Woodrow Wilson

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (ww=33) was a freemason of Scottish-Irish descent, who played the role of president of Princeton University, governor of New Jersey and US president from 1931 to 1921, during and the WW1 and WW2 ritual. He succeeded Howard Taft (S&B). He helped creating the Federal Reserve and the League of Nations/United Nations. He was educated at Princeton and Johns Hopkins University. He was advised by Colonel Edward Mandell House, jesuit Joseph Tumulty, Bernard Baruch and Walter Lippmann.

He was a member of Phi Kappa Psi like Roy Scheider (2010 the Year We Make Contact), Herbert Dow (Dow Chemical Company), Bob Dudley (BP oil spill), Michael Bloomberg, William Donovan (CIA) and Frank Morgan.

He was a member of the Cosmos Club.

He described a socialist world order in The New Freedom. As president of Princeton, he hired Zionist Horace Kellen who would later found The New School with John Dewey, affiliated with Columbia University and the Frankfurt School. Stephen Wise was one of his advisors during the support of the Balfour Declaration.

He married Ellen Axson and Edith Boilling (descendant of Pocahontas, Thomas Jefferson and the Harrison family).

His administration consisted of:

- Alexander Mitchell-Palmer (Cecil, Palmer Raids during the Red Scare, appointed Knight of Malta Edgar Hoover) as Attorney General
- David Houston (Harvard, Guaranty Trust Company, Federal Reserve)
- Edwin Meredit (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
- Franklin Knight Lane (San Francisco Chronicle of Hearst)
- Josephus Daniels (friend of FDR)
- Lindley Miller (Philips Exeter, Harvard)
- Newton Baker (Society of the Cincinatti)
- Robert Lansing (uncle of Knight of Malta Allen Dulles, later replaced by Bainbridge Colby)
- William Gibbs McAdoo (advisor of United Artists, married to Wilson's daughter)

His vice-president Thomas Marshall was a member of Phi Gamma Delta (owl and pentagram symbol).

He signed the Federal Reserve Act (Mercury: writing, documents) on 12/12/1913, designed by the Jeckyll Island Club (Nelson Aldrich of the Pilgrims Society), as an antithesis to the Financial Panic of 1907.

He helped creating the war propaganda office Committee on Public Information in 1917 with Edward Bernays, Vira Boarman, Robert Lansing, George Creel and Carl Byoir (worked for Hearst). Walter Lippmann was mentored by William James (TS). Charles Edward Russell worked for Cosmopolitan of Hearst, visited Russia with Elihu Root (Pilgrims Society, created the CFR) and played in propaganda films of the CPI like Fall of the Romanovs, to influence the population of Russia.

He ordered the occupation of Haiti. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

He founded the Council of National Defense with Julius Rosenwald (Sears) and Samuel Gompers (American Federation of Labour).

He played a role in the false flag attack of the Lusitania sinking, blamed on Germany (with MI6 agent Aleister Crowley).

Edward House (accompanied by Edward Bernays) was Wilson's deputy at the Paris Peace conference of 1919. House was on the League of Nations commission with Alfred Milner and Robert Cecil, that served as the groundwork for the UN and the CFR. Advisor Bernard Baruch (CCNY) worked with Richard Kalergi who wrote Pan-Europa in 1923.

He worked with Edgar Cayce, agent of the New Age Church.

His daughter Margaret lived in India at the ashram of Sri Aurobindo (influenced Frederic Spielberg of the California Institute for Integral Studies) and worked with Joseph Campbell (TS, Eranos, Esalen).

Alexander Knox played Wilson in 20th Century Fox film Wilson (1944) with Madeleine Forbes and Sidney Blackmer (Rosemary's Baby) and Eleanor Wilson as counselor.

Astrological chart

born 12/29/1856, date Jude Law, Jon Voight, Marianne Faithfull, Klaus Fuchs, Vivica Lindfors, Andy Wachowski, Danny McBride.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Capricorn, Cancer - Mercury (documents), Venus, Saturn.

died 2/3/1924, date Clay Tanner, death John Cassavetes, Barry Diller, Kenneth Anger, Blythe Danner.

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