100.000 - 12.500

12.500 - 6000

11.000 bc Holocene era Comets destroy half of North America, wiping away the old human societies.

Glaciers melt, which forms lakes like Lake Agassiz and Lake Ojibway.

The heavy rains and floods are remembered through the constellations Aquarius (Enki pouring water), Pisces and other sea-related signs.

After the Younger Dryas period, the older gods seem to be defeated by their offspring (the theme of Jupiter with his lightning and thunder weapons who slayed the dragon). As a next step to hijack earth, the new rulers, genetically engineered by the Anunaki are installed, the young gods, associated with Jupiter.

The Atlantean Nephilim, the Rhesus- bloodline, migrate from west to east. The Aryans become the Irish from Ireland, move to England and Europe.

10.000 Because of the drought, they develop a more sedentary lifestyle, based on agriculture and domesticate cows. Bulls are seen as an incarnation of Osiris. Taurus, the bull of heaven in pre-dynastic Egypt in a fertility religion, as the sky and cow godess Hwt hr/ Hathor ('Hat'-'Hor' - 'House of Phos-Horus'). Hathor is the cow/bull who carries the sun between its large horns and whose milk/sperm created the milkyway. Her four legs are envisioned straddling the earth marking the cardinal points, the four rivers of the garden of Eden. Ploughs are invented to work the earth, also triangular/bull-shaped.

9600 They start the Aramaic culture in the Anatolian highlands (Turkey) and build Göbekli Tepe ('belly hill'), depicting the constellation of Taurus, lifting the sun, with the 7 stars of the Pleiades in its neck, and commemorating the comets causing the flood.  Using the same method and symbols as on Eastern Island, they build mushroom/penis/T-crosses, with bulls and holy Orion-shaped crocodiles, vultures and scorpions, and the amanita muscara pineal gland-religion.

Than they build the site çatal Höyük with cart ruts for cattle worship. Bodies are buried without head, in decorated shrines for the afterlife with walls adorned with skeletal representations of vultures (carrier of the soul). On the walls breasts are moulded from plaster, with actual vulture skulls with their beaks protruding to form the nipples, as a metaphor for death/rebirth.

Building of Nabta playa, a stonehenge like structure in the Nubian desert, Egypt, aligned with Orion and Ursa Major.
European megalithic structures are built for the cow-goddess of fertility. The worshipping of bulls as symbol of virility spreads to Crete, France, England, India and Spain.

8000 The water from the North American lakes pour into the Atlantic and Arctic ocean, sea levels rise, causing the last global flood (the final end of a Northern and Atlantic civilisation). Approximately 35 species are extinct including the mammoth and the saber-toothed tiger, and human tribes like the Clovis culture in the American Southwest.

7000 sea levels stabilize. Humans return to coastland.

The Atlanteans mix with the natives of North-America, become the Iroqois (Haplogroup X). Blue-eyed Nephilim are known by the Othama tribe and the Hopi Indians in North-America as Bahana, 'white brother from the skies'. In Peru they are known as the Chinchurro, red haired fisher folk. In Meso- and South America the people call their arrival, the beginning of the Age of the First Sun, age of the giant, white haired, bearded giants.

Tuatha de Danan

The Nordic descendants of Atlantis with their leader Ogma (Eremon, connected to myths of Atlantis) colonize the countries now known as Ireland and England. Because they are so tall, have red or blonde hair and blue or green eyes, the small, dark natives consider them gods. They are known as the matriarchal Tuatha de Danan, who worship the mother womb of the primordial waters as Danu (Swe-den, Den-mark, Sar-din-ia, the sea-faring Tribe of Dan). Danu is the mother of Vrtra, the demonic serpent, slain by the thunder god. The Sliabh an Irain they land on=the iron mountain, the primordial mount of the bennu bird. They use the symbol of the axis mundi/world tree with a serpent at its feet, and an owl at the branches, the feathered serpent. The lightning shaped Vajra: trident/ tree reaching upward and a trident pointing downward, roots of the underworld.

