidden in a cave under the mountain Nebo', Mercury). A legend is created where Horus (as Akhenaton) fights a battle on top of Mount Nebo, his eye is damaged and killed.
The alchemical marriage in the human body between sun and moon is symbolized by the temple of Hierosalima-Jerusalim, the sigilum solomonis, the Saturnian Star of David. The temple of Solomon, based on the Tree of Life, has an entrance of 2 pillars, white and black, Isis and Nephtys. Freemasons of the Dragon court with access to the knowledge call themselves Templars. Frustrated because he lost his kingdom, Akhenaton wants to reconquer the world, dreams of a new world empire.
Akhenaton (=Menelik) creates the bloodline of the beta Israel.

More sacrifice with flint knives and further research on human mind control (Book of the Dead), how to torture somebody from a young age to honeycomb, compartmentalize the mind and program alters, creating bloodgroups like Rhe-, for efficient hive mind control. Use of hypnotism, sodomy, drugs and electric shocks to create bloodlines of multigenerational abuse with special abilities, by trauma based mind control (even myths describe how Horus is raped by Set). Slaves are punished by lashing or stabbing them in the back, where all the nerves meet. Women who commit adultery have their noses cut off to ruin their looks, men caught in adultery receive beatings, men caught raping a freeborn woman are castrated. Candidates for mystery schools are led to 3 rooms, in the last chamber they are exposed to extreme fear and danger, like fighting a wild animal.

Akhenaton produces offspring with his niece Nefertiti and with his mother Tiye. One of the children of Akhenaton and another of his sisters and wives is Tut-ankh-amon.

The kundalini energy is represented by 2 cobras that radiate, the uraeus. Pharaos, the light of god wear the same cobra headdress and a phallic beard of goat hair. He restores the Amon-Ra religion but is murdered. His grave contains a golden death mask, a ceremonial dagger of meteorite and leaves of the sacred olive tree, source of P and oil for lamps.

The Persian word for adversary is 'shaitan'. The dualistic thinking Essene sect, a branch of the Rosicrucian order consider every adversary or heretic to their sect as as a Shaitan/Satan, a scapegoat for all evil. A Min also becomes a heretic, non jew (jew-piter worshipper). The Cohens (serpent priests), the jews who have the juice, who deliver the 'Holy oil' of reptilian fat and handle the ark, have 12 stones in their breastplate, 12 hours=> the 12 tribes. 12 leaves of showbread with manna are served on a special acacia table for the priests, as the body of their god. Their candles in the temple: 7 Pleiades, home of the lord. They circumsise on the 8th day, nr of Saturn. An ark is used as a place of sacrifice to their god. These sacrifices of bull, sheep and goats are taken care of by the first priests. Also dancing rituals are performed with sistrums (4 rattling bars, representing the 4 elements), involving alcohol (because it lowers their vibration, slows down the brain so people only use the primitive features of the reptilian brain).

Hiram king of Tyre at the 33d parallel, who helped the templars is worshipped as the new Horus. They perform the holy kiss, the sacred Saturn-Venus prostitution as Succoth-Benoth in a box-like booth/tabernacle with goat hair curtains on the Mount of Olives. Waving the 4 species=weaving DNA with the 4 building blocks. Etrog:the breast/womb, lulav:penus and 2 testicles, the 3-fold grain Virgo holds in her hand. Like the Egyptians they build their cities, based on the tree of life, with the Jordan as spine/milkyway.

During the slow period of the ecliptic, to prepare for the spring festival, they eat beans (lent-lentils-printemps). As a heliotropic (sun-turning) vine plant it is a symbol of the testicles, the DNA seeds of the penis, Pea's of Lucifer.

According to Scottish legends, Meritaten (blood provider of Aten), the long headed daughter of Akhenaton, also known as Scota, her Scythian husband, their son Goidel Glas and their people flee from Egypt. Akhenaton's vizier (the mythical Joseph or Bar-nabas) becomes the new embodiment of Lucifer, the antichrist rebel who stole the fire from the Gods. The strange features of the Atlantean Akhenaton bloodline (long spider like fingers, long limbs, sunken chest, larger pelvis, cleft palate- baring upper teeth like Ammun, epilepsy-the holy disease)=Marfan syndrome. Pharaos like Siptah have another holy disease, cerebral palsy: being born to early through caesar section (Saturn is the Caesar, the harvester), stiff muscles, having seizures,..

With his scorpion fingers and hook sceptre, Akhenaten represents the Scorpio who stung Orion. He also is the archetype of the new Horus, with one eye poked out. Jews wear the Saturnian cube on their head as a Tefillin. Sea faring peoples like the Tribe of Dan attack and raid Egypt.

1274 Battle of Qadesh (Isis) in Syria between the Egyptian and Hittite empire.
1259 Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty between Seti's son, the red haired Nordic pharaoh Rameses 2, and Hittite King Hattuseli 3. The high priests of Amun at Thebes become hereditary monarchs, the real governors of Upper Egypt, owning all the temple lands and ships. Rameses 3 sacrifices more than 400.000 live stock in the temple of Amun at Karnak. Castor oil is so essential for the Egyptians, they are paid partly in oil and strike breaks out when they are denied oil. Oil and fat is used to make cream, pomades and perfumes, shaped into balls or cones. Many Egyptians shave their hair (wax, like the moon) and wear wigs of braided hair mixed with beeswax and resin, attached to a net. In 1200, the Hittite empire falls.

In the region where their giant ancestors lived, Berbers and Phoenicians found Leptis Magna (Lybia) at a river providing freshwater from inner earth.
Scota and her people conquer Britain and Ireland from the Tuatha de Dana. They are known as the Scottish. Their son Goidel Glas= Herakles, the Tor/tower of Glastonbury, the town Glasgow. The benben stone=>the Stone of Destiny. Aryans pass through the Caucasus (become Caucasians) spread to Northern Europe. The axis of imperial power shifts north.

They have mythical stories about the Argonauts who travelled north, to the region now known as Svalbard/Spitsbergen at the North pole, the Hyperborea of their Atlantean ancestors, parallel with the Amber Road, where there is no sunset in summer. The northpole becomes Arctica,with its white (k)nights of midnight sun, the mythical Black Sun.

Archon=arctos (greek for 'bear'). The celestial northpole, what the Babylonians saw as a bear Dabu, becomes the 2 bears, Grosse Bar/ bear of Ursa Major and Minor, who can bear the cold of the north. Ursa Major =Helice, the top of the helix, the well, the lotus, the revolving vulva. She chases Ursa minor=Melissa, the cub, the honey bee. The bear is a codeword of the pedophilic elite with hive mind as honey-eaters abusing mind controlled minors as honey-bees. The longitudinal lines, degrees in a circle: the ark-angles. Black nobility, the Bar-ons. Their ship is the southern constellation of Argo Navis, following the milky way river to the north. The mythical Thule=Dul Quarnayn, the 2 inner horns of the torsion field of the earth, entrances to inner earth at the north and south pole.

