Controlled opposition


It has always been a tactic of slavemasters to create and lead opposition themselves: from the Roman Empire incorporating christianity as a means to appease the slaves, jesuits inventing the Illuminati hoax, from communist regimes springing from the discontent of repressed workers, to Flat Earth psy-ops, New Age ufo alien religions and so on. They always give false hope by promise some external saviour (Jesus, aliens, Anonymous hackers, zero point energy, Trump, Qanon, a secret alliance, Ashtar Command, cryptocurrencies..).

Nearly all channels on Youtube with large following are controlled. In contrast with communist internet in China, in western countries a lot of distraction, deception and fake opposition is used to give the illusion of a free internet, while applying the same heavy censorship and let search engines promote bullshit and suppress the truth.

Controlled opposition:

Above Top Secret
Activist Post
Adam Kokesh
Alex Collier
Alex Jones Infowars (classic example, king of controlled opposition, constantly making a fool of himself on CNN, promoting distractions like Illuminati and Builderberg, campaigning for jesuit Trump)
Alfred Webre
Andrew Basiago (fake whistleblower)
Anneke Lucas
Anonymous (mask based on jesuit Guy Fawkes)
Arizona Wilder (disinfo about Project Monarch)
Barbara Marciniak (supposedly channeling Pleiadians)
Benjamin Fulford (jesuit)
Ben Swann (ABC, Pizzagate)
Bill Ryan (mason)
Breitbart (jesuit Steve Bannon)
Brian Desborough
Brice Taylor (disinfo about Project Monarch)
Bridget Nielsen
Carroll Quigley (jesuit)
Casper Stith (Flat Earth)
Catherine Austin Fitts (Thrive, Covid19 ritual)
Cathy O'Brien Mark Philips (disinfo about Project Monarch)
Coast to coast (jesuit George Noory)
Collective Evolution
Credo Mutwa
Dan Dicks (friends with Alex Jones, focus on Builderberg)
Daniel Estulin
David Icke (BBC celebrity, friends with Alex Jones, mixing truth with fiction about Illuminati, focus on Rothschild and Rockefeller, disinfo about Project Monarch)
David Knight (Infowars)
David Lynch
David Seaman (Pizzagate hoax)
David Wilcock Corey Goode (stories about a fictive Blue Sphere Alliance, promising saviour from an alliance and coming disclosure, promoted on Buzzsaw and Collective Evolution)
Democracy Now
Derrick Broze the Conscious Resistance
Donald Marshall (unverifiable sensational stories about cloning centers)
Don Elkins Carla Rueckert (Ra material, promoted by Wilcock)
Eddie Bravo (flat earth psyop, friends with Alex Jones)
Edward Griffin (Anarchopulco)
Foster Gamble Thrive movement (documentary feat David Icke)
Freeman Fly
Fritz Springmeier (friends with Alex Jones, disinfo about Project Monarch)
Gary Allen (John Birch Society)
George Kavassilas
George Noory (jesuit, Coast to Coast)
Gerald Posner (jesuit)
Graham Hancock
Henry Makow
HP Albarelli
Illuminatiwatcher (Isaac Weishaupt)
Ingo Swann
James Corbett (friends with Alex Jones, assoc with Anarchopulco, focus on George Soros and Bilderberg)
Jay Parker (unverifiable stories about satanic ritual abuse)
Jay Weidner
Jeff Berwick (Anarchopulco, financial scam artist)
Jerome Corsi (jesuit, Infowars)
Jesse Ventura (part of McMahon's WWF)
Jim Fetzer
Jim Keith
Jim Marrs
Jim Sparks
Jim Tucker (Alex Jones clique)
Joachim Hagopian
Joe Rogan (friends with Alex Jones, Sirius XM, owned by Greg Maffei CFR)
John Coleman
John McManus (jesuit, John Birch Society)
John Rhodes (disinfo about reptilians)
Jon Rappoport (Infowars, David Icke))
Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Peterson
Kenn Thomas
Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot)
Laura Eisenhower
London real
Luke Rudkowski (friends with Alex Jones)
Mark Dice (friends with Alex Jones, focus on Illuminati)
Mark Passio (promoting Crowley, claim of being part of LaVey's Church of Satan, friends with Alex Jones)
Matt Drudge
Max Igan (Anarchopulco)
Max Keiser (Russia Today)
Michael Cremo
Michael Moore
Michael Salla
Michael Tellinger
Michael Tsarion (Crowley-follower)
Mike Bara (Ancient Aliens, George Noory)
Miles Johnston Bases Project (disinfo Max Spears and James Casbolt)
Miriam Delicado (Project Camelot)
Mufon (ufo religion)
Neil Sanders
Nesta Webster (promotor of the Protocols)
Nigel Farage
Noam Chomsky
Paul Bonacci
Paul Joseph Watson (friends with Alex Jones)
Peter Levenda
Pete Peterson (Project Camelot)
Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist)
Phylliss Schlemmer
Red Ice
Richard Dolan
Richard Hoagland (face on Mars hoax)
Richie from Boston
Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Kennedy jr (jesuit)
Ron Paul
Russell Brand (jesuit Fabian Society)
Russia today
Santos Bonacci (flat earth psyop)
Sasha Stone
Sean Stone Buzzsaw (son of Oliver Stone, produced the movie Pedophilia and Empire, feat disinfo from Ronald Bernard, Cathy O'Brien)
Sethikus Boza
Sevun Bomar
Sheldan Nidle
Simon Parkes (promoted Trump as saviour)
Sgt report
Spirit Science
Steven Greer (Disclosure Project)
Stewart Swerdlow (Project Montaulk hoax involving aliens and time travel)
Stillness in the storm
Teal Swan
Terence McKenna
Terry Melanson
Texe Marrs
The Millenium Report
Tommy Robinson
Tony Gosling (Russia Today)
Trine Day (publisher of Daniel Estulin, Sean Stone, HP Albarelli, Peter Levenda, Jay Dyer)
Udo Ulfkotte
Veterans Today
Vigilant Citizen
Vinny Eastwood
Walter Bowart (disinfo about mind control)
Wes Penre
Wikileaks (Assange, Snowden,..)
William Cooper
William Guy Carr
Zacharia Sitchin (disinfo about Anunaki)
Zeitgeist Venus Project
Zero Hedge

