Atlantis is an ancient civilisation in the northpole region, mythical Hyperborea, the so-called garden of Eden, where Anunaki reptilians started genetically engineering a slave race (a DNA downgrade and manipulation through the pineal gland) and put their cold blooded Draco-Orion hybrid race, the Saturn cult in charge. The civilisation migrated to an island in the Atlantic Ocean and eventually migrated to Western Europe, creating Western civilisation.

Both mainstream archeology and controlled opposition like Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Michael Tsarion are attempts of the Saturn cult to muddle and ridicule the truth so our true history comes across as one of the most silly, pseudoscientific theories ever and the unproven monkey-theory of Darwin is accepted as fact.

Around 45.000 bc they spread to North America and Western Europe, Aryans become Irish, in legends Tuatha de Danan, the Danites from Den-mark, Swe-den, follow the Danube, to the Levant as the Tribe of Dan. They have conflicts with the indigenous peoples, interbreed, until they become one culture.
15.000 bc as 2nd step in conquering earth, the moon is brought into orbit of earth, causing the first flood. The female reproduction system is no longer insync with the sun, but the the barren moon.

9.500 bc comets destroy Greenland and half of North America. After the melting of the Laurentide ice sheet, the North American lakes are formed. In 8000 bc the water of lakes pours into the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, causing another flood, the final end of Northern and Atlantic civilisation.
All cultures have mythology about the flood, all rulers of Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures worshipped the Atlantean gods of the North and the West, claimed to be descendants from them. They teach humans the flood was their own fault. The Basque Euraska language has similarities to the language of the Etruscans, the Guanche of Canary Islands, the Nahuatl of the Aztecs. In the modern age, teach them the flood never happened and Atlantis never existed.

The ancient texts of fictional Plato was forged around the same time the Bible was invented, in the 1400s, during the so-called 'renaissance'. The account of a flood in Plato's text fitted nicely with the story of Genesis of the church, so Plato is no sign of evidence of Atlantis.
Controlled, corrupt scientists never explain why all cultures across the world built pyramids on leylines, aligned with the stars and worshipped nearly the same gods. The quest for the lost Atlantis civilisation becomes an inside joke for the initiated who know the symbolic meaning, the search for lost innocence, a sacred mountain, a lost paradise that is within, in the heart, the immovable center, symbolized by the North star.


In the modern age, the Saturn cult, the British Empire with rosicrucians like John Dee and Francis Bacon start building the New Atlantis in America, as descendants of the Aryans/Irish through the industrial and scientific revolution.

After 1000 years of religious indoctrination, teaching humans they are nothing but slaves of the 'gods' and 1000 years of religious indoctrination, teaching humans they are nothing but slaves of one almighty 'god', they start indoctrinating humans with the Darwinistic worldview, teaching that they are small insignificant results of sheer coincidence, are nothing but primitive monkeys.

During the late 1800s, because of freemasons like Ignatius Donnelly, and Helena Blavatsky, leading the Luciferian Theosophical Society, theories about Atlantis resurface, together with theories of Sri Yukteswar about the Great Year, coming of a New Age, a new golden age, similar to the Atlantis era. James Churchward and James Sclater popularised the concept of another civilisation called Lemuria.

During Nazism these vague myths are used as an excuse to link the concept of an Aryan civilisation to racial purity and superiority over lunar demonic races, the jesuit cult of the Black Sun take revenge on protestant Germany, create the Zionist state of Israel. Alfred Rosenberg in his The Myth of the 20th Century bases the concept of an Aryan civilisation on the civilisation of Atlantis. Julius Evola also bases his theories about Aryans on Atlantis.

After Nazism, this knowledge is erased from history books, the conquerors rewrite history again, impose the Darwinistic Out-of-africa theory, link it with the white guilt doctrine of multiculturalism and link the true story to eurocentric, white nationalist and racist ideologies. Like the Nazis, white supremacists love a superficial, literal interpretation out of a yearning of a glorious past, trying to prove white Aryans were genetically superior, while the reason why a white elite was allowed to rule by their reptilian overlords, was because they were genetically more susceptible to mind control.

In the Luciferian New Age cult, the story of Atlantis is told as a Disney movie with nothing but love and light and 'high vibration', while modern times are a deliberate recreation of Atlantean civilisation. Graham Hancock deliberately spreads distractions like Bimini Road, Yonaguni, creating theories about the Ark of the Covenant being literal, while it is a masonic symbol of the fornax part in the brain containing the pineal gland. Michael Tsarion pushes the fake truth movement towards neo-paganism and Crowley's Thelema. Semir Osmanagic promotes the concept of Bosnian pyramids as an easy prey to call pseudoscience.

The UN, WHO, Atlantik-Brücke and Atlantic Council clearly use the north pole symbolism to recreate the days of Genesis, the days of Atlantis, 26.000 years ago with biometrics, eugenics, etc...


Misleading books on Atlantis

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Ignatius Donnelly 'Atlantis The Antedeiluvian World'
Frank Joseph (American Nazi Party) 'The Destruction of Atlantis', 'Atlantis Encoclypedia', 'Atlantis and other lost worlds'
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Rudolf Steiner (Theosophical Society) 'Atlantis: The Fate of a Lost Land and its Secret Knowledge'
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...- 500.000 bc