On Samhain (the original Haloween) the druïds impale victims on stakes, perform incest, drink blood, practice cannibalism, sacrifice children and animals. They dress up as owls or other animals to invite and become demons, to celebrate death.

The semi-nomadic red haired people in Russia, now known as Udmurt (the meadow people), continue the practices of the Atlantean sorcerers as Siberian shamanism, consuming mushrooms, during winter solstice festivals, wearing reindeer headdresses. The Aryans in Cappadoccia (modern Turkey) build the Derinkuyu underground city.

2600-300 The black Nubians from Caucus range build the Kingdom of Cush and also build pyramids with H-shaped entrance (symbolising stargate).

Early Greek culture

700 In Egypt during a period of chaos the Osirian priests of the 25th Dynasty persecute the original Priesthood of Set. Seth has evolved into the Egyptian God of Chaos and destruction, the manifestation of Apep or monstruous Typhon, son of Tartarus, with a serpent's body. He has an ass's head, the elongated snout of the ibis and long ears or is a headless demon with eyes placed in his shoulders and a skull or a merkaba instead of a penis, the Akephalos, the principle of all which burns, consumes with red hair, representing the Phoenicians of the desert.

The king Shabaka and his Nubians move north, settle in Memphis. He puts his stone at the temple of Enki/Ptah, connecting himself with King Menes who founded Memphis but he cannot stop the decay of Egypt, when it is sacked under Assyrian (gang of Enlil) occupation. They spread African religion of Lucifer (Min, Papa Legba with his large phallus, the rainbow serpent Dan or Damballuh as the androgynous child of the creator goddess Mawu) to Greece.

In the region of Phocis, on the 2 faultlines of Mount Parnassus they become known as Delphos, found Delphi (the brothers, from delphys 'womb, matrix', yin and yang, the 2 fishes or dolphins). Another meteorite Atum/Ohm-phallus stone is worshipped as Zeus Baetylos, marking the new navel of the earth, shaped like a pinecone beehive, covered by a woven net with beehive/hexagonal letuce pattern as gift of the sea, with 2 eagles on top of it. The stone is said to be spit out by Saturn (Kronos) and used by Zeus to kill the evil, female underworld snake Pytha, of inner earth (like Marduk killed the dragon Tiamat). The killing is re-enacted every 8 years by a boy setting a hut, the dragon's house on fire. The vulcano Mount Bel (now mount Etna) on the island Sic(k)ilia is supposedly the place where Zeus castrated Saturn with his sickle and hid the penis/snake. Sicilia has a river that provides the magic Agate stones, of cryptocrystalline silica. Later Pytha is seen as the male Python.

The Egyptian black magic rituals with young virgin priests and priestesses as oracles of Amon continue. Young women are selected to serve as the serpent priestess Pythia: on the 7th day after a new moon, a psychic woman sits at the apex of a tripod seat above the omphalos stone, the Holy of Holies. As a sacrificial altar it absorbs the negative energy, creates an implosive vortex (typhon). Through black magic and breathing hallucinogenic ethylene fumes (methane and ethylene), that spring from the underground, symbol of the earth's vulva, of the decomposing body of the Py-tha/Python, she receives messages in a shamanistic trance from 4D entities.

In Dodona the snake priestesses also serve as oracle in sacred oak rituals with copper cauldrons (eikanus:cock/oak). They are called cybeles, Peleiades or the Peleia Melaina, the black doves, after the carrier-pigeons are used to communicate between Dodona, Thebes and other oracles. They form a network of Thebes, Bedhet, Suwa, Dodona that corresponds to the stars of constellation Argo (Dodona has the same latitude as Mt Ararat , which was the mountain the Hebrews claim the ark landed). The dove becomes a symbol of messenger Mercury, of the Holy Spirit, the Pleiades the 7 stars near Aries. The human body corresponds to the 12 zodiac signs, the Pleiades are in the top of the head region, the higher mind, the philosopher's stone. The Cybele mother godess also has a transgender eunuch priesthood. On certain days they ingest black hembane and mount an annointed hallucinogen-laced wooden staff in their vagina (the famous broomstick witches ride on).

They develop stories about their ancestors, the legend of king Danaus in the epic Danaïdes, Quadmus (qdm, from the east) who slayed the dragon, his people who came from dragon's teeth (the stones in Brittain). In Lacedaemonia/ Macedonia black magic rituals are held at Mount Athos, the holy mountain, dedicated to the Gigante Athos, their ancestors.

700-600 Worshippers of Saturn give the epiteth Ba'al, the Lord of Enki to Saturn and sacrifice children to Ba'al at Gehenna, vally of Hinnom, surrounding Jerusalems Old City. A fire is kept burning almost perpetually to consume the cadavers, to create new phosphorus. From than on the place is cursed -later referred to as Hades (Greek), Hell (Christianity) and Jahannam (islam). This place of worship of death, Mors is Mount Moriah, mount of the olive tree (the future Jerusalem).
641-609 Josiah, the new king of Judah destroys the altar of Bethel.
600 In China the El-bloodline of the Li's is preserved. 1st camera obscura is developed.

The Tribe of Dan (Aeolians from Thessaly, the black sea) moves from Asia minor to a region they call Lacedaemon, the spirit Ammon of Lace, the axe, the lake. They found the city Sparta in Greece, known as the Danaos, Yçbardans, the sown men. Young boys are pitted against each other in the Kryptea for a death match/cock fight. As the beginning of a young man’s military career, they have to start an officially sanctioned sexual relationship with an older man before becoming adults.

Origin of the legend of the red haired Menelaus and Helena (Selena, the moon) as a new version of the gnostic creation story. The story of the abduction of Helene, is the conquering of the moon (helix coming from the turning wheel=Troy). The moon cult of Helena is centered in Laconia around plane trees. They wear red plumes on their helmets as roosters of golden dawn and the lambda phallus symbol on their shield. As kings of the earth, they were supposedly born from the river Euro-tas, the moldy clay river, as amber tears falling from the cosmic tree, the celestial northpole turning point. Lucifer/venus, the morning star, orange sun in the garden of the Persian gulf (Paradis)=the golden apple from Isis/Paris from Troy. Paradise is the 6 monts of light that castrates the old sun Achilles. 40 days of abstinence=40 warriors in the horse of Troy, hippo metaphor for the phallus, the walls of Troy metaphor for vulva. Apsu/Poseidon who sends 2 serpents to kill Laocoon=the 2 serpents of Abraxas, the black sun,the 2 dioscouros horsemen Castor and Pollux.

Babylonian Empire

606-536 Neo-Babylonian Empire with Babylon (gateway of the gods, Golden Gate) on the 33d parallel as capital. The city Tuba (horn), named after the star Tuban, at that time the pole star, between the Big and small dipper, the tail of the constellation Draco. They give Venus, the whore of Babylon, the nick-name Melitta. Saturn is worshipped as Shabbatai on the Sabbath. The moon is worshipped as Nanna/Sin, with Babylon as Sin City. The God of thunder Terah/Kvara is worshipped in temples like the House of Tammuz (Adonis) where people stay for 28 days, slaughter sheep, eat and drink food with mushrooms, mourning in the house of Dilbat (Venus/Lucifer).

