500.000 - 50.000

50.000 - 12.500


Destruction of Maldek, a planet which was called a 2nd sun, between Mars and Jupiter, creating the asteroid belt and causing the first floods on earth (the mythical Abyss).

- 2nd Invasion: 'Lucifer'
- Rebellion of the 1st slave race
- First religions
- The Moon
- Clash of the Titans

2nd Invasion: 'Lucifer'


The 2nd invasion: A wave of invaders from Mars (fallen angels, a failed version of Venus), technologically advanced but morally corrupt (scientific, no emotional body, under influence of A.I.), take advantage of the chaos and colonize inhabitants of earth. (Start of Upper Paleolithic age).

The mythical spot where they crash land is Mount Hermon, the cedar and pine tree forests of Northern Mesopotamia (modern Lebanon) on the 33d parallel. It plays a symbolic role in their worship of the pineal gland on top of the 33d vertebrae and worship of these fallen angels, and their descendants, the Tribe of Dan. According to legend these Pleiadian giants with elongated skull crash land on earth and because they are renegades on the run and find themselves in a sort of prison colony, they make the decision 'better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven' (quote from John Milton's Paradise Lost), and also start interfering with human evolution. This is the archetypal rebellion of the god Lucifer, using forbidding knowledge, knowing there would be punishment for their 'sin'.

The civilization from the North migrates to North America and North Eurasia. At the continent of Appalachia, a group of islands in the Atlantean ocean, start of 2nd Atlantis, modeled after their northern culture.

The giants becomes the 'fallen angels' from the reptilian genetic engineering project in Atlantis, the biblical Garden of Eden (den= DNA, tribe of Dan). They find human women (pictured as Eve) irresistible and interbreed with humans.

Their offspring through genetic slicing are giants, blonde or red haired humans with white skin, blue eyes, unusual for that region, later called the Nephilim (the Ari, the Titans, the serpent people). They also have a square jaw, long ears, large eyes, an elongated skull and typical heavy T-shaped brow ridges.

In mythology this is the child of the Lord Ba'al (DNA from the fallen angel Lucifer) and human female DNA: Caïn/Quaïn, the horned one. His bloodline: 'the shining ones', the illuminated ones or sons of the serpent, the later Tribe of Dan/Tuatha de Dana. Other humans from genetic engineering with less Anunaki DNA =Abel, the earth people of Mount Bel, 'children of a Lesser God'. The name Abel, the so-called good child is also an inversion of Bael.


The Serpent becomes synonymous with these genetic engineering fallen angels, later worshipped as En-ki ( lord of earth) and BA-AL (or BA-EL or PAAL), Lord Father, Father of Mankind. PAAL-EA-DAUS, 'Place of Our Lord Father the Creator' => the Pleiades, where his bloodline originated. They were said to hide under earth (the myths of inner earth) under water -Enki is also linked to the Abzu wormhole, called Ea, 'whose home is water', or Eada, the Grandfather, the Creator ('You shalt not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is under the water of the earth. Exodus 20:4')

Because the Quaïn bloodlines have a higher percentage of Annunaki blood and more susceptible for mind control, they are told they are superior and should rule other humans (so the reptilians can control earth from 4D).

Their 'golden' or red hair represents the earth realm (red), their high percentage of copper-blue blood represents the sky, the higher realm, 4D (blue).

Atlantis installs a ruling class, claiming divine authority because they descend from Nephilim reptilian bloodlines, have powerful psychic abilities. The genetics of the hybrid priest kings are carefully supervised and engineered, sometimes through mating with the mother (incest), in genetics known as backcrossing, a technique that can knock out certain genes and traits and recover elite genotypes, preserve certain recessive traits. They visit the mainland and take or select people to Atlantis for genetic experiments, and are sent back afterwards with altered DNA as kings or priests, initiated in the mysteries. For the people from the mainland these mythical strangers and their mythical island become gods from the garden, the fields of Elysium, etc..People are cut off from nature, society is organized in classes, rituals of proving manhood (slaying animals), competitive sports, etc.. Women are subdued, polygamy is introduced to spread their genes.

Siamese twins occur a lot because of hybridization experiments. The results of their genetic experiments with animals, are known as beasts - half animal, half human creatures like minotaurs, animals like the hippo (horse of the Nile), horses sometimes with horns -similar to a unicorn, pandas, cheetahs, jaguars (meaning 'true dogs'). They start tinkering with the DNA of the feline kingdom to create lynxes and leopards (lynx=left pillar), long necked cougars, tigers with spots like mushrooms, evil eyes, signs of the divine. Associated with these experiments, they become known as The Beast.

