The Multiculti Church


Jesuits have always been scheming to create a globalised society, a World State with no critical thinking. After creating nazism, first stage of a system of eugenetics, where they decide who can procreate and who can not, the official doctrine of all nation states became the doctrine of a mixed-race population. One of their goals now is the replacement of white people in US and Europe with immigrants, to exploit them with low wage jobs and rule through a divide-and-conquer-strategy. Where in the past they repressed all resistance as 'heretic', as 'un-German' they now repress all resistance as 'racist', 'conspiracy theorist', 'alt-right', putting themselves on a pedestal of moral superiority, as 'tolerant', 'inclusive', 'progressive'.

Immigrants are brought in as a part of this multiculti-religion but are put in ghetto's, are still treated as 2nd rate citizens and keep struggling for more rights and to maintain their own identity, as they are also cut off from their roots, from their ancestors and their past. It is a anti-human agenda that doesn't respect the differences and uniqueness of a culture but wants to destroy all culture by a forced, state controlled blending.

Polarising left and right, native and immigrant is their method of dialectic, divide and conquer, creating order out of chaos. Common sense of tolerance towards minorities is pushed to an extreme where Europeans become a minority themselves.

From the 60's the agenda was followed through creating so-called woman-liberation movements, promoting anti-conception pills and a more sexual promiscuous lifestyle as an attack on the family and to cause a decline in European population during the 80's. The trend of ageing Europeans was then countered by a globalist entertainment culture of dumbing down the masses, influencing them by so-called 'black culture' (where all aspects are still controlled by rich white men), promoting race-mixing and mass immigration in commercials and entertainment as a way to solve that problem of population decline. The dramatic, symbolic 'death of Western civilisation', existential crisis enhanced by a fake European debt crisis, as a transition to one superstate of economic, financial, sociological uniformity (sold as 'diversity').

All resistance to the multiculti-religion is distracted by nationalist parties who incite hatred but will never change the pollicy. Of course this issue is controversial and it is easy to appeal to one's primitive instinct of self-preservation. They use the same old fashioned formula of blaming immigrants, and serve as 'bad guy' to scare people, indoctrinated with leftwing ideas, who think nazism was defeated and is now on the rise again. Capitalism, communism, facism, multiculturalism are all creations of the same cult, variations on the religion of authority and never respect the rights of individuals. This reflects in how the criminal 'royal' familes that were involved in nazism, are now less openly fascist but openly promoters of multicultarism, but obviously have never changed and are using the same tricks.


Similar to how most people respond to the gay agenda, they respond to the problematic multiculti-dogma: the self evident truth that there is nothing wrong with race mixing. It has never been a plan of muslims or poor immigrants to take over Europe, they are being used as pawns and will eventually lose their own culture as well in this process of social engineering. Fake movements like Black Lives Matter and mediahoaxes like the George Floyd ritual are used to increase the white guilt agenda and create racial tension, distracting the slaves from their imprisonment. The more the extremist ideology of multiculturalism is enforced, the more the reactionary right wing church of national identity and superiority gets stronger.

This can and will only stop when people leave this eternal soccer-game of left-right, the entire political circus behing and start governing themselves, in a censorshipfree environment with a free exchange of ideas and information.