Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is a Japanese mind controlled singer, used in the art scene, the Feminist Church and the music industry (cultural marxist program 'Pop culture'), to play a role in the fake hippie counterculture and to announce the 911 Sharon Tate murders ritual. She played the role of (Rose-)Mary Magdalene with John Lennon (The Beatles) as John the Baptist false Christ figure, announcing the birth of William V.

She was educated at Gakashuin University like Hayao Miyazaki and Sara Lawrence College (JJ Abrams, Brian De Palma, Carrie Fisher, Sigourney Weaver, Joanne Woodward).

She was a friend of Shigeko Kubota (feminist avant garde, The New School), John Cage (The New School), Andy Warhol, Abbie Hoffman, Angela Davis and a member of the Fluxus movement with George Maciunas (The New School),..

She played a role in neutralizing the anti-war movement with other hippie CIA agents like Nina Gabrol (LSD research with Timothy Leary). Her first husband, composer Toshi Ichiyanagi was educated at the New School.

In 1968, year of Rosemary's Baby, John Lennon left his 1st wife Cynthia Lennon for Yoko Ono.

She was mind controlled with the EST training of Werner Erhard.

Sean Lennon was born 10/9/1975 on Lennon's 35th birthday. He was educated at Le Rosey in Switzerland. On 11/22 The Beatles released the White Album with Revolution 9 (announcing the Revelation 911 murder of Sharon Tate).

In march 1969 John and Yoko were used for a publicity stunt in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel (Hilton in 2001 ASO), a Bed-In for Peace against the Vietnam war with jesuit CIA agent Timothy Leary (Lennon had Mars, planet of war in Libra). The posing with red and white rose in bed announced the birth of a Christ-Lucifer child (Sharon Tate pregnant that year by Roman Polanski, killed by cult of musician Charles Manson).

They performed with Laurel Canyon artist Frank Zappa in Fillmore East, the club of Bill Graham (CCNY), who also owned the Fillmore in San Francisco, near Haight-Ashbury.

She swas a student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Spain.

Their album Double Fantasy was released on Asylum Records of David Geffen.


Assassination ritual

Five hours before the murder ritual, Lennon posed with Yoko Ono for Rolling Stone magazine (Haight-Ashbury scene) photographer Annie Leibovitz, partner of Susan Sontag (cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse of Frankfurt School).

He died on 12/8/1980 (2 years before birth William) at the Dakota Hotel on 9th Avenue of Rosemary's Baby with John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow about birth Antichrist, killed by Mark David Chapman (mind controlled with JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye with the word 'phoney', saw John Lennon als false christ).

Chapman was the name of the housekeeper who found the body of Manson's victim Sharon Tate. Lennon died after signing an autograph for a fan, like Robert Kennedy in the Ambassador Hotel.

Chapman was treated at Bellevue Hospital, while Lennon's body was taken to the Bellevue Morgue.

The day before, on 12/7/1980 Darby Crash committed suicide. He was a friend of Bijou Philips and was programmed at University High School with EST training and Scientology. Bijou Philips played in What We Do Is Secret about the EST programs, with Lindsay Lohan (played in Chapter 27 about Lennnon's assassination).

She helped creating the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park.

She collaborated with Kim Gordon (University High School with EST programs, producer of Courtney Love). She played the role of anti-fracking activist with Mark Ruffalo, Lady Gaga and Alec Baldwin.

Astrological chart

born 2/18/1933, date d Michelangelo, John Travolta, Dr Dre, Milos Forman, Matt Dillon, Cybill Shepherd (mind controlled assassin in Taxi Driver), year of birth Roman Polanski, Jayne Mansfield.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Virgo, Libra - Venus (rose, music, art), Moon, Uranus.

Houses 5, 12, 3. 5: Sun and Venus in Aquarius, 12: Jupiter, Mars and Pluto in Virgo, 3: Moon in Sagittarius. 1: libra, 4: Saturn in Aquarius, 7: uranus in aries (john lennon), 10: pluto in cancer.

Discography and filmography

1969 Wedding Album
1970 Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band (Apple Records=apple of Lucifer)
1970 Up Your Legs Forever with Paul Krassner
1971 Fly
1973 Aproximately Infinite Universe
1973 Feeling the Space (sphinx of the Wheel of Fortune card)

1980 Double Fantasy with John Lennon Asylum Records
1981 Seasons of Glass (broken glass= split mind)
1982 It's Alright Rainbows (Wizard of Oz programming)
1984 Milk and Honey
1985 Starpeace (the Star)

1995 Rising (one eye)
1997 A Story (child Harpo)

2001 Blueprint for a Sunrise
2007 Yes I'm a Witch
2009 Between My Head and the Sky
2012 Yokokimthurston with Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore
2013 Take Me to the Land of Hell Beastie Boys Questlove
2018 Warzone

the Music Industry

the 911 Sharon Tate ritual