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1st Invasion: the Anunnaki

375.000 bc The 'Archon invasion'.
Invasion the Archons (later known in Sumerian mythology as the Anunnaki). Living in the lower overtones of the 4th dimension, they are temporarily given kingship over earth by the Draco. They are obsessed with gold, because it is soul energy.

The hexagonal shape, found on the north pole of Saturn, bigger than the diameter of earth, is the symbol of the black cube with 8 points in time and space, the 3D physical matrix humans are trapped in. It is linked to the hexagonal honeycombs of bees, symbol of the hive mind. The coldblooded consciousness of the Saturn cult worships Saturn, because it is the Great Malific, a strong astrological force of duality, the highest and lowest frequency of our solar system and of the black sun, radiating without light. It represents 666, base consciousness, the 6th planet from the sun, with a 6-sided polygon on its north pole, worshipped on the 6th day of the week.

The 'fall from Eden'


They rearrange the DNA of the native human species. The original DNA pattern is left within the human cells, but split apart, deactivated. They mutilate human DNA, in order to have them broadcast within a certain limited frequency band so they can feed them those frequencies and keep them in power in a copy/paste reality. Because DNA is a transmitter/receiver of laser like light frequencies, humans are connected to the matrix and having only a double helix, have much less access to information. Humans that were STO (service to others) are turned into more primitive 3d density creatures STS (serving the self), alienated from their true creators and focused on the needs of their holographic avatar body.

The DNA in the 2 strands of our physical body, non-coding DNA are written in a language, a universal software code. Programs of neurological inserts, hormones and neurotransmitters are inserted in our morphogenetic field, our light body, to keep us at base level. 666 is the number of Carbon, essential for making DNA/RNA. When a log of wood is placed in a fire, it burns down until all that remains is the Carbon element (from ashes to ashes). 66.6000 miles/h is the speed of earth. Humans have 23 thoraic vertebraes, a human biorythm cycle is 23 days. Tropic of cancer and capricorn are 23,5 degrees from the equator. The annual seasons result from the fact that the Earth is tilted some 23.5 degrees in respect of the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun – known as the Plane of the Ecliptic. Each parent gives 23 chromosomes.2/3=0,666. Every human has 46 chromosomes, 46+23=69. Where humans could reproduce through combining geometry, humans are now limited to biology, an egg and seed cell as metaphor for the prison, 3D matrix with seemingly no access to the higher realms.

Humans, so-callled Homo Sapiens, now live in a lower octave of reality, in an avatar body with artificial neurology inside an artificial matrix as a energy battery for the parasitic energy that controls them from 4D. However they are still powerful creators, because of their divine creative life force they breathe life into the simulation. Everything we see and touch is made up out of atoms but atoms are not solid, are mostly 'empty', vibrating on higher frequency= ether, the fifth element.

This coldblooded parasitic consciousness (the gnostic Demiurge Yaldaboath), starts manipulating reality in the DNA of humans and present themselves like creator 'Gods', who created us in their image, while merely being the architect of a matrix, and manipulating the pineal gland and the 7 chakra-system through the rings of Saturn, the ourobouros, the snake eating it's own tail.

It can manifest for a short time in our 3D world but mainly lives in 4D and has no creative imagination. It is egotistic and wants worship and obedience. When humans are frustrated, affraid, they have more acces to our mind because of holes in our energy field.

They design a genetic augmentation of the reptilian brain on the back of the head, top of the spine, the so-called bull's eye, the eye of jealousy (N-vidia). Humans become jealous of each other's women and posessions. The divine feminine energy is corrupted, through which we develop a distorted concept of love, later symbolized by Eve, or Pandora who opened a box. Human conflicts are engineered, people feel cut off from the source of life, feel depressed and uninspired.

The fall of Eden or the idea of 'original sin' is the fall of the human race into lower dimensions, through  the act of wanting to experience physical reality, pleasure for the self.
The human race no longer lives in a state where they are able to use bodies and still have a spiritual connection, they become addicted and experience life as fragmented units who forget who they are. They lose faith and knowledge and identify with their physical restrictions, with the Kundalini-serpent, the chakra-body that manipulates through their mind and endocrine centers. It's not a pityful good guy-bad guy situation, they are our nemesis, through which we learn.

