World Bank

The World Bank is a corrupt institution of the financial system, like the International Monetary Fund formed at the Bretton Woods conference on 7/4/1944, in the end phase of the WW1 and WW2 ritual, as a transition to the totalitarian United Nations world state. It has its headquarter in Washington DC.

John Meynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White, assistant of Henry Morgenthau Jr (Philips Exeter, Cornell, Sachs Collegiate Institute of Goldman Sachs family, related to the Lehman brothers) and Dean Acheson participated in the Bretton Woods conference to plan the IMF and World Bank.

Dean Acheson (Cornell Scroll and Key, Wise Men with John McCloy, Averell Harriman S&B, Robert Lovett S&B) was one of the architects of the World Bank.

He was also a member of the Century Group with Harvard president James Bryant Conant (Committee on the Present Danger, US High Commissioner for Germany), Allen Dulles (CFR, CIA), Henry Sloan Coffin (S&B, uncle of William Sloane Coffin), Henry Luce (Order of Malta, Time) and James Warburg (advisor to FDR).

Presidents of the World Bank were Eugene Meyer, John McCloy, Eugene Black, George Woods, Robert McNamara, Alden Clausen (Bank of America), Barber Conable (Lawrence Summers as Chief Economist), Lewis Preston (JP Morgan), James Wolfensohn (Salomon Brothers, Wolfensohn & Co), Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Zoellick, Gary Perlin.


- Alden Clausen (Bohemian Club, Bank of America)
- Barber Conable (Cornell, Quill and Dagger, TC)
- Beatrice Weder di Mauro (IMF, AB, ECFR, ThyssenKrupp, UBS, Brookings Institution, WEF, advisor to Angela Merkel)
- Dambisa Moyo (Goldman Sachs, Berggruen Institute)
- David Malpass (jesuit, Bear Stearns, Reagan and Trump administration)
- Eugene Black (Chase, Federal Reserve)
- Eugene Meyer (jewish, Federal Reserve, The Washington Post, his wife was a friend of John Dewey. He was the father of Katharine Graham, married to Phil Graham of Georgetown Set, and photographer Florence Meyer, a friend of surrealist Man Ray. She photographed Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, Thomas Mann and Constantin Brâncusi. Eugene Meyer was the brother of Florence Meyer Blumenthal, married to George Blumenthal, also Lazard Frères)
- Fernando Reimers (CFR, Ford Foundation)
- Gary Perlin (jesuit)
- Jessica Einhorn (Time Warner, BlackRock)
- Jim Yong Kim (WHO, president of Dartmouth College)
- Joel Hellman (jesuit)
- Johan Witteveen (related to Dutch provocateur Theo Van Gogh)
- John McCloy (nazi bank Chase Manhattan, RockefellerFoundation, Ford Foundation, CFR, Atlantik-Brücke, friend of Eric Warburg, Wise Men with Averell Harriman S&B)
- Joseph Stiglitz (Berggruen Institute, Club of Rome, married to Anya Schiffrin OSF, mentor of Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve)
- Koen Geens (IMF, vaccination agenda)
- Kristalina Georgieva (IMF, ECFR)
- Lawrence Summers (Harvard, Berggruen Institute, Brookings, CFR, TC, International Crisis Group Clinton and Obama administration)
- Mamphele Ramphele (Club of Rome, Black Consciousness Movement with Steve Biko)
- Mark Malloch Brown (Open Society Foundations, WEF, International Crisis Group, UN refugee crisis of Syrian refugees migrating to Germany)
- Moses Naim (CFR)
- Pablo de Greiff (UN, Open Society Foundations)
- Paul Romer (CFR)
- Paul Seabright (consultant European Union, United Nations, Open Society Foundations)
- Paul Wolfowitz (Cornell Quill and Dagger, Le Cercle, CFR, TC, pro Israel, 911 commission)
- Rick Mishkin (IMF, Federal Reserve, Stan Fisher as advisor)
- Robert McNamara (Cosmos Club, Secretary of Defense under Lyndon Johnson, during Vietnam war, Rockefeller Foundation)
- Robert Zoellick (CFR, Goldman Sachs, Atlantic Council, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
- Stan Fisher (Bank of Israel, LSE, MIT, Federal Reserve, University of Chicago, advisor of Bernanke and jesuit Mario Draghi)
- Vera Songwe (Open Society Foundations, Economic Commission for Africa of UN)
- Zhu Min (Berggruen Institute, IMF, People's Bank of China)

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