How to start explaining Covid is fake?

(to someone who almost gets it)

First, everything on TV is fake. You can bet a million dollars on it: if it's on tv, it's fake. Soaps are endless storylines with paid actors who say rehearsed pre-written lines. In between the programs, advertisements are shown with paid actors who say pre-written lines, made purely out of financial power interests.

Only with the so-called 'news', there is a persistent misunderstanding that the newsreader is not a paid actor of the media industry who is saying pre-written lines of a script, made purely out of financial power interests but is an oracle of correct analysis, made by independant reporters who investigate everything on a daily basis and fight bravely for the truth. The so-called news agencies are corrupt companies that feed their cows every day like a farmer. Over the years, the tricks have just gotten nastier and more ingenious.

Secondly, why would a small club bother to make this up and make my life miserable? The interests of doing such a thing are enormous: if you plan this in advance, you as a CEO of a Silicon Valley company, can become enormously rich because everyone has to use your technology. As a manufacturer of mouth masks you can become very rich, because everyone must have your product. If you have new vaccine technology, you'll be rich while sleeping. You can force digital payments. Any crisis is a huge opportunity, if you have friends in the right place. Robert Bourla (Pfizer), Tim Cook (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) are all members of the Business Roundtable who can make more millions with vaccines, Facetime and mailorder because the world population is imprisoned. Epidimologist Jennifer Nuzzo, Covid-19 advisor Luciana Borio, Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook, which censors all criticism), Eric Schmidt (Google/Youtube, which censors all criticism) are all members of the Council of Foreign Relations, etc.. They are transhumanists who want control over people their DNA as a new goldmine.

Would they dare to do something like that, plan something that would kill so many people? World War 1 and 2 was also planned, 9/11 , Isis, every media stunt is planned. In terms of the number of deaths, the Covid19 ritual is a joke compared to other rituals. It is mainly the horror movie atmosphere that makes it so impressive and turns the script into a real film. An outdated, corrupt financial system, still based on the petrodollar, with endless mountains of debt, worthless paper with no reference to anything, can now be blown into a giant bubble and replaced by a new system based on Chinese currency. You can suddenly take advantage of the panic and take away freedom of expression, without it leading to any noticeable protest.

Thirdly: Who is they? Organizations such as the European Union, the WHO are criminal cartels of people already in power before WWII. They hide behind a theater of left and right puppets where they always play the hero who represents progress, common sense and occasionally gets headwinds from some dangerous, conservative, right-wing populists, who are of course their friends. On TV the political game is presented as a swirling debate between all kinds of different groups, but there is no democracy at all with representatives of the people. To run for president, you need millions to campaign, that's impossible for an outsider. 

In recent years, a great deal of effort has gone into making it seem as if an outsider has taken power by chance, leading to dramatic scenes but it is a cheap act: Trump of the Right Wing Church and Biden of the Left Wing Church were trained at jesuit universities to entertain the world for 16 years (2x Obama, Trump, then back Biden). These jesuits also run the education system that puts children in the same hypnosis. And yes, they are all pedophiles .. Be sick about it for a week, but a lot of things will fall into place and there are millions now, who see it.

Everything predicted in 1984 is now reality: no social contact, Big Brother surveillance state, constant censorship by the Ministry of Truth,..The bad guy role of the government is very much over the top. They selected Bill Gates on purpose to play the role of the creepy, greedy millionaire. They didn't build up a feel-good facade for 60 years to simply go back to the old-fashioned Nazi method. Soon the feel-good tap will open again, even more controlled opposition such as World Freedom Alliance, which, just like Wilcock's 'Alliance', will appear as beacon of hope. 

Different energies are played out: Pluto (greatest fear, virus, communism, nuclear power) in Capricorn (government, social order, limitation), Uranus energy (rebellion, will to break out) in Taurus. DNA modification will likely be presented as a huge gift that can cure all diseases, and eventually lead to apartheid between the cyborg man and the primitives without a health passport (Planet of the Apes).