the Wizard of Oz

'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' is a book, written in 1900 by Frank Baum of the Luciferian Theosophical Society of British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky, about a girl Dorothy that lives in Kansas, and after a twister, is taken to Oz.

The book was made into a 1939 movie with Judy Garland and Frank Morgan by Hollywood studio MGM. The screenplay was written by Edgar Allan Woolf (CCNY) and Herman Mankiewicz (Algonquin Round Table with Dorothy Parker Rothschild, Marx brothers and George Kaufman, who had an affair with Mary Astor of the Theosophical Society).

Like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, it was used in CIA projects as a manual and theme in trauma based mind control for Monarch children, and in news rituals of media propaganda, movies and music industry for the same results (creating trauma, hypnotic triggers for dissociation).