The Babylonians worship Mars as the son of the storm god Teshub, Jupiter as the warlike Marduk, in myths the son of Enki. Marduk eclipses the cult of Enlil, becomes the main deity of death worship in Babylon. Saturn/Satan has many epiteths: Baal-Hermon, Baal-Zebub (lord of the flies, found during decompisition), Baal-Zephon (lord of the northern wind/void) and Meri-Baal (lord of rebellion). Marduk's temple is called Esiglia. The Cohen/Khan priest of Baal partake in the sacrifice, become canni-bals.
587 Nebuchadnezzar II destroys and plunders the temple of Solomon, with help from the red haired giants (the Hyksos, Esau and the Edomites, the 'red ones') on 9th of Av. Thousands of jews are taken captive because of an altar dedicated to Enki (Baal, the Adon). Out of fear they also worship Jehova as the God of wrath.


Writing of the 7 tablets of the creation myth Enuma Elish. The Atenist priests, captive in Babylon have access to the story of the flood and write the Hebrew Bible with Genesis of 7 days. Adamu means 'from earth' . Lucifer/Enki as Nin-khursag, Lady of Life who birthed the first earthlings, is named Awa (life, Eve, Ev-il created life, darkness created light). More repression of femnine energy. Funnel chest is a symptom of Marfan syndrome. Ti of her other title Nin-ti, the longer pronunciated ti, meaning rib =made from Adam's rib, Evening similar to Atumn, Even numbers (2) are made from Odd numbers (1). Akhenaton's black mother is connected to Venus, queen of Sheba and to Saturn to the black Lapis Exilis as black (evil) but beautiful and intriguing, on her throne in the constellation of Casseopia.

Another character symbolizing Lucifer/Eve/Venus, the whore of Babylon is Rachab ('broad'=> broadway), living in Jericho, city of palm trees (the V-enus 5 hand of God symbol), the lowest city in the world at the Black Sea. She is the symbolic mother of Boaz, the black left pillar of the temple of Solomon, Boa, the snake, everything evil. The red ribbon, her menstrual blood: the red cord, the velvet rope at the red carpet, royal bloodline, red light district of scarlett women.xxx is the shape of the DNA snake, her menstrual blood. N the egyption glyph for water=>Phoenician mem (water holds memory), N with a snake tail, the symbol of the sea-goat Capricorn.

575 Nebuchadnezzar builds the Ishtar Gate, with lapis lazuli bricks (color of Taurus) and cedar roof and doors, glorifying Marduk with horned head, snake like tongue and Adad with aurochs, oxes for the Akitu festival.

539 bc The Anunaki Nordics let Cyrus (Sirius) the Great conquer Babylon and help Darius to build Persepolis, as the capital for the new Babylonian/Persian empire, on the same 30th parallel as Eridu and Giza/Heliopolis. The Nordics ( Asura, Ahura mazda, the blue/white gods of the wind) are the visible representers of the Draco, in Darius' burial chamber they are depicted as winged solar disk. Darius builds the Suez (Zeus) canal, controlled by corrupt Amon-priests. After the captivity in Babylon, in the 6th year of Darius' reign the jews return to Juda and begin constructing a second temple.

Indian Hindu's worship the solar God Vishnu, the eagle Garoeda, the snake Naga. Lucifer, the morning star=> male phallus god Shiva. The evil womb, black sun, Isis=> female star fire goddess Kali, with protruding tongue, demanding blood. The son or sun of God, Christ =>Hare /Hemres Krishna, whose followers shave off their hair. Tribe of Dan => Danu. Ancient Vedas describe a pre-flood world, filled with aircraft engaged in combat, missile launches, and descriptions of nuclear war with fallout and radioactivity. The process of abstinence, making amrita and the story how the milkyway was birthed=> churning of the milky ocean on a turtle, the shield of Orion.

500 In the East the Scythians (sakkas) worship the serpent/Saturn as Buddha. Rise of Buddhism and Jainism, preaching meditation to activate the pineal gland and using the northern swastika symbol.
Foundation of the Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great.
480 The Phoenicians sacrifice children in Lebanon to Saturn as the Lord (Ba'al), and as Olam (eternal time).

Tammuz=>Eshmun, who was chased by Lucifer/Venus (Ashtar, Ashtaroth) and emasculated himself with an axe. He is worshipped at sauna/healing centers with sleeping halls and bath tubs using electrified water of the serpent priests (the river Asclepius, 'from a scallop'). At the temple of Telesphorus people take a brew, similar to ayuasca and dance in a circle.

In the caves of Mount Ida, Turkey the Phoenicians, sons of Hephaestos/Quaïn organize the same rituals. Through the DMT/mystery religion of rituals the theory of Ideas of how we are living in a matrix influences Greek philosophy. The rocky cave is the mythical birthplace of Jupiter/Zeus. Male sex slaves providing body fluids (nectar): GAnYmede, 'delighting in genitals', the boy pouring water replaces Sumerian Enki as the sewer/provider of semen and Egyptian Hapi as the sign Aquarius.

Isis/Ishtar, the mother godess is worshipped as Kybele in Pessinunt, Phrygia and in Anatolia/Turkey. Pieces of black meteorite are worshipped in the temple of Diana/Artemis, as the needle, the aguila/eagle, the phallic power of Kybele. In Hebrew the magic stones are called Bethel. The ascension process from the rock, the sacrum to the sun, the cerebrum= Jacobs vison of a skyladder leading to the house of God, after falling asleep on a Bethel stone.

Monumental temples at Kition, Paphos, Amathus, Golgoi are constructed for the fertility and sexuality cult of Lucifer/Venus in rural sanctuaries. In Cyprus, copper is mined, related to blue blood of the sky people. Turtoise shells are sometimes used as contraceptive, symbolize the vulva and sea-foam (aphro) is used in fertiliy rituals of the druïds so the flood event and a fragment of Jupiter turning into Venus becomes a myth where Zeus cuts off the horn/fallus of Saturn/Cronos, throws it in the sea, somewhere in Cyprus and from a seashell (symbol of golden ratio) in the foam of the sea Venus/Aphrodite is born, carried by a fish. She appears as the holy spirit, a dove, is associated with myrtle, sparrows, horses, swans, eggs, breasts, lilly, ettuce or lotuses. Venus=Hindu godess Lakshme. The 3 stars of Orion => the 3 Graeae using one single eye, Greece.

Greek culture

800-300 The Mycenean and Phrygian culture has spread across Greece. The tribe of Dan rules Sparta, Dodona, Thebe and Argos (named after the Ark) and the rest of Greece through its priests, the Argead dynasty. Storm god Enlil/Marduk (Ju-piter) and his lofty mountain, who killed the dragon=> Zeus, Zeu-pater, Zeus the father, that rose from the sea. Saturn=Kronos. Hesiod's Theogeny.