They present themselves as creators who created humans 'in their likeness' => the Adamic race (Adom- 'undivided one'). As a sperm cell and fetus, humans still develop as a reptile, before becoming more humanoid. The human body has the same design as our zodiac, planets corresponding to chakras, the sun corresponding to our solar plexus.

Because the reptilians added their own DNA so humans have mammal (caring, warm blooded) and reptilian (not caring, cold blooded) consciousness, that don't fit together, creating a continuous inner battle between a caring and loving side and a coldblooded dark side in the heart. In its fetus state, the human body looks like a small reptile with a tail and the higher parts of the brain are founded on top of a reptilian brain.

13 races => 13 signs of the zodiac (13th sign Ophiuchus the snakeholder and the sign of the dragon in the middle).


Introduction of 'death'

The semi-artifical beings that live in an artificial universe, trying to regain their soul essence, create new control layers of reality for humans. Our planet is later called eartH because they want to make earth the Heart, the crown jewel of their prison planet system. They have their own Archon agenda, they need humans because they have a threefold essence of being, physical, emotional and spiritual and they have lost this unity.

Because of the bacteria's and the distortion of the design of the human body, people become ill and die: through the ether, the original soul essence leaves the physical avatar body at tropic of capricorn. Human souls are recycled in a system of reincarnation, stuck in cycle of suffering, a wheel of karma (the buddhistic Samsara). Humans lost their ability of lucid dreaming, don't remember their past lives and can not see past a veil of amnesia they created.

Saturn stands for the beginning and end of our time illusion, eventually brings saturation, death. The universe can be seen as a waveform, a double helix, two snakes intertwined. 'Sin'=sinewave and cosinewave, time (circle) and space (square). Because of the ourobouros, eternal reocurrence, a snake biting its own tail, humans are stuck in a temporary wave.

As a downgrade from telepathic communication like most animals, humans also have to use more verbal communication, using phonetic frequencies.

How the matrix works

270.000 bc archaic humans in Petrolona cave in Greece.

According to mainstram science, humans descend from one woman, living in Africa around 200.000 bc, mitochondrial Eve.

100.000 according to mainstream science the period when Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal go extinct and the 'evolution' from primitive ape to modern human takes place (missing link implying that evidence is indeed missing).

Scarification and tooth sharpening become traditions practiced among Central African and Lemurian ribes. Both males and females practice bloodletting rituals or taking a jump with a vine attached to their feet as rites of passage into adulthood. They create scar patterns resembling reptilian scales as a sign of manhood, being initiated, a killer like the gods.

80.000 According to legends the Anunaki force the black women in South Africa to work in mines to obtain gold, copper and tin (only woman are allowed to work with the female earth). They use fire as the easiest way to put fear in humans. Metals are considered gods, sacred materialisations of the planets.

Sometimes black meteors fall from the sky, rich in iron. Wherever the black meteors land, they are worshipped as stone of the gods, the pole, the 'navel' of the world and a religious centre is built around it, a Black Rock City. The radiaton of the rocks is worshipped as a spirit, a god itself. Rocks are also used to heat so they can be put in water to cook food.


The morning star

The comet Venus is linked to the green heart chakra. At the time it is closer and almost equally brilliant as the sun. It has a long green tail, resembling fire, smoke, or even hair and a beard, dark at daytime, luminous at night. Comet tails contain the sacred cyanogen, the comet is called the morning star or 'torch of heaven', later known in Greece as Phosphorus, now known as Venus (V-female, -enis male), the lightbringer, in Latin Lucifer. The eastern morning star V-enis (Venus Barbata, with a beard), is Saturn/Satan in disguise, Eve seduced by the snake. The comet rules Taurus. Because it seems as if she is going wild and horns grow out of her head, the comet Venus is called 'the bull of heaven'. The comet in the sky transits, 'overtakes' earth every 584 days as it orbits the sun in a 5 point star/pentagram shaped orbit. Than it changes from the evening star, visible after sunset, to the Morning star, visible before sunrise.

It is linked to the number 5, representing the male, conscious outward action of the sun, the 5th element, quintessential essence, transcendental power. Venus is represented by an apple, like almonds, oranges, peaches and cherries they contain 5 pits containing cyanide (cyanide is also used in mining gold and silver, can cause coma and seizures). Another important symbol of Venus and the Divine Feminine is the rose. In their interpretation, their pineal gland religion, a pine cone also has a rose pattern so the symbol is inverted.

100.000 - 12.500