The experimenting and the behavior of the demigods/people of 100 years causes their lifespan to shorten dramatically and they lose height. They are stuck on planet earth and build monolithic astrological calendars to orient themselves.

Atlantis forms alliances with the renegades from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri who favor more hierarchy, to develop their technology. Atlanteans become power hungry and more focused on technology. In the temples of Atlantis and Egypt the candidate for initiation passes through nine degrees, the three-fold three degrees, into the mysteries. These degrees symbolize the re-entering of the womb in order, after the three times three months of gestation, to be spiritually reborn.

47.000 bc The Atlantean Rhesus- bloodline demigods with 'magical' powers (legends of Merlin) escape the icy climate of the north, populate northern Europe as the so-called 'Cro-Magnons', early modern humans and their so-called Aurignacian culture (south of France). The river Danube is named after the spread of the Danites, worshipping their goddess Danu (the reason why people in northern countries like Swe-den and Den-mark are the tallest of the world). In caves in Spain they teach humans how to work metal, the art of smithing and the art of war (lower beings targeting higher beings). Humans start to kill each other.

40.000 Split of Caucasian—Mongoloid races. Earliest cave depictions of a bull in Indonesia. In Northern India, tribes discover a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert (origin of legends of underground cities, of inner earth, the Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballah).

The pole of 7 chakras as depicted as lion man in Germany.

36.000 cave of Altamira Spain.

35.000 Official narrative: all Neanderthals are gone and replaced by the new Homo Sapiens, Cro-Magnon (Cain slaying Abel). Northern America and Northern Europe are largely covered in ice.

Rebellion of the 1st slave race

When the problems start escalating and the giants even practice cannibalism ('Saturn eating its own children'), they are stopped by their reptilian overlords, while the group of Lucifer is left alone, free to roam the earth. The group of Shemyaza, the Watchers are punished and locked up (Sumerian legend of Lucifer/Enki, who has sympathy for humans while Enlil is opposed to enlightenment of humans). In Lybia they have access to fresh water from inner earth.

The creator overlords also alter their own genetics and eventually lose strength compared to the demigods but the knowledge of astrology and ability to predict celestial events makes people believe the priests are magicians/descendants of God.

Eventually some of the younger gods of Quaïn bloodlines (the Igigi in Sumerian mythology), equally advanced and intelligent but with more human DNA, have pity with humans, rebel against their masters and leave the Garden and move east (the mythological Quaïn is downcast and cursed, moves to the land of Nod). They are the biblical Wanderers, nomads who live in tents with camels. They start a new technological civilization of builders and sailers, Lemuria (in the Pacific Ocean).

29.000 Conflicts between the priests of Lemuria and technology-based scientific civilization of Atlantis. Building of natural stargates on specific ley/dragon lines (based on sacred geometry), mirroring the stars to harvest and dominate the feminine energy of earth, as sign of the dragon of Draco ruling earth and heaven. Rituals are held by druids during the equinoxes and solstices as dimensional portals, as sacred marriage of divine masculine and divine feminine. Souls are considered to enter this world from the milkyway, the river of souls, through the cross of ecliptic (solar, male) and galactic plane (celestial, female), the Silver Gate, guarded by Orion and red star Aldebaran of Taurus. The other point where the two planes cross, is considered as an exit, called the Golden Gate, guarded by the serpentholder Ophiuchus and Antares in Scorpio.

The story of the divine son/sun is a metaphor for the cycle of the seasons and linked to the spiritual death/rebirth experience of plant medicines. The son/sun is conceived during winter solstice by the golden phallus, the first rays of light (through sexual union, the 6 pointed star of David/hexagon of Saturn=> six pointed flower of life). He is born during the vernal equinox, reaches his peak at summer solstice, begins to fall during fall, like the fallen angel and dies during autumn, the story of duality, light/dark, yin/yang, good/bad. Summer solstice, when the sun passes between Gemini and Cancer is the Gate of Men. 21 december, winter solstice, when the sun passes between Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) and Capricorn is the Gate of the Gods, when the interdimensional veil gets thinner, to feed the evolutionary process of human intelligence. At this time, the constellation of the giant Orion occupies the midway between northern and southern hemisphere of the heavens, commands the winter sky in upwards position. The equinox, the central pillar is the equila, the equator, the aguila, the needle, the eagle, when the sun and its twin, the black sun Saturn meet. The male sky and sun god puts his golden phallus in the womb of the female earth and underworld and out of this sexual union, the new sun is born, rises, is erect, resurrected again, with his female companion, the Morning Star, the bringer of dawn, Phosp-Horus, Venus. Venus statues are made all across Europe (around the Danube, mother goddess Danu, Venus of Dolni Vestonice in Czechia).