Aten, Athos, the Lybian Tanit and Egyptian Neith, Virgo, when a virgin is sacrificed at harvest, the equinox, central pole/spine=>the spear of the virgin Athena Pallas/Phallus, the stolen Spear of Destiny. She is associated with the spider of 13th sign (Arachne) and the distaff, used for weaving, because the world was woven into existence around her (the axis of DNA). Venus, who rules Libra, ejected from Jupiter=>Athena born out of the head of Zeus- also the star Athena above Orion, long spears and other weapons made by blacksmiths on a bull head shaped anvil, the head of Enlil/Zeus. In her temple in Athens pyromancy is practiced. She is also associated with the Grey owls with 8 shaped gleaming all-seeing eyes, depicted on the coins of Athens. Iason and the Argonauts, looking for the mysterious Golden fleece of the ram= July-August-September-October-November, an imaginary arc to find Aries, associated with the North, with its large amounts of amber. The city is centered around the pole as a polis and its politia. 300 red haired Scythian slaves act as authority, rod-bearers who can make an arrest.

The moon/underworld cult of the Phrygian mother goddess celebrates these Kabeiri, chosen race of descendants of Quaïn. The red haired, fallen angels, with psychic abilities who stole the fire from the Gods=> Prometheus (forethought). The children of the sun were changed in poplar trees and cried amber tears, who fell in the Eridanos, the river known as the Amber Road.

Virgins (the Beloved ones) provide fresh blood for the elite, their blood is poured as libation from a spondé, a golden bowl, representing the sun with the belly button in the center (hence the word 'to spend'). They have amber rosaries to count the days of abstinence.

Phosp-Horus =>Apollo, the amber stone, the angel of the abyss, the shining pole-bearer, the order of the golden ratio, the sun/son of God who every day rides the chariot of heaven. He becomes the new patron saint of the increasingly popular Temple of Delphi. In his temple, oil makes fire burn in laurel wood as an eternal flame where goats are sacrificed. His sister, the moon= Artemis (adelphos means twin brother, delphinius doublet).

Osiris=>Dio-nysus (the twice-born), the Zeus-Deus from Nysa (Ethiopia, Lybia but also the black land, the dark side, death). He is born on the 8th month Anthesteria (the soma flower), month of Saturn. Like the druids celebrate Samhain, when the veil to the underworld gets thinner, during the 3 days the dead ancestors of the golden age are celebrated and children wear flowers in their hair. In a sacrifice ritual a queen is offered to the spirit of earth, Dyonisus to represent the sacred marriage, the hieros gamos in the marshes (earth and sea).

During winter, at the 9th month, the ninth gate, midnight of the year, the left brain Apollo/Lucifer travels to Hyperboria, and his dark, right brain, irrational alter ego feminized Dionysus takes over for 3 months. The 9th month is El-aphebolion, month of deer-hunting, the wild hunt.

He plays the role of priest of black widow Isis- female earth, the chtonian, subterranean, glooming underworld Hades (the V-pitchfork of the Hyades constellation), Saturn and his children like Plouton, enrich themselves with tears and blood sacrifice of black animals. They are the klei-douchos, the one who has phosphorus, the golden key (to immortality) that made humans from clay, the keys to escape this material existence. One of his keys is Xiphion, the sacrificial sword/flower. When the sun enters capricorn, the golden caps or capes of the corn are harvested, turn bloodred. People behave like wild and horny animals like Enki, the mountain goat that came out of the sea, the constellation Capricorn =Pan, ruled by Saturn, the box of Pan-dora. Ea= Pan, the below sea-level part of the ecliptic wave, the bowl (bowels and underbelly) and cooking pan of sacrifice. Pan plays on his panflutes and brings his slaves into trance, to their knees, in panic. Pan rules the underbody, with his reed pipes. Dia-ballein (throwing across), Baal the sower, the iblis-bird => Diabalous, the devil. Pan is the phaun with his flora of El, the sword of sacrifice.

Greek legends describe dolphins helping shipwrecked sailors and playing with children so dolphins are told to be originally Tyranai pirates that made the mistake of kidnapping Dionysus, the god of wine. To punish the kidnappers for their deed, Dionysus turned their ship sails into grape vines. When the pirates leaped into the water they turned into dolphins. Taras, the founder of Sparta is pictured as riding on a dolphin (later French Dauphin bloodline).

In march, when the spring equinox and Isis/Sirius as the beginning of the wine season approaches, sects worship Dyon-isus through the Dyonisian Mysteries with psychedelic wine. The festival of Dionysus is an orgy of violence where women go to the forests or mountains outside the town, become ecstatic on a diet of wine, dance to frantic rhythms. Sometimes they capture rabbits, hinds and fawns and in their delirium tear them to pieces with their bare hands like the ancient cannibals. Dionysus has particular power over women, causing them to reverse their protective behaviour towards their children, in myth they tear their own children to pieces in their frenzy. Dyonisus usually is surrounded by 6 nymphs (the 6 points of the star of David), rides on a pan-ther or a chariot with a bull, panther and griffin. Like Esu, Osiris, the Thracian corn deity Sabazius, he is worshipped as a godman hanging on a wooden T-pole with a crown of ivy leaves. His male followers with horse tails, horse ears and horse penises are called Satyrs, his manic female followers of Dionysus are called Maenads (minions, daughters of King Minos). They wear leopard skins and carry a phallic Thyrsus staff, a spear enveloped ivy vines and leaves (also used to coagulate milk), a pinecone top with Thyia (cypress) seeds, dripping with honey, that represents the spine and the pineal gland. The point is said to incite madness because Thyia/cypress is used in incense burners to create holy smoke for prophesy. The kantharos wine cup, the female chalice symbol is used for the drinking ritual. Phosphorous 2-colored glass cups are made that change from jade green to ruby red, depending on light.

He is worshipped in processions with huge phalluses and virgins carrying serpents in baskets with salt and bread.Like offers to Osiris, people are sacrificed to Dionysus and dismembered in a process called sparagmos, followed by omomphagia, eating of the raw flesh of the victim, the symbolic dismembering and fragmenting of the Godhead Dyonisus, the universal Daemon into conscious beings like Set dismembered Osiris. As phallus deity he is also called Hermes (Mercury) with the nick-name o chari-charidote (bringer of joy).

Saturn as Isis, the Babylonian constellation the furrow/ Virgo, holding an ear of barley or grain, announcing autum seeding season and date palm in her other hand=>Niki/Nike, (Vikei, Victory), an aspect of Isis, holding the laurel crown/ring of Saturn as sign of illumination after the key of Solomon, peace after war, victory over death. Nick-el, the demon in copper (related to Venus)=>Nikolaus, nick-names, claustrum, closed closet. Babylonian rituals of torches guiding ancestor spirits back to the underworld=> De-meter (earth mother) holding wheat and a torch.