Controlled opposition Holland:

Ad Broere (responsable for the story of Ronald Bernard)
Café Weltschmerz
Common Sense tv
De Andere Krant
Gezond Verstand
Janet Ossebaard
Lange Frans
Maurice De Hond
Micha Kat (Joris Demminck case)
Ronald Bernhard (cooperating with Sacha Stone)
Willem Engel
Willem Middelkoop

The entire New Age religion (Oprah Winfrey, Edgar Cayce, Deepak Choprah, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Tony Robbins, Terence McKenna, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Spirit Science, Gaia tv, Drunvalo Melchisedek, ..) is engineered by Luciferians like Helena Blavatsky as a preparation for the Luciferian world religion. The New Age creed of not looking at the negative, suppressing anger is their biggest weapon in enhancing the cowardness and numbness of people.


Misleading conspiracy theories:

5G (spread by David Icke)
911 'there were no planes'
Area 51 (Bob Lazar, Stephen Greer)
Bilderberg as the most important gathering (Dan Dicks, Alex Jones, Tony Gosling, Jim Tucker, JBS, Jesse Ventura)
bloodline of Jesus (Lynn Pickett, Dan Brown, Laurence Gardner)
Bohemian Grove rituals (Alex Jones and David Icke, Paul Bonacci)
Committee of 300 (AC Spiridovich, John Coleman, Joachim Hagopian, StillnessInTheStorm)
crop circles (Thrive movement)
Deepstate (in contrast with 'good politicians', Peter Dale Scott, Jerome Corsi)
depopulation agenda of Georgia Guidestones or Bill Gates (David Icke)
Dulce base New Mexico (although nuclear tests in New Mexico were used to create dimensional portals, there is no evidence of a Dulce base, promoted by John Rhodes, fictional Thomas Costello)
Epstein case (Anonymous)
Flat Earth (rapper B.o.B., Santos Bonacci, Eddie Bravo, Aplanetruth, Casper Stith)
fluoride conspiracy to poison the third eye (William Guy Carr, Alex Jones, David Icke, Humansarefree) Franklin cover-up
Haarp (Nick Begich on Coast to Coast, Jesse Ventura, David Icke, Leuren Moret, Richard Hoagland)
Illuminati hoax (spread by jesuits, focus on Rothschild and Rockefellers, Robert Wilson, FBI agent Ted Gunderson, Alex Jones, David Icke, Dan Brown, Steve Jackson card game, Anthony Sutton, Mark Dice, Illuminatiwatcher, Kenn Thomas)
Jade Helm (Greg Abott)
jewish conspiracy (Protocols, John Mearsheimer CFR, David Duke,..)
JFK murder (Oliver Stone, Eric Jon Phelps, Kenn Thomas, Jesse Ventura)
Majestic 12
McMartin school abuse (part of the Satanic Panic in the 80s)
Moon landing (Bill Kaysing)
monoatomic gold
nazi UFO projects (Vril society etc..)
Operation Mockingbird (media control as something that started in 1950)
Pizzagate (David Seaman, Ben Swann ABC)
Planet X or Nibiru
Project Monarch (Cathy O'Brien, Mark Philips, Tracy Twyman, Ron Patton, Neil Sanders,, disinfo about mind control)
Project Montauk (fictional secret project involving aliens and time travel, Stewart Swerdlov, Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols, Al Bielek, David Wilcock, inspiration for Stranger Things)
Project Blue Beam (projection of holographic images, Serge Monast, David Icke)
Protocols of Elders of Zion (spread by British intelligence, repeated by Nesta Webster, David Icke, Ronald Bernhard,..)
Rand Corporation (US army think tank with members Kissinger, John Nash, Zalmay Khalizad, John von Neumann)
Rockefeller or Rothschilds as the big masterminds (David Icke)
Roswell crash (Philip Corso)
supersoldiers (Project Camelot, Jesse Ventura)
Tesla free energy technology (Thrive)
Trump as good guy (Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, Simon Parkes, Lange Frans)
UFO's (mostly photoshopped distraction, Mufon, Kenn Thomas)
Wikileaks whistleblowers (Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden)
Qanon (Alternate Reality Game to promote jesuit Trump as saviour)


Misleading coincidence theories

Politicians, the United Nations, the World Bank are all people with good intentions, that organise a fair financial system, helped by the free press that inform the public. The public only has to listen to them and everything will be ok. Pop stars are talented musician who worked hard, followed their dream and were discovered by people from the entertainment industry who care about art and integrity. The WHO cares about the health of the world population so it's only fair criticising them is not allowed, etc..

The majority of controlled opposition news outlets will give some clue's who is behind the propaganda stream and how news is staged (what the mainstream audience is blind to), but do nothing more than point the finger of blame and trigger fear anger like the mainstream media, repeat how evil 'They' are (keeping people in a victim mentality or duality trap, without doing the inner work, the hardest part, working on yourself).

Traps in 'waking' up