William Sloane Coffin

William Sloane Coffin was a Presbyterian priest and CIA agent, member of elite family Sloane, trained at Philips Academy as classmate of George HW Bush, Union Theological Seminary and Yale (member of Skull and Bones), used as a puppet of the Left Wing Church, to push the gay agenda and to play a role in the fake Civil Rights Movement and fake anti-war movement of the 60's.

His father William Sloane Coffin Sr was president of Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Art scene). He was cousin of John Hammond Vanderbilt, producer of Bob Dylan at Columbia Records. His uncle was Henry Sloane Coffin, president of Union Theological Seminary (affiliated with Columbia University) and a member of the Century Group with Allen Dulles CIA CFR, Dean Acheson (Scroll & Key) and James Warburg.

His brother-in-law Franklin Lindsay, who also worked for the CIA (Office of Policy Coordination) and Ford Foundation.

He married the daughter of pianist Arthur Rubenstein (friend of Igor Stravinsky, played at the inauguration of the United Nations).


He became a priest of the Left Wing Church (New Left with CIA agent Herbert Marcuse). He worked with Howard Zinn (NYU), Martin Luther King Jr, Knights of Malta Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

He was a member of RESIST with Noam Chomsky (IPS of Marcus Raskin, assistant of McGeorge Bundy S&B with James Warburg), Robert Lowell (married to Caroline Blackwood Guiness), Benjamin Spock (Scroll and Key, Philips Academy), Denise Levertov (Brandeis University), Dwight McDonald (Philips Exeter, NY Intellectuals, Partisan Review of the CCF), Norman Mailer (Greenwich Village scene), Ashley Montagu (LSE) and Allen Ginsberg. It funded the Black Panther Party.

He played the role of opposition against Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.

He was active in the Riverside Church of John D Rockefeller.

In 1970 he was an actor in the Boston 5 media ritual with Benjamin Spock, Marcus Raskin, Mitchell Goodman and Michael Ferber. Jessica Mitford, whose sister married fascist Oswald Mosley wrote a book about the trial.

He joined the anti-nuclear organization SANE of Norman Cousins (The New York Post) and Bertrand Russell with members Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe (died 6/1), Benjamin Spock, Henry Fonda, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Belafonte, Norman Thomas (Union Theological Seminary), Jules Feiffer (The Village Voice), Ted Kennedy. SANE was named after The Sane Society of Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School).

In the 80's it used celebrities James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, Shirley MacLaine. In 1993 SANE changed its name to Peace Action and participated in the People"s Climate March with Bill McKibben, Robert Kennedy Jr (the Climate Church).

Howard Zinn made propaganda movie The People Speak with Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder, John Legend, Morgan Freeman, Pink, Lupe Fiasco, Viggo Mortensen.

His stepson Alex Gibney made Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, HBO propaganda about Scientology, We Steal Secrets: the Story of Wikileaks about Julian Assange and Magic Tripp about the LSD experiments of Ken Kesey and Owsley Stanley.

born 6/1/1924, date d Marilyn Monroe.

died 4/12/2006.

the Left Wing Church

Noam Chomsky