Phosphor/semen from the underworld =Erichthonius, half man/half snake, the constellation Auriga, with his son Tros founder of Troy. Queen Sheba and her followers who went north=Queen Casseopeia and Cepheus. The ark=Arcus (Ursa Minor). The 7th sign Ma'at with Libra scales, ruling the buttocks=Themis, and her daughter Dike, like a Dam, also a wall/law to hold and diminish water.

Tammuz, Dumuzi, child of Saturn/Aten, the lord of Day of Atonement=>female cult of Adonis. 5D, afterlife, Atlantis, land of Saturn-El= Elysium, the Abyss, where the DNA-(h)Elix came from, the white isle -north and south pole, the white mountain,isle of fortune. At the Elysian mysteries, people drink a mixture of honey, mint, barley and DMT, access 4D (alous, stirred from joy=>halluc-inate), worshipping Lucifer as Eileitheia, goddess of childbirth. The mind controlled priestesses at Eleusis with honeycombed mind, are called 'melissae' (bees, keepers of the honey, mead beer and beeswax, meli meaning both honey and manna, juice of the ash tree). The sword of sacrifice=fleur de Elys(ium).  Greek philosophers are all initiated with the mystery teachings, the Gay Knowledge. The secret healing aspect of Apollo's knowledge, Astalluhi, sacred scallops=> the titan Atlas and Apollo's son Aesculapios with a caduceus and his therapeutae (worshippers). Health care centres are build with hot tubs for sensory deprivation and astral projection ('sleeping halls where Asclepius enters your dreams'). Initiated masters wear the Phrygian hat, the red mushroom cap.

Myrrh is a tree resin used in Egypt for mummifying and psychoactive ingredient for incense. Incense is part of rituals, spread from a burner so Adonis (the Lord) is worshipped in its own mystery cult at Lesbos is said to be born from the virgin Myrrha. Prophetesses use objects with a shiny surface until visions appear (hence the word 'mirror'). Mirak, El Marrak: Persian for the loin of the bear. The hill where this takes place is Mira-col (miracle). Kashmir of the kashmir goat=> cash.

Enuma Elis=> the poem of Orpheus, creation myth of the 4 ages. The followers of Orpheus call Saturn Phanes, identify him with Ophion.

They call the rocks containg the sacred calcium phosphate, tartar. They consider the north-east as the underworld, Tartarus, the reign of Taurus and also a region in Russia, where the shamanistic Tartares live and a huge black meteor crashed. Egyptian Khepri, the ball rolling beetle=> Sisyphus ('sisys' is the goat skin), who pushes a huge ball upward in Tartarus. The black sea is seen as the Anu, the primordial sea of blackness, linked to Tiamat (Thalassa). The Spartans throw their disabled and ugly babies (not having the golden ratio) and ennemies in a black hole. Nyx (Night) gives birth to Heaven (Uranus), who becomes the first king. The story of their Atlantean ancestors is told through the myth of Uranus (Ouranoi, the heavenly ones, the Annunaki) and Gaia give birth to 12 Titans, who lived on Mount Othrys, a mountain in Greece, made of a rock, called serpentine (snakestone), symbolic of the mountain of Enlil, Nippur, the emerald city.

Titans: the sea (male - Oceanus, female + Tethys), Coeus ( the pole star Thubis in Draco, tail of the Dragon), Iapetus (Jafet, son of Noa, white race), Theia (Atum, sexual heat, hence theatre), Rhea (Ra, mother godess), Chronus (Saturn) who castrates and kills his father with a sickle (the moon).
-Golden age time of Atlantis, immortals, living in harmony and peace.
-Silver age During the flood, Zeus (Jupiter, the thunder god) castrates and kills his father with a sickle. He goes to the sanctuary of Night, to hear the oracles. Upon hearing them, Zeus swallows the phallus of Uranus who first had ejaculated the brilliance of heaven. He and Hera make 12 children, the hybrid priestkings, annointed with oil, the Olympic deities who live on Mount Olympus.
-Bronze age Zeus created men out of the ash/Ashtar tree, a plant of the olive and lilac family with opposite leaves and winged niki seeds, that reproduces biparental. Men are though, indulge in war and passion (ash also meaning axe/spear).
Noah = Deucalion.
-Iron age, only men with no morals, no help against evil.
Saturn =>Cronos, worshipped by Satyrs. Phallus stones are placed at crossroads for good luck, annointed with oil, called Herms =>Hermes, standing on one leg, symbol of both stone and liquid like quick silver.
Enlil/ Amun=> Zeus and Hera (air, wind). Quaïn => their son Hephaestos. Saturn, Capricorn, Egyptian Min=> Pan. Eve=>Pandora. The ram people, war god Mars =>Ares wearing conehead helmet. Phosphorus/ Venus=> Aphrodite as a symbol of sexual arousal with afrodisiacs. Gilgamesh, the giants that built Malta=> Heracles, the seed of Hera/air. The mother, Hathor =>Demeter.
Inanna in the underworld=> Hades and Persephone, Medusa. Tribe of Dan and Annunaki, the Pyramid Wars, Mycenae and Hittite =>the wars of Troy and Thebe. Orion and Sirius, the dog of the underworld Anubis =>3 headed Cerberus. The moon=> Apollo's sister Artemis. Our 'heart' is derived from Hera and the hearth of fire, used to warm houses.

Scientists describe the basic substance of everything as aether (spirit). The widening gap of real science and the unitiated masses leads to the concept of the mainstream and the underground river Alpheus of hermeticism. Lucifer/Venus, the divine feminne is Sophia, (wisdom), her initiates are philo-sophia, lovers of wisdom. The pineal gland=the philo-sopher's stone.

Greek society is ruled by a homosexual, pedophilic elite, who gather at symposia. Pederasty even has its own patron saints, like Ganymede, the boy Caparyssus (cypress, symbol of mourning) and Hyacinthus, a flower born out of spilled blood. Sexuality between man and woman is considered as irrational. Women, as descendants from Eve/Pandora are considered 'calon cacon', beautiful evil, only necessary for breeding, an aspect of the Evil Eye, the seductive Venus, the kako daemon. In Greek language, words express everything male, upwards, white and shining is considered good, everything black, female and earthly as bad. Cities like Korinthe are known for their temple prostitution, where thousands of women prostituting themselves as archetype of Aphrodite, making the owners of the temple rich. Bacca: cow punished with a baculus stick => bachelor, someone who has someone else's back, doesn't have his own cows yet. Men who are still bachelor at a certain age, have to march naked through the agora singing songs about their dishonor.

As a tribute to the Golden Age, the midsummer festival Kronia celebrates social equality, slaves and their owners dine together and play dice games. Zeus is worshipped through bull sacrifice as a 13m tall statue in the Temple of Zeus on Mount Olympia, of chryselephantine-ivory and gold, sitting on a cedar wood throne, holding the celestial pole. The statue is constantly annointed with olive oil (later destroyed).