First religions

The renegade group of 'fallen angels' interacts with the females of the Adamic race (symbolized by Eve biting the apple of the serpent). They teach them they can become like the gods, teach them about 'magic', genetics, technology and higher dimensions through psychoactive plants- (like the reptilians, funghi rely on their host for survival) to eat from the Tree of knowledge. In Sumerian mythology they give humans Me's, tiny objects, encoded with formulas for all aspects of science.

They learn about the Tree of Life, how the Annunaki stay young and immortal: because they drink blood and bath in nutrients. Menstrual blood, symbolized by the pomegranate, contains starfire, Elixir Rubeus, valuable endocrinal secretions from the pineal and pituary. Sperm, urine and female ejaculation juice, called amrita in tantra, is also used as 'food of the gods'. The ones who provide the blood and amarita, are called Beloved, hence Amor. The chalice=the yoni, the female womb, with the coiling serpent, still the emblem of medicine. The serpentholder, with the knowledge of healing =>Set/Seth (satan) the constellation Ophiuchus, the seed of earth, the sons of Lucifer. Golden ratio Phi 1,619=Isis.

When they produced offspring, the child is said to be 'born from a virgin'. Reptilians see their parthenogenesis, reproducing without partner as sign of divinity. Start of the era of Nephilim 'sons of god' and humans 'daughters of men'.

The red haired fallen angels become synonymous with Venus as lightbringer Lucifer, as it is the brightest object in the sky, rivaling the sun.

Phosphorus (P, Pi, light bringer, Lucifer) is the Devil's element (atomic number 15). Fireflies, mushrooms, bone ash, milk, meat, urine (pee), semen and the brain all contain phosphorus. It is the strongest aphrodisiac known to man. It plays a major role in the structural framework of DNA and RNA and is the body source of chemical energy. The phosphorus atom is of the nitrogen family, with the characteristics of fire, symbolizing the light within our DNA and in nature. Collected urine or sperm, when stored for a few days and heated until it is red hot, glows in the dark (secret of alchemy). The P and DMT of mushrooms is also passed on through urine so shamans drink phosphorous pee to remain in trance. The hermetic science of abstinence to save phosphorus is passed to reach pineal illumination.

Phosphor is also found in olives. In places like Crete ('creation'), the olive tree (El-ia) which can become very old, become a sacred source of light, because they can also be used for oil in lamps, linked to the oily blood of the long-lived reptilians, a symbol of the evergreen tree of life. Olives are also linked to jade eggs, used for producing amarita.

Phosphor and the white, large skull fallen angels are linked to the brightest star, the comet later known as Venus, Lucifer the morning star. Because of Venus’s proximity to the Sun, its light is often obliterated, and so it is visible only in the early morning or in the evening, either just before sunrise or just after sun-set. It takes eight years and one day for the appearances of Venus to complete her entire orbit, shaped as a pentagram. Her 5-pointed star pentagram orbit becomes the symbol of the apple, containing 5 pips. Her 8 pointed star will become the star of Isis/Ishtar in Persia and Babylon. Her transformation is the journey in the underworld, from the evening to the morning star.

27.000 bc caves in Lascaux France, depicting bulls (calendars, images of the zodiac signs for shamanic rituals).

24.000 start of new cycle, the Great Year.

18.000 Monte Verde valley culture in Chile.

17.000 Rock art in Qurta Egypt. Rituals are timed astronomically to the period when Venus sinks below the horizon and disappears into the 'underworld' for 8 days, lifting her veils one by one as the first belly dancer, dancing with and hypnotized by the Cosmic Serpent. Venus takes eight years to reach all 5 points of the pentagram, the inside of an apple also shows a pentagram, hence the symbol of an apple as lost innocence, evil. Before dying in the cave rituals, a print of their 5 fingers is made on the cave wall as a memory of their death (cave of the hands in Argentina).


The Moon 

15.000 As the first phase of the takeover in 3 steps, the moon is brought into orbit of earth, to conquer its female energy. It influences the tide of the sea and causes the first of the three floods, wiping out most of civilization. Atlantis, Lemuria and most fauna and flora is eventually destroyed. Their descendants, sons of the serpent are warned, in legend: Noah (semitic, fish god Oannes), Decaulion (Greece), Manu, Satyaravata and Khasistra (India), Yima (Iran), Dwyfan (Wales), Nuada (Ireland), Bergelmir (Scandinavia), Coxcox (Mexico),and Nata (Aztec).

