Zionism is a doctrine of jewish exeptionalism and nationalism, founded by Austrian-Hungarian Theodor Herzl, who published Der Judenstaat in 1896. The concept of the jews returning to their Holy Land, was already supported by Zvi Hirsch and jesuit Napoléon Bonaparte.

Maurice de Hirsch and Jacob Schiff facilitated emigration to Argentina. Christian Zionist William Blackstone organized a petition to return Israel to the jews, signed by JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller.

Zion refers to the sun and Jerusalem, which plays an important role in all Saturn cults (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, freemasonry,..), especially in Endtimes prophecies like the Book of Revelation of rebuilding the Temple of Solomon.

Zionist Moses Hess was a friend of jesuit Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Alfred Klee was related to Hanneli Goslar, friend of Anne Frank.

Theodore Herzl participated in the Dreyfus affair media ritual with Emile Zola and Stephane Mallarmé. The first Zionist Congress was held in Basel in 1897 as an international publicity stunt. Vice-president of the congress was Moses Gaster.

Asher Zvi Ginsberg (Ahad Ha'am) became the leader of cultural Zionism. T.R. Fyvell (related to Ahad Ha'am) worked for the British propaganda office Information Research Department (Arthur Koestler, Frederic Warburg, George Orwell). Fyvell founded Encounter with Irving Kristol and Stephen Spender, a propaganda outlet of CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom.

Fyvell's daughter married Robert Gavron, chairman of The Guardian and governor of the London School of Economics of the Fabian Society.

Max Nordau wrote Degeneration (1892) describing western civilization as a sick patient (term Entartung also used by the nazi's).

Martin Buber edited Zionist magazine Die Welt and pushed the gay agenda with Magnus Hirschfeld and Thomas Mann. He participated in the Eranos conferences of the Theosophical Society (British Intelligence) with Gershom Scholem.

Richard Gottheil of the American Federation of Zionists founded jewish student fraternity Zeta Beta Tau at City College of NY.

In 1903 the 6th Zionist Congress took place with Nathan Mileikowsky (grandfather of Benjamin Netanyahu).

In 1911 Otto Warburg became president of the World Zionist Organisation. Kurt Blumenfeld, secretary general of the WZO became mentor of Hannah Arendt. She published in Menorah Journal of Horace Kallen (Zionist Organisation of America, SPR).

In 1917 Atrhur Balfour (Cecil bloc, SPR) promised a jewish state to Walter Rothschild. The Balfour Declaration was drafted at the home of Moses Gaster with Chaim Weizmann and Nathan Rothschild. Gaster was a friend of Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud. His daughter married the brother of Harold Laski (Frankfurt School, Fabian Society).

In 1920 the British (Wickham Steed of The Times) spread the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to give rise to antisemitism in Germany. Zionist Harold Laski made war propaganda to promote Winston Churchill, was professor at the London School of Economics and worked for The New Republic of Walter Lippman. He was associated with the Frankfurt School. At the LSE he was the teacher of Fabian Society puppet Jawaharlal Nehru (president of India).

Leo Strauss of the German Zionist movement was the teacher of cultural marxist Susan Sontag and a friend of Gershom Scholem, Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin of the Frankfurt School.

Louis Brandeis (Harvard, Supreme Court under Woodrow Wilson) was a Bohemian Frankist jew, a follower of Jacob Frank, satanic doctrine of Sabbatai Zvi, disguised as the Progressive movement. He worked for the Federation of American Zionists and formed the American Jewish Congress with Stephen Wise (CCNY) of the NAACP and Felix Frankfurter (American Civil Liberties Union, worked for Henry Stimson S&B).

Theodor Lessing was a friend of Ludwig Klages of the Munich Cosmic Circle and was assassinated in 1933.

In 1945 Franklin Roosevelt, a friend of Wise, met with king Ibn Saud to discuss the state of Israel.

Zionist and industrialist Alfred Mond was a fellow of the Royal Society. Aldous Huxley based a character in Brave New World on Mond.

In 1948 the State of Israel was founded, with Chaim Weizmann of the World Zionist Organization, as 1st president. Zionist George Weidenfeld (BBC, Order of the British Empire) served in his cabinet. He published the British version of pedophilia novel Lolita and bought Grove Press with Ann Getty (NYU). His 1st wife was the daughter of Israel Schieff (Marks & Spencer), his 2nd wife was the ex-wife of Cyril Connolly (friend of George Orwell) and his 3d wife was a member of the S&B family Whitney.

Hannah Arendt and other NY Intellectuals were the most influential architects of the Left Wing Church.

CIA puppet Martin Luther King Jr supported Zionism (Joachim Prinz at his famous I Have A Dream speech).

In 2009 Benjamin Netanyahu, son of Benzion Netanyahu, secretary of Zionist Ze'ev Jabotinsky, became pm of Israel.

Zionist Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel (mayor of Chicago and brother of Ezekiel Emanuel (Covid scam), started at the Creative Artists Agency of Michael Ovitz (Zeta Beta Tau, CFR, CEO of Disney). He founded Endeavor, which owns International Management Group, IMG Models, William Morris, NY Fashion Week, Miss Universe, Ultimate Fighting Championship, WWE,..

Ze'ev Bielski of the World Zionist Organisation is married to the sister of South African billionaire Rodney Sacks, CEO of Monster Beverage (with vav-vav-vav/666 symbol).


Zeta Beta Tau