The boys and girls (kouros) who are sacrificid at full moon, are memorated by marble statues, at the side of the road leading to the temples. At the full moon closest to summer solstice they perform oil and sweat rituals with iron bars (=sport). Every four year period, every Olympiad, a hekatombu, 100 bulls are slaughtered. Reptilian flesh is sometimes used as doping.

622 Draco establishes his laws, first constitution of Athens.
Xenophanes claims there is only one God, ridiculing the antropomorphism.

609 Another battle at Har Mageddon, between pharao Necho and kingdom of Judea.
At the gnostic region of South France, Phoenicians/Phocians found Massalia (Marseille), worshipping Lucifer as Apollo/Artemis with famous gnostics like Pytheas. Another important trading outpost is the Port Veneris, port of Venus at the foot of the Pyrennees. The Greek Nordics from Argos, the Argonauts with ships made of sacred Dodone oak, visit the place for druïd oak rituals. Thales of Miletus knows that certain objects like rods of amber (the golden phallus) can be rubbed with cat's fur to magnetically attract light objects like feathers, writes about static electricity.
570-495 founding of a mystery school in Greece, later associated with Phytagoras (wisdom of the serpent people Python). The triangle of numbers (tetractys 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10), expresses their belief in the divinity of the number 10, also prevalent in kabbalistic tree of life with 10 sepiroth that express the Tetragrammaton YHVH. The tetractys is connected to the ratios of the musical scales. The head is connected to Aries, the first constellation in the zodiac, so the enlightened 3d eye is connnected to the ram, the ram with golden fleece, the lamp of 'I am' consciousness ' the Greek letter lambda or Hebrew letter Lamed, the 12th letter in Greek and Hebrew alphabet (Saturn named eL, connected to lead), later the mythical Lamb of God in Christianity. The moon is also referred to as a 'lamp', related to Venus, the palm, the hand of god.

560 Nine archons (rulers) rule Athens. Farmers suffer from poverty and become debt slaves. Cities are ruled by a lodge (Boule). To appease the protest, the aristocrat Solon puts forward a form of fake democracy.
534-475 Heraclitus of Ephesus
525 Persian invasion destroys Heliopolis. Aristocratic elite loses influence, kouroi statues become more naturalistic.
490-430 Zeno of Elea
485 The Annunaki descendant Xerxes rules Persia as King of Kings and installs a monetary economy (oikos nomia, House Law). He melts the golden statue of Marduk (Bel), causing riots.
480 Xerxes, who has an army of 10.000 soldiers of Annunaki descent, the immortals, fights Leonidas ('the lion' of summer solstice) and his 300 men at Thermopylae (the gates of Hades/hell). After his invasion of Greece, his pyramid style tent is copied as first churches, the Esiglia of Marduk=>the Siviglia of the Bar-bar, eglisia -church.

479 End of the Persian invasion, melting of their weapons to erect a 26 ft tripod of 3 serpents at Delpi.
465 Murder of Xerxes
485 New propaganda is invented to program the subconscious (drama to influence dreams). Sacrifice of the goat ('Tragos') => tragedies as part of the Dionysian Mysteries. The winged theatre is built in the shape of a radiating black sun solar plexus, the battleground of duality. In the middle of a black/white floor, in a hexagonal shape, a chorus of 12, gathers in a circle or horseshoe shape around a circular altar for blood sacrifice. Under the altar, fire is lit. As symbol of the human chest, the mounted chest is called 'or-chestra'. From an underground passage, the steps of Charon, an underworld snake deity can appear. A cave with three black doors represents the Holy Trinity. The theatre has a special seating section for the elite, the Kerkis. Because of the location and sacred geometry, the amplified energy of pity and fear, of emotional c(h)risis can be harvested and affects the earth's energy as well.

The tragedies are black masses, theatre plays where humans are nothing but toys of the Gods. The chorus of 50 men (the nr of Enlil/Zeus) and 50 boys wears masks with large 8-shaped owl eyes, dances in circles and laments the victim, who has no free will and no power over the gods. They are guided by auloi with double reed wind instruments. The energy is built up towards a loosening, a sudden release or catharsis. A mechanism with a wheel and a crane, the 'machine' lets Lucifer/Venus, queen of the night or another God or hero appear in the door in the middle, float out over the skene as a deus ex machina to resolve the drama. The machine, the crane, itself a phallus symbol is also used as a hook/fishing line to snatch dead bodies from the stage. The story is always similar to the journey of the sun/morning star: a descent into the underworld, a climax of suffering until it is reborn.

As Dionysus is the twice-born, once from the womb of Semele -the moon, once resurrected from the leg of the bull, thigh of Zeus, his style of songs is the dithyramb, coming from 2 doors.

Afterwards vulgar, insulting comedies and Satan/Satyrs playing satire, underworld creatures, archetype of Silenus who rides on a donkey (Bottom or Ass).

The Dionysian theatres are also built in little mobile forms as automata (Atum), the first machines, invented by Hero of Alexandria, who also invented the first hydraulic barrel organ and first slot machine. The automata have a little steam engine that produces an entirely mechanical play almost ten minutes in length, powered by a binary-like system of ropes, knots, and simple machines operated by a rotating cylindrical cogwheel, making the female puppets dance around Dyonisus. The legend of Akhenaton and his swollen limbs is told as Oeidipus (swollen foot).
499 The Greco-Persian Wars end.
447 Agenda of 'bread and games' to entertain the masses. Perikles, a Nephilim hybrid with an elongated skull orders the building of the Parthenon at Athens and the Odeion, a square-shaped building for musical contests during the Panathenae games next to the theatre of Dyonisus.
431 Peloponnesian war between the Greek city-states, mainly Athens and Sparta, the descendants from the Tribes of Dan.
Gnosticism: the matrix is explained through the gnostic allegory of the cave, theory of forms, claiming reality is an illusion and the reincarnation cycle through the Myth of Er, celestial spheres of the astral plane, moral people are rewarded (sky) and immoral people are punished (below the ground), than souls can choose a next life.
404 End of the Peloponnesian War.
400 Zapotec culture flourishes at Monte Albán Mexico.

Roman Empire

The Aryan Hittites and Troyans, the Etruscians from Lydia move into Italy and are called Tyriani (Tyre, the son of Odin). They consider themselves as the true descendants of the warlike El (Saturn) =>L-atin. Quaïn and Abel, Pollux and Castor =>Romus who killed Remulus. Isis, the she-wolf lover of Apollo is their parent. Saturn and moon=Do-minus, the Lord.

On the Aquila, a red cross of fault lines, on seven hills aligned with the Pleiades, they build the city Rome (Ram of Aries, start of the Roman Empire), the city of Saturn with Capitol Hill on Mons Saturnus and Pantheon on Campus Martius, field of Mars. They build their Aerarium, their sacred treasury bank for all money on Mons Saturnus.

Rome itself is considered as R-Ammon/Jupiter (biblical yhvh), king of the world with the eagle of the Kundalini serpent. Rome has 12 obelisks, the 13th, the pendragon on Mons Vaticanus.

