William and Catherine wedding

The wedding between Antichrist figure William Mountbatten-Spencer and Catherine Middleton was an alchemical wedding ritual on 4/29/2011, date of Antichrist Adolf Hitler's wedding with Eva Braun.

In alchemy, the Red king is the Red Dragon. King William V represents king Arthur like JFK. Priest of the wedding John Hall was born 3/13 =Book of Revelation 3:13 the Beast with the head wound, JFK was shot on frame 313 of the Zapruder film in the JFK ritual.

The wedding is the sexual union of sun and moon under the Royal Arch, celebrated at 1 may Belthane. Catherine is a descendant of the Sforza bloodline, that intermarried the Colonna's of the Julius Caesar bloodline. Like the previous important rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, it resulted in a Moonchild called George (Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun wedding 66 years earlier, birth of George Bush in 1946).

The wedding was the alchemical wedding of the Lovers card, the climax of the two becoming one 911 Twin Towers ritual, 2 days before announcement Osama was dead.


The James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual represented the rebirth of Diana as Catherine.

William Blake married Catherine Boucher.

Predictive programming

1966 Truman Capote's masque ball of Katharine Graham.

1980 wife of jesuit Alfred Hitchcock, Alma (name tunnel Diana) dies 4/29.

Willem Dafoe movies with Kathryn Bigelow and Catherine Deneuve
1984 Mrs. Soffel Diane Keaton as Kate
1993 The X-Files William Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully

1994 Natural Born Killers Juliette Lewis, born 6/21 like William, marries antichrist figure Woody Harrelson (played Katherine in From Dusk Till Dawn).

I.Q. Tim Robbins Meg Ryan (Meghan) as Catherine Walter Matthau (d 7/1 like Diana)

1995 Braveheart with William Wallace and Catherine McCormack. Seven William Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Kate Paltrow (Morgan Freeman as William Summerset, William born on on summer solstice).
Friends Chandler and Monica.

1996 Romeo + Juliet Leonardo di Caprio (Wilhelm, do di like Dodi Fayed) and Claire Catherine Danes.

1997 Titanic year of car crash Diana and Dodi, LeonarDodi Caprio (Wilhelm) and Kate Winslet.

1999 The Story of Us Bruce Willis (Will) and Michelle Pfeiffer (born 4/29) as Kate

2002 The Four Feathers Heather Ledger as Harry with Kate Hudson.

2004 The Aviator Leonardo di Caprio with Kate Beckingsale and Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn.
2003 Kill Bill wedding Uma Thurman, born 4/29 (st Catherine's Day) and David Carradine (son of John Carradine OTO)

2005 Jack and Kate in Lost. Jack and Rose Daniel Day-Lewis (born 4/29) Catherine Keener.

Batman Begins Christian Bale and Katie Holmes (as Rachel, name of Meghan Markle)

The Da Vinci Code Holy Grail bloodline scene at Westminster Abbey, Be Cool: John Travolta (who danced with Diana), dancing with Uma Thurman as the Lovers, Will-I-am on stage.

2007 Into the Wild William Hurt Catherine Keener Kristen Stewart (played Diana).

2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 wedding William and Fleur.

2011 Breaking Dawn (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) with Robert Pattinson, descendant of Vlad Dracula like prince Charles.
Lana del Rey 6/21 like William in wedding scene with Asap Rocky referring to JFK and Jackie, music video's of Katy Perry
Melancholia wedding Kristen Dunst

Mirror Mirror prince Armie Hammer
Alien Covenant, William Cudrup and Katherine Waterston released on 5/19 (Harry and Meghan)

2013 (year birth George) At Middleton Andy Garcia as George


Diana Spencer

Frederick V and Elizabeth

William V