They build serpent mounds like the one in Avebury and earth wombs, chambers linked to winter solstice and the female egg conception like Newgrange in Ireland. On winter solstice a shaft of light enters the site as a golden phallus, 'impregnating' the 3 basins. On the vortex of South England, a convergence of ley/dragon lines, they build Somerset and the Stonehenge site. The T-shaped stones form a coil arrangement, with magnetic stones in the Trilithon Pi- shape, aligned with fixed points in the solar or lunar calendar like summer and winter solstice, when the sun appears between the door shaped Trilithon and the veil is thinner. A throne of a recumbant stone and on the sides two taller stones, two towers as an arch portal for the sun.

They have the features of a particle collider and serve as a portal. These natural stargates open, depending on positions of the celestial bodies. Air-bound electric currents improve seed fertility and crop production, enlarged with the focus and intent of a large ceremony with drumming, creating coherence. First they are centres of peace and enlightenment but they are later misused.

The stone henges or wood henges, as symbol of man/penis/tree and its kings and gods appear all across England, Scotland and Europe in group, horseshoe formation or near a building, as menhirs. The royal stones have cup marks and rings, referring to star constellations. The stones are called dragon teeth (linked to reptilian features).

The druïds worship the Trinity (3 solar rays, the 3 pillars of the three/Tree of life), a triad of the Gods Esus (sun and sky, masculine, the father, the higher realm) Bel/Teutotis (earth and the moon, female, holy spirit, water, the terrestial realm), Taranis ( fire, the son, neutral, the lower realm). Human sacrifices are made to Esus by tying and hanging them as a woodman to a Tau-cross, a T-shaped tree, to Bel or Teutates by drowning them, to Taran by burning them. They even make a huge wicker man with living people inside it and set it ablaze, the symbolic burning of man.

They worship the oak as symbol of female chalice, male phallus combined sexual power. They use them as World Tree in their oracle rituals. On Bel-thane, the female fertility rite of 1st of may on the wheel of Bel, a druïd climbs an oak, willow or holly tree with a mistletoe to cut it as crown of the illuminated ones. In rituals of blood sacrifice to the moon, lumps of white quartz is used as 'moon stones' of the mythical white mountain Albe. It is a binary crystal (vibrates at frequencies, multiples of 2) and contains silica. Silica has memory and conducts electromagnetism. The stones are broken and used as knives with 3 points pointing upwards, 3 points pointing downwards, symbol of lightning and the tree of life.

In Germany, the rock is worshipped in the rocky cave Externstein, where a ray of light falls on the altar on summer solstice.

The fossilized resin of pine trees, the orange amber (barnsteen/bernstein, burning stone) the 'gold of the north' is connected to Lucifer/Electricity and his Ambrosia, food of the Gods. The stones are considered tears from the Children of the Sun, the Eridanus river star constellation, holy blood. They are transported from the north to the south, leading to the Amber Road, beginning in the region of St. Petersburg.The nomadic sea-faring Nephilim Tribe of Dan move to Western Europe and the Middle-East, following the river Danube, leave sites like Lepenski Vir. The Baaltic sea is another source of amber.


The symbol of the pentagram is used in art. It represents the evening star dissapearing in the underworld to reappear as the brightest morning star, the spiritual death/rebirth cycle. Rituals are timed astronomically to the period when Lucifer/Venus (the Queen of Night) sinks below the horizon and disappears into the 'underworld' for 8 days, lifting her veils, dancing with and hypnotised by the Cosmic Serpent. Venus takes eight years to reach all 5 points of the pentagram, the inside of an apple also shows a pentagram, hence the symbol of an apple as lost innocence, evil.

The circular calendar of a year starts january 1, synchronized to the midpoint meridian of the binary star Sirius with all the months are defined by the moon cycle. The most important dates on the pagan calendar of sacrifice is 30 april-1 may (Beltane) and 30 okt- 1 november (Samhain-Halloween). 20-23 December is the Saturnian climax for destruction, decadence and rebirth.

The Tuatha de Danan/ tribe of Dan travels to Asia Minor (Turkey) builds cities like Harran, Troy, Zela and Pessinus.

6000 -0