Victims for sacrifice, dressed in white are called candidatus (given the cane). They are thrown in a pool of flesh eating penis snakes like morays or cooked alive in a bull shaped oven of brass. In the head brass tubes convert the high frequencies of the yelling into the low frequency of an angry bull as a holy breath music instrument. Bulls wear a bell and are branded with X, mark of the beast at the stock market. Pigs and bulls are sacrificed to Mars, during Lustration. Children are than registrated, boys get a 'fascinus', a phallic amulet, a lead or golden bulla around their neck, girls a lunula, to ward off the Evil Eye of femininity. Public spaces are decorated with a tintinabulum, phallus with bells as protection. The Roman shaman/birdmen who interpret omens of the flight of birds are augurs who takes the auspices.

Hades (underworld)=>Pluto. Thunder God Zeus and Hera (cancer in effect during june)=>Jupiter and Juno. Equinox, Athena and her grey owls=> Min-erva. The moon =>Diana. Jupiter, Juno and Minerva are worshipped as a Holy Trinity on the Capitol in Rome, the empire is governed by 3 men (triumvirate). The phallic Herm stones=> Mercury (patron of commerce), quicksilver as combination of salt (earth) and sulphur (fire). 3d leg of the bull: lex, the law, legal.
Apollo/Dionysus as the Greek sun/son of God and Mithras, the Persian sun/son of God=>Bacchus and Mythraic mystries. Saturn is worshipped during the Kronia, and Saturnalia, a carnaval of continuous partying, gambling, sacrifice and temporary different social rules at the Temple of Saturn, at 25 december. Than after a period of fasting the entrance of Lucifer, the invincable sun is celebrated as Liber during the Liberalia.
510 Lucretia, a housewife raped by the Tyran Tarquinius Superbus commits suicide. Her body is paraded in the Roman Forum, causing the rebellion that overthrows the monarchy and installs a republic.

500 Nordics dominate Northern Europe and conquer Britain. The Aryans build the city Fynn/Vien (Lucifer, the bright, the fine one). The Gauls put beeswax the bees make to produce honeycombs in their hair to make it shine like the waxing moon.

493 The Vestal virgins (vestire, clothed) provide the amrita, menstrual blood for the elite. Their abstinance as form of sacrifice is called 'pieta', their prudeness and female prostate (guarding)=> prostitutes. The effect of libation, pouring of the blood is than celebrated as the phallic deity Liber, the concept of Libertas and his festival Liberalia. Rituals of Ceres (wax) of candle wax during waxing moon, festivals like Cerealis. Eventually as part of the bread and games tactic, a new plebeian triad is installed of Ceres, Liber and Libera. Books and the place where knowledge is hidden =>liber and library. In Greece earth quakes no longer produce the ethylene gasses and the popularity of the oracles declines. The beloved sex slaves of Roma provide honey, Amor. In the beginning of may black beans are offered to the reptilian Lemurian ancestor spirits at Lemurialia and the College of virgins make a mola salsa, a salt and flour bread of their body fluids for sacrifice (immolation).

356 The serpent priestess Olympia of the Argead dynasty, queen of Molossia, known for their vicious Molosser shepherd dogs gives birth to Alexander the Great III (Agesander, epiteth of Hades, ApXi Khandros, Kain of the ark). He is possesed by Enlil (Zeus Ammon). According to his myth he is educated by Aristotle and chosen to lead the Babylonian world empire. He distinguishes himself at his first battle in Chaeronea. He travels to the desert oracle of Siwa in Lybia, at another sacred mountain where a river springs from inner earth. He is told he indeed is the son of Enlil, so he is mind controlled to believe he is the new Lucifer, the sun of God, the new Achilles, taking the Iliad with him during travels. On coins he is depicted with ram horns, the Arabs call him Dul Qarnayn, the two horned one. At the Helespont (gates of hell) he fights his first battle with Darius III and eventually defeats him. After this battle he wears a Persian garb, the robes of a mansa. In Syria, he makes sacrifices at Antiocho, the House of the Evil Eye.

322 He conquers Egypt, ends the 33th dynasty. Building of the Pharos lighthouse, a watchtower, a symbolic golden phallus, bringer of light, on an octagonal section (Saturn) on a square (Jupiter). As a recreation of the white Joachim pillar (Athena, Hermes) on the 4 corners, a statue of Triton. On top a mirror reflects the sun, at night the fire of Saturn/Satan is lit and a statue on Zeus is placed. Masons use the interlocked stone building technique to withstand the waves (evil feminity).

Ptolemaic Egypt has contact with emperor Ashoka in India (=> later Ashkenazi jews). At the height of their decadence and naval power, the court of Philadelphus stages a huge procession of exotic animals in pairs in honour of Osiris/Dyonisus (recreating ark of Noah). Cult of Isis and Osiris continues in Rome. Priests have to be Egyptian, shaven and are not allowed to eat moist food. On a specific date, priests go the sea with a cista, a basket containg the hydria, a golden urn to take water. The water is mixed with a lump of earth and shaped in the form of a crescent moon as Osiris rebirth through Isis. At the 5th of march navigium isidis a boat with gifts is slipped into the water. The initiation ritual is called 'seeing the midnight sun'. The initiated than wears a palm crown and a torch in his right hand, is celebrated like the reborn son.
300 The Greek state takes control over the Mysteries, controlled by 2 families, the Eumolpydae and the Kerykes (word kerk-church).

After 13 years of ruling, Alexander and his mother are exiled to Ghana in Africa. His African descendants call him Doula Kara Naini. He builds Gwynnya/Guinéa, a prison camp for the red haired Celts (Gog and Magog). After he is poisoned at age 33, his general Philip, also depicted as horned, becomes emperor of the Seleucid Empire.

The canon for the old testament is established: the Torah, the Exodus of the serpent race.

'Wisdom' about good and evil, books of the prophets -Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and 12 minor prophets. The races that controlled the garden of Eden are called Adamites (Atum, solars), Scythians and Phoenicians (from Phoinos, blood red).

The wealthy Pharisees and Sadducees try to gain control in Rome. The Greeks call the Phoenician city Gubal, where the production of papyrus originated, Byblos =>the holy papyrus book, the bible.

In France, the Celtic tribe the Parisii, immigrated Persians install the cult of Isis at the site Paris, align settlements with the constellation Virgo. Paris=Paradis=Elysium/4D with the Champs-Elysees, the bar of Isis, meridian with mother energy vortex, ending in Barcelona.

280 The Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of Helios (Lucifer) is erected in Greece.
250 Antikythera mechanism astrology computer.
246 Building of the terracotta army for the first emperor of China of reptilian/Nephilim bloodlines, with all statues showing long ears, heavy brow ridges. The underground is filled with mercury.
206 The Han dynasty is established in China, officially becomes a Confucian state and opens trading connections with the West, the Silk Road. Creation of the Nazca lines in Peru by natives. 

