the Wizard of Oz

'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' is a book, written in 1900 by Frank Baum of the Luciferian Theosophical Society of British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky, about a girl Dorothy that lives in Kansas, and after a twister, is taken to Oz.

The book was made into a 1939 movie with Judy Garland by Hollywood studio MGM, and was used in CIA projects as a manual and theme in trauma based mind control for Monarch children, and in news rituals of media propaganda, movies and music industry for the same results (creating trauma, hypnotic triggers for dissociation).

Egyptian mythology

The story, like Alice in Wonderland, is based on Egyptian mythology, the mystery play of Isis going to the underworld, searching for her lost husband Osiris, a journey to the inner self.

Dorothy is the Fool Orion followed by her dog, the dog star Sirius.

Dorothy meets the Wizard, representing the Fool and the Magician, the left and right pillar of the kabbalistic tree.

The twister/hurricane represents the descending in the lower worlds, the subconscious - in a magic ritual, the Magician (the Wizard) starts pacing around the magic circle and the victim starts to dissociate. The storm metaphor is also used in Shakespeare's The Tempest about a character Prospero, based on John Dee, that traps his daughter Miranda on an island, the inner world, the subconscious.

Dorothy and the 3 other characters she meets, represent the 4 cardinal signs, the 4 directions in a magic circle, the 4 magic creatures Man (Dorothy, Aquarius, the Star), Bull (Tin man, Taurus, the Hierophant), Lion (the Lion, Leo, Strength), Eagle (Scarecrow, Scorpio, Death), corresponding with 4 cardinal virtues.

The poppy flowers stand for opium, dissociating, going over the rainbow. The techniques of subdueing with poppy flower opium is used in Pop culture where everything sounds poppy, superficial, distracting.

They meet the Wizard of Oz, but he is a projection of the Wizard, the entity Lam or Aiwass in Crowley's Thelema, which stands for the Inner Voice, the Inner God (Higher Self) in the inner world/underworld, the subconscious.

The tin man stands for Jupiter-Osiris at the weighing of the heart ceremony (in Christianity, St Peter at the gate of heaven).

At the end her dog Toto (intuition) discovers the Great Oz is but a projection of a Wizard behind a curtain (spiritual teaching that the answers are within) and she returns home.

One of the names of the Wizard in the movie is Zoroaster as he represents Friedrich Nietzsche's prophet Zarathustra.

Wizard of Oz mind control symbolism

- bonding between child and a pet, after which the favourite pet is killed, to create trauma

- red shoes (Dorothy's red ruby slippers, when she follows the Yellow Brick Road)

- rainbows (=dissociation, Dorothy's song 'Over the Rainbow', also used in the Luciferian gay-transgender religion)

- snow (=drugs like cocain to hypnotise and dissociate)

- Yellow Brick Road (following the path laid out by the handler, obedience)

- curtains (the handler-the Wizard hides behind a curtain)

Wizard of Oz in pop culture

(Researchers at the University of Turin in Italy calculated an ‘influence score’ for films listed in the internet movie database IMDb, the Wizard of Oz came out as the most influential movie, of 47.000 films)

1948 The Red Shoes Robert Helpman
1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw Marilyn Monroe
1963 the JFK ritual Harvey Lee Os-Wald (Garland played in Harvey and the Girls, Harvey Lee was arrested while watching a movie with Van Heflin who played with Garland in Presenting Lily Mars) and Jack Ruby (slippers).
1983 David Bowie 'Dance' ('put on your red shoes'.
1986 Blue Velvet Isabella Rosselini as Dorothy
1989 Back To The Future 2 Marty is given a rainbow hat when he arrives in the future.
1996 From Dusk Till Dawn Titty Twister.
1997 Twister. Face Off, child is told to listen to 'Over the rainbow' (dissociation)
1998 The Big Lebowski Lebowski discovers the big Lebowski (Oz the Great) is a fraud.
1999 The Matrix, Cypher yelling 'We're not in Kansas anymore'.
1999 Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise hires costume at Under the Rainbow
2000 Eminem Marshall Mathers LP house of Dorothy
2001 Glass House, Leelee Sobieski as Ruby
2002 8 Mile (=Yellow Brick Road), trailer is the house of Dorothy, club the Shelter, the underground shelter Dorothy's family escapes to.
Kanye West 808 Heartbreak (tin man)
2009 Up, house that levitates
Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers.
fake Orlando shooting, actors wearing red shoes


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