Willis Carto

Willis Allison Carto was a puppet of the Right Wing Church, used to spread disinfo in the Conspiracy Church (Alex Jones-Rebel News-Breitbart News network). He was a member of the Liberty Lobby, World Anti-Communist League, National Youth Alliance (inspired by jesuit Francis Parker Yockey) and the Populist Party with antisemite David Duke (KKK). He supported and wrote speeches for George Wallace and worked with Roger Pearson (also WACL). He played the role of provocateur agent with antisemitic Holocaust denial.

Liberty Lobby founded The Spotlight, which promoted Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan and nazi David Duke and used the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission as scapegoat (although Carto worked with Harry Elmer Barnes who worked for the CFR).

The Spotlight published articles of CIA agent Victor Marchetti (who wrote a book with John D Marks, leading up to the Rockefeller Report and Frank Olson media ritual) and Jim Tucker (focus on Bilderberg).

The Spotlight later became American Free Press with contributors Ron Paul, Philip Giraldi (CIA, The Huffington Post, Hearst), Michael Collins Piper (disinfo about the JFK ritual) and Paul Craig Roberts.

Roberts was a professor at Stanford, a member of the Cato Institute, CSIS of the jesuits, Hoover Institution, wrote for The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, antisemitic website VDARE and worked with Max Keiser (RT) and Alex Jones.

Others contributors were Dean Baker (Center for Economic and Policy Research with Julian Bond of NAACP), Joseph Cabran (National Review of Knight of Malta William F Buckley Jr), James Traficant (US Congress, friend of David Duke, defended Arthur Rudolf of Operation Paperclip with Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan).

The editor of American Free Press was Eustace Mullins, who often visited poet Ezra Pound, who underwent insuline shock therapy of Winfred Overholser in the St Elizabeths Hospital. He worked for jesuit Joseph McCarthy as Holocaust denying provocateur.

He visited Francis Parker Yockey in prison in 1960 and in 1968 founded the National Youth Alliance, based on Yockey's philosophy, with William Luther Pierce (John Birch Society).

He owned Noontide Press which published The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and The Myth of Six Million of David Hoggins.

He founded the Institute for Historical Review with jesuit Mark Weber, Robert Faurrison and funded Fred Leuchter, who wrote the Leuchter Report for the Ernst Zündel trial with Faurisson as witness. Weber worked with the National Alliance, which originated in the George Wallace campaign. Pedophile Kevin Arnold Strom of the National Alliance founded National Vanguard and worked with Bradley Smith and the Committee on the Open Debate on the Holocaust.

His Liberty Lobby also published The Barnes Review which collaborated with Ted Gunderson (FBI, McMartin preschool psyop).

Carto and his antisemitic conspiracy theories played the role of antagonist of the Anti-Defamation League (Abraham Foxman CFR) and Zionist Lucy Dawidowicz.

born 7/17/1926, date Camilla Parker, Angela Merkel.

died 10/26/2015.

William Luther Pierce

the Right Wing Church