Building of Kalasasaya in Tiwanaku Bolivia. Wall of humanity shows all human races, like the Nordics with OTO-shaped face. Appearance of the H-symbol of Orion's belt and stargate, swastika SS-symbol, cross-symbol. They build a Sun gate that serves as a calendar with Lord Viracocha in the middle, on top of the Roal Arch, holding lightning and axe (2 solstice poles).
204 The Phrygian cult of Cybele is installed in Rome, based on excess, emasculation and selfmutilation. The priests, called Galli are eunuchs who castrate themselves under a pine tree.
200 The red haired Phoencians of Carthago sacrifice children to Alexander as the ram headed Ba'al (h)Ammon, the lord of two horns, on the hill Jebel Boukornine, where children are thrown in a pit of fire. Lucifer/Venus is the lion faced Tanit. The ashes of the victim are kept in thousands of urns.

Making of the Pergamon altar, depicting the battle between Atlantis and Lemuria, the titans and the giants, the Gigantomachy.

Mayans and Aztecs

Rise of Maya civilisation in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador,.. The Nordics sail to Peru and create the Olmec and Aztec culture with central sun deity Ra. They worship and sacrifice to Lucifer, the tall man, master of the secrets of DNA as Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, the serpent Nakosh (shining one) of Adam and Eve, the evening and morning star who made the sun and the moon shine. In his T-form he is the god of wind, of Holy Breath, wearing the golden ratio conch shell. His alter ego= Xolotl. Buildings with T-shaped doorways or windows symbolize the Sacred Tree at the Center of the World (axis mundi) upon which the shaman's spirit may climb. It is the portal leading to the Great Spirit, through which the breath of life may pass. Its counterpart, the T-shaped stone stands for death.


Eden=mountain. Like the serpent was cast out of paradise, the wavy serpent is at the bottom of the Mayan pyramids. During sacrifice, when the sun is above the pyramid, the red blood gushes down the pyramid stairs (royals still climb stairs on a red carpet, the blood of their slaves). All the blood is gathered in a pit and the bones are crushed to make charcoal to light new fire for sacrifice and so on.


All across the world, the swastika symbol is used. Pyramid of Caral in Peru. Blue eyes are considered sacred. People are painted indigo blue and than sacrificed, thrown into a pit with water (based on Da'at, 'the abyss', access to the underworld of the tree of life pattern).

As a metaphor of the sun's journey, 2 groups have to kick a black ball through 2 rings of circling snakes on a ball court. Depending on the mercy of the 'gods' who decide wether somebody can live or die, the losers will eventually be burned and decapitated on top of the pyramid. They call the Lapis Exilis stone the Tecpatl and the sacrificial knives from white flint to cut out human hearts, represent the stone. Each year 20.000 people are sacrificed to Lucifer as the sun god Tonatiuh, holding human hearts in its claws and the reptilian overlords Coatlicue. Sacrifes are made for the sun of God Huitipochtli, so at winter solstice he can be reborn on top of Coatepec, snake hill. The heads of decapitated virgins are placed in the Coyolxauhqui stone, at the bottom of his temple.


Most sacrifice are made before vernal equinox, festival of the sun. The pyramids are connected to underground cities so the reptilians can control the elite and ask for blood sacrifice. Llamas (descendants of camels) and red haired children are drugged with coca and alcohol and than sacrificed in vulcanoes because they are also mountains of Luciferian fire. The mysteries are passed on from Alaska, to the Guineans (Indians), Mayans and Amazons where the vine and the potion is called Ayuhuasca. Their temple complexes are filled with snails like the golden ratio-caracol.


150 Hipparchus of Rhodes figures out the procession of the equinoxes.
149-146 Third Punic War between Rome and Carthage. The Romans destroy Carthago, impose a 'Carthagian peace', conquer Tunisia, Libya and Greece.
142 Simon Maccabee, priest and ruler of Israel, and the Hasmonean kingdom in alliance with the Roman Senate gives support to Demetrius 2, the Seleucid king. Although the Maccabees win autonomy, the region remains a province of the Seleucid Empire and Simon is required to provide troops to Antiochus, the brother of Demetrius II. When Simon refuses to give up territory, Antiochus takes it by force. Antiochus promulgates anti-semitic laws, causing a revolt of the Maccabees. The rules and regulations of Demetrius end up in the bible as Deuteronomy. The jewish priest Yosua helps Antiochus impose Greek culture upon the jews, makes them wear a hat of Hermes =>while a woman's 'head' is her husband, jewish men have to wear the jewish keppel to prove Yoshua is their head. In Antiocho, the house of the evil eye, Christianity is developed.
129 Julius Caesar from the Iulus family, who claims descent from Aeneas and Venus/Lucifer (start of the Colonna bloodline), has Marfan syndrome (tall, long fingers, epilepsy seizures-caesars, Saturn is the harvester, the Caesar). He conquers Asia minor (Turkey). Than he conquers the Gaul with their cruel druïds (France) and the Fir Bolg who defeated the Tuatha de Dana (the Ba'al/Bel worshipping Belgae). He marries Pompeia.
49 Roman Civil War between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great.

47 He interfears in a civil war in Egypt. He makes Cleopatra queen and stages another huge Dionysian procession with royal ark/barque and 400 ships. He builds a temple Venus Genetrix to worship Lucifer. He decrees that 3 extra months are inserted in the calendar to match the seasons (current western calendar).
44 Julius Caesar is assasinated by 60 aristocrats like Brutus as a 'liberation' (bringing balance like Libra). The sacrifice is carried out on the Ides of March birth of a new sun, with 23 stabs (2+3=5, 23 nr of discord). The sacrifice is celebrated on coins with 2 daggers and the pileus, liberty cap. Eventually, after a civil war the Roman Republic is turned into the Roman Empire ruled by Caesar's heir Augustus. Emperors are baptised through drinking the blood of a dying bull in a Taurobolium, on the Vatican hill. His title becomes Kaizer and czar.
40 When the Romans conquer Egypt, Alexandria is an important cultural Hellenistic city with a mouseion (temple of the Muses) and a library, containing 700.000 book rolls. The most important books about pre-flood history are moved to the Vatican.
29 In India after oral preservation the Buddhist texts, the Pali Canon is written down, 'Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta': the story of humanity's decline from a golden age in the past, with a prophecy of its eventual return. Jupiter and his lightning=> Indra. Pandu: the yellow phallus of the sun, Kunti: the culva. Aryan stock=>aristocracy. Aryan=> Iran.

Not only temples but entire cities are built as a ring with high phallusses/antennas to make cymatic patterns on the template of the Temple of Jerusalem: an enclosure of the gentiles, ordinary people, a ring of initiated priests and a high mount, Holy of Holies. Saturn is depicted with the horns and hooves of capricorn, and the trident of Poseidon, power over heaven, earth and hell=> Satan. Rings of Saturn=halo of the angels. The Goths worship Saturn as God, with the G, the 7th letter, representing everything 'good'.

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