Because the specific orbit around earth, never showing its dark side, with the exact size of the sun, seen from our planet, so light and darkness, day and night illuminated by the moon is created, the symbolic ritual of duality. The moon appears as a sickle, to full moon and a sickle again, creating a cycle.

The female menstruation cycle is no longer connected to the sun, but to the moon. Saturn is linked to the moon because it takes 29,5 year to complete the circuit of the ecliptic, similar to the orbit sickle/cycle of the moon of 29,5 days around earth. From then on feminine energy is distorted into Saturn worship. 15 is the number of Saturn or Kronus the father of time, if we consider the circle as a unity, 360 degrees divided by 15 = 24 or the also natural hours of the day. 1/15 = 0,06666667 with 666, the so-called number of the beast, of carbon (most prevalent element on earth).

Souls return to earth through the tropic of cancer, a process symbolized by the moon, the Silver Gate, the foundation of the female egg cell fertilization cycle, with the tropic of Capricorn as Golden Gate. Because the Nephilim are white, they are linked to the moon. The Q of Quain and the Queen is the symbol of the moon, so Quaïn is seen as a moonchild, a mon-ster. The word mountain=mon-tang, touching the moon.

The people living before the moon entered earth's orbit, are referred to as pro-selenes (pre-moon). Humans survive in caves like Altamira. Later they are taught the flood was their own fault (a deluge, because of sin, another word for the moon).

13.500 The giants spread to the Levant (origin of Israeli jews, seeing themselves as the Divine chosen race with the right to rule others). First bread and beer making in the Levant. depictions of crescent moon (Venus of Laussel in France).

12.000 domestication of the goat. Goats are linked to Venus for their Ester, sexual cycle of estrogen. They are sexually active during winter (oyster is a symbol of the vagina and sexual desire, poly-ester means going into heat several times a year). His sexual rut (the red root chakra, root is also a phallus) is the so-called root of all evil. Bee's or gadflies are also a symbol of that divine desire (P) of the holy sting or holy breeze. Saturn becomes an androgynous god of lust with a billy goat's head in an inverted pentagram, is linked to winter solstice and the tropic of Capricorn, the exit gate of souls.

The knowledge and rituals involving amanita muscara and psilocybe, the mysteries are spread across the globe, as the Tree of Knowledge (Chinese Wu, Korean Mu, Turkish bögü, Tibetan aba, Iranian magus,..). Female energy is corrupted through worship of the moon as mother goddess.


Clash of the Titans

When the Anunaki realize the younger demi-gods, the Nephilim slave race they created but who rebelled, are are co-operating with the Adamites, their other servant race to start new rebellion, they are so enraged they start marginalizing women even more.

All legends tell stories of the war of the gods, between black, red and whites, yellows, between Angels and Devils, Devas and Asuras, Daevas and Ahuras, the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, Gods and Titans, the famous Gigantomachy, causing the third flood. This probably took place around Israel (Sodom and Gomorrah, near Canaan) and Libya (where radioactive glass was found).

The Krakatoa volcano (Mount Atlas) between Sumatra and Java erupts.
In Hindu myths, the explosion of the Krakatoa vulcano are allegorized as the Primordial Castration which turned the Cosmic Phallus (Linga) into the Cosmic Yoni (or Vulva). Earth’s Yoni = Khasma Mega of Hesiod. Shifting of the poles, as described in Egyptian papyrus, 'South becomes north and the earth turns over', are all symbolic of loss of stability of the pole, the pillar of truth.

Atlas: 'the one who could not whitstand the sky', Atlantis in Sanskrit :'deprived of its pillar, sunken to the bottom', the castrated phallus in the sea. Atlas is also the name for the 33d, the top cervical vertebra of the neck, which supports the skull, the globe of the head. The mythical spring of royal golden blood ('Dam') is remembered as the river Danu/Eri-danus that springs from the foot of Orion, after a sting of a crab/scorpion, when the moon children took over from the original Atlanteans (moon sickle castrating its father).

This defeat of the Draco's, of the serpent masters, is the motive of the dragon slayer: Greek sky god Zeus slaying Typhon, Babylonian Marduk slaying Tiamat, Buddhist god Indra slaying Vrtra, Hittite sky god Tarhunt slaying Illuyanka, in Christianity the angel Michael or St George slaying the dragon,..

12.500 - 6000 bc